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  1. Black Knight

    1:72nd RAF Tornado recommendations

    There appears not to be one. None listed in the IPMS site
  2. Black Knight

    The ever so slightly miffed thread.

    Miffed that my spicy corn relish isn't. Its mildly tasty. Seems all the spices etc all cancelled each other out Instead of kinda burning the gob off ye, its just mmm, ok with some cheese. And I've made 4 very large jars of it too.
  3. Black Knight

    annealing photo etch

    Can the gas soldering iron be used without a tip? - as a mini-blow lamp/torch? if not, I'd use a tea-light candle, which I have done on small sheets of p/e
  4. Black Knight

    All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Generally, usually, even numbered Hurricanes had the B scheme and odd numbered had the A scheme - it was the other way round on that other RAF fighter - umm. . wot was it called? Fin flash; generally Gloster built had the full coverage type Wheels; might be 5 spoke
  5. Black Knight

    Mk.IX and Mk.XVI Mosquito's and 1/72 Two Stage Engines

    Freightdog do 100gal tanks. You can get them through Hannants Hannants also keeps sheets of generic code letters and numbers in many colours including red Check Hannants in case any of these Mosquitos are subjects of decal sheets and have the individual artwork
  6. Black Knight

    Wet Sanding Clear Coat

    I'd allow at least 24 hours in a warm place, longer if its cold or chilly. I would: Use no rougher than 2000 grade w&d and finish off with toothpaste on a clean rag Sometime you need to invest in 'Micro Mesh' pads if you're going to do much of this. MicroMesh goes to 12,000 grade You can get Mm pads from https://www.modellingtools.co.uk/micro-mesh-2-pads-set-of-nine-6785-p.asp
  7. Black Knight

    1/72 RAF SAR Leconfield

    I was at Leconfield in early 1970s. Whirlwinds then. One of my jobs was to hose them down after every sortie Good luck with this project. They do tend to have a life of their own though
  8. Black Knight

    Palmer Tyres van

    Its not a 'Bullnose' Morris. The radiator shroud is not Morris. But considering the special coachwork, it could have been built on a Morris or Austin chassis and the coach builder made their own bonnet and radiator shroud You could search out the Revell BMW Dixie in 1/24. It was a legit copy of the Austin 7 [1922-39]. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/103264-revell-07131-bmw-3-15-ps
  9. Black Knight

    Need advice for panel line wash colours please

    I don't do panel lines but when I have to put something in the groove of an elevator or aileron I use a darker shade of the main colour, eg burnt umber on dark earth, dark grey on lighter grey
  10. Black Knight

    Clear Lacquer

    Spray the clear lacquer on in 'mist' coats. Allowing the carrier to 'flash' - evaporate - off in between coats. If you put the lacquer on too heavily it will trap the carrier and that will give your paint orange peel, or at worst actually act as a paint remover. A few mist coats building up the shine by the fourth or fifth spray coat. It won't take long to do this especially if you heat your spray can in a tub of very warm water beforehand
  11. Black Knight

    Typhoon gear door zig zags?

    If you bother to read the first post its NOT the ID stripes the OP is asking about. Its the zig-zag markings on the inside of the wheel well doors
  12. Black Knight

    Help For Heroes Needs Your Help

    Britmodeller has had a link-up with one or a few groups for several years now
  13. Black Knight

    Spitfires over Burma and the Pacific

    For cutting such as those elevators off I use a narrow panel scriber. Working on both sides I eventually get it to a point where the tip of a sharp scalpel will do the final cut through
  14. Black Knight

    Models of Late Victorian/Edwardian things?

    Airfix did a large and a small scale model of the 'Great Western' paddle steamer They also did 'Discovery' and HMS Iron Duke Revell did a Mississippi River Boat Airfix and others did the steam locomotive 'The General' A couple of companies issued a '20 Mule Team Borax Train' - same kit afaik, just issued at different times
  15. Black Knight

    RAF Refueler Question

    When I was in head-gear was to be removed whilst working around an aeroplane because a, with a jet it could be sucked in if the engine was started b. with a prop it could be whipped off the head and become a hazard being blown about