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  1. Black Knight

    RAF No. 605 Squadron Mosquito Mk.VI

    The records I can see don't have a PZ434 The codes series runs PZ371 to PZ419 then PZ435 to PZ476 The details in the linked photo are PZ343
  2. Black Knight

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    smurfs can bobsleigh faster
  3. Black Knight

    An old argument - acrylic over enamel :)

    I almost always now use enamel paints as a base coat, then use acrylic over that. If a certain colour is not available in acrylic I'll use the enamel version on top of acrylic second coat I've been brush painting acrylic on top of enamel and enamel on top of acrylic for lots of years now. Never had any problem at all.
  4. Black Knight

    Blank Decal Paper

    a; if using an ink jet printer a.1. anything printed in colour on clear decal film will only show up best on white or silver background. Put a coloured image onto pink background and unless its a very light pink the decal will not show up and then its colours will be tinged pink. You might be able to allow for that in the colour value of the image a.2. to get full colour images showing on coloured backgrounds you need to print on white decal paper a.3. printed black on clear decal paper will show up on most coloured surfaces, but not all
  5. Black Knight

    Useless Alclad Gloss/Matt Klear: responsible disposal?

    Take it to your local council waste disposal depot. They will have specialist containers for fluids, including paint products and oils
  6. Black Knight

    Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Sorry these are poor photos. They were taken some years ago Number 1. View towards the front. Through the hole you can see the rear end of another Austin 7 we used to have; Bottom left of the yellow oval line is where the gear box gear stick comes up Number 2. From the engine side. The body tub should be as the right side, right across
  7. Black Knight

    Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    S'ok. I just keep an eye on things here and drop in occasionally
  8. Black Knight

    Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Combination? Floor extending forward and the vertical front enclosed by a mesh grill to allow some air flow over the driver's feet and up his legs? The legs and feet gets mighty hot down there, even at 40 to 50 mph in an Austin 7. Previous owners of my car had hacked a big hole in the vertical face of the body tub at the driver's feet area. It was actually to facilitate quick gear-box changes. I never closed it off as it allowed in very welcome cooling air. I'll see if I have photo - just to amuse you.
  9. Black Knight

    Fiat 806: research and scratchbuilds

    Is it a 'scoop' or is it just the floor at the driver's feet extending forwards? It would not be needed on the left side
  10. Black Knight

    Ebay photo ID help plse - special ops Lysander ?

    Very stoopid me. I got my Lizzie Marks mixed up. Smooth cowling as on this one = Mark II. Bumps on the cowling are on Marks I & III
  11. It depends. Smer re-issue a lot of other makers old kits. Many of their 1/72 aeroplanes are ex-Heller and are very clean. Their 1/48 (ish) aeroplanes are old Aurora (afair) so are basic and bit not right in shapes This car is an old Gowland & Gowland kit from the early 1950s, It was also issued in boxings by Dapol and Revell
  12. Black Knight

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    For transport the Hurricane wings came off at the joint just outboard of the wheel struts. For wreck recovery the wings could be taken off [crudely] right at the wing-root fillet
  13. Black Knight

    Ebay photo ID help plse - special ops Lysander ?

    The stripes on the fin were introduced from April 1940 It looks like a mark I or III, most likely a Mk.I No access ladder on the side so it wasn't used for SOE drops Possibly a u/s aircraft left in France after the AAEF withdrawal in June 1940 Or.. is that an RAF man being led away? Emergency landing in France after June '40 Black undersides it looks like. Maybe light bombing or supply dropping?
  14. Black Knight

    Motorbikes and Cars

    a/ generally the person who raised the subject is the host/leader usually a second leader gets volunteered b/ the way most folk do its it to keep a victim... err, a name list in the very first message post c/ the really hard part; you need to get 30 names onto that list. when there are 30 names it can go into the voting in November. Bump it every so often so it stays fairly fresh, not too often otherwise the Mods will be down on you d/ I really doubt you'll get 30 names, so it can be converted to a 'shared build' (I think), and that doesn't need to go thru the voting
  15. Black Knight

    Motorbikes and Cars

    The last one I remember was one run by Mad Steve about 5 or 6 years ago I still haven't built the m'bike I intended for that GB and I since acquired another m'bike So I suppose I'm in favour of one