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  1. I was just looking on eBay at the Hornby H Class - I nearly fainted!!! Quite a few Wrenn R1s, but I also spotted this I think it's someone, maybe the same guy, on RMWeb who was designing a corrected R Class body. Looks like a good candidate for an etched chassis kit! I might get around to an SECR layout one day, especially as I prefer micro/cameo layouts. Mark
  2. I emailed them for some of their catalogues and got them by return great service! @Seahawk I hope you're as lucky as I am with your domestic authorities! At worst, I get out-loud eyeball-rolling Brilliant, Chris, looking forward to seeing this! I thought about doing an SECR layout a couple of years back. The plan was to do an R1 based on the Wrenn body, and possibly a P class in the WW1 grey livery. But the lure of an H in all its Wainwright glory is strong! A guy on RMWeb was 3D printing some early wagons and I got a few. Unfortunately, they're sat gathering dust on the shelf of doom..... Cheers, Mark
  3. now that makes more sense! I had all sorts of mental images, there! Mind you, some of the stuff I've made down the years would probably have been best off on a bonfire! No apologies needed, mate! Cheers, Mark
  4. I have to say I've never heard the term! What does it mean? Cheers, Mark
  5. Any chance of some photos of this one, as well, please? The SER holds a bit of a fascination as well All the best, Mark
  6. Thanks, Chris, that's very kind of you I ought to get my finger out a bit more, but I'm tinkering with some Irish wagons and working out (yet!) another micro layout. Definitely getting better after the surgery, three weeks now since it was done. Time flies when you're having fun It's still quite colourful but I'm well on the way to being back to normal. For a given value of "normal", of course!!! Cheers, Mark
  7. Definitely worth it, Chris, thank you! Jackdaw looks fantastic and a fine tribute to those elegant locos. Excellent! More of your railway modelling, please! I was nosing through the new Model Rail mag in the local supermarket, and Branchlines are still doing these as a package deal Thanks again for taking the time to relink the photos. Cheers, Mark
  8. The hernia surgery is healing up nicely, which has allowed me to make a little progress with the warehouses at the back of the layout, with the back halves added from 2mm mounting board to the end wing, and small extensions added to the back wing to bring the ridge tiles away from the backscene. I've done the same for Nos.4 and 5 Steampacket Terrace at last. Hopefully more soon! Cheers, Mark
  9. Many thanks! Yes, I seem to be mending quite well: the hard part is trying to not do anything which is ironic, really, as I'm normally really good at that Hopefully the layout isn't too ambitious - I'm going to have the point work professionally built which, although it obviously has a cost implication, has a saving in time and hopefully ironing out bugs, not to mention actually learning to do it myself in a short period of time. Now I've got a loco, with a bit of luck it won't be too long before I've got something running! Cheers, Mark
  10. You're absolutely right - there's an online Blogspot page which lists their catalogues and gives an email address to contact them. Basically drop them an email and they'll send PDFs of the catalogues you're interested in. I might check in a recent RM and see if the email address is still valid..... Cheers, Mark
  11. Hi Chris, thanks, yes - hopefully I'll finish this one! I've got several other rail projects lined up, as you know, and I really want to get my 'plane building going again, too! Time for a squint at Branchlines website, methinks! Cheers, Mark
  12. Sorry, mate, I didn't mean to give you more work to do please don't worry about it! Mark
  13. Hi Chris, found it! Sorry to be a pest, but is there any chance of re-linking the photos? Best regards, Mark
  14. Thanks, Chris, I hope so! I need to get some working track and a controller, of course, but at least I've got a loco now (not that I've tested it.....). Thanks also for the encouragement on soldering - it really is something I need to learn to do properly. The old Airfix City of Truro is a great kit: I didn't know Branchlines did a chassis kit, though. I might have to look out for one of those. I always fancied a curved-frame Bulldog, but obviously never got round to trying to build one! I'm now going searching for your Jackdaw Cheers, Mark
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