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  1. Not sure if this will apply to your tyres but I recall that, sometimes, vinyl tracks attack plastic parts unless the plastic is well coated with paint prior to fitting. Just a thought that might save grief later.....
  2. This gets more poignant every time I see it, something we all need to remember.
  3. I forgot they used to do that. A 30mm used to prove quite a good argument - even against a B17.
  4. Very professional-looking build. The modulation in the colour and weathering look really good. Great base too!
  5. Very tidy build. Like the camo - interesting scheme. Looks a bit lightly armed so far as I can see; only two MG in the cowling?
  6. Nice clean build. You're certainly rattling through these kits at a rate of knots. I know how annoying it is when tracks are too short. A little suggestion, If you cannot join the tracks at the top - how about a small cardboard or plasticard plug for he gap in the tracks? Painted and with a little mud added it would hide the space.
  7. So do I. Planning some zim and more accurate exhaust stacks for this one. And then I have another E to build based on techniques developed with this one.
  8. Words like curve, steep and learning come to mind....................... I find the same when I try some of the techniques demonstrated here.
  9. Terrific build! The weathering looks really good. Like the buckled fender -the driver must have lost his no claims bonus over that!
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