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  1. Good technique with the tape. Colin
  2. Tanks for listing the lessons learned summary. I have used planking successfully in the past but used 0/.040" more by luck than planning. Keep going as its a very interesting aircraft. Colin
  3. Sadly my uncle who would have been able to answer this easily, died in February of the Covid. I'm sure someone can help you but those who can are thinning out. All the more reason to complete the project while you can get the info before it is lost forever! Colin
  4. Quick update. After 3 applications of Build paint and Tamiya filler I am almost at the point of final paint. Presumably quite a few models in the 'other then injection' GB are languishing t a similar point. I need to make a decision on the decals soon. Colin
  5. A really great project on a very significant aircraft. The T tail from the third prototype E1/44 is provided the solution to instability in the Meteor Mk4. Furthur development of which became the T7 and F8. Great to see some scratch building going on and on a challenging shape as well. Congratulations on moving on from your AMS. It really is about the journey. Colin
  6. Looking great already. I dont think the IFR system would have won many awards with the probe there. Turbulence from the nose combined with the pilot looking left and down would not have made it an easy process. Nice clear cockpit transparency! Colin
  7. Coming along quite nicely now. Very brave of you to fit those propeller blades beofre painting!
  8. Great to see this making such good progress. Your interior looks really good.
  9. Bog smearing time. I laid some plastic card strip along the lower stbd fuselage half to remove the distortion of the kit halves then faired it in with Milliput. I filled those wheel wells too! Some rough file work to get back the shape. The resin is so hard it makes the Milliput seem soft. Same on top. Touch up with Squadron Green stuff. Looking good now! Colin
  10. I thought about the chassis work, you could just hold it flat and pour in some liquid resin to make it rigid.
  11. Yes many thanks for the pictures and plans. I drilled out the nose to allow me to install more lead but held back on fitting the instrument panel incase I need to pour 'liquid weight' in as well. Colin
  12. Well some real progress on this. From a derth of reference material I have been rescued by @ianwau and @k5054nz who have provided excellent pictures and a set of plans. Even shots af one in Thai markings! Hmmm. A clash of opportunities! Maybe Field Air one side and Thai the other? I passed over the opportunity to buy Pacific Air last week on TradeMe NZ. Maybe Jacinda Ardern will make an offer on our behalf? Cockpit mainly done, Fuselage joined and wings on. Starting to look like a Fletcher. I see Milliput in my future. Colin
  13. Well I finished the last few bits and added the port wing tip aerial a few times. After a coat of Future I used a quite heavy wash of burnt Umber oils to pick out the details and dirty up the sand. Some pictures in the gallery but here are a few more. Note Aeromaster have transposed the colour scheme between their paint diagram and the box lid! I decided to follow the instructions hence the port side on the box lid has the camouflage pattern of the starboard side of the model! Thanks for all the com
  14. Hi Chaps, For your viewing pleasure I am please to present my Aeromaster 1/48 Mig 17 Fresco F. 'Somewhere near Cairo West AFB" 1984. The scheme is defined as a 'Home brewed camouflage of 2 shades of Green over a sand base with a blue underside'. No FS number here... The kit is a rebox of the SMER offering from many years ago along with lots of lovely resin for the cockpit, flying surfaces and wheels. A nice vacform canopy and a fine set of Aeromaster decals completes the offering. My undercarriage legs were short shot so had to be fixed with brass rod but came out OK. There is quite
  15. I'd be up for the Sopwith/Hawker/Hawker Siddley GB. Plenty of scope for biplanes and jets. Colin
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