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  1. Since the last update I goy on with painting the anti-glare panel on the nose and the engine exhaust outlets., then after a couple of gloss coats I made a start on the decals. The roundels and warning stencils for the ejector seat are from the kit, and the serials are made up from a Modeldecal sheet of post war codes. The kit decals are a little fragile and one of the roundels lost a small piece which I will have to touch in, the warning triangles also started to break up as I was adding them, so I will have a look through the spares box to see if I have some suitable replacements.
  2. I have missed this one Julian, please add me to the list bud.
  3. Ray, I remember having a couple experience flights during my time as a Chadderton employee, one in a B. Ae.146 and the other was in a H.S.748. It was a dull, blustery day for the 748 flight, and the approach to land was quite bumpy, but not as rough as yours sounds. Thanks for posting the photo too. It shows the wing dihedral nicely. Cheers John
  4. Thanks for your comment J-W, and please accept my apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Cheers John
  5. I feel the need for another railway themed build Brad. Please add me to the list. Cheers John
  6. I seem to remember signing up for Rich's original proposal Col, so it would rude of me not to join in with this one.
  7. Please add me to the list for this one Robert. This was my last effort back in 2015/16, I may have a go at a US Navy/Marine adversary scheme if successful. by John L, on Flickr
  8. Sign me up please Adrian. Figure painting is something that I shy away from, but I have always enjoyed looking at other modellers work when I have been at Telford. I have a few small resin and white metal figures in amongst my collection, and I have always fancied doing something larger mounted on horseback. My confidence is lacking when it comes to tackling a horse though, and so a couple of years ago I bought an MB boxing of three Union Cavalry figures from their ACW series. I made a start on these after the New Year and I have been working on them whilst waiting for the GB's I h
  9. Please add me to the list for this one Col. I am sure that I will have something tucked away in my kit pile.
  10. Looks eggs-cellent mate, neat work on the eject handles. Why did the ghost cross the road? Because it was a Poultry-geist.
  11. That's a super job Cliff, rigging and scratched rockets too. Very nicely done sir.
  12. They were good times Pat, we gained small amounts of experience in each of the trades involved in aircraft production before going on to specialise in our chosen trade from the second year. Every 6 weeks we attended the local technical college which had a specialist aircraft block, and there was a Gloster Meteor in a small hanger below the classrooms on the upper floor, this was where we did our City and Guilds course work. I continued on the Second Year Training Module as a turner, finishing my time on the grinding section, where we did everything from surface grinding to thread grinding. A
  13. It looks pretty good buddy and the box includes one of Mark 1's card bases. As apprentices we spent our first year making all of the tools that we may need, this included things like screw drivers, die-holders, tap-wrenches, Vee-blocks etc. I remember spending a week on the fitting section filing and scraping six sides of a steel block, making sure that they were flat and square to each other, and at the end of our time on the section the block was placed in our toolbox for a later project. We then spent time on the turning section making various bits and pieces, and when we r
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