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  1. Extra week, my mirage needs that so much appreciated, though will be seeing the p-40 and spitfires possibly tommorow in the gallery
  2. Fit on the canopies was much worse than that pic, have not had much motivation (and having tunnel vision focusing on the fighters and the Shackleton) and barely touched it since, but I shall make an effort see if I can sort this over the coming days. Fighters will be done by the weekend anyway matter the undersides tonight
  3. Slowly getting there, canopy is done, working on the nose piece which is from the Revell kit as broke the airfix (ironically as I nearly asked Hornby spare for that as well). Also repainted the fuselage fully in xtracrylix dark sea grey.
  4. Indeed, definitely be trying that one myself in due course
  5. Not quite, one wing is silver. As far as I know having researched it only 3 options are avalaible in 1/72 for the airfix kit for non silver, that one, a warbird and he all black leafleting one
  6. Revell 350 is also decent match for the blue and widely available so get that
  7. Different production blocks so depends on the scheme you want to do, as for the kits not build the revell but looksa good kit for an early-mid block with non-staggred waist guns/standard rear turret baring an overly thick nose transparency but looks fine on display. Airfix that I have built is late production block with staggered waist guns and Cheyenne rear turret. Superb kit
  8. My plans to just use that decal for the spinner failed as of course the prop blades got in the way, used the decal as a guide to with a cocktail stick and repeated yellow black attempts to sort it out. Just the underside decals now to do
  9. Missed your reply somehow, the air superiority blue option was I was after but just seen it’s actually a two seater
  10. Could be pulling this out of my behind but I think I read that RAFG lightnings had an infra red reduction coating over the green that shifts the sheen of it
  11. Thanks for that link, was literary about to post the same question as Peter when I saw your post, looking for a backup entry and an F-15 fit the bill and thanks to your post found I have the right code and serial for a 336FS one from the war in the stash, the hasegawa 2012 1/72 kit has them if you combine the serial from the boxart option with the 336 markings from option 2 edit: oh and the 1/144 Revell SJ Boxing one can be used sans the special markings might build that one regardless of my other entry
  12. It’s your model and all but yes 64 is too dark a grey, if you want to use Humbrol 166 is the correct one (168 for the upper hemp, 237 is very much wrong, only the tristar tankers wore desert pink)
  13. Decals in progress, done the wing uppers and port fuselage
  14. Had a bit of tunnel vision last few days getting my MTO spit done, today will be focusing on the hellers, will get the decals on the fighters and them done this we to avoid another late night dash to the gallery
  15. Done that, not sure can actually notice the spinner tone change so might just leave it, that was close
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