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  1. If Pedestal is too early, I could go for a B-25 operating in the Mediterrean - Catch-22 is one of my favourite books.
  2. Tamiya P38F Lightning in 1/48 scale Finished with a couple of hours to spare. I must stop finishing group builds on the final day...
  3. And finished with two hours to go.... I say finished, but I noticed the pitot tube was broken, so I'll have to scratchbuild a new end for it. Perhaps some weathering as well. More photos in the Gallery, anyway.
  4. There is one by Xtracolor as well, X104. It is a gloss enamel, of course, and Hannants don't do it in Xtracrylic.
  5. Miss Lace wasn't a character in Terry and the Pirates, but in another Caniff-drawn comic strip, Male Call, which he drew for distribution to newspapers issued for US forces. He had started out doing a version of Terry and the Pirates for these newspapers featuring one of the regular female characters from the strip called Burma, but the company that syndicated the Terry strip got complaints from local newspapers in the USA that they had exclusive rights to the strip in their areas. Caniff started Male Call to replace the forces version of Terry, and introduced Lace as a replacement for Burma.
  6. I think Airfix either printed up a ton of those slips or kept the same design for a few years, as I've found them in kits that were issued up to 1968, including sealed bags. There wasn't really room on the slip to add any more kits to it, after all.
  7. it's a pity the stand slot seems to be a bit too far behind the centre of gravity, so it is in a permanent dive. I might try putting a bit of thin plastic card on the stand to get a friction fit to get it into level flight.
  8. I've gradually been working on this, adding the undercarriage and getting the main paintwork on.
  9. And the kit is finished, with its second replacement radio mast (the carpet monster seems to have got the first two). A pity the decals were slightly out of register. More pictures in the Gallery.
  10. That list appears to be from late 1963 as it includes the Starfighter but not the Liberator which was the "Christmas kit" that year. At the time prices were 2/- for Series 1, 3/- for Series 2, 4/6 for Series 3, 6/- for Series 4, 7/6 for Series 5, 12/6 for Series 6, 3/6 for Series A and 4/6 for Series B. Adding them all up comes to £25 18/6, which would have been a fair amount of money in 1963.
  11. I've got a few Hasegawa 1/72 scale Starfighters in the loft, IIRC. Count me in.
  12. I have a few biplanes that need to get built (and possibly even rigged). I'm in.
  13. I think I can find a few things in the stash that would fit in here, so count me in.
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