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  1. It might help if you describe what "I can no longer post from or view forum images" actually means. Do you get error messages? Does the browser hang? Does the browser crash? Some screen shots may also be useful. All threads? Some threads? Does you have similar problems on other sites? Just this site?
  2. Ooh, now this is a fine subject and kit! You also have an excellent selection of references. Particularly good as you DO NOT have zu Mondfeld!
  3. When you build yours, don't open the bomb aiming doors with a torpedo.
  4. The paint lifting comment reminds me to note this important point. The masking fluid needs to be compatible with the paint. If the paint and making fluid use similar solvents, you'll have a bad experience. To that point, I primarily use Mr.Color.
  5. I've had good luck with Microscale Industries Micro Mask. I usually fill in around tape borders.
  6. If anybody is in the Southern California area this weekend, OrangeCon is Sunday. Location: The Double Tree By Hilton (ex-Holiday Inn), 7000 Beach Blvd, Buena Park, CA 90620 (Immediatly off the 91 Fwy at Beach Blvd.) I'll be several hundred miles north, visiting some Lodi CA wineries!
  7. Nice! I have a bronze barrel from my youth that's approximately sized for a 1/12 or 1/18 carriage. We used it with black powder and wine corks for July 4 celebrations.
  8. That's really quite excellent! The only thing giving it away in a couple of photos is the depth of field. Even more evocative for me today as I spent the day driving my RV on 2-lane roads in redwood forests. The side mirrors sometimes only had inches clearance with trees at the edge of the road.
  9. I use Mr.Metal Primer. It's clear and can be brushed on neat. You can also apparently airbrush it thinned 1:1 with Mr.Levelling Thinner.
  10. I'm happily reading Boffin: A Personal Story of the Early Days of Radar, Radio Astronomy and Quantum Optics, by R. Hanbury Brown. Fascinating stuff, particularly from today's perspective of what has been accomplished with radar.
  11. You will overcome! As you're going to do a drone, you should be aware of The Battle of Palmdale. Sadly, I'm not aware of authoritative markings for the wayward Hellcat...
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