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  1. Varnished wood, a light colour, darker than pine and not as yellow
  2. May I suggest; don't forget horse shoes I bent then flattened some florists iron wire and shaped the hoof for the frog I also use brown plastic electrical tape for the large horse harness. An advantage of it is its adhesive and stays put. A thin superglue run along some of the edges locks it in place
  3. My first name is Frederick, my surname begins with a K. My father wanted my middle names to be Ulysses Charles Somehow I ended up with Daniel instead
  4. Places which have names ending in -ham are old Anglo-Saxon. Ham derived from 'home-stead' or settlement Viking places can be noted with the ending 'by' eg Whitby. 'By' also means a settlement or farmstead Thats also why towns have local laws called 'By-laws', also spelt 'Byelaws'
  5. Top wing back on. Onwards and upwards Per ardua ad astra
  6. Yes, no problem with enamel or water based acrylic paints but you may have problems with Tamiya acrylic which is alcohol based. Alcohol being one of the things that will remove 'Kleer' - aka all other names Also you can get a reaction with Micro-Sol and Micro-Set blimey, thats expensive! I get Astonish in Home Bargains at about £1 for 750ml or so
  7. I think I know that Stanley. The one I knew of was owned by a chap called Rory Wolff. Total steam power enthusiast
  8. Whilst varnishing the Dee-arr. I was holding it lightly, like a little sparrow. I dropped it and broke off the top wing!
  9. As I understand it from information gleaned; Hobbycraft did not get a good / favourable renewed supply deal from Hornby so have dropped the Airfix / Humbrol items in favour of Revell and Tamiya
  10. I built this a few years ago. When I got it out of its storage box today I found it was damaged so as I did the repairs I touched up some painted areas and then took new better photos of it The colour is supposed to be a 'burnt orange' . The colour and registration of an Aston Martin that was once owned by one of my motor-club members I added a bit of detail in the engine bay Headlamps and tail-lights were from 'Little-cars'
  11. All my best laid plans went a-gley Hopefully I'll get back onto this this weekend
  12. If yours went on a 'little thick' your version might need thinning with some water for my 'Astonish' is as thin as water
  13. For those of us who do not go near face book could you please tell us about it? Is it a problem with the wings as moulded? A builder's fault? A bit of both?
  14. Just about everyone has their favourite way I use 'Astonish' which is just another trade name version I use it neat, no thinning, no additives I don't spray. I use a wide flat brush, about 10 to 12mm wide, to brush it on. I apply a lot, then as I spread it over the surface I'm actually taking some off, rather than having to dip the brush to get more
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