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  1. Too quickly, was a day I wasn't going to be near a shop that sells primer and I ran out, had to do the underside with some car gloss blue got lieing around....rather fetching
  2. Didn’t quite happen to plan, woke up this morn with the revelation some decals I had in the stash meant I could a squeeze in another build for the Canadian GB, lot of time lost looking for a part before deciding not to build it after all, eventually was done late last night. Also revised my future plan for the fictional x-1, got a spare pair of Mig21 wings so it will be a delta winged variant…..
  3. As both the ones in my thread will be raf and replacing it on the shelf I’m inclined to pick up the xtradecal sheet and do the Israeli one…..
  4. Xtrakit F8, only one I’ve done before, in 2016 so fault early in my modelling career, underside is a a bit of a mess , might even try and clean it up, any better put in a bulk order of Xtracrylix silver
  5. Mpm f8 kit and my aborted matchbox fr9 conversion in the stash, here’s how it looked when it went away. Kits the RAAF Korea boxing
  6. It’s non standard shade used on a few prototypes in the early post war era, so recommend op finds a blue he likes to match a particular photograph. Watching along, could never contemplate a vacuform kit let alone 4 at once myself
  7. Got it decal ready 10 minutes ago only to discover the canopy should be black….. will be done later tonight or first thing here how it looked
  8. Had some free few mins and didn’t fancy sanding today, lovely kit, fits better than academy and hobbyboss for a gear up builder. Hoping I can hang those academy bazooka tubes from this
  9. After my ancient revell hurricane went wrong still wanted to do a bob hurricane and not for spending a load on an arma kit as the revell was not cheap I’ve got a used corgi diecast for a repaint for few quid less than even a bargain arma from eBay.
  10. The instructions are wrong re the grey but by chance you picked the correct one, another cracking build
  11. Hopefully should go on during the week, been trying to get couple of builds with also approaching deadlines decal ready, one’s done and other hopefully should be in next few days. Cheers to all for the kind words
  12. Nose stripe done and another build on my decal ready queue
  13. 20 quid posted, probably would have gone had I got round to putting it on eBay…reminds me better removed it from the sale section if I do internet to build it now…….
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