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  1. Set a few years later but yes, a great idea. Here's Orange Roughy going into 003. A 1/48 Hercules diorama is big enough so maybe not in in 1/35 though! Colin
  2. Hi Rich, When these were released everyone in Auckland IPMS had one so we thought they were common. I only heard they were rare a little while ago. After 19 years in my stash and circumnavigating the world a few times its a shame to let someone else have the fun of building it. I didnt realise there was any white metal in the kit until your comment above so I had a look and yes there are 5 pewter parts. One is a small antenae for the spine, 2 are the wing tip sensors and another 2 are the fin top blades. All are used in the post Kahu version. There is no PE. Heres a picture o
  3. This is a great kit so I hope you'll enjoy it. There are a few trip hazzards during construction. Don't put any of the ASW gear inside and the proposed colour scheme is very suspect. Heres mine and the link contains some other good links as well. Colin Seasprite Enjoy
  4. I built one of these using the Hasegawa P3 many years ago. Great choice of sheme, looking forward to the Revell version result. COlin
  5. Well thats quite a post! Great to see these all progressing along. I used some of the guidance from Nathan until I drifted off in my own direction. Its a good alternative to blindly following the kit instructions and then realising it could have been done better at the end. Sorry to only get part of the story about the Nuns and the goat but its probably for the best. Colin
  6. Well time suddenly flies and Enzo has opened the 2021 GB book already. I'm keen on this GB as it involves my NZ theme. I have had the A-4K in my stash since I lived in the Land or the Long White Cloud, 20 years ago. I'll build it now in memory of Andy as it was his Avatar here on BM. The kit is unopened and untouched but there is no sign of the set of Geko Graphics decals I got at the same time. On a positive note I have 2 resin seats in the box. I'm not sure which is correct so that will be the first job when we start. Colin
  7. Great to see this progressing. Looks great so far. Colin
  8. Good job done. It looks great. I think if we do another eligible GB I might have another crack at this one. Colin
  9. Well my first post of the New year so Happy New Year to all. The Black and red were painted and masked then natural metal done. I tried appling the decals over the weekend but the fin stripes both disintegrated once I tried to take them off the backing sheet. I tried to assemble them but alas t'was not possible. When I did the Mystere IV, I painted the base red and mased the stripe before painting the silver. I should do the same but I'll loose my natural metal. I'm contemplating scanning and printing the decals but they are on a blue backing paper so pondering the options now....
  10. Some serious clamping going on there. I dont think I have that many clamps alltogether! Colin
  11. Great models there Werner. We seemed to be in several GBs together and your excellent pair in the Tornado Warning group build. Somehow I thought you had been more productive than 7. HNY Colin
  12. Great selection of excellent models Ozzy. I love the dioramas going beyond just a tank on a base. Colin
  13. Hi Chaps, Well 2020 proved to be quite a productive year with 10 models completed and a few more well advanced but to be completed in 2021 . The first model was built in February for @trickyrich's 'Nordic Group Build', a Special Hobby Saab Viggen. Modifcations made to the cannards and scratch built Anti ship missiles @rob85's 'In the Navy Group Build' allowied me to build a New Zealand Navy SH2G from Kittyhawks excellent kit. The 'In the Navy Group Build' also encouraged a Fairey Fulmar. Quite a challenging kit which has been in the stash for many
  14. I built this kit back in 1999 and loved it so much that I went on to build all the Dynavector kits over the next couple of years. Enjoy Colin
  15. It's a great shame that you didn't join us for the Tornado Warning group build. You really have got stuck into the Airfix kit so it will be good to see your opinions on the 3 kits at the end. Colin
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