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  1. yes, but a. how do you know in advance that things will go awry? b. which seller will do this if you have no experience of that seller?
  2. I hope I can share this with you on here as I know a fair number of BMers buy on ebay. Two sort-of scams happened to me recenly. Both similar but different. Its the changing of the details on a listing after you've bought the item Normally, you buy one item and it arrives with you. The listing for the item doesn't change once you bid or buy it. But I've had listings change on more than 3 items after I've bought it How? They are multi-stock-listings When you buy off these the seller can 'up-date' the listing. Often its just to say how many remain in stock but some sellers are changing what they actually supply. First I must tell you that I make leather goods, thus I buy certain items in quantity Case 1. I bought an item from a seller based in China The item arrived but was broken. Too broken to use or repair. No problem I thought, I can get my money, over £20 back through ebay. But when I tried the seller had changed that particular item on the listing to a small cheap item worth less than £2.50, but using the same wording to describe it. I got back £2.35 Case 2. I make board games. For these I need dice. I saw some nice dice for sale by a Chinese ebay seller. They were listed as 5 for £4. I bought a set of 5 Yesterday I received one die (aka a dice). So I went onto ebay. The seller had up-dated the listing. Where it had said how many it now said 1 rather than 5. I've had this happen a few times before. eg I buy rivets for the leather work (yes, I'm an actual rivet counter), I buy them by the hundreds. I've bought quantities where it said it was in multiples of 100. So I've bought 2 lots. I should have received 200 but I got two lots of 50 making 100, 1/2 the amount. The listings had been changed to say Quantity; 50 sometime after I'd bought As ebay looks at the listing as it is at the time you complain you can do nothing about it. I now keep a written record of these sellers who change things so I don't accidentally buy from them again. BTW, I've mentioned Chinese sellers but I've had it happen with UK and US sellers as well.
  3. Humbrol has not discontinued 119. The AVG top colours were US versions of RAF Dark Earth and Dark Green. Just use Humbrol 29 and 30 as they are not fully correct for DE and DG anyways
  4. This one was told to me by an old RAF fighter pilot. A US pilot was shot down in an air battle over the Pacific. He took to the silk and managed to land on the beach of a small dot of an island. The islanders gathered him up and took him to their village The next day he was taken to the islanders chief. Through his short time there the pilot had noticed that these islanders were cannibals. When he was presented to the chief the chief declared he was suitable for their feast that evening The pilot tried to bargain for his life; money, lots of money would be paid for him. What use of money for the islanders? The US would send teachers and doctors, no need for them says the chief. Then the chief says 'show us some white-man magic and you can live' The pilot had noticed that the village women had to strike flints to light fires so he says to the chief 'I have fire in my pocket at the command of my fingers' 'Show us' So the pilot gets out his zippo lighter, holds it up, flicks it open and instantly there is a flame. All the villagers are amazed and gasp out The chief says 'that is indeed magic, you may live' Then the chief's number 1 son speaks up 'but dad, we've seen zippo lighters before' The chief replies 'Yes, but not one that works first time!'
  5. A Scot, an Englishman and an Irish man were serving in Nelson's Navy As sailors then did they broke some naval regulations They were each sentenced to 200 lashes. On the day they were to get their lashes the Englishman went first. The doctor in charge told him 'This is going to be very painful, what do you want on your back to ease the wounds? 'Just slather on goose grease' said the Englishman The man took his punishment and was carried to the sick bay to recover. The Scot was next. When he was asked the same question he replied 'Naethin. I'm a true Scot. I dinna need annathing' He took his punishment and managed to walk away and down to the sick bay Next was the Irishman 'What do want on your back' he was asked. The Irishman quickly replied 'The big Scotsman!'
  6. A woman was up in front of the magistrate for shop lifting. As she was a kleptomaniac she was well known to the judge 'What was it this time Mrs Jones?' asked the judge 'A tin of peaches' she replied 'How many peaches are in a tin? asks the judge '6, I think' says Mrs Jones 'You'll go to jail for 6 nights, one night for each peach' sentences the judge Just then Mr Jones decides to speak up 'Excuse me Mr Judge your honour. . . . . . . On the way here this morning she stole two tins of peas' 3 men were sentenced to death. Their final days arrived early in December. When asked the Frenchman replied he wanted Boeuf bourguignon with wine for his final meal. The morning after his final meal the Frenchman was taken out and shot The German asked for Bratwurst and beer The next morning he was taken out and shot. When the Englishman was asked he said he wanted a big dish of strawberries and Devon cream 'Strawberries!' said the prison governor 'Where are we going to get strawberries in the middle of December? They're out of season!' 'I can wait' said the Englishman
  7. Please add me to your list. There are plenty of candidates I can think of.
  8. I was going to add; but thats only on my photos. The Buccs may have been painted up to look nice. I reckon go with a 'rusty' brown colour
  9. On my photos, RN Buccs, Extra Dark Sea Grey on outside and inside the intakes. On the photos I have where the Bucc is white underneath its still EDSG inside the intake.
  10. 1. before it cures use toothpaste on a cotton-bud, aka a Q-tip, to erode the unwanted paint away. Go slowly and carefully and you can remove the red and not the white 2. assuming its an acrylic paint, before it cures use alcohol, eg meths on the cotton bud, then as 1 3. use 2000 grade wet & dry to sand off the red. used very wet and as 1
  11. I slap on Humbrol 33 Matt Black enamel. I have been known to use Humbrol 34 Matt White enamel and sometimes one of the matt greys, again in enamel. It can depend on what the top finish colour will be.
  12. I've checked by own 'walk around' photos. Without exception they all show the exterior colour aft of the stainless steel rim to the first stage of the compressor which is roughly inline with the aft-most part of the canopy
  13. ah, that reminds me, I think the Lindberg 1/48 Gladiator is the same
  14. If you're a newbie to the rigging rigmarole try a Heller bipe. The last couple I built from them came with the rigging points as holes in the wings already done for the modeller
  15. A white-metal 54mm kit of a 10th Century Viking. Some parts were missing when I bought it and I added some extras I started this for the BM 10th Anniversary GB two years ago. I found him hiding in a small plastic box on one of my MU shelves. Since the end of the GB I had done some more painting and last night I did a lot more detail painting and got him on to the prepared base.
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