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  1. Are the tracks separate pieces or all in one part with the wheels and just painted so well that they look to be separate?
  2. The later JP VIs dispensed with the muzzle brake so I tried to make an L48 gun barrel from sprue. The sprue was way too thick so I put it in my electric drill and sanded it. Unfortunately, instead of a heavily tapered gun barrel as supplied, I ended up with an item of varying diameters at intervals along its length. Back to the drawing board as I don't think the supplied item will do now that I've seen reference picks of L/48 barrels that are the same external diameter for their whole length. (I don't want a AM barrel on principal for this kit.) Maybe I'll try rolling out some m
  3. Saving the planet and minimising plastic?
  4. The book Panzer Battalion 507 has a pic of a Ferdinand with 2 cables secured on the glacis. Just double checked. It was an Elephant - not a Ferdinand...........sorry.
  5. Filled the left hand mg port. And primed it all with matt black enamel. Because last time I tried an initial coat of acrylic base colour without primer it kept refusing to "take" and I kept finding bare patches.
  6. Great progress on this; coming on really well. E
  7. This is looking really good.
  8. This is my last Hasegawa model. The kit includes a set of the most awful tracks I have ever seen. Here they are in all their glory............. The "guide teeth" are an almost continuous ridge along the centre line. The destructions look like standard Hasegawa, not bad and reasonably easy to follow. There's a paragraph at the foot of the paint scheme that points out that, as an early Jagdpanzer IV this should have Zimmerit. I've seen after market zimmerit for this kit but I'm not minded to spend any more on it. I
  9. Terrific work. Weathering and figures are just right.
  10. Just checked my Dragon JP tracks and, thankfully they seem to be holding together ok. They look like standard rubber band tracks but they don't feel spongy. The connector area looks a bit suspect though; there are only tiny pins to engage in the holes in the other end of the tracks. In view of the schurzen provided I suspect I might just stick them to the wheels leaving the "iffy" joint hidden behind the schurzen like I did with my Hasegawa Panther G.
  11. Awesome build! Setting and figure great too. Something to aspire to!
  12. Mine too. trying to finish an Arado float plane I started three years ago. Not good. Wingy-things don't seem to have the same interest like they did.......
  13. Could you let me know what were the circumstances of the tracks' disintegration? Were the tracks joined and stretched? Were they painted; enamel or acrylic? I'm very interested from the viewpoint of the future Dragon JP build I'm planning.................
  14. I got the Dragon JP in 1/72 on ebay. Looks good in the box and the reviews rate it. This excellent build from theaa2000 is an inspiration to make a start on it. I'll be pleased if I get something half as good.
  15. Tondelayo returnred with selfsealing tanks holed. The repair shop found 11 unexploded cannon shells in the wing tanks. They unpicked the ordnance and in one shell was a litle scrap of paper. A Czech slave labourer had written "This all we can do for you now.". I think it was in Elmer Bendinners Fall of Fortresses that I read this.
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