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  1. PhantomBigStu

    P-47 Thunderbolt Gallery

    First again, Revell p-47m 56th FG, painted with Vallejo blue, Revell aluminium and Humbrol red and finished with Winsor and Newton Matt
  2. PhantomBigStu

    Frog F-16C

    seems like they going to be reboxes of academy kits to cater to the singapore markets, wouldn't be suprised if they come out with a rebox of the f15 next
  3. PhantomBigStu

    A Swedish Vampire

    here we go, may also join in with a eurofighter now I've read the rules a seen it could be eligible, if I can get the pavla vacurform canopy to fit the newer tool, either with an austrian, or I a post in the wanted proves succesful a saudi one
  4. PhantomBigStu

    Xtradecal sheet X72027 USAFE Phantoms: a questio

    Anyone elaborate further on 65-0659 as to whether the 3tone green or SEA scheme is accurate, if it is SEA thats the one I like to model
  5. PhantomBigStu

    A Swedish Vampire

    Said I join this and true to my word I’ve just picked up the airfix vampire reissue
  6. PhantomBigStu

    Xtradecal sheet X72027 USAFE Phantoms: a questio

    oh great, Im working on one from that sheet.......
  7. PhantomBigStu

    What have you purchased / been given

    awkward experience, was buying so gin in Tesco's whilst in the queue one cashier was telling the other how a couple ran off with some very pricy champagne the night before after their card was declined, what should happen when its my turn, card declined not once but twice, fortunately I am no runner and I had cash
  8. PhantomBigStu

    Brits abroad - British subjects in foreign markings Chat

    might enter this if my local hasn't sold his order of the airfix vampire rebox, now to find a more suited shade of green and grey than humbrols suggestion of US OD and N....though if not a finnish hawk will be my choice as airfix hawks are a plenty and i have the decals spare
  9. PhantomBigStu

    Revell P47D/M

    Cheers guys, don’t know why but got a thing for polish schemes, doing a polish spitfire next, will be finished today or tommorow, currently being varnished.
  10. PhantomBigStu

    Airfix B26

    Well tried staples, too high, then carefully cut tape, looked fine once painted over but not quite right so tried sanding and it predictably peeled off, at a loss what to do other than give up, maybe I’ll put it to one side and switch to the mossie
  11. PhantomBigStu

    The Royal Air Force Centenary GB Chat

    I’m also another who will miss it, accepted my victor will fail, looking at the appaling canopy situation may not even make it ever.
  12. PhantomBigStu

    What have you purchased / been given

    Revell tornado decals, hadn’t cleaned my decalling bowl and load of scum caused the walkway lines on the one I was decalling to badly silver, oddly the seller wanted me to pay via bank transfer, i didn’t oblige, not least as he wanted to 2.20 in postage
  13. PhantomBigStu

    Revell P47D/M

    Did some thing rate for me,actually getting the decals on promptly. Still got the bottom ones but that’s a 5 minute job in the morning
  14. PhantomBigStu

    Revell P47D/M

    Also here’s one of my previous 56th FG builds
  15. PhantomBigStu

    Revell P47D/M

    Cheers, cracked on and it’s ready for glossing