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  1. PhantomBigStu

    We wanted your kit to arrive in perfect condition...

    Remember once who ever packed it at hannants hadn't put all the paint in the kit box and I was halfway through a furious email to them about the missing ones when I got sidetracked and when I returned decided to fondle the particular kits spures to find the missing paint inside
  2. PhantomBigStu

    Airfix B-17 take 2

    Whew finally got it decal ready though they won’t be going on tonight
  3. PhantomBigStu

    Red Arrows Hawk undercarriage colour

    @1903flight humbrol 196 is exactly the sort of grey
  4. PhantomBigStu

    Airfix F86

    Can’t start this yet, but here’s a some 40 and 50s raf stuff I built in 2016 And one from 2017
  5. PhantomBigStu

    Airfix B-17 take 2

    Glazing sorted, just to pick the excess paint around the rim and try send get that offensive lump of filler loose
  6. PhantomBigStu

    Red Arrows Hawk undercarriage colour

    something that everyone gets wrong, they are very light grey, lighter than 166 but not white
  7. PhantomBigStu

    Airfix F86

    well model decal say its a hard wing one with blue undersides........
  8. PhantomBigStu

    Airfix F86

    thinking of the 92sqn ones having got the sheet out this morning....
  9. PhantomBigStu

    Airfix for 2019

    not just me then, reminds me of something but just can't put my finger on where the image was
  10. PhantomBigStu

    PBS' Grummans 2 out of three done

    finally put some paint on, in this case RLM65 that is a decent substitute for aggressor blue
  11. Better go see what’s needs bumping then.....
  12. What Gb has replaced this in the schedule?
  13. PhantomBigStu

    Revell P8 Poseidon

    Haven’t done anything to it since Friday but here how it looks now, windows filled with superglue, and the whole thing coated with Boeing grey
  14. PhantomBigStu

    Airfix B-17 take 2

    I've been quiet the last few days, anyone who's seen my post in chat will know why, but was beavering away on this over the weekend, sorted out the nose, now its nothing a little filler and perhaps sanding can't fix. That been done and the decals will go on at some point.
  15. PhantomBigStu

    What is the paint you get with Airfix kits

    its humbrol, some of its good, couldn't get hold of xtracrylix sky ages ago, so setted on using a big pot of hu90 made up from the all the little pots ive accumulated, brushes on a treat so much so its going to be a while before I will go back to XA if at all.