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  1. Sorry Jan, you are a commercial firm. But the money you are waisting can't be used for much more needed objects, Hans
  2. Hello Jan, we are in the second half of this year. Any news about my Cessna's???? Hans
  3. There is so much more in life than another 109!
  4. NO CESSNA'S?????????????????????????? after 9 years of waiting! Hans other than the Bobcat.
  5. Hello Jan, welcome back. A very good 2020 to you! Wonderful (for me) to see the Mohawk and the Cessna's coming. And a model from WW1. But how about a model from WW1 we talked about a few years ago: still no injection 1/72 DeHavilland or Airco DH-9 in the world. Any sign of that? Hans
  6. ……….. and in the Dutch East Indies, against Japan!!!
  7. I got one, directly from AZ/KP. It looks great!!! Sorry, I can't show pictures here. Hans
  8. Hello Jan, only 18 days to Telford yet. I can buy the Cessna 180 there, I presume. I waited from 2011 for it!!! Hans
  9. As I said before in thread '1/72 VC10 C.MK.1 RAF Resin kit': I know a few who love to buy the A.330MRTT, as Europe bought 8. They will fly in Dutch markings from Eindhoven and Köln. Hans
  10. It would be wonderful if you scale down the Fokker G.I to 1/72! Hans
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