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  1. The original philosophy was to help good ideas for group builds that would not make 30 on their own. So rather than think of new ideas there are a few good ideas on the table fitting this already. Ideas like the 'Arctic GB' ,'jeeps' , 'halftracks' and airliners. All great ideas but not getting enough support. Probably need to ask the proposers if they are interested to join. Colin
  2. Can anyone guess what I'm going to say next? Anyone? Anyone? Maybe with a few less group builds a year i might be able to.
  3. I've actually got the decals for this which is why I got a 2 seater in the first place.
  4. Does anyone know the difference between the Grippen E and the A? Clearly the wing tip jobbies are new but externally it looks otherwise the same. I have 2 Grippens in the stash due to the Hobby Boss being a rebox of the Italeri one but in a much bigger box. I already have built a Thai Grippen in std o/a grey so this could be an easy conversion to a more attractive scheme. I was secretly planning a Special Hobby Viggen for this Group build but might be diverted. Colin
  5. Dr Dr I've only just got 59 seconds to live. Shush I'll be with you in a minute. A prison van and concrete mixer collided. Police are looking for 6 hardened criminals. Colin
  6. There are no headache tablets here in the jungle because the parrotsetemol.
  7. I was walking in the jungle just north of Pattaya with my wife and her mother when I noticed that the mother was lagging behind. We went back to find her in a clearing facing a huge angry lion. My wife screamed at me to 'do something'. I said ' look, the lion got himself into this mess, he can get himself out of it'.
  8. Better to have slot 7 or you won't know whether to build your Tornado F3 in the interceptor GB or the Tornado STGB. Colin
  9. Its a Sea Harrier Group build! Colin
  10. Very carefully with very small tweezers i expect. I considered the museum example for my 1/48 Walrus but decided it was too much! Anyway wasn't the Spitfire a baby Walrus?
  11. 2 fish swimming along come to a concrete wall. The first looks to his friend and says..." dam ". Colin
  12. Sure? Aeroclub did the Vulcan but I don't recall Dynavector doing anything bigger than the TSR2. Colin
  13. Are you sure? 1) most airfields use a left hand circuit so the carriers just followed suit. 2) flyco on a carrier overlooking the deck can also see the landing pattern if it's opposite the island. 3) the Japanese built carriers in pairs one with a port island and one starboard so the ships could be closer together and not interfere with each others landing patterns. This even though they operated identical aircraft. I don't think the direction of rotation of the propeller had the final say. Colin
  14. Regards the air launched Polais, they ignored the 1/48 Vulcan issued by Aeroclub as well. Colin
  15. It's a 1/48 resin kit now but the original was scratch built here. HP88 Yes I'll join the GB Colin
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