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  1. There were seperate boxings for C-27J and G.222 until now, but apart from the engine/prop sprues, both variants consist of pretty much the same parts. If they label it as C-27A/J and G.222 I would expect that they include all parts for both aircraft.
  2. That’s a very good result. I like it. Proof that an nowadays ancient kit doesn‘t have to hide!
  3. I had a closer relationship with Revell Germany some years ago. Maybe due to the ownership changes some of the information mentioned below is obsolete but AFAIK Revell (Germany) HQ in Bünde only houses: administration distribution and warehouse product development (catalogue wise) and marketing department packaging mould archive one last injection moulding machine for testshots Actual plastic production is located as you say in Poland, whereas original Revell USA moulds are (AFAIK) mainly located or shipped to China and produced over there. Reboxes of kits of other manufacturers such as ICM, Italeri, Zvezda, Academy and Hasegawa (in the past) are delivered as sprues in polybags from their production sites, so there is no transfer of tools to RoG. The actual kit development and moulding process is contracted to other companies, mainly in South East Asia, the tools are then shipped to Europe. Decal design is made either by own designers or different freelance artists outside the company, decal printing is mainly done by Cartograf. First I don't wanted to comment on this statement originated from LSP forums, I just consider it as rumour and wait for further signals to verify or falsify...but ... EDIT: What would be the effect anyway? Most modellers I know (me included) have stashed up so many unbuilt kits that they could survive a multiple lifetimes without buying any further kit. If this rumour becomes true, the moulds wouldn't be lost. Someone will most certainly buy and re-release them. Last not least RoGs contribution to the new kits list wasn't that big in the last 3-5 years as it was before. Of course it's a matter of personal choice and preference but other manufacturers are far more innovative and interesting. Furthermore, in Germany (I cannot speak for other regions of the earth) shelf space for plastic modeling have declined considerably, if not disappeared completely in department stores such as Karstadt/Kaufhof and also in a large number of toy stores. Sometimes I think that we have to accept that plastic modeling is a descending branch, at least if you consider the masses and not the well-organized and -informed folks here on forums and the net.
  4. That’s a very inspiring build! Which nozzles did you use in the end? Pavla‘s for Airfix or Esci?
  5. Great builds, for me personally one of the most interesting modeling topics!
  6. That’s a great Lightning, now I‘m a bit feared takin‘ hands on my Sword kits
  7. That’s a very nice result then! Can please you elaborate on your impression that this is „a really bad kit“. I have some of them in my stash, single seaters as well as twins. Sure, it’s short run and I see some missing location points and the need for strengthen the aileron attachment points but what was bad with yours?
  8. Jur, very sorry about your decal problems. But you are not the first who tells that about Print&Scale. If you want to stick with an orange HT-8 trainer, maybe somebody could share with you the decal sheet of Italeri‘s current Seabat issue: https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2695/2/7 I have two kits of them but I will again have access to them maybe in a couple of weeks.
  9. There are actually some good floats available from DF Helo Stuff https://www.sparks-scalemodelshop.de/p/bell-47-schwimmer-kraftstofftanks-floats-fueltanks-1-72
  10. Looks good! just to be precise, the decals included on the Print Scale sheet are for a HT-8 aircraft (helicopter training squadron) and not for an antarctic development squadron (VXE-6) Seabat. The orange could be FS 12197 „ordinary“ gloss orange
  11. For any reason, this combo-kit can’t be shipped to Germany (says the shop)
  12. Maybe this helps? Seat is from a German 53G https://www.ebay.de/itm/Sikorsky-CH-53-Bundeswehr-Luftwaffe-Heeresflieger-Hubschrauber-Co-Pilotensitz/362914993681?hash=item547f6b5611:g:unwAAOSwKFNeRsuY
  13. Yep - no re-release of the crappy Revell Choctaw/Seabat
  14. Apart from injected rotor blades: Isn‘t that the Extratech kit as with their VS-300?
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