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  1. Looks stunning. Can’t wait to see some appear in the RFI forum
  2. Both the options have the cross of Lorraine, though if still not enough can always switch to a mirage.
  3. Been a trend of airfix recent reissues including additional sprues , so chances of it being an error are good.
  4. Now looking like an aircraft, sanded the fuselage seams. Now waiting for the wing seam filler to cure before Ill do them, whilst sanding the outer engines and weapon/fuel pod. L
  5. Poor choice of words from me, I should have said shortcomings/limitations. The expert actually said the flanker compared very favourably to western aircraft in the same interview.
  6. Listened to an interview yesterday re the state of the russian air force and that the Su-57 fixes the weakness of the flanker in comparison with Western 4.5 gen aircraft. I assume this is doing the same for the mig-29 as stop gaps whilst they try and get a 6th gen fighter before the US like we are doing with the Tempest II
  7. The nmf defeated so back to my original plan of a what if in camo. Both wings done now and painted the underside colour.
  8. Indeed, modelling is meant to be fun, it hasn’t been for the last couple of days. Cheers.
  9. Almost out of 1000 grit sandpaper, went on amazon to have a look and found the multigrit multi sheet pack I've purchased before was a prime deal for a fiver, be mad to turn that down
  10. @PlaStix, are fictional schemes ok? I've decided to cut my loses with doing the b58 in NMF given the scale of the work left to do and switching to camouflage.
  11. Losing the wheel to live with sanding the wings and inner engines, still should have one side all done tommorow.
  12. Yeah one hell of a storm north of the thames, seen pics of ping pong sized balls and a tornado nearly formed and made a ground
  13. Not that I'm complaining, another much more severe thunderstorm is stuck over the maidstone area and has been for the last couple of hours and no sign its moving or dissipating,
  14. Was absolutely boiling here early afternoon, but now in a thunderstorm
  15. In the end decided it was either use the nice decals, use some others sans stencils or bin the thing. Clearly option A is best so here we go
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