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  1. NIce work. I think you mean WW 2, not 1. There was no Leningrad in WW 1.
  2. I saw a couple photos of this pairing from the Tunisian campaign and decided I wanted to do a model of it. The ESCI Valentine kit is very fiddly to get all the parts to fit correctly, but with much care, builds up nicely. I removed all the molded in handles and replace then from thin wire and this version has the length and link hard plastic tracks, which were very easy to work with, especially since I could leave off the entire top run of track as it was hidden by the sand shields. Speaking of which, I sanded off the molded in sand shield supports and replaced them with strip plastic.As it is towing the AT gun, I needed to add a towing bar to the rear which I made out of a truck spring suspension part. The Milicast 6 pdr. is much better than the old Airfix offering, but has a lot of flash and molding voids, like on mine the entire end of the gun barrel was just flash, so I had to "Dutchman" in a length of plastic rod. It also comes with the muzzle brake, but since the barrel just behind it was just flash, it was easy to remove. Before the 'scale police' chime in, yes I know that ostensibly the kits are in different scales, but I have found that some kits run a little larger/smaller than scale, and these two look fine together.
  3. A great example of recycling. Approx. 200 obsolete Crusader tanks were re-purposed as prime movers for the 17 pounder AT gun. Many more were intended to be built, but the mounting of the 17 pdr and "77mm" gun in self-propelled mountings made them unnecessary. It's a typical Milicast kit with lots of detail, almost to the point that I think they sometimes overreach themselves as some detail is "mushy" and there is a lot of flash and many pin holes and voids to fill. Close up photography make these pretty obvious. I had to replace the kit's headlights and guards as they were full of flash and bubbles. However, it builds up into a nice replica all the same. All the stowage came in the kit, which went a long way to concealing many of those pin holes. It's posed with a Matchbox 17pdr in the last photo to show it in its "natural environment".
  4. This is a very nice resin kit of this a/c. It is nicely cast with few problems and clean up, sometimes a chore with resin kits, was pretty easy, with the exception of cleaning up between the spokes of the wheels which was pretty tedious. The only detail missing I found were the front fender braces, and those were easily done with stretched sprue. Fit was very good with no warpage. The instructions were adequate to the task. It builds up into an interesting little model.
  5. Yeah, I agree about the mirror arms. Right now they look like large iron pipes, but it was the end of the build when they were added and it was only destined for my shelf, so I begged off changing them as I headed into a another project.
  6. Don't see it on their website, but I got it only a year or so ago. Might be worth contacting them in case they have some "in the back" as they say.
  7. I'm adding a Tom's Model Works degaussing table to my Airfix Repulse. A section of it passes across the ship just in front of the bow breakwater over the wooden part of the deck. While the rest of the ship is camouflaged, the deck is not painted, so what color would this length of the degaussing cable be? I'll have to paint it before I install it but after the deck is dealt with.
  8. This kit has been sitting started in my stash for literally years. With my current covid confinement, I pulled it out and finished it off. It's OOTB with the exception of hollowing out the trailer ramps and chocks as I have seen in photos. Makes it more interesting I think. I also added all the stowage to fill up all that space in the back of the truck and on the trailer and the glazing in the truck windows. Left the driver side one part way down. Kit was typical Matchbox. Detail was a bit mushy and fit was problematic in places. But it's the only injection molded one in this scale, so it's your only choice.
  9. Donor kit was the Roden London Bus kit. Used the frame and suspension as a starting point.
  10. This is the 1960's vintage kit, complete with raised decal locators. I removed those and added a basic interior just so it wasn't completely empty in there. It went together easily, although I changed the order of assembly of all those wings to ensure decent alignment and sanity on my part. The decals were unusable, so I cobble together some from my spares. The kit is of the 'Black Mariah', and calls for the plane to be all black. From what I've been able to find out, only the cowl, metal engine panels and tail fin were black, the rest being conventionally painted. Since I wasn't doing a 'Black Mariah', I just painted the cowl and tail black. It's not my best rigging effort as having that wing in the middle made everything more complicated to get right. However, for a 60 year old kit, it doesn't look too bad.
  11. it is such a nice kit, and you did it justice. Nice work.
  12. Well, it's done. Notice that the workmanship is not particularly precise. It wasn't on the real vehicles either, which is a happy coincidence with my skill level at building. You can see the whole build thread here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235071218-172-british-improvised-apc-dublin-1916/&tab=comments#comment-3648772
  13. Here's link with some good info as well. https://ansionnachfionn.com/2016/03/23/improvised-armour-from-the-british-army-1916-to-the-islamic-state-2016/ Yep, decal rivets.
  14. OK, got it ready for paint. Everything is glued in place and the last rivets have been added, thank goodness. Also added handles to the "hood" access doors and a crank. Then a coat of primer covered up all my work, but shows me what goofs I need to fix before I paint it. Which raises another question, what color where these things? There are only black and white photos. They do show that the added "armor" is painted a lighter color than the undercarriage, but who knows what either should be. I'll think on that for a bit.
  15. Rivets are decals from MicroMark. You get a whole 6X9 sheet of various patterns. I was not aware that Archer did much in small scale.
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