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  2. HobbyBoss

    Not interested in Resin prefer plastic
  3. HobbyBoss

    I forget to mention Hobby Boss are releasing SMS Seydlitz in 1/350. Combrig do Scharnhorst and Seydlitz in resin with Von Der Tann coming soon, though they would also be nice in plastic.
  4. HobbyBoss

    Seydlitz Von Der Tann Derfflinger Lutzow Goeben Scharnhorst That would be a good start on the Hoch See Flotte
  5. HobbyBoss

    Great review! I believe Hobby Boss are releasing the entire Danton family, along with HMS Lord Nelson and HMS Agamemnon. I still waiting for HMS Queen Elizabeth or any of her sisters in WWI fit, and any German or Austro-Hungarian Pre-Dreadnought. SMS Nassau would be nice, too.
  6. Last week
  7. Spitfire V.III Update sets, masks & decals - For Eduard Kit 1:72 Eduard The new Eduard kit is a good one, however Eduard are also offering their update sets for the kit. Here we have an update set, flaps, masks and additional decals. Update Set (72645) This is one brass fret. It contains parts for the cockpit bulkheads, pilots seat (and frame), rudder pedals, radiator flaps, undercarriage doors, tail wheel doors, canopy crash bar, and rear control linkages. Flaps(72646) This is one large brass fret which provides flaps, and wells for the kit. The ribs are those already attached which need to be bent into position. Some work on kit parts is needed. Stencil Decals (D72013) This small sheet provides the stencils the kit needs. Rather than a stand alone item this is ideally suited to the modeller who has purchased overtrees to use another of the kit main decal options, Masks(CX478) Supplied on a sheet of yellow kabuki tape, these pre-cut masks supply you with a full set of masks for the canopy, with compound curved handled by using frame hugging masks, while the highly curved gaps are in-filled with either liquid mask or offcuts from the background tape. Conclusion These sets will enhance your Spitfire model. Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  8. Same here... although I'm fitting mine with 20 fairy lights and trying out some fibre optics. It might not be very advanced as a model kit but looks good under a coat or two of paint and all in for £25 or so. I'll have a nice shelf sized Star Destroyer!
  9. theres a model shop in bham , Ian Allan books and models , down by New St station..I asked a guy there if IA had thought about buying the MZ name..he said no..because IA would have to buy MZs debts too...i also go to Mike`s Models Brockwell Rd Kingstanding Birmingham ...thats out of the way a bit ,,but its a good shop...see their web site
  10. i said to the supervisor..didnt Smiths see this coming ...i could have told her months ago..that MZ would go bust soon... its badly promoted by mention of MZ on Smiths mention of it on any of their FB pages/...its like MZ never existed
  11. the only good thing is that in the bham branch there is a buy one get one free on the revell stuff...but theres not much revell stuff might get some revell paint before it all goes
  12. i said too the supervisor that the Falcon model was £60 but had recently gone up to £72...i told her that in reality it was only worth £20 or so....£72 for a model full of errors ..even more errors than the previous Revell Falcon , was MZ taking the piddle
  13. Disappeared in Meadowhall as well. Stock levels fell away pre Christmas and dwindled to nothing . Shame as it was handy for paint and sundries and the odd kit .
  14. modelzone was bought by smiths last year...i spoke to a supervisor last week , she said Smiths bought the MZ name as an experiment..but Smiths say that they had to rely on their suppliers giving them virtually no of course it failed...the MZ in the Birmingham Union St branch of Smiths has been shrinking...There were badly photocopied signs that appeared mid jan saying as of end of jan , MZ ceases trading in Smiths...After the end of Jan , MZ was still there , but shrinking of last week , MZ has virtually gone
  15. Hi, garynumanfan. Looking at your comment about the Modelzone sections in some WH Smiths, does this mean that the newsagents are no longer wanting to pay for these sections? I have noticed that the MZ in the London Shepherds Bush Smiths has been shrinking very rapidly recently - so this might suggest that they are planning to get rid of them...? Mind you, when you look at their prices, a lack of success doesn't come as a massive shock. Cheers. Chris.
  16. in WHSmiths / Modelzone in birmingham was £60 but couple months ag it went up to £72...but modelzone has gone bust again...
  17. I don't blame you one bit... I was playing with it (the ISD) myself to annoy a few friends the other day, which seems to have worked, as one of them's just threatened to mention it in this thread
  18. I've got this kit as an avid Star Wars fan, and I've got to say I think it's an excellent starting point for a decent Star Destroyer model. I've glued up the 'landing gear' and I'm at the stage of filling the large gaps up around them plus the sound vents, and then I'll rescribe/add plasticard as necessary, and I think it'll look like a decent model when it's all painted. Plus it's so tough I can chuck around the man cave making Star Wars noises without breaking anything off it!
