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  1. They're working well. Like the effect.
  2. As I suspected. I didn't recall any rubber on the Tamiya Lee I built donkeys years ago. Terrific painting! Puts my wobbly hairy stick wheels very much in the shade.
  3. Still living up to your middle name I see. Progress looking good. Are the road wheels and return rollers rubber tyred or is that your customary really effective paintwork?
  4. Welcome back! Happy modelling. I've found these forums a great inspiration and source of help and useful tips. I'm sure you will too. I like the way you've built the 5.5 with the tarp over the breech. I wasn't going to bother with my Airfix 5.5 but maybe I'll revisit it now.
  5. Experimented by removing colour from a pic of my green/red-brown/dunkelgelb Panther. In the monochrome image the green shows up as the mid-tone so I'll go with that in interpreting Pz.Abt. 503 historic pics for the camouflage. Unless anyone has a definitive answer from somewhere else.
  6. "Dunkelgelb" base coat now applied. (Otherwise known as Humbrol 94) Camouflage-wise I'm thinking about Richard Freiherr Von Rosens' "300" from Panzer Abteilung 503 as the subject; or something close. With that in mind I have a couple of questions for the experts. The monochrome photos of his KT show the three colour pattern. The lightest tone, I think, must be the dunkelgelb. The mid and dark tones are not so easy to interpret. My initial thought is dark tone = green and medium tone = red-brown. Does anyone know for sure? Also s
  7. Very nice build. The fine looking detail is well done, as is the paintwork. Good photos too. Like this a lot.
  8. Tiger hatch lifting handles. Handles to turret and forward deck hatches added using fuse wire. Also to the engine deck and escape hatch. They always start off with 90 degree angles and straight handles but fitting them nearly always seems to introduce a bend somewhere..... However I think they're a marginal improvement on the plastic blobs they replace, even if they are a little over-scale. The lifting loops are stretched sprue pulled through holes drilled at the required location then cemented in place at the desired height.
  9. Had the same problem with PSC Shermans and a Firefly. Couldn't get the tracks to meet front and back: there were only two lengths each side! I put some milliput in the gaps but have not got around to weathering and mud yet. Too busy with a Tiger I on the Tiger Superthread, a Tiger II, a Panther and twenty odd others I started but haven't finished. I've set a target not to buy or start any more until I've at least finished the part-builds. (We'll see how long that target stands................) Tiger looks good.
  10. Great work. Like the detail, particularly the weathering.
  11. Welcome back to modelling! Like the jeep. I returned not so long ago after a lengthy break. The support here is great.
  12. The tracks ended up a bit "gapped". But, following some strategically added Humbrol 29 dark earth and some "mud" the offending spaces are dwindling. This will be cleaned up, coloured and developed as I progress. I don't want to overdo it. One day I might be able to do link & length like Sgt.Squarehead but, until then, I'm afraid it'll be mud for the gaps.
  13. Spectacular. It's been good to see how you developed the build. Thanks for posting.
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