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  1. Some more pics of the somewhat agricultural Trophy fit proposed for the equally nascent CR3, courtesy of Jonathon Hawkes.
  2. CR3 prototype spotted with Trophy active protection system at DSEI.
  3. The pics of the aircraft under restoration are still up, too. http://www.seawings.co.uk/walruspage2.htm That was a great trip. Topped off by a flight in a CAC Mustang.
  4. Ah, glad they’re still up. I copied those at Point Cook in 2001.
  5. Early 2000’s, I think. I thought so! Just being used as a target, I believe.
  6. Trialling inert AIM-54 as high speed targets.
  7. Now with torpedoes! Mk54s, in this case.
  8. Sorry mate, only what you see here. Pagey on Twitter (CO of ATDU) posted these, at that res.
  9. Apparently the power pack is tweaked to align with Trojan, plus new hydro pneumatic suspension (“third generation”). No word on the number of main armament rounds carried, whether it’s compartmented (like Leo2 turret ammunition) or unprotected (Leo2 hull ammunition), and an unspecified APS (Iron Fist or Trophy are the most likely candidate). Hopefully this turret is less developmental than WCSP or AJAX; at least the main armament is proven, mature, and decent this time round.
  10. Not with the completely unprotected wine rack of death main armament stowage next to the driver. Worse ammunition stowage as a T-55 or T-72. The Leopard 2 wasn’t offered back in 2004/5, only second hand Pz.87s from Switzerland. Challenger 2 was assessed as being a technical orphan and out of production, plus the rifled gun & communications systems incompatible with the rest of the Army didn’t help matters. All candidates offered & assessed at the time were “pre-loved”. The Abramses were re-manufactured from M1A1 into M1A1 AIM SA standard, having spent the first part of their life idle in pre-positioned stocks in Germany. The Pz.87 were very early batch Leopard 2A4s with the early (Batch 2?) armour. The CR2s were coming from British Army stocks, so would’ve been delivered “as is”. Only the Abrams package was offered with 100% re-manufacture prior to delivery. @Crayons experience at introduction into service is sadly not uncommon with new vehicles when they’re delivered. The support systems & experience not being bedded in can lead to bad experiences (Boxer, G-wagon, M113AS4, take a bow). Abrams seems to have matured nicely (according to currently serving crew that I talk to) and the new M1A2 SEPv3 will be a great replacement for the M1A1s.
  11. Looks like they’re banging it in live this go around:
  12. Great looking scheme!
  13. *mooted But, yep. Been on the cards for a while.
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