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  1. Richard Humm

    Tamiya 1/48 Churchill VII Crocodile

    There's a build video here: My one is on its way from Japan, so I can't comment on it yet.
  2. Richard Humm

    Pegasus Harrier T.2 conversion ?

    The Air Conversions Harrier conversion kit was the first on the market, being advertised in the August 1972 Airfix Magazine. Bryan Philpott was behind Air Conversions, as an extension of his UK dealership for Airframe vacforms and Letraset rub-down decal sheets. I'm not sure if ReyHex (Frank Reynolds and half of the Froude & Hext model shop owners) did a Harrier trainer conversion. They did one for a Hunter T.7 along with a RF-4 nose, Graham's Mosquito and Beaufighter radomes, Westland Sea King radomes, HH-3F Pelican parts and a Canberra TT nose. These were all around by 1975, apart from the Hunter which was probably 1976. The Pegasus Harrier conversion was, I think, Chris Gannon's first product after splitting from Vagn Espensen at Veeday, and came out in late 1982.
  3. Richard Humm

    RAF Dark Green paint

    According to John W Burns' In Plastic WW2 Aircraft Kits, the Hawk Dauntless was first issued in the mid-1950s, along with their F4U and T-6/SNJ.
  4. Richard Humm

    RAF Dark Green paint

    The first twelve sets of Humbrol Authentics are reviewed as new in the November 1967 IPMS Magazine, so late 1967 is definitely the right period. As I was going through the IPMS Magazines, I noticed a review of the Airfix Dauntless as a new kit in the August 1967 issue, so I don't think Graham can have had it three years before that...
  5. As far as I can tell, the kit originated with ZTS Plastyk in Poland in the 1990s. I bought one back then, and the parts look identical to the Mistercraft.
  6. Richard Humm

    Mr Cheap Potatoes* builds a Hunter

    Scalemates have that wrong. The ZTS/Mistercraft kit is not the same tooling as the FROG kit - I've got both of them and there are significant differences, like the cockpit and the size of the tailpipe. The FROG kit has raised panel lines and the ZTS has recessed ones.
  7. Richard Humm

    Tamiya oldest 1/35 armour available?

    Looking at Hannants' catalogue, the oldest is probably the Centurion (1971) which is up for a limited reissue, then the Panzer IIF/G which was also from 1971. The 88 mm Flak 36/37 from 1972, the SdKfz 251/1 from 1973, and the SAS Jeep and the 3.7cm PaK 35/35 from 1974 would be next. I think the Walker Bulldog and Panther A are also from the very early 1970s but reissued without motors in the middle of that decade. The Schwimmwagen and Kubelwagen that Mad Steve mentioned seeing recently are more likely to be the new tools from the 1990s, though the 6 Pounder would be from 1971. Tamiya do limited runs of some older kits from time to time, the M13/40, SdKfz 232, M3 Lee and Grant and Kettenkrad being among them. The M3 Stuart also used to get rolled out fairly regularly, but the new tool will probably put a stop to that, in the way that the other kits that have been replaced by new tooling have disappeared from the reissue cycle.
  8. Richard Humm

    Scale Aircraft Modelling Vol 18 #1 March 1996 issue.

    Geoff Prentice? He did the Icarus column in Scale Models as well as their vacform reviews. He died in the late 1990s.
  9. Richard Humm

    2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    I wasn't dissing him (I've been buying from him for nearly 30 years), but this thread was about a south London shop, and as far as I know Pat has always been shows and mail order only.
  10. Richard Humm

    2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    Pat doesn't have a shop as far as I know, so I wasn't counting him.
  11. Richard Humm

    2nd hand Model Shop in Wimbeldon

    BMW Models went out of business in 1982, so that's well before the timeline of the original post. The only other secondhand models specialist south of the river that comes to mind is Kit Krazy, but Bexley Heath is a long way from Wimbledon.
  12. Richard Humm

    Vintage Airfix Kits

    There's a basic one here and a much more detailed and illustrated one at the Airfix Tribute Forum that Black Knight has just linked.
  13. I hope he doesn't take them to Islington on 3rd December - the show's moving to Chalk Farm this year!
  14. Richard Humm

    Baggies to Blisters

    The Arrow was announced in the October 1974 Airfix Magazine, so could well have been out in September (I remember buying the BN Defender a couple of months before it was mentioned in Airfix Magazine). The Canberra may have been out earlier in 1974. However, the first issue of the Arrow was definitely in a blister pack. The first boxed Series 1 kits in the UK don't seem to have been out until late 1978, though they were boxed in Germany a couple of years earlier. IIRC, the German ones were initially a blister pack folded over and put into a box. The blister packs came out in 1973. I think there's a reproduction of an advert from the time showing the Matilda in one of Arthur Ward's books.
  15. Richard Humm

    Baggies to Blisters

    I remember one of my local model shops having both bagged and blister packed Airfix kits on the back wall in the early 1970s. The reason some kits moved from Series 1 to Series 2 when the change came is that the parts wouldn't fit in a blister pack (for example, the F4U with its one-piece lower wing).