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  1. Great building so far. If you need some inspiration there is an excellent book called 'Alarm Starboard' by Geoffrey Brooke. A ripping yarn of the sea if ever there was one. It's a true story of the author from his joining the navy, first posting on HMS Nelson and on to HMS Prince of Wales from which he was one of the few survivors. And that's just the start... Got mine on kindle for a few quid Colin
  2. This is a really great thread on the ship. I won the Tamiya POW some years ago and it's in the stash awaiting the same answers to the same questions. Keep it up Colin
  3. Colin W


    Now this really is unusual in a group build. I remember the Airfix kit of years ago but didn't realise it was available again. Excellent idea. Colin
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the colour issue Charlie. I have made a start on the Seasprite. This is a strange kit. The underside of the cabin floor is detailed with a fine raised mesh while the top ie the bit that you can see, has 10 deep ejector pin marks. More ejector pin marks are clearly visible above the seats while the rear of the bulkhead is clear. These will all need to be attended to before painting. On a positive note, the level of detail seems to be quite good, especially in the rear and the parts fit has been great so far. Colin
  5. Colin W


    Thanks Peter. I agree the starboard canard has no brown on the top and so looks a big odd. Also the scheme in the instructions shows the starboard intake painted silver or natural metal. Not much help! Colin
  6. Hi Chaps, Well it's almost as busy here as the Nordic Group build. I'm only 3 days late and there are 3 pages of building already. Just to be very different I have passed on the Airfix Seafury and will do this Seasprite in the colours of the Royal New Zealand Navy. I picked it up in Singapore late last year. Very unusually this will entail using the kit scheme. Not often that happens for the New Zealand SIG. Here's the starter picture. The red card seems ominous but let's see... Colin
  7. Colin W


    Well, a major effort yesterday to tackle the upper surface camouflage. I didn't plan to do this with one go but once started I got the rhythm. Also after every coat of paint it got harder to see what was masked and what was still to paint. I feared that once I stopped it would be harder to get going again. Paint is Mr Colour 40 black, 310 brown, 314 light green and 319 dark green. These paints dry very quickly and can be masked after 30 minutes. Here's stage 2 black and brown applied and masked. Overall green? Maybe not. Finally ripped all the tape off late last night. There are a few parts in need of a bit of touching up where the masking tape didn't quite join but no overspray. Overall I'm very pleased with the result. Note I didn't fit the lower fin but did add the pylons before painting. This helped to make it sit flat on the bench when adding all the masking tape. HTH Colin
  8. Colin W


    Painting started with the black base. How about a sinister black Elint Viggen? I used Mr Colour 40 German Grey rather than the planned 137 which is more grey. More masking today. Colin
  9. Colin W


    More work on the main airframe now completed and the underside colour done. Mr Colour 308 over 137 preshading. Enough of the fun, now time to start masking. Colin
  10. Colin W


    My plan is to use some AIM-9B from the spares box Thanks for the transition Orso Colin
  11. Colin W


    Thanks Christer, great picture. I was not aware of the saddle so this is helpful and quite easy to do. This picture shows a different type of pylon to the drawings I have been using so I'll change these once the undercarriage is fitted and I can get the ground clearance correct. Does anyone know what 'TRYCK ED HAR, means? Google translate says 'print ed has' which seems unlikely! Inert might be more appropriate? Colin
  12. Great question. The AJ at Newark has the 3 fin tank so I was going that way. Nice to have it confirmed though. Colin
  13. Colin W


    Yes i would agree that the RB05 is a bit thin. It looked OK on the pylon but thanks to Reini its obsolete so no issue. My current plan is to paint the RB04 in the same underside colour but the front part in the NATO black as per the upper surface. Can anyone confirm this? Swedish Sidewinders also seem to be using the same scheme. Thanks Colin
  14. No model shops in Koh Lak. In fact only 2 and a wholesaler now in the whole country. Enjoy the weather, nice and cool here in Pattaya. Colin
  15. Colin W


    Excellent picture, many thanks. 2x early model sidewinders it is. Also very useful to know which cl tank to use. Colin
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