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  1. Differences are so minimal relating to the engine length nobodys noticed that all dakota kits to date are technically wrong by offering one engine/cowling , though really would be trivial and pointless given the difference must be a fraction of a mm in 1/72 scale. In short, build the one you want from the kit
  2. Oddly @gingerbob that thread doesn't show in the "Content I posted in feed" still should have remembered asking it so recently.
  3. Could have sword I'd asked this before in this thread but apparently not, I have the new tool 1/72 Revell MkV hanging around that I purchased for the decals, well aware that kit has issues, what can be done to salvage a decent MkVb or otherwise from it?
  4. For reasons didn’t want to order the slate grey, and as it happens the current pot came in lighter than previous builds so had a look at the paint rack and found Vallejo that fits the bill though oddly looks too green in the photo.
  5. Underside LAG was a fight, now done though looks like the topside grey has a complicated demarcation to replicate
  6. Had a lot of problems with runs etc. Finally finished the camo Friday and then switched to the underside, undone quite a bit of good work and probably need to order some more Slate Grey to correct so that delay proceedings.
  7. Probably just me being an oddball, but found it quite profound that as he was loaded onto the landrover as a ww2 veteran that a Lufthansa flight was audible overhead as it came in to land at Heathrow, a German plane coming in peace as he made his final journey. Overall found the whole service very moving and really send of such a Titan of a figure.
  8. Here we go, wings and stabs assembled and dry fitted, will be gluing some plasticard inside for support in case I fill the windows before joining the halves
  9. PhantomBigStu

    Mig Acrylics

    Only ever purchased one about 3 years ago and even now it’s still way too thin to brush edit: actually looks like the pigment has settled and a stir has revealed a brushable paint. Maybe it might have been so all along. Will order another at some point
  10. Yep, though I’ve built bigger, 1/72 b-52 and a half finished a380 that this replaced. Anyway paints are ordered and will make a start tommorow
  11. Finally assembled, was tidying up whilst some paint dried, made more sense to get it done then and there rather than have all the parts loose in the draw. Might even sand the wing leading edge tommorow.
  12. Eduard doing a 1/72 special edition of the Revell kit? Must have been on the strong cheese again
  13. Thread resurrection but have had this sitting in the stash for over a year as purchased it for the decals unnecessarily as it turned out and having given up on a VB conversion due to issues with parts salvaged from a prior build wondering what can be done to salvage a decent spitfire Vb (or otherwise)?
  14. Will be Revell Aqua 371 for the grey, as for the blue going to see how Vallejo 899 looks, Tamiya x-3 looks an excellent match but as I don’t own an airbrush nor practice the dark magic of brushing Tamiya that’s out the window
  15. Actually will be a -200 and in British Airways Landor livery
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