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  1. This is Matadors resin offering of the APC. Their castings are pretty nice but can get a bit rough and they will never be accused of being "shake and bake" kits as the fit is pretty iffy and there were no instructions in the past few I have done, so guessing what some parts are is fun. But, they offer many subjects that no one else does and when done carefully, they make nice display models. The only thing I did with this one was add wire steps/handles on the right side for roof access. Funny, there were locator holes for them, but no parts and with no instructions, no advice to make them out of wire. Also added the stretched sprue antennae.
  2. Checked. Sorry, it is just a very late Aurora release. The box looks like the Monogram ones,
  3. This is the Monogram release of this venerable old kit. It has a 4 bladed prop, which was only used on later Brisfits with a different engine and the dual Lewis gun mount, which the gunners did not like as it was more difficult to swing around and bring to bear. All I did was add a basic interior and drill out the exhausts and guns. Even used the kit decals, which were easier to apply as the Monogram releases of these kits had the locator ribbing removed. Anyhoo, here 'tis.
  4. This is, of course, the Airfix boxing of one of the old Kitmaster kits. Very old. flash, mold seams, sink marks, the lot. Removed the molded on piping/railing on the engine and the hand rails on the tender. Replaced with brass and aluminum wire. Definitely NOT a runner.
  5. Main thing to remember in scribing is don't overdo it. We're sensitive to "scale effect" in paint colors, yet we put in panel lines that in reality disappear to the naked eye at more than a dozen feet away. Go for effect, not the actual line itself if you want 'scale'. At most, panel lines look like just that, lines, not engravings. Maybe just draw them in with a very fine pencil point at the end? Just a thought and another way of looking at it.
  6. Here's that same "pig" with Toms PE lipstick and some Shapeways Carley floats on it.
  7. If you can find it, ESCi released a version of their Matilda with length and link tracks. They look much better than the rubber band ones.
  8. I am working on "modernizing" a Monogram re-issue of the old Aurora kit of this plane. The kit comes with a four bladed prop, but with the exception of a few photos, all the ones I can find have a two bladed prop. Anyone have any insight on this?
  9. I have had good results with these. https://www.micromark.com/search?keywords=rivet decals As you see, they come in two scales. You get two sheets at a time. There are many rivet patterns on each sheet. They are tiny resin "blobs" affixed to a carrier film. Cut out as many and in whatever pattern you need and apply them like normal decals. Here's an example of how they can look before paint. This model is in 1/72 scale.
  10. Heres a Special Hobby Beaufort. Beast to build. Interior does not really fit.
  11. This is the first tank designed that took crew comfort into . The engine bay was separated off from the crew compartment by a bulkhead that kept the heat and exhaust away from them. Designed at the very end of WWI it did not see service in that conflict, but remained a mainstay of the Royal Army for many years afterwards. Matador's resin kit has six or seven main parts and then the smaller detail ones. The tracks are length and link out of resin. The casting was excellent with no warping, bubbles or short shots, but fit was very problematic, many parts needing modification to go where they were suppose to go. When complete, however, it is a great addition to any early armor collection.
  12. have no dog in this fight, but might the tow cable reel out AT 4O.OOO feet rather than TO 40 K feet?Seems more plausible.
  13. This is the very old Aurora kit of this a/c. I put the question mark after the scale as there are questions about the veracity of that through this entire series of WWI kits. This one even has the raised decal locators all over it. I sanded those off and added a basic interior. These kits are simple, but fun builds and can make nice shelf models. This one is in the markings of the 213th Aero squadron based in Florida in 1919-20.
  14. Vinnie, Getting that diagnosis is always tough. I had my own moment last year and it scared the he## out of me. Put's things in a whole new perspective. My wife, who passed away from Leukemia, underwent three rounds of chemo and it really destroys your ability to concentrate on anything. She called it "chemo-brain". It passes as you get further out from the treatments, so if you are undergoing this, the effects will pass, but it takes time. If not, the least of your worries is modeling. Other things assume much more importance. Just live your life to the fullest and enjoy whatever you can whenever you can. Many positive vibes going your way.
  15. Nils, Wasn't their gun arrangement a nod to the German pocket battleships? If they couldn't quite catch them, at least they could bring all their big guns to bear. Something I heard somewhere.
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