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  1. Cheers buddy, it's time that I have painted a largish figure using nothing but acrylics, a mix of Revell, Citadel and Vallejo. I need to work with the Vallejo flesh tones a bit more, I think maybe a thin glaze of a paler colour could have helped to blend those colours together.
  2. I have just had a read through your build Jörgen. Great detailing and careful attention to fit and finish have led to a fabulous looking model of this Mercedes classic. Well done sir. John
  3. Hi Jean Thanks for your comment, I hope that evrything is well with you. It's been a while since I painted a 120mm figure, but with a plan to tackle something with a horse, should a future GB get through the vote off later in the year, I thought that I needed the practice. There are lots of little details to paint too, but before I can get to that there is plenty work to do in getting the parts to fit neatly and colours to research, like that of his pantalon, I always thought that the French Gaurd's wore white but the box shows these as a buff shade. I am sure that I wi
  4. Thanks for your comment Peter. I bought the figure at Telford a few years ago. Molly was almost 6 months old at the time and my wife was drawn to the spaniel that came with this, so that was it - decision made. I did some digging around on RAF uniforms before I started the painting and came across this 1939 pattern of boot, I decided that it was close enough to the style worn by the figure, but colours varied between a brown and a green tone, and it was certainly not the yellowish hue of those shown on the box, I decided to go with a brown in the end. I can't attest as to who the pilot is
  5. I like your train of thought buddy, be good to have more of us going loco.
  6. I made a start this morning by removing the casting blocks from the main parts of the figure, they need some careful tidiying up now to take off the remnants of those. The lower body/upper leg and drumhead will have to be sanded flat to remove a slight step where those parts have been cast, but I have a slab of granite that I can tape some wet and dry to for that job. After that I can give the parts a wash and then, once everything is dry, prime them. by John L, on Flickr
  7. Cheers chaps. I think that he is suffering from a bit of oxygen mask rash on the left cheek, but it gives him a rugged look. John
  8. Nice job Adrian and quick too. It looks fabulous, well done to you and the artist. John
  9. That's looking good H. I haven't seen this kit before, it seems to have gone together well.
  10. Thanks Jörgen, the flat coats worked pretty well, but I still wasn't happy with the look of the flying jacket, adding the satin coat to it has lifted that further. Thanks for your helpful input too. Regards John
  11. A Pipe and a Faithful Friend RAF Pilot and Dog by Elan Miniatures - 75mm by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  12. After adding the final clear coats to this, it was time to stop tinkering and call it finished. The RAF uniform had a couple of coats of a clear matt and I added a clear satin to the leather of flying jacket this morning. The light is not too strong here today, so it was off outside for a few photos, there are more over in the display gallery. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr Thanks to all for the helpful advice and comments along the way, I hope that you enjoyed watching the progress. Cheers. John
  13. In the build up for this GB I had threatened to have a go at something railway themed so this 2-6-0 Mogul is my subject choice. As with my previous offerings, I will add a few refinements, but other than that it will be built as it comes in the bag and hopefully I will end up with a passable static model. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  14. That should be a lovely model once you have worked your magic Cliff.
  15. It will be interesting to see the decal for the wood decking. I have looked at these for WW1 bi-planes but I have not purchased any to date. The effects look amazing though. The W154 must be a nice project to work on too, I will go and check out your build John.
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