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  1. First test fitting looks “workable with modifications”
  2. Only 182 hours, it turns out. Upper hull print is done! With support material, it’s pretty hefty! Time for clean up and filler primer.
  3. Looks like R08’s deck is getting a little crowded: RN Pic
  4. A trial - but a massive increase in performance over the current F model Chinook by using T408 engine:
  5. Well, the new printer with the enormous print volume has arrived. Lots to it! Got the printer sorted, less the enclosure. Time to print the upper hull. On my first go on the old printer, I had to divide the part into six pieces, inducing alignment issues. This one will be a single piece. Only 187 hours, 50 minutes to go!
  6. Once the filler primer is finished, there won’t be much visible, Ray. The striations are a bit of a nightmare, though. Speaking of nightmares: tracks! Loving Xantho. Worthy successor project to AE2.
  7. Thanks Steve. How are your projects going?
  8. Started the design & test fit of the rear door. I’m finding jumping between parts helps prevent boredom setting in. Here’s the v1 design: Interior view: Here’s the v0 fit check print: Interior view: The tiny window & thick transparency will mean not much of the troop compartment will be visible.
  9. A lot of work culminated this week. Most of the lower hull is all glued up. Very, very happy with how it’s coming together. Time to work on the interior.
  10. Version 0 of the fuel cell for sizing & geometry verification. Probably get to finished the design by the end of the weekend. The square cut out is for the battery box for the crank batteries.
  11. Lower hull is almost ready for final priming.
  12. Added some underside detail to the stowage bins while the epoxy joining the last of the big parts of the lower hull set up. Some more clean up to go, but should have the stowage bins added to the hull inside of the week.
  13. Very ambitious project: https://instagram.com/marc_mpv?igshid=1r3j9s89ythrk
  14. Tweaked the mount to add the correctly shaped hatch. Rough progress pic, including size check prints of the wheel and spare hubs.
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