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  1. Great work, Bjorn! An excellent stable-mate for your Spitfire Mk.IIc. How about a couple of photos of your two ASR aircraft together? Kind regards, Mark
  2. Hi SA, Many thanks for adding that - I never knew that, always assuming that the Regia Aeronautica died in 1943. Kind regards, Mark
  3. It looks like an interesting sheet, doesn't it? It had to go on backorder as soon as I saw it! Cheers, Mark
  4. Hi Giorgio, many thanks for the extra information confirming the most likely scenario, that's absolutely brilliant and really appreciated! With kind regards, Mark
  5. Hi Graham, many thanks for your post: I take your points regarding availability of MAP paints and the logistical aspect of the MUs, and absolutely appreciate that the possibility of "finding" unused stocks of "enemy" paint during an advance certainly couldn't be relied upon. The use of such paints in the field is probably just another of those long-lived urban myths whose origin is lost in the mists of time, although perhaps the mixing of MAP paints may be a little more plausible if, for instance, there was a temporary lack of Ocean Grey, but supplies of Medium Sea Grey and Black w
  6. Hi Tony, two more absolutely splendid builds! I'm impressed with how swiftly you're building these beauties - my first one is just beginning to look like an aeroplane with the major assembly just about complete! From the AML decal sheet? I've got this one on my "to-do" list as well Kind regards, Mark
  7. Hi Giorgio, thank you very much for your swift and very detailed reply, it's hugely appreciated! Thank you for confirming the camouflage scheme would have been the RAF DFS. I know its been mentioned elsewhere (in the threads I linked to, I think) that the colours used by the MUs may have been from Italian stocks rather than true RAF/MAP paints, which seems fairly reasonable. Would you say that this is likely to be the reason for the variation in colour? The colour stills do appear very dark, particularly so with the under surfaces, but this could be caused by or at leas
  8. Dear All, While I know this is just adding to the raft of Spitfire Mk.Vc related topics in the wake of Airfix's recent release, I'd be interested in knowing a few things about the colours and markings of the ICBAF-operated Spitfires Mk.Vc for a possible model! We have some very knowledgeable folks here on BM, notably @Giorgio N, and there have been several helpful threads, such as: co belligerent air force spitfire V Spitfire in Italian Service Italian Spitfire Vb colours, markings, decent photo's. The above threads and this very useful web pa
  9. Hi Edward, I hope(!) that it was of some help, although I can't help but think that sometimes ignorance is bliss! I must admit to spending several hours for most of last week trying to find a good match for the Non-Specular Blue Gray specified in the DK sheet's colour call-outs for several of the Mk.Vc profiles until I found the SAM articles at the weekend. I'm now re-thinking my options. I've tried the 3D-printed decals (yes, really!) from KitsWorld. Not too expensive to buy and quite fiddly to apply, I found, although that could be my ham-fistedness, of cour
  10. 2996 Victor

    Saintly Fiat

    Here's a curved ball: what if it's in the process of being re-marked in Aviazione Cobelligerante Italiana markings? (Hence the fasces emblem is still there.) I hasten to add that no, its not a serious suggestion, but...... Cheers, Mark
  11. Wow! Front row seat as well! I've got one of these on my worktable at the moment, and a couple more in the stash. So far, I've found it to be a good kit that goes together well, but there are already one or two things I would do slightly differently on the next one I tackle, and any hints or tips I can glean from your build will be gladly taken on board! One thing I do find a bit odd is that Airfix could have incorporated a little more cockpit sidewall relief detail - there are boxes etc on the sidewalls that could have been included just as easily as rib detail - so th
  12. Unfortunately, hard copy back issues of these magazines seem almost impossible to find. However, they're all available as digital copies, although in the ones I found they cannot be downloaded or printed presumably for copyright reasons. I do think their being digital only reduces their usefulness slightly, but they're all very interesting and I spent an enjoyable afternoon yesterday reading through them all. I'm not entirely sure I'm any the wiser, however, and a complete re-read at least once, taking notes, is a definite necessity! I would have thought, given the popularity of th
  13. I've got this sheet as well and I'm also nearing the painting stage of my first Mk.Vc. Thanks, @Graham Boak for the extra info on the DK sheet's colour call-outs, as I was also thinking of doing one or other of the ones shown as US Blue-Grey, so the information is timely! I've come to that conclusion and a couple of the colours I've attempted to show somewhere above look quite appropriate. Mr Color H42 Blue Grey might also be usable if a little darker. It's a great kit, by the way! Kind regards, Mark
  14. Superb modelling, and a great save after the decal problems. Not a word I use often, but "awesome!" Kind regards, Mark
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