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  1. I know Rich but it's a lot more fun than buying a 3D printed job. I also get to look cool in the special glasses.
  2. @Hockeyboy76 and @JOCKNEY Not only do I work in larger scales than 1/144 guys (OK occasionally), I've also started to build small scale aircraft too. Just like this 1/600 Fairey Seafox, next job is to separate the floats and add some etch struts. : by John L, on Flickr
  3. @PeterB My apologies for the delayed reply Peter, but we have had a decorator in and this weekend has been taken up with cleaning and trying to get things tidy again. This afternoon I have been trying to refit some cabinets that were ok when we removed them, but could we get them to fit the same way again. Anyway, that's enough of that nonsense. I just wanted to thank you yet again for your input on colour selection for my Seafox build. One of the photos that I have been able to find shows a Seafox in Silver and this has a grey shade across the engine cowling. It is supposed to be one of Ajax's aircraft and is dated February 1940. I don't think that it would be unreasonable to assume that this would be the colour at the time of the River Plate battle, so that that is what I will go with. That should open a nice Thanks again.
  4. Thanks Stuart. I have found a few on line images of what is purported to be an HMS Ajax Seafox, but there is no clear indication of the serial code to confirm it and this shows the extra engine vent. I am also trying to resolve the correct colour at the time of the River Plate battle, the Xtradecal sheet quotes silver-dope with an unidentifiable grey on the cowling and floats. I have found some evidence confirming this scheme in one of the online photos but not a direct link to Ajax's aircraft. The White Ensign Models etch set that I am using on my build of HMS Ajax states that the scheme at the time would be Dark Sea Grey / Dark Slate Grey camouflage on the upper surfaces over Sky. There is still plenty to be getting on with before I start the main painting though. Cheers Jaime, I did a bit of work on the fuselage halves last night, carefully opening up the large engine vents and thinning the edge of the openings. I also made a start on scratching the smaller vents, but, after looking at them in the cold light of day, I have decided that they are a little too shallow. I feel that these should stand off the fuselage by a similar amount to the larger vent, so it is back to the bench to scratch another pair.
  5. Thanks fellas. Yesterday, I spent a small amount of time on assembling a very tiny Fairey Seafox, adding the lower wing to the fuselage then filling the lower surface before shaping and blending it all in with the fuselage. It is now ready to have the etch struts/bracing wires fixed in position before I add the upper wing. I thought that 1/144 scale aircraft could be tricky, this 1/600 scale bi-plane is proving quite a challenge but I am enjoying trying to see what is possible.
  6. I have been plodding along with this one, adding the forward deck section yesterday. The funnel has been assembled and I plan to add some pipework to the front before further detailing with some of the etch parts. I also assembled the bridge section and filled the sink-marks on the main turrets, then couldn't resist having a quick test fit to see how things were shaping up. Once I have tidied the deck to hull join I can continue with the remaining assemblies before I paint those and fix them in place. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  7. I finished painting the dark green camouflage on the F.4 yesterday and left that to dry overnight, then after two coats of clear this morning I made a start on adding the national and squadron marking decals Next job on this one is to sort out the serials, code letters and some stencilling, once I can get into where they are stored. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr The paint for my F.6 build has arrived and I hope to start on getting that on in the next couple of days. Because our son lives in Groningen (not too far from Leeuwarden) I plan to do this one as the kits Leeuwarden based aircraft.
  8. That's 'a bit worrying, because mine doesn't appear to have dropped very much.
  9. Thanks Dave. I added the first layer of Dark Green colour on the little F.4 yesterday and I will add a second coat tomorrow. Once that has dried I can get on with the decaling. I have started painting up the intakes on the F.6 and have more camouflage paint arriving tomorrow for this. Fingers crossed that both make the deadline.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to confirm the January 54 date Peter, it ties in nicely with the Wikipedia first flight date for the F.6 variant. I have the same reference book by Bradley and the May 55 date came from the table at the back of the book, which will teach me to pay better attention to the text in future, As a result of your input, I am pleased to say that the evidence is strong enough for me to include the finished model in the gallery.
  11. After a search on't'internet I have decided that this 4 Sqn Hunter F.4 will the subject of the 1/144 build, which should please @Hockeyboy76 (see post #16). I have made a start on painting this one, silver on the underside and DSG on the uppers, and I'll try to have it finished over the next week. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr I have stumbled across some conflicting dates for the F.6, with an internet source quoting 22nd January 1954 as the first flight date, but my copy of Modellers Datafile (16) stating 23 May 1955 as the date, but with a F/F for the FGA.9 being given as 3 July 1859 I am not sure how accurate that date is . My original decision to build the F.6 was based on its first flight being in 1954, and so to be fair to the other modellers who have stuck to the rules for this GB, I think that I will continue with the model but I won't include this build in the gallery.
  12. Quiet there at the back. Cheers buddy, I hope it turns out OK. I need to order some decals for the Ajax aircraft and with several other subjects on the Xtradecal sheet, there may well be a few other Navy types appearing in the future.
  13. Following on from Pats gentle kick in the posterior and with around 6 weeks left before this GB ends, I decided that I should get my rear into gear and do some work on this build. The main parts have been removed from the sprues cleaning up the mould lines and lightly sanding the rib detail on the wings and control surfaces as I went. I have assembled the floats and these require a small amount of filler to close up a couple of very small gaps before I add a couple of other small details to them. by John L, on Flickr Heavily plagiarising @Courageous's Seafox builds, the next job will be to add/refine the details on the fuselage halves before assembling those. I hope that I make as good a job of it as Stuart did. Looking to the future, the plan is to finish this as the aircraft launched during the Battle of the River Plate, thus linking it to my HMS Ajax build over in the Film, Fictional and Speculative GB.
  14. nimrod54

    Telford 2019

    Have a great time at Telford this weekend guys, I hope that it's a good show. Hopefully the wallets stand up to the pressure and won't be too light at the end of it. We would have been there, but our dog-sitter had double booked and our lovely Molly's welfare always comes first, Enjoy
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