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  1. 3 hours of decalling later and the bottom is done, 25% of the job
  2. Thanks, I have done so, just sanded and had a second go at masking and currently the first coat of paint is drying
  3. Another cracker, agree with the comment re the proportions, just a shame zvezda have not followed up with a 200 series kit
  4. Decal ready alongside the phantom
  5. Gone dark on this as a) the blue has come out too dark and b) id masked up too high up
  6. Indeed, not going to rush though I will finish the companions so I actually have something completed for the month of May being yet to finish anything else. Gives bit more time to finish my two in the navy entries which I’ll need, apparently there’s 250 decals on the phantom to apply
  7. Sadly this won’t be finished by next Sunday now @Rabbit Leader, discovered two of the nacelles have been significantly flattened and have to be built up, given how long miliput takes to harden think I can abandon any hope of making it
  8. Almighty racket suggested something interesting was flying over a once I got to the correct window there was the unmistakeable shape of an atlas quite low down heading northwest
  9. Thanks for the update, though Halfords are click and collect only currently so not quite so simple to stock up
  10. Indeed, noticing that with the blue on my a320neo having chosen to brush paint it, kept going from looking too light to possibly being to dark now having switched paints.
  11. Decal ready Only downside is there is an almost infinite number to apply
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