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  1. dnl42

    ‘66 VW Beetle

    Ah, my first car! The perfect car for a poor university student. Looking forward to seeing this!
  2. dnl42

    Pegasus Nautilus 1/144

    I just love this build! The rust does look quite good.
  3. dnl42

    Pegasus Nautilus 1/144

    Oh wow! This is fabulous! Not sure I can resist adding the kit and PE to my stash!
  4. THAT is a great build! I'd dearly love to see a 1/144 version. Well, beside the Anigrand resin...
  5. dnl42

    Pyro 1/48 Bristol Boxkite

    Nice work! Haven't used Bob's Buckles, but a local master modeler of early aircraft uses RB Production's 1/32 PE buckles to great effect! He claims they're well sized for 1/48 scale. He threads the turnbuckle onto the thread so he can carefully reposition the turnbuckle along the thread to get preferred alignment.
  6. Excellent job on a beast of a build! If you want to do more 1/144 DC-3/C-47s--and who doesn't--give the Roden versions a try.
  7. dnl42

    Hornby secures £18m lifeline

    Agreed. New Airfix product offerings, while of significant importance to us, wouldn't rise to the level of the conversation. Hm, I thought the few-years-old Airfix re-invigoration were a part of their turnaround strategy...
  8. Outstanding! I've got one pining to be finished. You've provided great inspiration.
  9. I am shocked--shocked--to find that they got the colors wrong! Seriously though, thanks for the comment. I was able to correct Encore Model's 1/48 Grumman Goose. It turns out the wing was not all yellow, the cowls were not blue, and they had markings in the wrong location. The wing was actually bare metal and yellow, while the cowls were red. Is the light color still silver or perhaps gray or white? Can you point to primary evidence?
  10. dnl42

    1/72 Pontoon Bridge

    It's amazing how that cartoony kit is become so realistic! One way to get thread to, well, thread, is to put a drop of CA on the end then cut an angular tip into the now-stiff thread--instant needle. For straightening wire, knot one end around a pin, put the pin in a vise, suspend a weight on the other end, and let the weight hang for a day. Choose a weight sufficient to get a little plastic deformation (stretch) in the wire.
  11. dnl42

    Best wooden kits?

    Caldercraft (UK) and Model Shipways (US). Both have excellent kits with quality materials and well researched plans and instructions.
  12. Nice work! I FWIW, Roden's #431, 1/48 DH4A (Passenger) includes decals for G-EAJC of Aircraft Transport and Travel Ltd.
  13. dnl42

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Outstanding effort! There's something very satisfying about working in wood.