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  1. Black Knight

    1/72 F-86A-Matchbox kit

    I built a PM kit years ago. No cockpit, An L seat for a pilot, top of ej. seat moulded to fuselage sides. I put an Airfix pilot in to hide the nothing-ness. Wheels are shirt buttons. Get some resin replacement wheels - they'll cost less, and scratch the cockpit tub.
  2. Black Knight

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    trouble to three tarpons
  3. Black Knight

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    by fox-trotting the tango
  4. Black Knight

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    to dry roasted smurfs
  5. Black Knight

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    with smurfs and marmalade
  6. Black Knight

    And this is Art?

    Didn't the USAF bury a load of their F-117s, including a 'gravestone' to mark which one was which? Did they get an 'art' grant or notice for that? true or myth? https://www.urbanghostsmedia.com/2014/11/f-117-nighthawk-stealth-fighters-buried-nevada-graves/
  7. Black Knight

    Is it safe to spray gloss clear coat in cold weather?

    I reckon not. I warm my painting area with an old fashioned incandescent spotlight bulb in a lamp. A half hour or so of it shining on a model in a card box warms it all up nicely. Warning; do not get the bulb too close or it could melt the model
  8. Black Knight

    FOUR information, dial # 4

    googly by Dibbly-dobbly bowlers
  9. Black Knight

    Member post count.

    The posts you make in 'Chat' just simply do not get added to the post count on your score board. I see you have 114 posts - all valid for B&S area Note however, if you get 'likes' etc in the 'Chat' area they are counted into your total 'likes' tally
  10. Black Knight

    Source for Decals of White-Outlined Serial Letters/Numbers???

    afair Fantasyprint does Luftwaffe white outline numbers and separate coloured numbers which can be overlaid to give white outlined numbers. Luftwaffe number style is not too far different to most RAF styles
  11. Black Knight

    American Motorists (1910s) - ICM 1:24

    I think the woman would also do late 1960s - early 1970s and the man would do into the mid 1950s
  12. Black Knight

    Humbrol Number 4?

    I have it as Matt Light Admiralty Grey
  13. Black Knight

    USAF paints F-15 in WW2 P.47 colours

    aye, indeed. When I first read the story and put it up here the story spoke of plural F-15s painted, now it appears to be only one has been painted
  14. As per title; https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-47091176 Decals anyone? edited to correct the title