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  1. The way you have the engine & prop in those photos kinda looks like the sort of display one would see in the entrance hall of an Aero museum
  2. Poly urethane squirty foam; line the box with a plastic bag. Foam wont stick to the plastic. Trim the shape to neaten edges, or leave the cardboard on some sides for glueing stuff on. I used to make war-gaming hills for no.3 son by spraying the foam into a plastic bag and holding the bag down onto a table, allowing some of the bag to expand upwards and outwards, but the bottom was flat to the table.
  3. It could be a block cut from Poly Urethane Expanding foam. Available in spray cans from BnQ, Screwfix, builders merchants, DiY stores. Cost is £4.99 and upwards for a big can. Or it could be fine grade flower arrangers 'Oasis'. Available in fine, medium and coarse, from flower shops and their suppliers.
  4. I'll aim for a couple of completions as well Will you be keeping a list as per usual? by Kit number?
  5. Have you tried UV-setting resin/glue? It usually comes in a pen style dispenser. You can flow a bead of the resin along the frame, put the mesh on then set and harden the resin using UV light. The UV light is often attached to the end of the dispenser. The resin is supposed to set in 5 seconds but I usually go over it for about 30 seconds The resin is crystal clear
  6. Just another point, look for a Frog Vimy IV Bomber kit. This kit has the nose skid and the separate windscreens, The other Vimy kits have the TransAtlantic front nose wheel assembly and different windscreen unit
  7. T'aint that hard. If I can do it anyone can
  8. That were quick. I watched some old 'Dragnet' progs on youtube oh and did some plastic model making it seems regular fast to me
  9. What else is there? White metal - figures and cars mostly Brass - railway locos and rolling stock mostly plaster - buildings mostly vinyl - figures mostly
  10. a; most ark models are suitable for those with patience and 6 hands and an intuition of how things go together b; the vimy is the old frog kit
  11. Its not the 'klear' type stuff. That is after all meant as a floor polish [varnish], to be cleaned with hot water. Its the plastic of the canopy. Clear plastic is not meant to be altered by hot water. . . . and 'klear' will remove itself; just soak in a fresh amount and the old stuff will soften. time depends on how long the old stuff has been on
  12. Does a night fighter have to be a specially built one like the P-61 or would a C.V. Corsair F4U-5N night fighter be acceptable?
  13. I converted the Prince Henry to a Vauxhall Type D staff car;
  14. ach, shure, count me in I have several candidates for the US involved Vietnam war [1960s to 1970s]
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