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  1. you saw right. dealer in hall 3 had (new) 1/72 B-52 kits for £49.95. I looked cos a club mate sold me one for £30 a few months ago
  2. Come on Peeps! Get voting for this NOW! Its failing, its falling short, we need more votes!
  3. smurf's sniffly snuffly sneezes
  4. You're doing just a very grand job. a. NO-ONE can say for certain what Ark Royal looked like. Its a bit like the child in Sunday School drawing a picture. Asked by the teacher 'What are you drawing?' the child replies 'I'm drawing a picture of God' 'But no-one knows what God looks like' says the teacher 'They will when when I'm finished' says the child. Your interpretation is as good as anyones. b. these ships were rebuilt and up-dated frequently. Look how many times the Mary Rose and HMS Victory were rebuilt during their working lives. Who will gainsay that Ark Royal looked like your version?
  5. I reckon - crowds the same each day. A lot of bargains gone by lunch time Saturday, but some traders, especially 2nd hand kit ones do end of show offers on stock they don't want to pack up. I went to building society this morning. Got my pocket money out - in English notes. The ladies had to go through several tills to get my modest sum together in English paper
  6. Thank you for the compliments chaps They are an encouragement
  7. Thanks, I'll send my hound dog out to search
  8. Thanks, I've seen the rolls but they're too narrow for my needs. Even though they are self-sticky those sheets might do
  9. I'm in need of some sheets of very, very thin lead Does anyone know where I get any these days? Any supplier which might be at SMW, Telford this year?
  10. I finished this a couple of weeks ago. First thing - a big shoutout of thanks to theplasticsurgeon who very kindly sent me a replacement set of Airfix decals This was languishing on a shelf waiting to be finished. It just lacked the decals. Despite two (or more coats) of Liquid Decal Film my original Airfix decals just splintered into pieces.
  11. Upon request of Pat I present the illustrations mentioned above These are in a book which was the official guide book for the 1988 Armada Exhibition in Belfast's Ulster Museum. Which I may say holds the largest collection of Armada artifacts of anywhere in the world. I think we may have seen these before but Pat asked for me to post them 1st: a drawing supposedly of Ark Royal 1a: if it is Ark Royal, we are looking at 4 pairs of turrets 2. a section of a painting from an unknown artist. I made the selection. Flying the Royal Arms at the main mast, Two heraldic achievements ('coat of arms' to youse lot) can just be made out on the transom. Two turrets (one each side of the hull), shaped like McDonalds short ice cream cones can be seen low down, just about where the Gallery balcony is. Are there more turrets hidden in gloom of the unrestored painting? Is this Ark Royal?
  12. Excuse me! Northern Ireland has been issuing its own notes (and used to have its own coinage) since its founding in 1922. Irish* banks had been issuing bank notes shortly after the Scots invented them in about 1707. * When all of Ireland was part of a UK The reason Irish £, and then N.I. £, notes were not accepted on face value was that in the 19th century the Irish £ was actually only worth 19 shillings English (a political reason) and this idea persists today. Currently we have, afair, 4 N.I. banks issuing £ sterling bank notes, which will drop to 3 banks next April Our banks were the first in the UK to issue polymer (aka plastic) notes
  13. Forget the lights (joke) - what about the props spinning? Micro motors for mobile phones (minus their weights) are a handy size. When it comes to the 'damage': if you are doing a section - press thick aluminium onto the area, aluminium from food trays, to copy the shape. Cut away the plastic then add in the aluminium piece which you can then crumple down or rip holes in
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