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  1. I had already asked it’s eligibility and wasn’t shut down, but I’d say it should be, it’s like almost the same as the 707, just with aftermarket engines radome etc and decals, which happened to be tooled and printed by heller and airfix, why shouldn’t I be able to enter it when a builder with much deeper pockets could buy the 707, the combat conversions E-3D and decals currently on eBay and resin CFMs from the states and enter it?
  2. Indeed, anyway the naff one is now toast and the good one has been sanded and painted humbrol 164, now for the camo, going to be fiddly
  3. The mottled one mottled and yellow nose and tail painted, now for the pilots and canopies
  4. Was the E-3B/F sentry , but got snipped right at the death, am now high bidder on the airfix reissue.
  5. Had hope to be posting about what I had just won, but some lucky so and so snipped me at the death, got a second chance for the same later this week. Anyway got no heller kits currently aside from a Spit XVI missing its wings, but should I fail again there’s several good alternatives.
  6. Got beaten for the Sentry at the death, hopefully its someone on here, not over yet, just seen there's an airfix boxing which suits me better ending in a few days Hopefully 2nd time lucky
  7. More the psychological cost that hurts, all the hours and the fact its pretty much confirmed I'm just not cut out for Civy modelling with the failures of that and the fact my A380 lies uncompleted in a box. Not a great summer, btw I have some spare pair of LEAPS should you want to do another A320Neo.
  8. Having wasted many hours (and costing both a A320 and A321 kit) on such unsuccessfully this summer, beyond fantastic to see one done
  9. One I can start in the short term, got a spare airfix kit, a vb conversion used on a previous build that can be retired and reclaimed plus decals, clip tips and trop filter in the stash.
  10. @Romeo Alpha Yankee, I’d like to see that current e-3a built, had a look to see if one was possibility for should I fail in tomorrow’s auction for the CFM boxing, couldn’t find pics of the aircraft heller decals were for in current config
  11. @stevej60 Re the sentry, watch this space
  12. Nice, was watching that one, good to hear it’s found a GB participant
  13. Nah, being silly keeping it secret, probably will end up losing the auction anyway, but if I don’t it’s the E-3 sentry, the 707 kit with the added radome and new engines
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