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  1. Well, on FB Mr Paint directed customers to hmhobbies.
  2. You can get Mr Paint from hmhobbies.co.uk. Excellent service.
  3. Aside from a couple of sheets from Replicscale and Superscale which were produced when the F-15E entered service and could have the markings used (modified) for Desert Storm aircraft I don't know of any aftermarket sheets for the Strike Eagle during Desert Storm. The Revell-Monogram 1/48 F-15E included an option for a 335TFS F-15E which scored an air to air kill on a helicopter during a mission but those are the only options I can think of.
  4. There definitely were B-52G's based at RAF Fairford for the duration of the conflict.
  5. The F-15E's deployed to Saudi Arabia came from the 4th Tactical Fighter Wing at Seymour-Johnson AFB (SJ tailcode). The wing was in the process of converting from the F-4E to the F-15E when Iraq invaded Kuwait and only two of the three squadrons had completed conversion. These were the 336th TFS (Rocketeers, Yellow fin flash)and the 335th TFS (Chiefs, Green fin flash). The 336th deployed first and then later the 335th. Initial deployment was to Thumrait in Oman and then to Al Kharj in Saudi Arabia. . All aircraft had the LANTIRN navigation pods .The F-15E was so new in service that
  6. On FB last night four US companies, Spruebrothers ,Flying Leathernecks , Fightertown Decals and Reid Air Publications have stated that they're suspending direct UK sales.
  7. Probably not where you want to hear the question "Does anyone else smell something burning?"
  8. I've just seen on FB last night that the following companies are suspending direct sales to UK customers due to post brexit VAT Flying Leathernecks Fightertown Decals Reid Air Publications Sprue Brothers Models Mr Paint
  9. You can't just make a quick trip to Lowes?
  10. Being in the same line of work as Jan and having been in several situations (directly or indirectly) involving passengers who've consumed too much I have to venture my opinion here which is MY opinion only based on experience. It sounds draconian but I would remove all alcohol from sale in airports and being served onboard aircraft. First of all, no one needs alcohol to fly , granted there are some long flights these days but if a person can't last twelve hours or so without an alcoholic beverage then that individual needs to seek help. They can survive the flight on water/ juice/
  11. It's perhaps not relevant for photos and such but the best overall history of the conflict that I read was Crusade by Rick Atkinson. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Crusade-Untold-Story-Persian-Gulf/dp/0395710839/ref=sr_1_11?crid=60LP8UMT5ZXD&dchild=1&keywords=rick+atkinson+books&qid=1610794421&sprefix=Rick+Atkinson%2Caps%2C243&sr=8-11
  12. Depending on the time frame USN/USMC bombs can have the tail unit in FS36375 ,lately the USN/USMC warheads have been painted grey too. As the transition took place the warhead and tail units could be a combination as they were mixed and matched.
  13. It's lovely, It's their own production from what I've seen on FB and the crew figures are great. They seem to have sold out the first run and doing another so more power to them.
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