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  1. My latest one, finished about 11 months ago, hasegawa kit, academy bazookas
  2. Not yet got any kits for this but I have a P-47 I'e discovered I've painted incorrectly so will likely have a second go at it and repaint the original in raf colours as that was one I had saved for this , it’s the one at the front of this trio
  3. Here are 3 56FG thunderbolts, though discovered I stuffed the paint up on one of them so may well redo that scheme for this correctly on new kit and use the old one for RAF one i've planned, revells on the right, academy on the left
  4. @theplasticsurgeona spare canopy will be on its way soon Also so wires got crossed "Teddy" is not the ones I gave you, its this a/c, point re still stands as that grey is looks lighter than ocean grey and the underside looks NMF, interesting as I've done this one myself in the past and its now wrong, indeed checking the instruction revell have you paint the underside silver as well as the leading edges which I did but then painted the underside MSG https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/2/3/1/176231-77-instructions.pdf
  5. No external difference, an M is a D with a uprated engine, only difference of note is a the prop, all M's had the 13inch one where as D's had mix of the 12 and 13 inch ones
  6. One can only assume like it’s namesake it has been delayed due to the weather, I assume we will get a surprise come tommorow morning
  7. @theplasticsurgeon just a clarification it’s not in us drab and grey but raf ocean grey, dark green and medium sea grey though I have to say having found an allegedly original colour photo it looks like they had msg instead of ocean grey and possibly NMF underneath
  8. I have the doors and the tail planes so probably have everything bar the internals, will have to get my spitfire spares bag out tommorow and do this properly, wish I’d not been under the impression I was bidding on the Ventura full conversion kit….. edit: done it now, got all the bits mentioned so I think I can do it as is without the need for another kit after all, cheers guys
  9. Ok, I definitely can provide a spare lower wing from the sword kit, have to check if I have another spare set of IX rads, guess best thing is too see what what’s once the conversion arrives now I think about it
  10. As per my post whilst you were posting it’s got its own wings, looking at whether my spare mki is suitable as a base or wether I need to invest in a MkV or mkix kit
  11. That thought had crossed my mind as well during my recent build having build the old tool airfix earlier in the year
  12. Me again hopefully for the last time for a while, just won a Brigade Seafire XV 1/72 conversion set, what are my options re base kit to convert? Internet is split between the Italeri MKIX or their mkV, so would any mkix or V kit do? Or indeed a mki as I’ve got an airfix one laying around
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