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  1. seem to have missed an update, fully assembled the arado last Sunday though not done anything futher than paint it a base coat of rlm65 and fill some gaps, however I have finished the v-1, normally see them with rlm65 undersides but frogs guide doesn't show it.
  2. Whilst I wait for the paint and whilst the puppy was sleeping I painted a base coat of blue
  3. todays surprise arrival (was meant to be be tomorrow)
  4. This time can confirm it really is decal ready even added the chin pod, decals went going on any time soon, had shock news which brought forward our new puppies arrival to today, in fact minutes after posting the original part of this post
  5. Coming along nicely, I’d check the canopy, mine was short moulded
  6. Having expanded my sandpaper capacity foundation my storage method no longer up to the task of storing similar looking grades, thanks to amazon prime same day I found this while otherwise occupied this morning, also won an italeri mb339 ,
  7. And finally there, except Its not, front ejector seat has come loose, so more work
  8. not doubt will be a reissue with of one of the 1/48 kits, such a shame eduard refuse to do the specials issues in the smaller scale for anything but there own kits
  9. Saved the canopy with some finer grades, though now waiting for it to dry where I washed the toothpaste off used previously to help polish it, should mean though the last paint on the canopy can go on later and it will be decal ready, decided to enquire about the paint for the fgr2, will be a wait to import it but not that long, scheme is the blue one.
  10. Apologies for the lack of hosting duties, not been using laptop much recently so Bm access has been mobile only, some terrific builds taking shape anyway
  11. Progress has been slow, finally pulled my finger out and sanded them on Saturday only for our glorious British summer to mean they stayed in the shed, got them out last night and had another marathon session into the early hours and awoke to find it’s another glorious day so no spraying
  12. Seems my model was well off reality, still looks ok, one day I shall make a more accurate go of it, thanks again for the stellar work
  13. some finer grades of sandpaper and a pack of brushes on amazon, and got a paint order waiting for the seller to confirm stocks
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