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  1. nimrod54

    Bristol Bloodhound - OO Scale

    Thanks a lot Dave. I know what you mean about trawling the internet for things that one would not normally build. I have recently acquired HMS Ajax, another kit I made many years ago after watching Battle of the River Plate. I remember that I didn't paint it and there was more than likely glue in places that it shouldn't have been, so I should make a better job of it this time around but I think that I will have to keep it for the Airfix II GB. It's great fun to see how people tackle these Classic kits and there are a lot of stunning models being produced.
  2. nimrod54

    Bristol Bloodhound - OO Scale

    I finished the steering wheel today and made a start on painting the parts. I primed the missile body and boosters yesterday evening and the launch pad and transporter have both been primed today. The missile body and booster fins have been painted with Halfords Gloss Appliance White, and after leaving that to dry for a few hours I masked off the booster fins and applied Humbrol 69 to the bodies. Tomorrow's plan is to fit the steering wheel to the 'Landy' and, weather permitting, prime that before making a start on some detail painting on the missile body and booster motors. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  3. Another superb result Ray, beautifully rigged. Well done.
  4. Despite your struggle with primer/paint it is still a good result Heather, the gallery shots look brilliant. Like Adrian I use Halfords primers, generally a couple of light coats of their Grey Plastic Primer if I have not added metal extras, wet sanding it leaves a smoother finish if required.
  5. nimrod54

    Bristol Bloodhound - OO Scale

    Cheers H, I hope it hasn't brought back too many painful journey memories. I haven't forgotten the Mustang GB, I hope to be joining all of you over there soon.
  6. nimrod54

    Bristol Bloodhound - OO Scale

    Thanks Dave, I hope that it proves useful when you get around to building yours. All of the work carried out on the steering wheel so far has been done with the few basic tools shown below with only none standard one being the Tamiya Modellers Punch. This came with 2mm/3mm punches and I added a 1.5mm punch to the order costing less £30 excld P+P here in the UK, not an insignificant investment I know, but cheaper than a Waldron punch set that you may only use one or two from. It won't do for heavy duty jobs and I guess you would need to weigh up how often and for what you would use it, but I have found it quite useful and used it today to make some small plugs to fill the large holes around the trunnions on the trailer for this build.. I'm sure there will be a stockist in your part of the world. by John L, on Flickr The only other specialist tool used is an ATC and it takes a lifetimes work to obtain one of those. What is an ATC? I hear you say and the answer is an Arthritic Thumb Clamp and this is the main reason my career as a hand model failed, Mrs N says that I am quite useful for putting drawing pins in at Christmas time though. by John L, on Flickr Cheers Ian, I had to find something to do while I wait for paint to dry.
  7. nimrod54

    Bristol Bloodhound - OO Scale

    All the major parts for this build have been assembled and I now have the job of cleaning and filling joints before adding a few minor details and painting all the components. by John L, on Flickr I have almost done as much work as I intend to on the Landrover interior, deciding to go with a single support frame for the canvass top which is behind the front cabin. The main reason for this is again because little can be seen when everything is closed up. by John L, on Flickr The last job that I intend to do on the interior, and the one that I am currently working on, is a scratch built steering wheel. I started off by cutting a thin section of styrene tubing and rounded over the edges of this. then punched out a central hub, I now need to find some images of this area to determine whether it should be a two or three spoked wheel. I have no measurements for this so I will have to trust that the guesstimate function of the Mk1 eyeball is working well, and then hope that will look OK when it is finally fitted. by John L, on Flickr
  8. The model had a couple of clear coats earlier today and tonight I mixed a thin oil wash using Abteilung 502's Starship Filth. I used this as a pinwash on the panel lines and left it to dry a little before wiping the excess away with cotton buds. I think that I am going to leave it at that because wiping off the residue has left it looking grimy enough not to need anything else, it just needs some time to dry off now before I add a final clear coat - and that should be job done. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  9. It is really good to see this back on the go Steve, and with your renewed enthusiasm for the project it will look pretty spectacular when finished. Nice to see how you resolved the issue.
  10. Why, has it been going on that long?
  11. nimrod54

    Airfix 1/72 De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver

    Top notch work on the glazing Dave, and not a technique that I have seen before. Great job mate.
  12. Blimey Ray, this has moved on at a fair rate of knots since I was last on board. Great work mate, especially on all of those etch rails.
  13. That looks superb Steve, there is a nice amount of ripple on the water which gives it a real feeling of movement. Well done on finding a way around that little bump in the road.
  14. Thanks Greg. I'm glad that you like it buddy. Cheers Trevor. I have come across several WHIF's for this kit when searching for images, including RAF wrap around camo and Red Arrows versions, An all black trainer version would look good and if your up for more of a challenge then there is always this Falcon Version.
  15. I completed the detail painting of the skids this afternoon and these have been added. The model still requires a coat of clear to seal the decals in and then I have to decide on whether I dare risk applying a bit of weathering. With a tendency to overdo, it has been a bit of a risky element to my modelling and generally it's something that I don't do, but it would pick out the panel lines. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr