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  1. 85 is a silk black. Adding silver to a black will give you a shade of gunmetal - that might be ok for the engine parts Use 33 matt black and gloss varnish or 21 gloss black with a matt varnish But for tyres and men's boots I use Tamiya Rubber Black Or Revell 09 Anthracite - but with that I've found some pots are almost black and some are more a dark grey
  2. Not necessarily so; the Stahlhelm came in 5 different sizes, the Brodie and Adrian came in 3 different sizes. Haversacks / bread bags, British and German WW2 came in at least six sizes. I have leather patterns for common WW2 pistols, eg Colt 1911A1, Webley, and P08, and for each I have at least 3 different sizes overall though the internal size is the same for each weapon. Going back a bit; the common 'Brown Bess' musket came in 5 different lengths and the 'Baker' rifle came in 4 different lengths. I've also seen Kar 98s of different lengths
  3. Did you let the Mods know your code name when you donated so they could match it to your real name?
  4. Make a donation for the running and up-keep of the forum
  5. That is only for Gold Brickies afaik That, or PM a Moderator
  6. A. their stuff is cheaper direct. Its dearer on ebay to cover ebay fees b. Generally, their staff are helpful, they know their moulding. At the mo they have odd staff in and I'm not sure about them c. I use resin from MBF. If you want to use a plaster, use Keramin. Its a plaster with ceramic powder in it. I use that for Linka building pieces and chess pieces. The ceramic powder makes the cast pieces a lot stronger https://hobby.uk.com/keramin-1kg.html
  7. I use this two-pack silicone rubber for all my moulds except for white-metal / lead https://www.mbfg.co.uk/gp-3481-f.html MBF also sells via ebay
  8. Here is somat to interest you and confound you. Spring Fever I study history, in the perspective of the ordinary person. I read books by historians but I also read original manuscripts and books from the 12th century up to the recent past On odd thing I've come across is writers describing people having 'Spring Fever' This 'Spring Fever' is often mentioned just we would mention someone had a head-cold. It happens, then passes. But this 'Spring Fever' is mentioned from the 12th century right up to the 1930s A person, usually in the writings the
  9. People are complaining that there is too much coverage by the BBC of Prince Philip's death https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56703437
  10. a. we don't pay a licence fee for BBC radio b. I was able to look at the play lists, for each programme
  11. Some stats; Matchbox II, 2017 I entered 12 kits I finished 7 I didn't / haven't finished 2 which were started in the GB I never started 3 kits Looking at my stash spread sheet I have just enough complete unstarted Matchbox or Matchbox re-issues to meet my previous build score but, I have some 'scrap' Matchbox kits, mostly missing canopies and small parts, and if I include those plus the non-starters from Round 2 I may just have enough to try to beat my record. But to be really sure I think I need to buy more Matchbox kits
  12. Revell German Naval crew http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=792 afair there is a set of resin crew made for this vessel
  13. It might be powdered Haribo https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56461868
  14. Here is a pipe cutter like mine https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Compact-Mini-Tube-Pipe-Cutter-Copper-Gas-Water-Pipe-Cutter-3mm-To-22mm-MS125/262352807871?hash=item3d157227bf:g:8sUAAOSwQjNW9XUY
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