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  1. Solution sorted Thanks Mike
  2. Hi I'm really trying to source some 1/48 naval crew to recreate the landing diorama. No luck so far so it might just be a flight deck. Colin
  3. Hi All, I am building a model of a Thai navy ship HTMS Khram which was sunk off Pattaya in 2003. This started life as an early USN LSM but was later modified to have a 40mm gun platform on the bow. I have managed to get a Revel kit of the early version which I have started to build. Revell launched a second edition of the kit depicting the later version as 05139 EIDECHSE-German LSM Class. The Thai navy example is actually closer to the early issue but needs the bow gun from the later issue. Does anyone have one of these kits with the bow gun and barbette unwanted? My only other option is to buy the second kit for £36 which is a bit steep for a few bits! Cheers Colin
  4. Thanks Richard This was a very enjoyable build with a good base kit and a balance between assembly and scratching for the modification. Thanks for the support and comments along the way. Colin
  5. What a terrible disaster. I'm sure we all feel for you. I've had a few mishaps over the years but not on this scale. This was an excellent build and well documented so at least you have some good pictures of the finished article. I m off to superglue the pins into my cabinet. Colin
  6. Greeting to all, Having finished Capt 'Winkle' Brown landing the first jet on a carrier for the Carriers Ahoy GB, I will follow up with Capt Dunning making the first landing on a ship underway. HMS Furious in August 1917. This little gem of a kit has been in the stash for a long time and now seems an appropriate time to start. I am taking advantage of the early post as I'm traveling for work all next week then on the 21st heading back to Europe for a couple of weeks holiday. I'll get stuck into this upon my return mid August. The box top shows the skid equipped Pup for Capt Gallenhawk who was the first to land on an actual carrier but Dunning was first to land on a moving ship which was harder so will win the honours. It should be an interesting build with injection plastic, white metal, resin and PE. Probably a bit of string as well by the end! Colin
  7. Looks great and really pleased to see the little PE sensor survived. Pics here you have washed the main wheels which looks much better than the pure white ones in the gallery. really great job Colin
  8. Well quite close to the end but I'm finished. Decals on and sealed. A light wash for shadows and a shiny finish. I made a small base as its really a diorama. The famous tail shot. Yes the flaps were that close. They were knocked off on the 4th landing! The first twin to land on a carrier, the first jet to land on a carrier and the first swept wing to land on a carrier. The first 2 by Winkle and the last by Mike Lithgow. The Vampire and Venom collection. Sea Vixen is in a box in England. Sea Vampire with Sea Venom Cheers and thanks for the comments and likes Colin
  9. Colin W

    Carriers Ahoy! Gallery - Poll Open

    Well Ahoy all. Here we have a small viginette of Capt Eric 'Winkle' Brown landing the 3rd prototype Vampire and first Sea Vampire on HMS Ocean in 1946. Kit Classic Airframe 1/48 Vampire FB5. Pilot from PJ production, canopy, hook and main wheels from Aeroclub. Fins, flaps, speed brakes and hook fairing scratch built. The flaps were 40% larger than normal so hit the deck on the 4th landing and were reduced in chord. Base from a cork board painted in MSG. Thanks to Tricky Rich for the support and all those who liked and commented The sequel to this will be Lt Cdr Dunning landing hip Sopwith Pup on HMS Furious in the 11th Hour GB next month. Check out the build details here Vampire First jet carrier landing here Cheers Colin
  10. Well the upper surfaces are now complete, dive brakes opened and other bits added. I realised the rudders are higher than the fins so I added some 1mm rod and faired it in will putty. The pitot is quite small so I clamped some carbon fiber rod into a section of brass tube and glued it on with CA and faired it in as well. I thought I was finished but just noticed the nose door is missing.... Decals next. I have already printed the serial numbers and the roundels will be from Xtradecal. Colin
  11. I've carried on with flaps and underside details. I fitted the flaps in the lowered position as planned. The angle was a good idea since the flap needs to lift over the boom section. This worked well and I was able to drill the lightening holes in the spar. I added the ends of the structure in the flap bay and the hydraulic rams based on a picture I took at the FAA Museum.. Undercarriage is as per the kit but I used the Aeroclub white metal wheels to get the correct hub. From the other side. The laminations for the flaps have separated in a few places so I might have to develop this technique. Hook is also from Aeroclubs generic range I will paint all the insides silver and then onto its wheels Colin
  12. Colin W

    Grumman S-2 Tracker

    I'm interested in the comment about a casual observer looking behind the cockpit. My wife's a casual observer and wouldn't know if the wing was on upside down. Colin
  13. Bit more work on this over the week. I decided to do the flaps from thin aluminium sheet from a coffee tin. I used the vacform Aeroclub lower wing as a former and built up 3 layers for each side. These were then stuck together with PVA and I added a piece of angle to the leading edge to make a secure joint to the wing. Here is the sheet for the Aeroclub Vampire, tin foil and one part roughed out. Main flaps laminated and glued. Note the Sea Vampire flaps were 40% larger than standard, achieved by extending the trailing edge. I made 2 laminates at the size of the bay and the outer lamination larger to giver the extension Completed flaps and air brakes which were similarly extended. Main painting this weekend. Colin
  14. A bit more progress. Everything now square and aligned. Joints at the boom intersections refilled and a spray overall of Mr Colour grey 1000. That done the horizontal stabiliser added and the the bullet fairings filled with clear sprue to replicate the cameras. Cockpit on next and then we can start to get into the detail I notice Dragon have released a 1/72 Sea Vampire, coincidence? Colin
  15. Here's my second contribution to this page. Westland Augusta Puma XW226 of 230 'Tiger' squadron RAF Odiham late 1979. The Puma Helicopters have now been in service for 47 years having joined up in 1971 they are destined to remain in service until 2025. Only the Hercules and Canberra will have served longer but the Pumas are still the original airframes whereas the last Canberra's PR9's were younger. Original kit is the Heller 1/50 SA-330 which dates from 1967 and 4 years before in entered service with the RAF at least. This is the only kit close to 1/48 with others being released in 1/72 and 1/32. Overall the shape is quite good but the area around the rotor head and transmission has been heavily modified. Paints by Mr colour decals home printed except the roundels from Xradecal. Tail rotor from Hasegawa. Top view with rotor colours corrected as per comments by TimB and Pete in Lincs. Meanwhile on Salisbury plain. More details in the build thread below. You can see the cockpit better without the distortion from the canopy. Colins Puma build Thanks to Rob and Enzo for running the GB and to all those who have liked and commented along the way. Cheers Colin