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  1. dnl42

    Jimmy Doolittle's plane

    The actual aircraft were -Bs. The Spencer Tracy movie, "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo", used -Cs and -Ds.
  2. dnl42

    Jimmy Doolittle's plane

    They were "OD/NG", that is, olive drab over neutral gray. I just checked my AM box, and it claims: markings for all 16 aircraft are included, and "Some aircraft appear to have solid Olive Drab engine nacelles." As always, check primary references (contemporaneous photos or documents) for specific aircraft.The doolittleraider.com web site referenced above has a photo showing the "Hari Carrier" art.
  3. dnl42

    Jimmy Doolittle's plane

    The model shown depict's the aircraft flown by Ted Lawson, named "Ruptured Duck", as shown in the movie "30 Seconds Over Tokyo". The Accurate Miniatures 1/48 B-25B kit includes markings for some of those aircraft; it includes different artwork for Ruptured Duck using information provided by Lawson's widow. The specific mission bomb load varied with each aircraft. Parts-R-Parts has some relevant bits.
  4. dnl42

    A Clowder of Wildcats

    I was just reading my newly acquired U.S. Navy and Marine Carrier-based Aircraft of World War II by Kinzey and Rosznak. A picture of the Wildcatfish is shown on page 14. I've seen this image before, but I just noticed, for the very first time, 3 color bands on the propeller tips. Documentation for the XF5F Skyrocket's propellers claims blue, yellow, red from inside to tip, which is what I did on my Skyrocket build. I would guess the same scheme on both aircraft. Sadly, my 2016 Wildcatfish build has solid yellow tips.
  5. Very good! Quite a striking color stream, well executed. Indeed, yellow is hard.
  6. dnl42

    Austin Tilly.

    This will be interesting...
  7. dnl42

    JB-2 Loon - 1/144 OWL Resin

    Nice job converting a V-1 into a JB-1!
  8. dnl42


    Brava! That looks quite realistic! I love the seat belts; something I struggle with...
  9. dnl42

    WW2 Canadian landmatresse

    You're doing a fabulous job, especially with that resin and PE! I wish my 2nd looked so good! Seriously. Both resin and PE should be primed. Paint on PE can flake off if you're not careful.
  10. dnl42

    A chat entitled 'its deja vu all over again'

    But, in this case, you're not really at 90% complete, are you? See, everybody else would have that Short Sandringham if you were truly 90% complete!
  11. dnl42

    Cloudy lacquer

    Do you know what caused the cloudiness? Is the un-thinned bottle cloudy or did it cloud up upon/after application? What about your thinner? Just to make sure, you didn't apply Tamiya X-21 Flat Base straight out of the bottle, did you? I've never used the stuff, but I've read many times about its use as an additive to other Tamiya paints--it's cloudy applied by itself.
  12. dnl42

    Revell Porsche 356B Coupe, 1/16 scale

    You're doing an outstanding job on this sheep in wolf's clothing. I love the engine work!
  13. dnl42

    Boeing B-17 reference

    Flying Fortress, The Illustrated Biography of the B-17s and the Men Who Flew Them, Edward Jablonkski, Doubleday, 1965, provides a wealth of info. Something for your reading lists: Masters of the Air, Donald L. Miller, Simon & Schuster, 2006, tells the harrowing story of the USAAF 8th Airforce.
  14. dnl42

    Provenance of an Fw 190 photo

    Fixed. Thanks!