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  1. @TheVoidDragon @LotusArenco thanks for the detailed backstory: I appreciate you both taking the time to summarise (albeit thoroughly!) the Primaris origins. I’ve always liked the aesthetics of the 40K Space Marines, but have never been too crazy about gaming. The Bandai hookup is an interesting one, perhaps the range will eventually include more classic armour designs.
  2. Not knowing the finer points of such things, could you expound upon the above?
  3. This looks interesting: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/05/10/bandai-and-warhammer4-our-powers-combinedgw-homepage-post-2/
  4. It does look like a cut and paste gone wrong!
  5. Privately developed rocket launch vehicle, the Roc.
  6. GMK

    Poseidon MRA Mk.1

    Looks like I may’ve been correct:
  7. Is your set available yet?
  8. It could be a M1200 Armo(u)red Knight, which doesn’t have a turret. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/M1200_Armored_Knight
  9. Certainly looks like it. Looks like they were heavily modified in Iraqi or pershmerga service.
  10. Thanks @Das Abteilung Like you say, the existence of the trucks is in the public domain (one was at a DVD hosted by DE&S before the installation of mission equipment). Happy to remove if required.
  11. Thought these may be of interest. 24 vehicles, delivered from 2008 in a unique-to-UK configuration, with very few pics in the public domain.
  12. John, I think this is the best that the Revell Elco kit has ever looked! Great work.
  13. Yep - precisely what I meant, @Das Abteilung I’ve been lucky enough to use the skeleton stock on a prototype, the solid stock on both the F89 & M249, the Para on both the Mk46 & F89A1, and the Savit. Not a fan of the 7.62mm Minimi.
  14. The Minimi’s skeleton stock doesn’t fold like the FAL. There is the telescoping ‘para’ version, plus the Savit M4 style, but no side folding stock that resembles the FN FAL.
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