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  1. Hi Jamie Apologies, I saw PDH's reply before I noticed your earlier reply - not having a goo day! Lol! I can totally understand about not ordering stuff just to sit on shelves. If there does turn out to be one that's not taken, any chance you could drop me a line please? Many thanks Jim
  2. Hi Thanks for the heads up on that. I did tell Jamie I'd pre-order one from him, think I;ll wait to see what the situation is there. Cheers again though. Best wishes Jim
  3. Hi Jamie Me again! After a bit of trauma here I suddenly remembered I needed to pre-order the Pontos set, but I can't find any trace of it on your site. Have I been too slow or am I not searching properly? Hope it's still going to be available. Many thanks Jim
  4. Good morning Jamie Many thanks for the info - the 'relaxed timescale' is great news (for me) Gives me time to sort things then place a pre-order (hopefully in a week or so). Also gives me time to start clearing the bench of the part done projects! Thank you again Jim
  5. Hi Jamie Having recently bought the Revell 1/144 Snowberry and trying to decide what option to go for with regards to upgrade parts I suddenly found you were stocking the Pontos sets (I'd been looking at the Snowberry set but am never happy buying from abroad ). I see they're marked as 'Pre order' and I was wondering what kind of timescale it's likely to be. I'm in no rush for it - the stash keeps me going! - but at the moment I'm 'juggling funds' and would like to hold off ordering for a short while if possible. But I'm concerned at missing the boat (literally!) in
  6. Hi Duncan Just wanted to say thank you for my Colourcoats order which has just arrived. A fast dispatch and brilliantly safely packaged The Wellington can now progress Thanks again, hope you and yours are staying safe. Best wishes Jim
  7. Just a quick test using OneDrive: Ooo, that was easy
  8. Hi Mike Brilliant, thank you I thought it looked a bit big, sorry about that I'm just starting to get back into things and having to try to remember how to post - but got the size a bit wrong! Won't happen again sir, honest! Jim
  9. Ooops sorry, was playing around and actually posted! Now how do I delete this?
  10. Hi Mike Apologies for not replying sooner - a lot going on here. Email inbound very soon Very many thanks Jim
  11. Hi all In an attempt to get back to actually building models (as opposed to just buying and planning them!) I decided to have a go at some military vehicles, the reason being that as a mainly aircraft modeller, I know next to nothing about this subject and so wouldn't get bogged down in highly accurate colours etc.. Just an OOB build. That was the plan; however . . . After being unable to find the Airfix Bedford QLT & Bedford QLD Trucks in the stash (or what used to be the garage - sometimes I wonder why I have a database of kits, they're never where they're mean
  12. What a fantastic high gloss finish - and brush painted too! What paint are you using? This thread has just cost me £11 - seeing those 'How to go plastic modelling' and its sequel I was taken back in my mind to having them from the local library, so it was off to ebay and a short while later one of each ordered Looking forward to seeing the finished Hunter Jim
  13. Hi again Tony Thanks for the info on how you did the stripes - I might have to give it a go. A lot of people have a 'paint mule' for test painting, think I'll use a stripes mule! Cheers too for your thoughts on the fairings. Your mentioning possibly the age of the aircraft may have something. The two pics I've found online that show them are on VERY mucky aircraft, whereas those without look (relatively) clean. More investigation looms As you say I can easily fill my drilled holes towards the end of the build if I need to. Cheers again Best wis
  14. Hi Tony Just wanted to say what an incredible weathering job on those stripes! The fading/wear is perfect, how long did it take? I'd also like to ask a question about this and your photo B-25. I see in this build you've left off the fairings over the (intercooler?) exits on the top of the starboard wing while the other does have them and I wondered if you knew if there was any 'rule' about when these were or were not present? At first I wondered whether it was to do with whether or not the aircraft had the smooth cowlings as opposed to the Clayton(?) type exhausts
  15. Hi Ali Just to say mine arrived today - beautifully cast! I have a fair number of items produced by yourself in the stash, each with an intent to build, but these might levitate to the top of the list :-) All the very best Jim
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