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  1. Shot these while waiting for my flight today: https://i.imgur.com/i6roTcS.mp4 https://i.imgur.com/bvSzITF.mp4 Very tidy DHC7 Twin Otter.
  2. Looks like the RCAF’s new fixed-wing SAR aircraft, the CN295, is almost ready for delivery:
  3. People will warm to the Lightning, soon enough.
  4. DE&S can’t help themselves. They’ll *have* to tweak it. Apparently no driver-training modules or simulators are in this buy.
  5. Interesting perspective. What vehicle design wouldn’t, in your opinion, constitute a serious RPG magnet?
  6. https://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/boxer-armoured-vehicle/
  7. Had an opportunity to look at the mockup last week - very much OH-58 size (or Long Ranger, perhaps).
  8. The AS21 has the Elbit/EOS T-2000 turret and a hull that meets the protection requirements, as well as in-arm hydro-pneumatic suspension, & Soucy Band track. It’s a completely different vehicle (hull, turret, & powerpack) to the amphibious K21. Australia doesn’t - & hasn’t - had a policy of defence offsets, either direct, indirect, or counter-trade. Having worked in the Australian Defence sector (public & private sides, project management & procurement) for a while, “offsets” are a dirty word here, much to the confusion of some international partners.
  9. Apparently it’s a low cost design that’s not low-observable. No relationship to Sikorsky’s Comanche as this is by Bell.
  10. I guess landing on a carrier, day or night, fair weather or foul, isn’t flying. Nor, I suppose, is flying 2,800 nautical miles to deter an invasion. Its not a zero-sum game. The Buccaneer served well, as did its crews and maintainers. It’s not on the aircraft or service that there was (thankfully) no war to fight when it was being operated by the RN. Personally, I’d have preferred an S.1, then the RN S.2, then the RAF S.2. It’s good business to release the less popular version first, but I really wish the S.1 would get some IM love.
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