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  1. Shame about the canopy as you have done a great job with the painting and decaling. Not a mark of silver anywhere. Looks good and probably more realistic with the cover. Colin
  2. Colin W

    RTAF RT-33

    Still alive! With the Group builds coming fast at the moment I've neglected this to focus on the Specialist and Training Group builds. These are now complete so I can press on with the RT33. I have learned that most RT-33s were field modifications to the standard T33 so the lack of detailed information is not so serious. The RT33 design was a single seat version so I cut away the rear cockpit tub to allow fitment of the additional fuel tank. This is from an old Airfix Fire Engine but looks like it's meant to fit. I painted it green and sat it mid fuselage while adding some lateral structure to the fuselage. Now to work on the new nose shape. Colin
  3. Splendid job with this Heather. An excellent outcome for all the work you put in. Colin
  4. Colin W

    T-45 Goshawk

    Well we're over the line with the Goshawk as my 3rd entry to this GB. Obviously the tail plane is fitted with the air brakes and assorted aerials and lights. Wings are set to the landing configuration but I decided not to lower the hook. Some of theselook quite dirty so I gave it a wash with thinned burnt Siena oil paint to pick out the panel lines and break up the solid white colour of the fuselage. The kits flap design is much better than the Airfix attempt and presented fewer challenges. Thanks for looking and again thanks to the mods for support and encouragement. . Colin
  5. Hi All, I have never attempted 3 models in a Group build before but these Hawks are relatively small and even with a bit of resin they go together quite well. My last entry here is the1/48 Kinetic T45C Goshawk in US Navy standard scheme. A lovely kit with a good standard of detail. I replaced the canopy with a vacform as mine was cracked. I also replaced the upper rear fuselage with resin and made a new nose probe. I extended the flaps, slats and air brakes to emphasise the difference to the RAF machines. Here are my 3 entries to the group build together with 2 other hawks made previously. More pictures in the build thread. Thanks for the comments along the way. Build thread here Colin
  6. Hi Peter, I have just revisited your Tornado from 2011 and noted that you were looking forward to the next tornado group build yet haven't signed up for the Tornado farewell group build next year. 

    We would love to have you aboard, find us under 'Tornado Warning ' in future group builds. 



  7. I just noticed that the big H is advertising Caracal decals for the RSAF, due soon. Colin
  8. Good job there and nice to see it finished. Well done for the decals. The tigers head is great and good to see the roundals still white despite the black underneath. Colin
  9. Absolutely. Interesting load out. Lots of resin opportunities here. Welcome aboard. Colin
  10. Cracking job there Rich. A few minor variations in the paint don't really detract from the overall effect. The first impression is awesome. Colin
  11. I have added Corsairfoxfouruncle to the list. Just incase you forget. I hope we get at least one Saudi sand mover in the build. Definitely the most colourful standard scheme. Colin
  12. I happened upon a Revell GR4 yesterday and decided to research the difference between it and the Italeri ones already in the stash. I'll post more later when I get home. Colin
  13. U feel your pain with the etch on the sponsors but it does look a lot better now. Colin
  14. Good idea Col and a great way to follow the rest of the 'series '. Count me in with a nice big jet. Not sure what yet but plenty in the stash to choose from. Colin
  15. Good build session now coming to an end. Some great models in the gallery resulting from this. I'm signing up for the 90s Group build but don't anyone forget the Tornado Group build in September next year. Lots of 90s opportunities to be done. Colin
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