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  1. Vac forming will copy what you have, almost exactly. What I would do is press the faulty canopy out to shape. Slick it's inside with some cooking oil then press a block of mixed Milliput into the faulty canopy. Then, after removing the hardened Milliput block, the 'buck', work on it to make the area where the fault is perfectly smooth. Then vac form, or plunge mould, aka crash mould, over that buck.
  2. ah, if only . . . . Theres still time to sign up and get this into the Great Britmodeller Bun Fight
  3. Add my name to the main list as well please
  4. Vickers Vimy Handley Page O/400 It appears that my name is not on the list Please add it in I think if the name list is updated there might be almost enough numbers, maybe just one or two short, to get to the Big Britmodeller Bunfight
  5. Plz add my name on as well I do believe I have few kits that are suitable
  6. Wot he says; a most excellent find On my shopping list now
  7. In NI the sleepers are about 4 to 6 inches thick by about 10 to 12 inches wide. Our sleepers are longer than GB ones, about a foot to 18 inches longer, because we use a wider gauge on our railway
  8. I hope we can get 7 more builders I'm thinking of doing a figure or two This Royal Marine was made from two different kits, some scratch building and a Timpo soldier's head. Base kits were Airfix 54mm Collector Series Coldstream Guardsman and AWI 1776 British Grenadier I think I used parts from 5 kits to do this WW1 6th Inniskilling Dragoon. Base kit was the Airfix 54mm Collector Series 1815 Life Guard
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-derbyshire-58909456 Good thing the school pupil didn't take the freakin tank as well!
  10. I darkened the window parts of this Ferrari by dipping in Future with some Tamiya 'Smoke' added and the canopy on this F-16 was done the same way They're not the best jobs, I could have done better on them
  11. yes, it might be the Corgi one https://uk.corgi.co.uk/products/bristol-f2b-fighter-d-8063-raf-no139-squadron-villaverla-italy-sept-1918-aa28801 But I'd not say no to a kit by Airfix
  12. To remove the seam; careful use of a razor blade, I use a blade from a twin-blade razor in a Xacto knife handle, or use a a pin, heated in a candle flame, use it side-ways. The razor blade is easier imo PS. The scale is 1/32
  13. istr that in the 1970s & '80s there were fairly regular collisions between NATO submarines and N.I. fishing trawlers in the Irish Sea off the Ulster coast The frequency was about once every 6 to 7 weeks. I had an old school chum who's father worked for the Port Authority in a fishing village called Portavogie. His job entailed getting damage compensation for the fishermen. At least 2 trawlers were lost with all-hands due to submarine collision And 2 confirmed collisions were with Soviet submarines. There might have been more
  14. I think its possibly that, in my world of vintage motoring, the rolling chassis & engine combination is more important than the body on it as the body can be quickly changed and often is changed A late friend of mine ran a 1930s 8 litre Rolls Bentley for which he had about 6 different bodies which he changed according to the competition that he was going to do. A body on that car could be changed over in a couple of hours. In his case we just referred to his car as his Rolls Bentley But some other cars which had their bodywork more permanent were referred by their coach work - Van den Plas or Park Ward Bentley, or Gordon-England 7
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