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  1. The panel lines are engraved or raised OOB? Keep it up! :)
  2. Reini, here's a very useful text explaining in detail how to model the Yugoslav Blenheims: https://krila72.wordpress.com/vazduhoplovstvo-vojske/bristol-blenheim-mk-i-airfix/ Though it's directed primarily on the 1/72 Airfix kit, I belive you'll be able to use most of the advices in 1/48 as well. ps. Please check the google translator.
  3. Should be great, thanks for choosing the Yugoslav machine, a nice tribute to our fallen aviators. They put short but gallant resistance against overwhelming odds during the tragic April war in 1941. Looking forward to see the progress!
  4. Spectacular, IMO the best HK 1/48 Fort built publically so far, and among the best built in any scale ever. Also a great decision to do a weathered 15th AF bird. I'm happy that I was able to help a little bit.
  5. Excellent Neil, now it's the real deal! As about the weathering, here's another shot of the omnipresent mud and dirt. Interestingly, the artwork itself seems to be clean! Keep it up!
  6. Neil, just a few remarks. If it's not a bother, maybe you should consider correcting the shape of digit "2" in the serial number, as Superscale did it wrong. I think a little bit of masking and spraying would fix the issue easy. Also, remember that the real thing carried a little "pie slice-Y" marking on the right upper horizontal stabilizer, as we discussed before. Again, use the masking tape for a better effect. Best regards
  7. Getting better and better every day Neil! As about the wind deflectors, I'd say you've made a good decision after all. Also note some fresh flak holes all around. I'll try to get the mentioned photo of "The Swoose" showing its replaced tailplane and other details before you start the paint work. Give me a few days.
  8. A little contribution on the coiled springs topic, from the Warbird Tech series.
  9. That's a reasonable thought, thanks. Neil, it starting to look like the real thing, seems that the HKM 1/48 kit got the B-17 fuselage outline quite accurate, definitely better than their 1/32 kit. Looking forward to see it finished.
  10. The Italian 15th AF bases were notorious for their mud and dirt, you could do the weathering almost like on a ground vehicle. Also of interest is the opening below the waist gunner window, obviously added on the field at some point, though I'm not sure of its real purpose.
  11. You're welcome, here are a few more then. The first photo is not ''The Swoose'' but some other unidentified fellow 463rd BG B-17G, still I think its faded and weathered appearance will be a good guidance how to finish your model. And a cheerful Col. Kurtz by the waist art. Keep it up!
  12. And a better quality in flight photo, note the so-called ''pie slice'' unit marking repeated on the upper horizontal stabilizer, which was a unique feature of the 15th AF bomb groups. Now the question is whether this was painted on the replaced left (natural metal) horizontal stabilizer as well, in which case it should be white/transparent Y inside black pie slice! Also note the dirt partially covering the national star & bars marking on the upper left wing.
  13. Looking great so far! As about the left side personal markings, I've been extensively researching the 15th AF B-17 units for more than a decade and also talked with several people associated with the 463rd BG, the general opinion is that "The Swoose" didn't have any artwork nor name on the left side. It's noteworthy that it was one of the most famous and most often photographed of the unit's B-17s, still the above photo is probably the only known of its left side, which might imply there was nothing colourful to take a photo there. I'd also say the bright details below the tail s
  14. And another one, Col. Frank Kurtz is kneeling in the middle.
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