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  1. @Stef N. I'll probably mix some Humbrol 27 or 32 and Revell Steel for the tracks.
  2. Got the start of the hull and turret together. Eventually persuaded the bent sections to go straight. It's a bit of a monster at 7.87m long (11.67m including the gun) The real thing, that is. - even without the wheels and tracks fitted. As being parked next to a T-80 BV indicates Looks a tad like a Maus.........
  3. @badger The IBG wheels are only held on by the tracks. There are no axles. The lower hull sides are just flat plastic! There are no details on the inside of the tracks and perforations all round the tyres like earlier cruisers.
  4. Be careful what you wish for. They might fix the tarps then get in and drive the tank away.....................
  5. Revell specifies "rust" for the metal track links and "anthracite" for the rubber pads. I can understand the pad colour - although I normally use dark grey for rubber. Anyone know the colour for pristine PzH 2000 tracks metal parts?
  6. Have a gander at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Waffen-SS_divisions
  7. Could you post a scan of the decal sheet? Might give an idea as to what the tank is to represent.
  8. @Tail-Dragon @Longbow @Rob Pulham @Maddoxx77 Had yet another search. Have a gander at this.
  9. I saw a utube video about the Bovington of the refurbishment of the Tiger I cooling fans. (Had another search but couldn't find it again.) The gratings above them are hinged if I recall correctly. Your work looks too good to hide.
  10. Here are the necessary parts: The T-90 Destructions and the parts. Only concern is the wraparound tracks with which Uncle Nightshift had some grief but others have managed ok. And for the PzH 2000 and the PzH 2000 Destructions and the parts. All seem reasonably detailed but the PzH 2000 hull deck is a bit bent but will be persuaded to fit reasonably easily as it is quite thin. Also. if the L&L tracks are too short the side armour provides a place to hide.
  11. Looks great without the engine deck - but you cannot really leave it off unless you are building a wreck.......................
  12. Very nice. Like the weld seams and the texturing. All coming on well.
  13. Internet shopping or the local model store gets some attention?
  14. @Armor Novice Nothing from Strelets abominations! Have a gander at the Milicast QF 7.2" / 8" Howitzer / 6" Gun on Mk.VIII Carriage (WWII version) artillery piece that could fulfil the role we intended for the strelets. It looks shed loads better and would look well behind the IBG tractor. (It looks good in their advert but I have not seen an actual build. Maybe someone else has?
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