  19. Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer - Rogue One 1:4000 Revell Star Wars is a little-known cult series of films about two 'droids called R2-D2 and C-3PO, that some of you may have seen. In line with the latest film of the franchise, which goes by the name Rogue One, Revell have released a number of new Star Wars kits with newly Rogue One themed boxart. The Star Destroyer has gone through a number of variants/versions for the various films, and quite frankly I get a bit lost as they're all huge and cheese-wedge shaped, so I hope the purists will forgive me. If you've not seen Rogue One, you should perhaps check it out, as if enough people watch it, they might make another one. The Kit Right from the start I feel the need to state that this is a Level 1 Make & Play "kit", and not the newly minted (and huge) Zvezda kit that is soon to be reboxed under the Revell brand. The kit is snap-together, using pillars and tubes that friction-fit together, locking the parts in place to all but the most determined fingers. It measures 400mm long, and comes in 46 parts, some of which are quite small, and could get lost if you (or a child) open them a bit too enthusiastically. The parts are all pre-cut from the moulding sprues, so there's less to throw away, and they are held loosely in place within the box by clear vacformed mouldings, which do go in the bin. It has light and sound, which is always a fun aspect of these kits for the kids, and my 6 year-old was cock-a-hoop when I demonstrated it to him, scurrying off to show mummy in a very excited manner. Everything clips together easily, with only the small clear blue liners to the engines a little tricksy in places, and the purists will have literal kittens when they see the three "landing gear" panels that hinge down from the lower hull to allow it to be stood square on the shelf when not in use. Small fingers find those a bit fiddly, but after a few operations, they slacken up a bit, and familiarity helps too. In step 4 and 5 the instructions show the rear detail area being constructed from two main parts that encompass and trap the exhaust bells in place behind the heavy light & sound module. The lower section is fitted to the lower hull, the exhausts mounted, and then the upper section is placed on the lower part, after which the upper hull is added. This turns out to be a bit fiddly, so install the upper rear part in the upper hull to make your life easier. The rest of the kit builds up very quickly, and if you're familiar with construction kits, you could have it ready for action in 10 minutes or less if you're that excited. The other moving parts are the small gun emplacements on the flanks of the superstructure, which clip in place and rotate quite freely once inserted. They have been moulded in a slightly darker grey styrene to help them stand out, as have the golf-ball shield generators and the lattice structure between them. On completion of the build, pulling out the little plastic tab on the underside allows the three 1.5v LR44 batteries to make contact with the circuit, and pressing the small square button on the underside will then play one of two sound clips from one of the movies (It sounds like A New Hope to me), which you will be able to hear if you play the video clip that I've embedded from Revell. The rear exhausts also emit a baleful blue light, but it doesn't extend to the smaller pairs of exhausts, even though they have clear blue inserts of their own. It's a minor omission, but it makes you wonder why they bothered with the inserts. Nevermind. Also on the underside is a small compartment for the batteries that you access with a small Phillips screwdriver, and if you can't be bothered Googling the alternative codes for the LR44, they are AG13, AG14, LR1154, AG76 and many others. It's about time battery manufacturers did something about that! Finally, there is a small grille near the button that allows the sound from the speaker to escape from the hull. Whoever put the kit together in the video needs more finger strength. My example had none of those massive gaps between the parts once the parts had been properly squeezed together. Conclusion Little Johnny or Jemima will love this, although the detail compromises that have been made to facilitate play will have the perfectionists rocking back and forth in a corner, but they should rest easy, as they're not the intended market. As I have said in the past, this series of kits is aimed squarely at kids, who don't care that Star Destroyers don't have landing gear, and that the panel lines are over-scale, and they certainly can't wait for the kit to be painted before they start whizzing it round the living room. My son still regularly plays with the other kits from this series, and this one has become a firm favourite with him too in the short time he's had playing with it. If they were to do a Make & Play Kylo Ren's or Krennic's shuttle, he'd be one happy boy, but if they did a new shuttle Tyderium with light & sound, he'd go ballistic, as he's inherited his love for that design from his old man. One of the many reasons I remain a proud dad. Very highly recommended. Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  20. It really annoys me, when kits are released that are incorrect, that the aftermarket guys produce tons of unnecessary parts, yet don't make corrections, which would sell in greater numbers.
  21. Oh I see, I see, I get the picture -thanks loads Eduard. Never mind Banshees, my lad: WHERE'S THE BLEEDIN' STUFF FOR THE COUGARS, THEN?!!! (Exits Left, muttering dark thoughts.)
  22. I had hoped this was a replacement inner wing section. Maybe one day.
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  24. No doubt, it has been corrected, Sob sob There is only KH and Testors Corsaircorp
  25. ICM

    Any photos of this anywhere? I doubt it but you never know.
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