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  1. There is a single Hawker Hurricane Mk IV, here is the kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/az-model-az7326-hawker-hurricane-mkiv--131827 modelldoc
  2. The Hobbycraft was a nice kit in different markings. Here is my once in UN - white: https://www.flickr.com/photos/21603181@N08/13992202242/in/dateposted/ was an easy build, okay the weight in front, but not a big problem. modelldoc
  3. Years before Leon Schuyt from Alkmaar made a 1:70 paper model from D-ABIB, Lufthansa Boeing 727 - 100. sometimes his name is written as Léon Schuijt. Rare to find. modelldoc
  4. Made my Revell Hunter with instructions from Xtra-decals: https://www.flickr.com/photos/21603181@N08/6073639856/in/photolist-qhZ3cJ-j7K5pm-afGZwy-97qJrH modelldoc
  5. You can find some (extremly expensive and hard to build) on Aviation Megastore in Amsterdam. Here is a link to Website with an overview and a link to the AMS in Holland. https://henk.fox3000.com/milmod.htm All of them are former BW models but now in resin. All schemes are fictional and not all are true. modelldoc
  6. I made my Halo also in civil markings, (not all helicopters must be green and brown) I used the Begemot sheet for the Ministry of Civil Security and used some AVD fire engines: https://www.flickr.com/photos/21603181@N08/24171112488/in/dateposted/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/21603181@N08/24391513308/in/photostream/ modelldoc
  7. I used the SP / Revell kit, only the fuselage parts are "new" for this kit. Both, nose and upper part of the fuselage are in the kit. The tail is the original part. modelldoc
  8. I go the same way. Basic was the Special Hobby - Revell Hudson, and hereis my Lockheed 14 : https://www.flickr.com/photos/21603181@N08/29172095667/in/dateposted/ modelldoc
  9. You can build this kit also "in action" like me: https://www.flickr.com/photos/21603181@N08/27953398077/in/photolist-JA9tng-HLzwFR-H52C6V-xAs9Sg-wMJGKt-kJmyMU modelldoc
  10. Hi, here is my once, not even had bombs to load: https://www.flickr.com/photos/21603181@N08/17015931007/in/photolist-Q7Txgq-s2W56m-rhXTvy-rVD6sP-rgZEzo-qsp8EA-q5yGAQ-pVrtR6-qrgRHa-puhwNU-97qQUT modelldoc
  11. T made the GR-V from the Revell kit. Used new decals and some different parts. https://www.flickr.com/photos/21603181@N08/15634030096/in/photolist-qNdNCy-pPwut3-9tFaxH modelldoc
  12. Here you can buy the best one: http://www.tom-modellbau.de/epages/180804.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/180804/Products/5074 modelldoc
  13. No, the story can be easier. Before the wall came down, it was not easy to got a driving license. You must wait, sometimes some years. Later is was easier and so many people started her drivers career. Some put the sign "A" in the rear window. In 1990 - 1991 a Trabant was very cheap, because all people want to drive a Volkswagen, Opel or Ford... So it can be a beginner, he bought this Trabant as a bargain and used it until end of 1993. This was the end of the old East German numberplate. modelldoc
  14. The big A in the rear window is handmade from a A4 paper sheet. That means A = Anfänger (beginner) There were no official stickers for that during this time, so many people do that by self. The altered sticker DDR is only for a time after the wall came down, after the 9th of November 1989. The number plate IB is for Berlin (East) modelldoc
  15. The instructions to build the model are good, and it makes no probnlems to build the kit, BUT: The decals are without any informations for the kit, no schemes to colour the trucks or witch decal you must use. The picture on the box shows a truck, but for these truck are no markings inside. I search a lot to find photos from the original trucks to decorate it. modelldoc
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