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  1. Finally got my act together and sanded the topside and got some dark sea grey on, now for the green camo.
  2. Finally stopped being a ninny and started it this morning, lovely kit issues aside, should be a really quick completion given its going to be a nightfighter.
  3. Just seen a Lufthansa 747-400 go over on FR thought the passenger variant was extinct so a welcome sight
  4. Topside touched up and the rear glazing added so now decal ready
  5. Spent a few days away from modelling aside from a little bit of repair work to spring clean and have a sort out, had hit bit of a wall in terms of mojo and realising I don't have unlimited space so a few old builds gone, planned ones removed from the intention and indeed a few paused ones converted into spares box fodder, but was able to do some sanding this afternoon to finish the canopy off so now can sort the underside out.
  6. Seller I use for Ak paints sent me a 15% off voucher this morning, had a few on the list to acquire soonish so made use of it, 4x RLM paints for the dornier STGB a IJN amber for the Japanse GB and a general flesh colour as looks like my revell aqua flesh it close to the point of drying out
  7. This became a Groundhog Day of a model, not least as the exhausts seams just wouldn’t not be sorted, still getting there, canopy needs a little more work tomorrow before I can get the underside done.
  8. somehow managed to edit a question into a replyon my own thread rather than here, for a Kate is the grey the darker J3 Sp or the regular paler J3?
  9. We've got a nuclear bunker with a WE177 and other cold war goodies inside, been down it when they did a special open evening a few years back
  10. Think this is the corgi he meant to link to https://www.flyingmule.com/products/CG-AA32017
  11. Thanks for the info @PeterB. In the end up I’ve just taken the digital patches for D1 and D2 green from Ak interactive website and compared to the greens to watch I’ve got and think I’ve got matches for both. Should be me done for questions now edit: maybe not just a confirmation on the Grey, is it the darker J3 SP or the paler regular J3? Got matches for both just only got the former in stock.
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