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  1. Hi Ian, The HR Phonix C.I looks very interesting. I have the MAC Phonix D-Type fighters, which look good with a bit of interior work. I've also got the Choroszy Phonix D.III which I'm looking forward to, while their Berg D.I kits look good. Cheers, Mark
  2. Hi chaps, Many thanks for these updates. I thought I'd done an internet search for HR and found nothing, so it's good to know there's still at least the possibility of getting their products! Ian, I followed your link and there are loads of items there that I'm interested in. Sincerely hope that they're still going, so looking forward to seeing your update! Cheers, Mark
  3. Oh dear, this is already getting out of hand...... Christmas came early today with the following items arriving: 1/72 MAC Distribution Phonix D.I 1/72 MAC Distribution Phonix D.II 1/72 MAC Distribution Phonix D.II KuK Kreigsmarine 1/72 Blue Rider Decals Phonix D.I-D.II Windsock Datafile No.31 1/72 Arma Hobby Fokker E.V x 2 1/72 Eduard SPAD S.XIII Legie Limited Edition 1/72 Airfix Hannover CL.IIIa (lots of work there!!!) I've also ordered PART etched sets for the Fokker E.Vs above and for the two 1/72 Pegasus Siemens-Schuckert D.IIIs that are also coming my way. Nurse! Cheers, Mark
  4. Very true, and the trenches we see on the majority of model kits are gross exaggerations. Rather than scribing, could this be a perfect opportunity to use @opus999's pencil panel line technique for some of the more visible lines? Check out his Monogram P-51B Shangri-La and MiG-23 builds (among others) - superb! I love the marshalling anecdote! Cheers, Mark
  5. Hi Bertie, I'll tag along, too, if I may? Looking forward to following your build. Oh, and keep the reminiscences and anecdotes coming, please! Cheers, Mark
  6. The insanity continues: http:// http:// Frames added and tinted. They almost line up port to starboard but no-one will ever see them once the fuselage is closed up! Next thing is to make a hole for notre pilote intrépide, M. Joseph Sadi-Lecointe to stick his bonce through! There's not a snowball's chance in the 'ot place that this build'll be terminé à la date de clôture du Group Build. C'est la gare! Salut, mes amis, Mark
  7. He's cute and he knows it (unfortunately!) - we get a lot of the, "Who? Me?" expression But he's a lovely character, soft as putty and daft as a brush! Its mostly fluff that you can see, there's not all that much cat underneath. Daisy, on the other hand, seems to be profiting from the additional food bowls and we seldom come downstairs in the morning to find them less than sparkling All will indeed be revealed, hopefully soon. The blooming rigging wire still hasn't turned up - that's nearly four weeks now I'm waiting for a reply from the supplier..... I tend to forget that first and foremost scalpels are surgical tools. I first used these blades when opening out the end slots to be found on GWR Cattle Wagons (intended to let the unmentionable drain out!) on a CooperCraft kit. They moulded lovely slots along the sides then didn't bother with the end ones! I found the No.12 very useful for that purpose. That was over 25 years ago, and this is only the second blade from that packet I keep a small supply of wine bottle corks, sadly diminished, and always put any scalpel blades into the corks when I pack up - I once sliced the pad of my right thumb wide open through being careless. Its probably why I've led a blameless life my dabs are just too distinctive..... Cheers, Mark
  8. Any time, Tony - I'm working from home most days - just let me know! Cheers, Mark
  9. Thanks for this! I haven't used LF Decals previously, so I'll definitely be on my guard when the time comes! Cheers, Mark
  10. Yep, that's Arthur doing what he does best it certainly is a cat's life
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