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  1. My Mark 1 Models 1/144 scale Mirage IIIC can go in the Dassault GB, I suppose. Actually, I think I've got a Tamiya 1/100 scale Mirage as well. Thinking about it, I've got a Mark 1 Models Mosquito as well so that could go in the de Havilland GB.
  2. Well, I suppose I can build my Hasegawa 1/32 scale Me 163 as the smallest item in the Go Big or Go Home GB
  3. IIRC, the Hasegawa "T-38" is really an F-5B, so maybe get hold of an ESCI/Revell/Italeri F-5B which does have a multi-piece canopy and convert it to a T-38?
  4. When I've sold books on Ebay, I usually put a layer of bubble wrap round them, with some extra wrap at the corners, and then put them into a jiffy bag. I haven't had any complaints from the recipients.
  5. Sweet issued their 1/144 FM-2 with decals for various warbirds, though not the two in this thread.
  6. According to the Sprue Talk video today, Airfix have scanned every aircraft at the RAF Museum Cosford. Whether they intend to make kits of all of them is another matter... (Apparently it was partly at the request of the museum so they could create a 3D model of the museum to check if changes of layout would work).
  7. According to the chat sidebar on today's Airfix Sprue Talk video, this should be out in late October or early November.
  8. According to the chat sidebar on today's Airfix Sprue Talk video, it should be out next week.
  9. The Ducati has been available in the UK for a week or two. It, the Comet tank and Nissan Z had been announced a few months ago, so they can't be the second new tool.
  10. Probably next year, but I doubt we'll get any news before the regular announcement of the year's releases in early January.
  11. Well, they have done over 350 kits in that scale, but 99% of them have been cars (there's been at least three sets of figures).
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new large scale automotive kit - it's been five years since they did a new 1/6 scale motorbike, and nine years since they did a 1/12 scale car. A new 1/32 scale aircraft also seems due, as it's been seven years since the Mosquito came out. There hasn't been a new 1/350 scale ship since 2011, or a 1/700 scale one since 2017, so those are possibilities as well. The last 1/72 scale aircraft (apart from the reissue of the Italeri F-35B) was the Bf 109G-6 in 2019.
  13. No, it was a copy of the Airfix moulds. There were also pirate copies of the Airfix HMS Cossack, Westland Whirlwind helicopter, MiG-15 and Fairey Rotodyne made in Poland around the same time.
  14. A lot of WWII rules sets are reasonably scale agnostic. I'd go for What A Tanker by Too Fat Lardies for a pure tank game in 20 mm, and either the Lardies' I Ain't Been Shot Mum or PSC's Battlegroup rules for a combined arms one at company level. Flames of War would probably work OK, as 1/72 scale isn't that much bigger than 1/100. Then there's Bolt Action, which seems to normally be played in 28 mm but shouldn't have any problems coming down a scale. While I think WWII rules would probably work fine for Korean War, I'm not sure about extending them any further into the Cold War era, or at least past the 1956 Arab-Israeli War, which did see a lot of WWII equipment still in use.
  15. No, what I said was Hannants commissioned manufacturers (usually MPM or Sword) to produce kits that they would sell under the Xtrakit brand. After the Meteor F.8 I think they probably put in an exclusivity clause in the contract so the kits wouldn't get sold in anyone else's boxes - the Xtrakit Meteor F.8 was heavily undercut in price by the Airfix issue, IIRC.
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