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  1. Can you show a photo of it? I may have a match in my spares - but no promises
  2. First posting now edited to include a photo of the kit parts
  3. Go to the bottom of the posting, there you'll find a tab 'Options', click on it and it'll give you the option to 'hide' the posting. Just ignore the reason why
  4. Black Knight

    Happy Easter!

    My local corner supermarket has had Cadbury Creme eggs in since the day after Boxing Day. I reckon they would have been selling them on Boxing Day too but they were closed.
  5. Nope, for the wee chapie who is going to get this the prop has to turn, it has to have its wheels down and USAAF/USAF markings
  6. You've given me another idea so you have. I have an old 'box scale' P38, again given to me as scrap as its broken and in pieces. I reckon I can rebuild it. There is another boy who comes to the shows, He is metally handicapped and he claps as he looks at our models. He loves to just stand and watch the model trains going around. I think I'll build it and offer it to him or his parents. The other wee boy is different in that last year I promised to have a model aeroplane for him for this year's show.
  7. I was given this old Hawk F-51 Mustang as scrap. It has a few parts missing and the decals which came with it are all dried up and cracked, they might not even be for it. I measured this up and wingspan wise its 1/47 and length wise its 1/45 I'll not be doing anything fancy with it. It will get USAAF or USAF national markings and a nice paint job over a silver finish. I need to sort out a bit of a 1/48 pilot figure for the cockpit. Later this year my model club will be at a show. There is a wee boy of about 6 y/o who comes to our tables and can name most types of the fighters on them. I'll be giving this to him if he is there this year. The only thing I've done on this so far it to sand off the moulded on National markings and build number on the tail fin - but with this silver plastic it leaves a ghost image so it looks like they are still there! The main u/c doors are moulded closed. Upper right is a bit of frame which has 4 small bombs on it. I reckon I'll leave those off. The intake on the belly radiator-scoop is basic, I might do some work on that.
  8. 'Silver' Vampires were overall High Speed Silver paint
  9. Deep in the recesses of my mind I'm remembering that there used to be die-cast metal kits of a Volvo P1800 and an early SAAB. Basically they were the same as the likes of a Corgi or Dinky car only in kit form. I can't just now remember who made the kits though. Its nearly 30 years since I saw one. I used to have a motoring magazine. In it we had a diecast/toy car section and a toy car importer & dealer in Bangor, Co. Down, sent me the Volvo P1800 kit as a sample, but I had to send it back unbuilt. afair the SAAB was one of the early 99 (?) series - 1960s type
  10. Same as above, Draken & Viggen and a SAAB in the drive way. Its an on-going 1:1 scale build just to keep it on the road!
  11. afaik the pedals were not altered A late uncle of mine served with Bader during the BoB and once mentioned that Bader would use any servicible aircraft when his perferred one was being serviced; thus it would appear he could use the standard pedals Its worth noting that when Bader had to leave his Spitfire, one of his feet caught on the upper strap of one of the pedals. Unable to wiggle his foot and leg, as I would/could, to free it he had to leave that leg behind. If the pedals had beed adapted I do not think this would have happened
  12. oh, I've got loads and loads of real goody 'non-injection moulded' to choose from Problem is actually choosing one to build now!
  13. Thanks So we put build threads over there?
  14. A real beaut You've done the real one justice on this No.1 son had a real one a couple of years ago. He passed it on as it gave him a sore back. He reckoned it was made for 'wee' Italians and not big (tall) guys like him
  15. Please explain I do not understand - seriously, I don't I thought we didn't get voted through
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