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  1. Thanks, Craig, it is - the most annoying thing is the wasted time! The same guy also built some points for one of my two EM Gauge micro layouts and it's just the same. I need to get some more copper clad strip for point timbers, and strip wood to match. I've just recently bought a new Antex soldering iron, solder and flux so I'm (almost) ready to rock and roll Cheers, Mark
  2. Just a short non-update on Yeoman's Wharf. I'd got to the stage where I really needed the track in place before I could go further with the structures and scenery. I think I mentioned outsourcing the pointwork to a professional builder as the geometry is non-standard and I want avoid the toylike look to the track. Well, the pointwork arrived at the beginning of the week after four months. To say I'm disappointed is an understatement: tie bars loose, rail heads filed to get them level, check and wing rail leads filed not bent, and very messy soldering throughout. I know I should really go back to the builder but I just want to cut my losses and move on. With hindsight, I would have been better off using the intervening period to learn the skill myself. Shoulda', coulda', woulda'! Hope to have some good progress to report soon. Cheers, Mark
  3. Beautiful workmanship as always! The more I see your pencilled panel lines, the more I'm convinced that they're the most effective and realistic way to represent what are really tiny features on full-sized aeroplanes. Hope your allergies have settled down now. All the best, Mark
  4. Great Caesar's Ghost! How've I missed this? Can you please add me to the list of participants, Tony? I've got a few aerial possibles in my stash. All the best, Mark
  5. Nice start on another oldie. Shame about the engraved insignias - how archer's rivet transfers to reinstate the lost ones? By stretching the imagination a long way, you could argue that the Texan was a warbird - the CAC Wirraway saw combat and that's kind of a Texan..... The cockpit work is fantastic, well worth going the extra mile. Cheers, Mark
  6. Just catching up with this - I blinked and almost missed it! Holy moly that's quick work, even on a kit with such a low parts count. The camo is absolutely astounding! Looking forward to seeing the decals go on. All the best, Mark
  7. Thanks it's fine, just utterly absurd! Nicer problems to have..... Cheers, Mark
  8. Many thanks hoping to get some modelling done soon on all those outstanding projects..... Having a fab time in Malta: it's gone far too quickly, of course, and we're on our final evening Incidentally, does anyone know how it can be possible to get sunburned lying in the shade? Cheers, Mark
  9. Great stuff, Rich, glad to have you on board! I've no doubt that you'll manage a raft of great builds! Cheers, Mark
  10. Should be great to see these built! Fingers crossed! Cheers, Mark
  11. yes - what I really need to do is finish some of those aeroplane builds!!! Thanks, Craig, I'm good thanks, just a bit quiet on the builds front. Not sure if I mentioned it anywhere but I had my hernia op at the end of April - I'd like to say it's made a new man of me but that ship's sailed. Seriously, though, it's made a huge difference! The new layouts will get their threads soonish: lots to do of course. Malta is one of my most favourite places, I'd quite like to move here if I'm honest, even though I don't deal with hot weather that well! It's a lovely place, great people, highly recommended! Lots of history! All the best, Mark
  12. Thanks Chris, it's good to know my ramblings are of interest I'm really hoping the pointwork arrives soon, next week will do nicely as Jane is whisking me away to Malta for a short break I'll post threads for the SG micros in a few days' time but, as a bit of a preview, here are a few details. Both are 1.2m long by 0.4m wide. I'm arranging the track layout so that hopefully both can use the same fiddle yard. Not at the same time, of course. Both are to EM Gauge Society standards. One is set in my home county of Somerset, and in current thinking it represents what was a through station on a minor route that has been truncated. BR(W) circa 1955. However, the siren song of the GWR circa 1905 may mean a small change to that to allow dual period operation. Track is EMGS. The second one is a Col Stephens-esque fictional light railway. A more traditional BLT but very simple. The idea is that it's set in Shropshire, with a history similar to the Potts/S&MLR but perhaps slightly less impecunious. Track is handbuilt - pointwork outsourced, plain track will be me Anyway, there it is! Hopefully there'll be some progress soon. All the best, Mark
  13. Thanks, Enzo! Cheers, Mark
  14. Hi Gents, sorry I haven't responded sooner! Alas, I am still awaiting the pointwork from the builder, although I felt confident enough in him to order some more (standard gauge this time) and I'm assured that the entire consignment is awaiting courier collection. Unfortunately, that meant I wasn't in an advanced enough position to attend the exhibition at the end of last month. In the meantime. I've been doing a few odd bits and bobs but I feel I really need the track in place now so that I can finalise and fix down the buildings. On that note, I was still a bit unhappy with the brick paper I was using, so I've replaced that with something I think is more convincing from Scale Model Scenery. When I finally finish the terraced houses, I'll pop a few pics up I've also been playing with not one but two standard gauge micro layouts, both to EM gauge. Both are rural settings so in many respects are significantly less time intensive than Yeoman's Wharf, and I've tried constructing a building from 3mm foam board, a pub loosely based on one I used to visit, which seems to have a great deal to commend it! Hopefully I'll have some tangible progress to report soon..... All the best, Mark
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