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  1. That sure was a bargain. There's nothing like a box build to improve your scratch detailing skills.
  2. What happened to the real @trickyrich? Models with Loads of resin and the man on armour on his Avatrar? He would not have hesitated from AM wheels and seats. Should we start a campaign to bring back the real Trickyrich?
  3. For those who have never seen a decent display, this is the F-15 at the Avalon Airshow in Australia in 2003. After waiting all day while the lesser aircraft taxied to the down wind end of the runway for their takeoffs, this F-15 just headed to the nearest end and took off down wind with a vertical climb out. Even I was taken aback so no pics or video as I was so suprised. Stunning stuff.
  4. Hi All, After 50 years of modelling I have to confess to having never built an F-15. How can I sleep at night? Well I mainly build British stuff so obviously the F-15 was not British nor did they use it but I am a fan as you can see on my car. The plate was an Xmas present from my wife back in 2009. A combination of my interests....... Here she is at Brooklands in April 2022 at the 100th Anniversary of Jaguar. So here is my first F-15 kit. I'll do a Lakenheath bird as it is more British and in deference to all the great airshows over the years. A few goodies to help the progress. The Aries burner cans are superb so I'm looking forward to using them. Progress might be slow to start as Im making the most of the dry weather for my other hobbies but I'm sure I'll hit the deadline. Colin
  5. Finished now and into the Gallery. Thanks to @Black Knight for the inspiration!
  6. British Light Utility Car 10Hp with Princess Elizabeth. Tamiya and ICM 1/48 Here is my contribution for the Platinum Jubilee Group Build. The model is based on a very famous picture of Princess Elizabeth standing infront of a Tilley and being inspected by the King. I chose to model her with a skirt as there are other pictures of her in this uniform standing by the K6 Ambulance parked next to the Tilley. The model is tiny but went together very well. I only deviated from the kit to add some plasticard 'planks' to the taigate as the kit part had ejector pin marks and this was better than sanding it down. The Princess Elizabeth is from the ICM British air crew set. Many thanks to @Black Knight for the idea and the encouragement to us all. Build thread is Here
  7. Wow, wood and vacforming! There's a challenge. Look forward to see you bild this one.
  8. I know you have 30 already but you can add me to the list. I have lots of potentials in the stash and quite fancy the rocket launched Starfighter
  9. After a busy week I just logged in to see the last additions to the gallery and found the poll open and already closed! I agree with @Ravnos that it was a tough decision. Many excellent models resulting from some very ambitious builds. Congratulations to @Marklo and @miken for winning but a mention to @MrT and @BritJetfor the Rotodyne and the Argosy. Thanks again to @Adam Poultney for the idea and admin.
  10. Status update. I gave up waiting for the LHS to get the SCC2 so mixed my own. Just as I finished they rang up to tell me the paint was in.... So here is my rendition of SCC2 overall and almost ready for assembly.
  11. Cracking build . I think the cockpit windows came out very well.
  12. Hi, I am actually waiting for my Local Hobby Shop to get a delivery of SCC2 paint. It's been like this for about 2 weeks! I'm away this weekend so if it doesn't come next week then its Olive drab.
  13. You've done a great job on this. I like the later scheme you have chosen. Well done.
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