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  1. You are really cracking on with this build. Love the idea of the jeeps as well, they really add context. If you are looking out for some more O-1 schemes here are 18 of the 20+ aircraft at the Jesda museum in Thailland. There are at least 5 schemes from O/A grey or O/A green to variations of multiple greeens or SEA 4 colour camouflage. Enjoy Colin
  2. The number plate says it all. Cracking little job and certainly a fun build!
  3. Well with a moniquer of Angus Tura I expect you are bitter a lot of the time! Sorry that you have stopped working on this as I was quite enjoying the process. I'll look out for you in the KUTA.
  4. They certainly did. Hard to get kits for most though. I'm looking forward to the prototype GB for next year to build some more.
  5. We discussed this at the IPMS and only came up with the Short Sperrin as the other aircraft with superimposed turbojets. There are a few rockets and turbojet combinations but only the 3 jets. Many thanks for the comments. It was a bit heavy going at times but I'm very happy with the result.
  6. Great recovery Tommy. Looks really good.
  7. My list of corrections came from a friend but was written by Nick Greenhall of the Harrier SIG. I just checked their website but could not find it listed there. Perhaps an email to the UK Harrier sig would be your best choice. It's well worth getting a copy. Colin
  8. Well its job done and some pictures before I knock off the 4 nose probes. Colin
  9. Fonderie Miniatures SE2415 Grognard 11 1/48 scale. Well after a late start and some issues along the way I've made it before the deadline. This was a limited run injection kit with resin cockpit and undercarriage bays, white metal undercarriage legs and nose probes (4) and a vacform canopy. On opening my kit after 18 yars in the stash I discovered the canopy was missing. Fortunately @Norman in Australia heeded my call for help and provided a spare from his model. Here are the finished pictrures of this unusual and destinctive prototype plane. Build thread is here Many thanks to the Mods especially @Wez for the original idea and all those who contributed along the build. Extra thanks to @Norman for the canopy. Fonderie kits do come out OK after a bit of effort. Here is my Fonderie French Collection. Anyone with a 1/48 Hi Tech Vautour or Durandal in their stash they don't want I'd be pleased to add them to this collection! Colin
  10. I have a real problem with French markings. This is the 3rd French model I have built from the HiTech/Fornderie miniature group over the last 18 months and all the decals have behaved in the same manner. The Roundals have been very poor, breaking and crumbling on contact with water and needing great care to get off the backing sheet. The other decals however have performed beautifully. No silvering, good adhesion and none of the issues the roundals had. Bizzare! On this kit the manufactures provided 8 roundals for the 6 positions and I needed all 8 as the over wing ones didnt like being cut. Certainly not a reason to leave these great kits in their box.
  11. Falcon Vacform Swifts F2 in record breaking guise and FR5 2 Squadron
  12. This is turning into an interesting discussion. Heller really only did French subjects. Monogram USA. Hasegawa and Tamiya really push USA and German products so we look to Airfix to do the British thing. While I'm happy for Airfix to make British models I am also happy to build Dynavector kits of the same if Airfix, Frog and Matchbox missed the opportunity. Only 45 years from the first flight of the Canberra, Airfix released a 1/48 kit. Likewise the Bae Hawk a mere 30 years after its first flight or the Gnat first flight in 1959, retired in 1979 kit issued in 2009! Meanwhile where is our Puma, recently retired after a mere 53 years of service ( 1968 until 2021) or the Fairey Delta 2 in 1/48? The latter raised the world speed record by the highest margin ever. Both Prototypes still exist but a kit in 1/48. Not yet! Why? Whether its from Airfix, Dynavector or Tamiya is of no interest but where do these companies get their inspiration if not from us? I really appreciate what Airfix have done recently with the Blenheim or the kits listed in the posts above even if it detracts from my vacform builds of British planes from the 1950's but great to see the variety. I have never built an F15, F16, F17, or F18, they are too mainstream. Colin
  13. Heres Dynavectors TSR2 in 1/48. Painted with Halfords white primer sanded with 2000 grit sponge then painted with Humbrol 130 off white. Some under and over shading and a wash of raw umber to break up the expanse of pure white. Here's my Aeroclub 1/48 Vulcan done with Mr Colour 'white base' spray (like Halfords but finer) then top coated with Mr Colour "107 Character white" and normal "1 White" and post shaded with a wash of raw umber. This is from the Scampton wing which is near Sheffield and apparently the soot in the air from the steel mills left the planes a very dirty white. Something to consider? Apparently the well educated could tell the squadron based on the colour of the 'white'! Good luck Colin
  14. Been waiting for this for a few years now... Here's my Dynavector Scimitar from 2010
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