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  1. Nice work, Ivan. Quick one - if you’re putting the T50 turret on, in place of the cupola, the post for the commander’s seat isn’t present. Looking forward to seeing this project unfold.
  2. Big week of little things, this week. Test of concept for the 12mm MDF base & the M6x40mm attachment points. Offset the hubs by ~2.5mm to account for a design oversight. Designed & printed the wire cutters on either top corner of the windscreen. Then the swing mounts for the air sentries’ machine guns. Finally with cradles and a MAG58 (aka M240/L7 GPMG) from shapeways. Ammunition boxes to follow.
  3. Finishing both the suspension & assembly blocks have allowed me to verify the ride height and get an overall feel for the look of the truck. The front & spare wheel hubs are correct for the Bushamster but the rear one here is a temporary one stolen from the M-ATV kit. The rear step & steering arms are next in line for printing.
  4. Great scratch work on a great subject.
  5. Lovely work! Understated, yet beautiful. Well done
  6. Happy 2021! Just finished off the suspension design & print. I’d been putting it off until I was comfortable enough with the CAD program to replicate the suspension. Checked the suspension ride height. And finished with a fit check of the fuel tank & winch. Time to move onto the steps.
  7. Last update for 2020. And in real life, on the model:
  8. Almost all of the suspension is done now.
  9. The differential & suspension design continues. With physical parts now in production. With lower suspension arms & shock absorbers. And dry fit.
  10. Minor nomenclature nitpick - the DAP Beaufighters were Mk 21s, not Mk XXI. Not sure why Australia used Arabic numerals for their Beaufighter designations, but they did.
  11. Tim, amazing work. Looking at the later pics, it’s difficult to believe that started out as plastic kit of a tall ship. Really impressive stuff.
  12. Well, with the new round of lockdowns & similar, there’s been some time to do some more design. The updated winch & fuel tank. The relationship between these parts should facilitate a good fit. Also started on the transmission portion of the suspension, which, apart from orientation, is common to front & rear axles. This has been printed at 50% infill density for added strength. The two parallel ridges on the top part of this piece interface with two recessed channels in the hull
  13. Lovely work, Tony. Couldn’t wait, so ordered direct from Airfix. Arrived last week & worth the wait.
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