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  1. Been having some mobility issues that in fact have progressed into a health-scare, hoping I've turned a corner and with still a good chunk left I’ll recover to make this a quick build to get back into things but just in case things don’t it’s on record for why the non-start
  2. Cheers guys, got the tail sorted but scratching the 6 nose probes is quite a task for tommorow as the bases will have to be 12 very short lengths of staples stuck together with 6 longer lengths on top, a bit fiddly
  3. Bargain 1/200 lufthansa a380 for 20 quid, worth least 2.5 times that
  4. Bit of luck, happened to open Facebook to see a message that the an225 was enroute over the uk, opened up Flightradar24 and there it was prompting a quick rush to window
  5. Been a bit out of action due to injury, finally finished the Matt coat and glossed the windows. Would just be case of adding the various aerials and probes but a couple of days after the last update I knocked it off the bench and broke the tail tip off, somewhere on the floor of the room but not in a fit state for a search yet. Edit: help has been donated and we found the bit so should be done later
  6. Not quite, was checking the future release section for mosquito decals…….
  7. See Hannants have added a PRXVi xtradecal sheet to their future releases……..
  8. Two schucco 1/200 civys, usaf 757 which I’m a bit disappointed in having not seen it’s missing the winglets before bidding and a lufthansa a320
  9. My own body, current injury woes is a long story but I’m waiting for my body to realise both the original knee and the resulting upset calf muscles are now on the mend and start to adjust so I can walk closer to normal.
  10. 79 and 102 were the greens
  11. Sad to see the old girls go, lovely looking bunch and the wedge tail is one ugly beast
  12. Not available on catchup at least currently, hopefully that will be rectified as missed the first episode edit: uktv has confirmed they are having some issues with getting it up
  13. Looking unlikely this will make it, out of action due to injury and probably won’t get back in the game in time to finish this….
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