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  1. Cool. I’m not on Facebook
  2. Nice accompaniment to their Centurion Mk5/1 (Aust).
  3. Too easy! I’ve moved across to 1/16 scale armour, pretty much exclusively, designing & 3D printing my own kits. I’m just reluctant to get rid of them...yet.
  4. Perfect shade of brown you’ve managed there. Love the Wave kits. Have about a dozen in the stash that I need to get rid of. Watching with interest.
  5. Hello all, looking for tips/advice on whether kit rubber or vinyl tyres can or should be painted or coated to preserve them? If yes, what paints can be used? thanks.
  6. Cleaning up the odds & sods to flesh out the details. T handles/latches. Handles & latches on the bonnet. Hinges & vents for the roof. Exhaust pipe. Matted the underside. And touched up the new parts. Thanks for stopping by.
  7. I believe it’s so that the detail present between the 4 & 8 o’clock positions on the tanks can be replicated.
  8. Down to 148 tanks. Well, new turrets will be interesting.
  9. Thanks Ray. Probably finish the M1 & my M113. Considering an AS1. On the fence about Boxer, tbh.
  10. But not at the expense of having something that no other ally has. 120mm smoothbore = commonality, interoperability, & widely available ammunition. 130mm = none of that. The CR2 LEP 120mm smoothbore turret can (allegedly) be upgraded to 130mm once the gun matures. Do what the US did with Abrams. Field it with a mature gun, with the ability to be upgunned built in at service entry. With a new turret, maybe it’s time for a name change? Firefly? Churchill?
  11. Nope. Why swap one technical orphan (120mm rifled) for another (130mm smoothbore)?
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