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  1. AMO A.664/42 APPENDIX 1 (Amended to A1096/42, issued 8 Oct 1942 and A1377/42 issued 24 December 1942) A - RAF Commands says Typhoon aircraft are specially marked as follows:- (a) The under-surfaces port and starboard wings are painted with black strips running fore and aft at intervals of 24 in. from the root of the wing to the inboard end of the aileron with the first black strip situated at the wing root. The spaces between the black strips on the under-surfaces of the wings are painted white, but from the outboard edge of the outer black strips to the
  2. Thats the Grace I always use on all occasions It canna be bettered I used to hunt haggis using long bow and arrows but I had to give that up when I got my hawk-hound. He kept going after the arrows, catching them and bringing them back to me daft hound!
  3. to all those who celebrate it, and to those who don't (and just why do you not? eh?) I know its late in the day but its still Burns Night Someone has already put up that awful Burns joke over in the Long Jokes thread. Go look it up. I will not link to it cos its just so awful, but funny too Due to these bloomin covid restrictions I couldn't get to the butchers for my Haggis nor could I go out hunting for one I find my method of hunting haggis works well I use a trebuchet A perfectly round stone weighing a Scots 1/2 ton launched from 1.2216 mil
  4. Here are three for you to consider 1. Albatros D.Va - RAF. The rear of the fuselage and the fin may be all red 2. Spad VII, it may be red, very dark blue or black overall 3. Sopwith Camel, Still PC10 mainly, the repainted rear fuselage and fin front edge part may be red or black Before you ask; I've not modelled any of these but I'm working on the Spad, using Blue Rider decals
  5. I'd like to see more of national markings for 1, African nations, from Egypt to Morocco and down to South Africa itself 2. South East Asian countries, Burma/Myanmar, Indonesia, Siam/Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and the others
  6. A Minion Knight, just for fun for my BM name afair there was a thread, a very long one, where BMers explained their chosen name
  7. Its not working for me It says 100 military aeroplanes, 5 pages x 24 I can't get past page 3, mid A05xxx numbers I had to reset my password as the one I used wasn't recognised They wiped out all the items in my 'basket'. About 20 items, value to about £38. Now I have to go through it all again and not everything is going into the 'basket', some items say they are in the basket but they are not Yesterday I got an email from Airfix that the 1/72 Lightning F6 was back in stock. I can't find it anywhere on the website
  8. No. Previously HMRC said that everything would attract VAT. The £15 allowance had been done away, and it was now zero allowance but in the report it is saying that anything over £39 will be charged
  9. Read the part under the photo of the DPD van https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55734277 Have the rules changed again?
  10. The Fokker D,VII has minimal rigging. On each side, one wire from near cockpit to upper wing Cross wires on the u/c and not all D.VIIs had a wire from the fin to each tail plane. I think that depends on the maker
  11. I've got a box full of those metal lace fittings in my leather work supplies, left over from archery bracer orders But as I've always told the re-enactment team 'I don't do SHOES!!' mmm, but boots ? that might be different
  12. In the very top North-West corner of Northern Ireland is a peninsula called Magilligan Point. Its home to an Army firing range, a HM Prison, a Martello Fort and a ferry across the Foyle to Greencastle in ROI, aka Eire, a distance of under 2 miles. Way back in about 1967 when I was up at Magilligan, on holiday, I first came across the ferry service there for passengers only using two WW2 DUKWS. They operated until at least about 1974-ish. The last I saw of the DUKWS was about 6 years ago, one was partially buried under a sand dune, within the military area so it was impossible to get clos
  13. Not just a campaigner but he's also been doing the physical work of helping with the distribution of meals
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