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  1. Brilliant work ! all details are incredible ! Regards Providence
  2. Thank you for your kind words. Regards Providence
  3. That's an outstanding job ! I'm speechless, I can't believe the scale ! Thanks for sharing with us. Regards Providence
  4. Wonderful weathering, gret job ! Regards Providence
  5. Thank you Muchmirth ! At first, i added with a fine brush some marks with a lighter color than my base, and then I added somes scratch in the middle of the marks using a fine brusk of some sponges. Regards Providence
  6. thank you for the link. I totaly agree about armor on quarter scale, I find it a good compromise between detail and size. And I can put them next to aircraft to give a good size understanding. Thank you Darryl, a good aribrush is the key for that type of exercice. Regards Providence
  7. Thank you for your kind words! Jenko, thank you for this good tips, were did you buy it? Regards Providence
  8. Thank you Maddoxx77, that's very much appreciated. Thank you Francis for your kind word. Thank you Pete Robin, but I need to improve my skill, especially with the painting of the face of my figurine. their eyes has always a tendency to squint. Regards Providence
  9. Thank you StuartH ! For the camo, I used my airbrush and painted free hand, for the chipping, it was done with a fine brush and some sponges. Regards Providence
  10. Hello Everyone, This is my latest built, a Tamiya Tiger on quarter scale. It was a very straitghfoward build, very enjoyable, so I have focused on the painting and weathering. I decided to do a tank of the second Panzer Regiment at Kursk in summer 1943. I need to improve my skill regarding painting a figurine, this is only one of my first try. I'm thinking to add a little diorama in the next weeks, the Tiger on the stepp of Kursk, maybe over a trench... I hope you enjoy it. Regards Providence
  11. Great work, the weathering is outstanding ! Regards Providence
  12. Excellent work so far, I can't wait to see the next steps. Regards Providence
  13. Very nice work ! this is a great model, and the weathering is quite convincing and very realistic. Regards Providence
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