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Colin W

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  1. Colin W

    Bae Hawk Dragons in the Valley

    Another busy weekend for the Hawks. Too many imperfections in the black gloss lead to a sand and repaint. The grey needed a touch up before masking and application of the green. Main undercarriage units applied and masking removed from the wheel bays. I have 2 sets of aftermarket wheels in white metal. 1 set won't fit due to the brake drums being cast onto the legs and the other set arn't even round. I've been trying to recover something but have now decided to use the kit ones. Colin
  2. Colin W

    The cutest little tank destroyer ever

    Love the idea but I did think you'd started the SYWNWTGTW Group build without the rest of us. Colin
  3. Hi Chaps, I've been looking forward to the Night fighter Group build for a while. This kit was almost stated last year for the 1960 NATO GB and again it just missed the 1950 NATO GB in January. So 3rd attempt to start will commence when my 2 Hawks in the Training Group build are done. Not decided the scheme yet but I have plenty of choice. Colin W
  4. Colin W

    Bae Hawk Dragons in the Valley

    Thanks Col That's a good link back to Britmodeller. I have an Airfix Canberra in the stash so I'll see if I can recover the 18 shot SNEB from that to see how they compare. Colin
  5. Colin W

    Hi Tech 1/48 Mystere

    Thanks for the comments guy's. MR2Don The "Ne pas marcher " was one of the few kit decals I was able to use. Selwyn I have a Fonduri Minature "Super Mystere" in the stash. Another challenging project for the future I'm sure. Colin
  6. Colin W

    Hi Tech 1/48 Mystere

    These seem to be hard to find which is a shame for such a classic example of an early jet. I got this from the Victoria Hobby centre in Melbourne Australia 2003. I'm told they crop up in the usual place on line. Colin
  7. Colin W

    Bae Hawk Dragons in the Valley

    I'm looking for something different to fix to the TWU Hawk. These are rocket pods from Academy's Hunter. Are they the same for the Hawk? It seems reasonable but they're quite big. Colin
  8. Nice panel shades and wash. It looks like it deserves better pictures? Colin
  9. I've used a few of these and it's a rebrand of Mr Colour. They give an excellent finish and can be mixed with other Mr Colour lacquers. They will not mix with or paint over enamel or acrylics. Great Sea Fury Mr Plasto Colin
  10. Hi Chaps I thought I would share a few pictures of my Dassault Mystere IV from the NATO 1950s group build, for those who do not venture down to the deeper depths of Britmodeller. A Hi-Tech kit from the last century. Injected main structure with resin details and PE in reducing size. Kit from France, bought in Australia, built in Thailand, posted on Britmodeller, from Vietnam. Small world! Build thread here. Mystere Colin
  11. Colin W

    AZ Model Yokosuka/Kawanishi K5Y2, Red Dragonfly, IJN, 1945

    Yes you're biplanes are really impressive. It's easy to see where your passion lies. Colin
  12. Colin W

    AZ Model Yokosuka/Kawanishi K5Y2, Red Dragonfly, IJN, 1945

    Good to see a bit of scratch building on the trolley. Much better than reading which after market supplier was found. I agree that the green Orange and red looks much better than is sounds! Nice little model well made. Colin
  13. Colin W

    Bae Hawk Dragons in the Valley

    Well I've gone from grey and white to black and grey. Wrap around green next for #2. For the black I used the new Tamiya lacquer. It's given me a really good gloss. The DSG is normal gloss, flat by comparison. Wing fences are fitted and air bubbles filled. Nav lights added sanded and masked. Black hawks are pretty smart! Colin
  14. Colin W

    Miles Master Magna Models

    Looks like a good start John. You might want to make a couple of spars to strengthen the wing to fuselage joint. Brass rod drilled into each side is the best strategy. Use epoxy glue for the main structure and superglue for the white metal. The superglue can be a bit brittle for resin to resin joining. HTH Colin
  15. Colin W

    Bae Hawk Dragons in the Valley

    A bit more progress now. Undercarriage bays done in light aircraft grey, canopies and wing fences fitted then a primer of Mr Surfacer to check the finish. I found some air bubbles in the resin so these had to be drilled out and filled, otherwise ok. Colin