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  1. I hadn't thought of that...................my lateral thinking was never that good. However, my present modelling skills are just about up to dry AFVs. I think the complexities of depicting wet vehicles might make things too difficult. Working out which areas would be sheltered and how to define the difference, for example. A matt coat, a few washes and some mud is my limit at present. The works of art that so many highly skilled and experienced fellow Britmodellers achieve on here are mind-blowing to me as a relative newbie.
  2. For a peacetime museum, maybe..................... Aiming at an operational depiction I think I really need a matt coat. Shiny they'd have stuck out like sore thumbs glinting in the Normandy sunshine for every Tiger/Panther/Panzer IV gunner they got anywhere near. Not to mention the Panzerfausts, Panzershreks, PAKs and the 88s.
  3. Gloss coat now touch dry and kits back together. Once the gloss hardens off I'll re-matt then get to work on finalising the construction, stowage, crews and weathering. Thanks again to all for helpful input.
  4. Thanks for the advice M3talpig. I really don't want a repeat of this so I'll leave it to harden til next week.
  5. Just re-glossed. Seems to have cleared a lot of the problem and will allow replacement pinwash where needed. I've got some newer matt varnish for a final coat before adding all the stowage and crews (which also need the attention of a hairy stick). I can then try and weather properly with better/appropriate colours and mud and this should deal with any residue. Forgot my camera when I went to the mancave but will take and post some pics once the gloss is dry. Thanks to you all for your input on this. It has been very helpful and is very much appreciated.
  6. Thanks John. Lots of food for thought. My vague initial thoughts about incorporating the "unwanted" pigment into the weathering were along these lines. Perhaps a pinwash on the larger areas of discolouration, like round the Sherman cupolas the gun mantlets and the lifting rings but leaving the lighter patches like those around the edges of the glacis which don't look too out of place as they are.
  7. Mud covers a multitude of muck-ups and mistakes as I found with the tracks on my Matchbox 1/76 Jagdpanther a while back. A little bit of miliput and a load of mud tidied the problem just right.
  8. Good alternative worth considering. If all else fails with trying to retrieve my original plan for these kits I 'll give it a go.
  9. Thanks, you're a mate. I really don't want to lose all the work so far! (apart from the iffy varnish part.......)
  10. I've been working on and off with these kits for months............................. I got the base colour done. Then the first gloss coat and decals. A somewhat in-expert dark pinwash followed a second gloss coat. Unfortunately, when I came to do the matt coat prior to weathering I selected an old tin of Humbrol matt (49). This tin now resides in the bin. Because, as you will see below, it isn't quite the finish I was looking for! Someone might say "that looks awwight" but to me they look like they've been left out in the
  11. Amazing! So realistic. Thought at first you'd photographed the real thing in order to reproduce it as a diorama.
  12. Inspirational! Camouflage pattern looks great, as does the weathering.
  13. They say practice makes perfect. There's always an exception to every rule. Your "one a year" has achieved the desired result without the practice.
  14. Ignorance demonstrated! If my work ever looked as good as yours I'd think it was finished...........................
  15. Please excuse my ignorance if that is what I'm demonstrating here. Your Jagdtiger looks absolutely great and I've been very impressed as I have looked through the build. Would the periscope lenses normally be sprayed camouflage colour?
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