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  1. dnl42


    I have continuous focus lenses for general use, but I find them difficult to use with Optivisors. Fortunately, I also have single-focus "computer" glasses, which are focused at about arms-length. Those are the best for use with my Optivisors.
  2. One difference is a warship or larger merchant vessel has multiple people on the bridge. A tow boat would have 1 on the bridge and and a deck hand. Here and here are some vids to give you some modern ideas.
  3. Bravo! That's a hoot!
  4. dnl42

    Grumman GB Reference

    There's a long thread on Warbird Information Exchange entitled Grumman, the people that made the planes. While primarily focused on Grumman, there's information on other Long Island NY aviation, including Republic. The first page has a topic index, the subjects range from the first plant in Baldwin Park, NY where they started making floats to Bethpage, NY and Calverton NY, with the A-6 and F-14.
  5. dnl42

    F6F-5 Hellcat, Jasmine models, 1/48

    Looking for to seeing this!
  6. dnl42

    Looking for B-18 Bolo pre-war/early war photo’s

    There is Douglas B-18 Bolo: The Ultimate Look: from Drawing Board to U-boat Hunter. I have the B-25 and B-29 books, and they're excellent.
  7. dnl42

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    There are photos on this page that show HB's color issues with the control surfaces and ventral fins. There's more good Wildcat info on that page, too. HTH -- dnl
  8. dnl42

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    Nice! I must say I prefer the HB Wildcats. BTW, do ignore HB's suggestion of white or some other color for the control surfaces of the Wildcatfish, they're just fabric-covered. You can see that in the available photos. ISTR there were also color issues with the fins on the stabilizer.
  9. Is the American Civil War valid? If so, depending on timing, I do have a Cottage Industries 1/72 CSS David, a purpose-built spar torpedo boat.
  10. dnl42

    Stories from the courts.

    These are apparently from Disorder in the Court: Great Fractured Moments in Courtroom History.
  11. I had an airbrush crisis. I was spraying Alclad White Aluminum when I first noticed very fine threads forming on some edges of the model, especially around the masked control surfaces. Soon after that, I saw some splotchy surface texture. I suspect there might have been some incompatible residue in the airbrush head. I tried to buff it out with some abrasive pads, but no luck. 20 min with Mr Color thinner and some makeup remover pads, and here i am... As one might guess, I gave the airbrush a thorough cleaning.
  12. dnl42

    Lockheed Twin Model 14(?)

    There are also models of the Model 10, i.e., the Electra, in 1/144, 1/72, and 1/53. I've got the latter, which has markings for Amelia Earhart's aircraft.
  13. Getting primary evidence of the aircraft you're building can be quite hard, especially for a utility aircraft like the Goose. Getting photos of different configs of the same aircraft makes it more interesting. I was fortunate to find a black&white photo of the specific aircraft cited in one of the kit's markings. I was able to see the kit's colors had some errors--shocking, I know. In any event, Dana Bell helped me figure out the likely correct colors, but I still managed to mess up the bit about the spray rail...