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  1. Splendid work! The interior looks really good - pity it's so hidden on the inside but an outside interior wouldn't be, well, an interior would it? That 85mm gun really stands out though an AP through the back of the turret might have been an issue. It's a pity the allies couldn't have at least up-gunned the Sherman in a similar manner to the Russians' treatment of the T34/76.
  2. Not convinced that's 1/72; more like 1/48 or 1/32. Terrific detail well executed.
  3. One less set of sharp edges to bang your head on if you are an Elephant driver?
  4. Might it be screws and the heads recessed in the holes?
  5. Very nice. Like the paintwork and weathering. That turret roof decal looks tricky. Do the guns elevate without the need to move part of the decal?
  6. Looks like you've been building AFVs for years! like the weathering, especially on the Bulldog.
  7. I think you'll probably find that this is the opinion of a lot of people; me included. In fact, very well rather than just "quite"!
  8. Terrific detail, well constructed; impressive work.
  9. Inspirational build! Looks just right for a well-used Churchill.
  10. Great build. Weathering looks really good, as does the stowage. Like the sandbags on the front; are they after-market or scratch built?
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