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  1. Hi Duncan Just received my two Finemolds Phantoms, and just wanted to say a big thank you for not only letting me know when the came in, but also for the fast turnaround time from ordering to delivery - very happy and impressed! Thank you again. A very happy Jim
  2. Hmmm, possibly . . . although when I saw Hunt class my first thought were the MCMVs my Dad was involved with I'm just reading through your build of the IBG Models kit - I need something not needing too much work! BW Jim
  3. Thank you Jamie, very generous. Now to find something to build inspired by this All the best Jim
  4. Ooo, that sounds a great one! Being from 'dah sarf' Daedalus was my 'local' base (many a fond memory of climbing over Wesseses (Wessi?) at their Air Days, as well as working there just before it's closure. And Ford is just along the road from my other half. One of my (many!) projected themes is aircraft from either base, so hope you can get some 4 blader props - love to see it! Best wishes Jim
  5. Hi Duncan, I'm certainly interested in the short nose versions but can't run to getting them all in one go So I'll have to plump for just two - the F-4J 'Aardvarks' (FP43S) and the F-4D (FP47S). Is there a way of pre-ordering them via your website? Best wishes Jim
  6. Hi Thank you all for your thoughts and comments on this. I did think it rather unlikely that if there had been two different shapes that it hadn't come up before and I was the first to notice, lol! As Finn says, the lighting conditions differ, the shadows playing quite a part in how the intake looks. It is quite a complex shape round there - I'd seen how @72nd SQN had opened them up a bit, a route I'll definitely follow. Off to look at my Airfix Mossie - from different angles Thank you all again Best wishes Jim
  7. Hi all I've been looking through photos online of Mosquitos (mainly B XVI) as inspiration to start the new Airfix kit (as if I need any more inspiration than the excellent Freightdog resin sets I've just received!). Looking at pics on World War Photos (https://www.worldwarphotos.info/) I'm really surprised how much the intercooler intake shape seems to change according to the viewing angle. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/mosquito2/mosquito-xvi-cookie/ The pic above seems to have thicker 'lips' as opposed to: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/mosquito2/mosquito-xvi/ I keep flicking through various pictures tryng to find two taken from the same angle. I take it that is IS just a question of angle/perspective,and there weren't two different shapes? Apologies if this is a silly question, but I think I'm starting to go cross eyed! Many thanks Jim
  8. Just ordered a set of each - wasn't going to hang around thinking this time!
  9. Really sad to hear the news of Paul shutting up shop. I was a very frequent visitor when he was in Waterlooville but for various reasons rarely got down to Portsmouth. Paul was always friendly and helpful, putting new arrivals to one side if it was something I was after etc. Anyone who pops in before he goes please wish him well from an original Waterlooville customer.
  10. I've just refreshed the page and mine was displaying the number of browsers column (also zero). I clicked on 'View new content' (on the left hand side: Home > Activity > View New Content) and the page is now displaying 'normally'. An odd glitch perhaps. Best wishes Jim
  11. Hi Jamie Apologies, I saw PDH's reply before I noticed your earlier reply - not having a goo day! Lol! I can totally understand about not ordering stuff just to sit on shelves. If there does turn out to be one that's not taken, any chance you could drop me a line please? Many thanks Jim
  12. Hi Thanks for the heads up on that. I did tell Jamie I'd pre-order one from him, think I;ll wait to see what the situation is there. Cheers again though. Best wishes Jim
  13. Hi Jamie Me again! After a bit of trauma here I suddenly remembered I needed to pre-order the Pontos set, but I can't find any trace of it on your site. Have I been too slow or am I not searching properly? Hope it's still going to be available. Many thanks Jim
  14. Good morning Jamie Many thanks for the info - the 'relaxed timescale' is great news (for me) Gives me time to sort things then place a pre-order (hopefully in a week or so). Also gives me time to start clearing the bench of the part done projects! Thank you again Jim
  15. Hi Jamie Having recently bought the Revell 1/144 Snowberry and trying to decide what option to go for with regards to upgrade parts I suddenly found you were stocking the Pontos sets (I'd been looking at the Snowberry set but am never happy buying from abroad ). I see they're marked as 'Pre order' and I was wondering what kind of timescale it's likely to be. I'm in no rush for it - the stash keeps me going! - but at the moment I'm 'juggling funds' and would like to hold off ordering for a short while if possible. But I'm concerned at missing the boat (literally!) in case you were going to bring in sets dependent on demand. Finger crossed! Many thanks, and best wishes Jim
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