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  1. Chris, you could always start counting down again and children of any age are fair game for surprises! I'm a bit concerned about the tool addiction, but I've always been told you need the right tool for the right job (fnaar)! Mark
  2. Hi Chris, Many thanks! It's been such a rotten year I'm staying 50 for another twelve months! I was admiring Ced's workbench and EBMA storage so that I felt compelled to follow suit, the tool obsession (fnaar!) does seem to be having an influence as well Kind regards, Mark
  3. Hi Terry, Welcome along! The Arma kits are really excellently designed and manufactured, the detail is superb and the parts fit is almost perfect - almost too good! I can highly recommend these kits! Kind regards, Mark
  4. Looking forward to seeing your progress on this build, so hope you won't mind if I pull up a seat and settle down Kind regards, Mark
  5. Spent a couple of hours this afternoon fitting the wing assemblies to the fuselage assemblies, and as luck would have it I actually managed to join the correct wing to the correct fuselage! No mythical Mk.Ic, nor a Mk.IIa for me!!! Dismal phone camera pic: http:// Who's that lurking in the background? It's Tomahawk FS2 getting a new lease of life! There'll be some nonsense on my other W/B thread sometime soon! So, as far as the Hurris are concerned, I had a few issues with the wing to fuselage fit on both. Bizarrely, IMHO, I'd say it's because the moulding tolerances are too good! A good deal of gentle filing and trial fitting was involved, and I'm still not convinced I've achieved the best possible wing root joints. There's a little filler needed where, embarrassingly, I've slightly over sanded. This is mainly on the Mk.I, where I had a particular problem with the port side wing root. Something to note here, fellow Arma Hurriphiles, if you have a similar problem, carefully pare away the small rectangular locating blocks adjacent to the rudder pedals and hopefully all will be well! Better photos to follow once the empennage is fitted and they've had a coat of Stynylrez (yes, @CedB, I've finally got some!). Cheers, m'dears!
  6. Hi Ray, Many thanks for the extra information, sounds like its an interesting option! I haven't followed the link yet, but will do now - thank you! All the best, Mark
  7. Hi Ray, I'd like to add my compliments to all the others and say that these are two splendid Moths! I really want to have a go at this kit. I especially like the Aussie version, and I'm intrigued by the Foliage Green finish - I guess it was a trainer rather than, say, a spotter, but I'd always assumed (dangerous!) that Aussie trainers were also yellow. What's the back story? Is it a kit option? Anyway, they're a pair of excellent aeroplanes! Kind regards, Mark
  8. Genius! I didn't get to see that, presumably because I was checking out with the mould line remover and cutters. Now I'm going to have to revisit their site especially!
  9. Cripes A'Mighty! I remember building this exact kit in the late seventies and painting it at my Grandmother's flat during the school summer holidays Ain't nostalgia wonderful! Thanks @Ventora3300 for the trip down memory lane Three excellent builds! Kind regards, Mark
  10. Looking excellent, if I may say so! Just hope they've got enough height to be able to pull out of that dive.....
  11. Many thanks, Ced! I've decided that I'm not counting this year as it's been such a non-event, so I'll be staying 50 for another twelve months! Good to know! I liked the look of the cutters, too - there's nothing more aggravating than snapping a part while cutting off the sprue! Lol the Goblin Gaming site wasn't quite as funny, I'm sorry to say! Cheers, Mark
  12. Is it considered bad form to quote your own posts? If it is, then I can only apologise Anyway, the "joint scraper" I alluded to previously is this fella and while I was at it, I was suckered in by this gismo, too - I hope that they'll prove useful! Oh, and I have no connection with the online store either, other than as a customer (and hopefully a satisfied customer at that!). Not sure I'll be getting much modelling done for the next week or so, but never say "never"! Cheers for now, Mark
  13. Can I just add my thoughts and sympathies as well, and say how sorry I was to read of your work and your lab. There's not much else I can say, but keeping going with a hobby helps to focus a bit on things that redirect the mind and thought processes. Kind regards, Mark
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