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  1. Congrats! If not the oldest, certainly one of the oldest subjects ever presented! It will look excellent in the display cabinet, especially sitting next to an MBT!
  2. I've been there! Good you caught it in time! As you wrote, some strip stock will fix it.
  3. With the F2F ready for the paint shop, I'll start on AM's 1/48 Gulfhawk II, which is essentially an F3F-2 with F2F wings and some additional mods As might be expected, this is AM's F3F-2 with additional parts, decals, and paint. The resin parts. Some plastic surgery is apparently required The main parts from the F3F-2. No injected wings. Two pots of Humbrol 18, clear parts, PE, and decals. At some point I read that AM didn't redo the PE rigging wire for the smaller wings, so I'll keep an eye on that. It looks like M
  4. Woohoo! A helicopter has now flown on another planet. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-s-ingenuity-mars-helicopter-succeeds-in-historic-first-flight
  5. Nice! A double Grumman build--what's not to like? I suppose this was a posed shot? Looks good in any event.
  6. Nice work! Even more so considering the Dark Arts that are apparently needed for this!
  7. Great work on this. I'll be sure to reference this when I get around to mine. Where did you find the photo of the prototype in Plant 5? Are more shots available? BTW, Plant 5 was a key site for the F-14. The huge electron beam welding system that created F-14's titanium wing box was there. Aircraft assembly was in Calverton.
  8. A delightful collection of models! I really do like these vehicles.
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