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  1. nimrod54

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    Thanks Duncan, It is quite a tiny model, I have just taken some rough measurements and the span is just over 51/4inches (135mm). Once I finish the assembly I'll photograph it alongside some thing more familiar in the same scale to give a better comparison. I masked off the blue chevron on the wing last night and was able to get some yellow on the top surface today, remembering to wrap the colour around the leading edge on the underside. I started with a light coat of Halfords White Plastic Primer, and then followed this with a layer of Humbrol 69 Gloss Yellow as a base for a final coat of Humbrol 154 Insignia Yellow. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr The masking has now been removed and, once again, I am going to leave it for another couple of days before I do any further work.
  2. nimrod54


    Whilst having a rummage through the stash for some 1/144 RAF aircraft, I found this Dragon boxing of a pair of EA-6B's and thought that I would make one up for this GB. Here are the box and content shots, whilst some the parts are off the sprue the kit has not been started. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  3. nimrod54

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

    I have adapted N gauge seated railway figures from the Noch and Preiser ranges. There are these on the Shapeways site, Fox One do a set of eight, and Ozmods have both standing and seated pilots including some USA. HTH
  4. nimrod54

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    Having decided to go with Robert E. Galer's aircraft I finished the painting of the section and leaders markings on the fuselage using Xtracolor True Blue earlier today. I will leave this to harden off for a couple of days before I make a start on the decals, and meanwhile I can be getting on with painting the yellow on the upper wing. by John L, on Flickr
  5. nimrod54

    Trumpeter F9F-2P Panther +++Finished+++

    Well done on finishing this build Ian. I know from reading your earlier posts that you have not enjoyed it too much, but in the end you have turned out a lovely looking model.
  6. nimrod54

    Mikro Mir 1/144 Argosy

    You're making a cracking job of this Z.
  7. nimrod54

    Patrouille Suisse F-5E - FINISHED

    Thanks Martin. It's sitting in the cabinet alongside another colourful bird that I made a short while ago, a 1/72 Turkish Stars F-5F.
  8. nimrod54

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    Thanks very much John. It's a nice little kit, and whilst it has led to some head scratching at times, I am enjoying the challenge of this build.
  9. nimrod54

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    I applied a first coat of Revell Aqua Color Aluminium on the fuselage yesterday afternoon, and brushed on a second coat this morning, It's now time for me to make decision on which of the two Marines Yellow Wing options to pick, so it's either F3F-2 BuNo 0979, 2-MF-10, USMC VMF-2, Captain Carson A. Roberts with Black section markings or F3F-2 BuNo 0976, 2-MF-7, USMC VMF-2, 1st Lieutenant Robert E. Galer with True Blue section markings. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  10. nimrod54

    H builds “ Very small F14’s”

    Looking good buddy. I haven't built a 1/144 Tomcat for a long while, I have some Iranian AF decals somewhere and watching your build has me thinking that it is time for another look. Maybe in the New Year.
  11. nimrod54

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    Cheers H, I hope that I haven't confused you too much. It confused me when I was coming up with the plan. Have you got all the Crimbo shopping done yet? I still have to get a couple more for Mrs N and my Mum then it's job done.
  12. nimrod54

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    As you can see I have added the undercarriage and tailplanes, the undercarriage was a bit tricky, due in the main to a mysterious bend at the top of the legs. There is no evidence of this in photos I have looked at, so it must be warping or a moulding error. What does make it a bit odd though is that the bends are identical in angle and direction. Because I was bothered about breaking the delicate parts I chose to leave things alone and get the best fit that I could, maybe with some gentle heat the parts could be straightened though. The tailplanes went on fine and the butt-joint has been strengthened with CA glue, a bit of a tidy around those joints will see that job finished. by John L, on Flickr As can be the norm with short run kits, the location of parts is sometimes less than positive, and there can be a lot of head scratching before arriving at a solution that works best for you. This is the case with the cabane struts on this build. I am now thinking that I should fix the lower wings and 'N' struts first, followed by a temporary fix of the upper wing with PVA which would then make for a more positive location of the cabanes and also allow me to remove the upper wing to give access for rigging them later. It all sounds good in theory, I guess we will see how good when I put it into practise.
  13. nimrod54

    Roden 1/72 Albatros D.III Oeffag s.253 'FINISHED'

    Well done Smudge, that's a beautiful job mate. I have really enjoyed watching this one progress.
  14. nimrod54

    Airfix 1/72 Grumman J2F-6 Duck - COMPLETED

    Excellent build Mark. You have made a great job of this old girl.
  15. nimrod54

    Grumman F3F-2 "Flying Barrel"

    Thanks for that Duncan, the photo that you provided above proved useful, I have added the missing details now, scribing in the panel and using stretched sprue for the ridge detail. by John L, on Flickr