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  1. modelldoc

    Revell 2019 releases

    Okay, so it's easy for you to check the website from IPMS Germany: http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Hersteller_News/Revell_News_2019.html They wrote: Boeing 767 Rolling Stones - Gift Set (Geschenkset) modelldoc
  2. modelldoc

    Revell 2019 releases

    You can find it here: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/revell-neuheiten-2019-das-ii-bis-iv-quartal/ (sorry it's a German website) you can use a translator modelldoc
  3. Yes, payed today for my pre-order. modelldoc
  4. modelldoc

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Okay, everbody can build this model he likes. But back to the sources; Wikipedia for KPAAF say nothing about the Fantan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_People's_Army_Air_and_Anti-Air_Force Chinese manufacturer have only a superficial knowledge of the origin. F.e. Trumpeter gave the Tu-16 Badger only five red stars for marking, but the need six. The serials for the German Sea Hawk from Hobby Boss (part of trumpeter) are absolutely wrong.... I'm sure we can find much more, like a KPAAF Fantan. modelldoc
  5. modelldoc

    Revell 2019 releases

    Beware!!! The A 321 is a full kit with landing gear, the A 320 is a display model without a landing gear (you must check your spare parts for that!). modelldoc
  6. modelldoc

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Okay, but when look back, Flight is not ever corect. For example in Flight from 29 November - 5 December 1989 p. 53 they wrote about the East German air force. Flight wrote, that they have over 50 Yak-18 Max in service, now we know they got out of service in early seventies. KPAAF show in the last years often her equipment, including the Hughes helicopters from the eighties, why not the Q-5, because, they havn't it. No real picture - Fantan in North Korea is a fake (for me) Here is a website about the KPAAF, no Fantan there: http://spioenkop.blogspot.com/2013/09/north-korea-and-her-air-force.html modelldoc.
  7. modelldoc

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    Okay, Wikipedia is not the best source, we know that. Wings Palette, the same, all sources from the profile are "unknown" (!!!!) In the book Chinese Aircraft (China's aviation industry since 1951 from Y. Gordon and D. Komissarov first published 2008 by Hikoki (www.crecy.co.uk) you can find 21 (twenty - one !!!) pages about the Fantan, on all these pages you can't find the words "North Korea". So, it is only a assertion, that, Fantan's are in North Korean serevice, before or just now. That's the reality. modelldoc
  8. modelldoc

    1/72nd Nanchang Q-5 from Trumpeter

    But the problem is, there are no Fantan's in service with the North Korean AF. Never I saw a picture from a north korean Fantan, because, there is nothing. modelldoc
  9. modelldoc

    Zvezda 2019 catalogue

    All purple kits are limited! modelldoc
  10. modelldoc

    Yak-9 with South Korean markings

    Never heard about this fact, and no picture seen. But I will check it. modelldoc
  11. modelldoc

    Swiss Bf109-E3 markings in 1/72?

    Euro Decals 72109 has some good options. Swiss, German, British, Bulgaria search for " Euro Decals 72109 " and you can find a seller next to you. modelldoc
  12. YEAH!!!! it's on Hannants newsletter announced for spring!!!!!!!!!!!! modelldoc
  13. modelldoc

    Martin Baker MB-5 AZ-models

    Thanks, that's also my intention. I hate these wrong and false schemes from the czech modellers modelldoc