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  1. P38 decal ready, got a third build also decal ready and a fourth has joined the mustang in being decalled. Once all 4 are finished in the coming days I’ll be able to start the other 2 mustangs.
  2. Arrived today, also planning a second entry, just remembered I have Norwegian star fighter decals in the stash though I think the option I prefer is the twin seat cf104 which sourcing the kit isn’t as easy
  3. Months later I finally have my hands on the reissue and able to apply the decals, had to repaint the fuselage stripe to match the painted areas, think I applied it to far forward but always next time
  4. RAF 767 Tanker with RAF Eurofighter, a what if the RAF had gone with the proposal to use ex British Airways 767-300s. Revell Kits with Bra.Z RR engines stratchbuild pods, decals from multiple sources including home printed. Tanker painted with Hataka medium sea grey and typhoon painted with Humbrol camoflage grey.
  5. Well it’s finished, hopefully I can get the typhoon to partner it tommorow in the gallery
  6. Cracking trio of builds Phil, though must ask any plans to build something non Vietnam?
  7. Finally got my hands on the blue line hatakas in the later half of last year, brush beautifully but unlike any other paint you can’t really repaint over gloss varnish, if you leave it to cure for a few hours it will be subtly but noticeably different and if you don’t it will be stark, don’t get why, very similar in formulation to Vallejo model color but no problem with that over gloss varnish
  8. Canopy fitted with a little filler, parts were moulded in green, anyway decals are on
  9. Should get it done, black paint has arrived and managed to get all the decals on the typhoon and the first coats of varnish on
  10. Oops running out of time, Little windows are sorted on the galaxy but not the black cockpit ones, over thinned the gloss black and amazon haven’t delivered the new pot yet, also finally started decalling the typhoon needs to be all done today to have any chance of making the gallery with the galaxy
  11. Thanks @Christer A hope my build will look the part once I get it going in the coming weeks
  12. several Vallejo paints, an lightning to headline jack adapter and an airfix jet provost
  13. Ah that does look more like it, but now that raises a new question, the lighter colour is meant to be close olive green 34086 but that is clearly brown.
  14. A bit of miscommunication there, I’m fine with matches for the fs35042 paint, my Original query was that I didn’t think it was a good match for the job
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