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  1. I just received some Deluxe Materials Looks Like Glass. First experiment, dip and dry, looks great. I'm now going to try it with MSI Micro Mask and Mr Color to see if it's useful to me...
  2. I would think the hinges on a Sherman would be relatively complete in terms of the molded parts. No AFV expert by any means, but the images on this page are consistent with limited experience with the field. For such configurations, I would carefully drill the parts for a hinge pin made of appropriately-sized wire, on the order of 1mm. HTH -- dnl
  3. This is different. You're doing a fine job converting this into a far more accurate model!
  4. Very interesting subject and nice progress! That is indeed correct. Composite aircraft construction. Wood, fabric, wire, sheet metal--all used to provide various structural properties.
  5. As said many times, this is outstanding work! Truly something to be proud of!
  6. The T-6 is painted. Mr Color 35 (IJN Gray) and Mr Color 125 (Cowling Color). I need to figure out what to do about the cowl-mounted "MGs." I'm thinking of drilling them out, but may try paint. I'll use Albion tubing for the wing-mounted "cannon", though they seem to have been portrayed as MGs.... The kit's Hinomaru have a white outer ring, so I'll either trim the decals or paint them. I need to paint a tail band in any event. I'll need to print decals for the tail markings and the exhausts. Masking the canopy will be a nightmare! Edit: And I also fabricated face curtains for
  7. Roden did a 1/48 version with that scheme. Scalemates has a listing for the boxing, but the instructions are for a different boxing with full seating. Super-hobby's listing has the actual kit's instructions, but, again, full seating is shown. So, either Roden did their homework and it indeed had full seating, or Roden just sent out the same plastic with different decals.
  8. Do you prefer to buy a ready-made stand or unsure about how to make one? A stand can be readily made from wood and acrylic rod. In the following examples, I used a graphics program to design a base image suitable for printing as a photo. I then mounted the "photo" on a finished wood base and then attached the model using acrylic rod. The first two are 1/144 models, and are quite light. The last is a heavier 1/48 resin model, so I mounted it near its center of gravity. HTH -- dnl
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