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  1. A stunning build That colour suits it bang on. I'm sure the mirrors were staggered on the real car for very practical reasons but it's definitely more asthetically pleasing with them symmetrical. However I'm not sure about the wheels - they wouldn't be my choice - but are arguably better than the standard option.
  2. My first completed build in a number of years and my first posted here. Revell kit, originally the Red Bull OTM 320i, bought second hand, missing the decals and the chassis part started. What I really wanted was a nice, straight forward build to get me back into the swing of modelling but I properly chose the wrong kit for this!! I guess this kit is typical of Revell's offerings from this era and it fought me every step of the way, not helped by the fact that I wanted to make a few mods along the way too. Luckily the inspiration of the subject kept me going.... After a few different ideas (including a convertible conversion that was clearly beyond my ability) I settled on the idea of a track car, the type of thing you'd see at one of the many club/track days at UK circuits. Parts were pulled from various sources to give the look I wanted. The wheels are from Tamiya's S2000, the spoiler from a Honda Integra, the seats from Revell's Ferrari F50, mirrors from a Porsche 996 and the RHD dash/gear lever/handbrake combo came from the spares box but possibly originated from a Tamiya Merc SL? Paint is Porsche Arctic Silver from Zero Paints (which is a reasonable match for BMW's Titanium Silver and I also had plenty of it to use up) with Halfords clear.
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    Hello everyone I thought I'd stop by here and introduce myself.... I'm new to this forum but not new to model making. I total I've been into the hobby for about 35 years, starting off building Airfix kits with my Dad. Work, kids, and just life in general have taken up most of my time in recent years but like many others I've had a little extra time at home recently so I've been able to indulge in a little model building again. My first ever kit was a Red Arrows Hawk (which I've recently build again with my son) but my real interest these days lies in automotive subjects, road cars in particular, but race/rally cars, and even the occasional truck or motorcycle. I have an interest in real cars, especially classic and sports cars and I'm a keen follower of the BTCC. Away from cars and models I've recently regained an interest in cycling, however I'm finding this a lot harder going than I did 20 years ago!! Well that's me! Yesterday I finished my first model in a number of years so once I've worked out how to upload my photos I'll post it in the completed section. Looking forward to becoming a part of this community, Chris.
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