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  1. Thanks, yes I'd spotted that but I'm not really in the market for a Mk.IX at the moment, and as we're gearing up to move house soon I don't want to be buying more kits at the moment! I might try a want ad and see if anyone's got one sitting in a spares box! Cheers, Mark
  2. Brilliant, thanks, that's great! I just need to find an Aerovee carb intake now! Cheers, Mark
  3. Great progress, Pappy, this is really coming along very nicely! I love the extra details - the scratch built reflector gunsight is great, but I didn't realise the ring and bead was retained too. Looking forward to your next update! Cheers, Mark
  4. Cracking job, JB, that's an excellent Mustang! Great to see a camo'd version and the ID stripes were worth the perseverance! This has been a great build to follow Cheers, Mark
  5. The Seafire is looking amazing, Chris, absolutely superb! Shame about the canopy but good to know you've got a replacement already in place. This has been a great build to follow with lots of inspiration Cheers, Mark
  6. Looks fantastic, Chris, I'll bet you're glad you persevered? You're a master at these TT schemes! Cheers, Mark
  7. So, as a follow-up to my questions just above, does anyone know if after market Spitfire Aerovee carb intakes and Mk.IX props are available in 1/48 scale? Ultracast make prop blades and spinner for the Eduard Mk.IX, but use the kit backplane. Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi Pete, I'd say that's a great idea - the fading doesn't need to be by much but I think it would work really well against the faded PRU Blue. Cheers, Mark P.S. Tamiya decals have a bit of a reputation but *apparently* can be made to work very well. As I understand it, they need hot water and the right softener and setter. I've got a link on my laptop to a how-to here on BM which I'll attach in the morning.
  9. Looks great - I love the shade and the variations you've worked in to what could be monotonal. Fantastic stuff! Cheers, Mark
  10. Thanks, Matt, that's great! The bronze leg certainly looks "sharper" quite apart from the strength factor. I might have to consider a set.... Cheers, Mark
  11. That is looking very nice, Alistair, very sharp with stickers on! Hope the night's go smoothly..... Cheers, Mark
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