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  1. Done as a pressure release job as I worked on another larger project that was on pause. It's OOTB with the exception of the drop tank that I added from the spares box and the kit decals were toast, so these are also from the spares. Chose this scheme because the only masking was the on the canopy and that was pretty straight forward.
  2. Wee Friends does some beautiful casting. I've done several of their kits and they are excellent.
  3. Contrail did a 1/72 vacform Ambassador. There are several citations about it on Google.
  4. I may be wrong, but I think those little bombs are flares.
  5. I'm reading Hollands "Sicily '43". In a chapter entitled "Airpower", he tells a story of a pair of Spitfires out of Malta equipped with "auxiliary fuel tanks that could be discarded ..." I'm no aircraft expert, but I don't recall ever hearing mention of Spits being so equipped nor seen a photo of one. Anyone out there have more info on this?
  6. Yeah, the font's off. The kit decals were a total loss and this is the closest match I had on hand.
  7. Arnold Ambrose. Here's Airfix's HMS Hotspur in Western Approaches colors with some PE details added.
  8. I made no major alterations to this kit other than drilling out the port holes, the 5" gun barrels were replaced with rod stock as the kit ones were just blobs, the anchor chains are PE as I had to remove the molded in ones to get the deck/hull joint filled/smoothed in that area, and I added PE railings and the direction finding radar on the top of the main mast and the antennae are stretched sprue. With very careful parts clean up and assembly, it built up rather nice looking, I think, especially as these molds date from 1961!
  9. Nicely done, but not to put too fine a point on it, it's not a Crusader II. The Mark II did away with the glacis MG turret.
  10. Did this OOTB while waiting for things to dry on another model, then got caught up in it as it was turning out pretty well. Typical Frog kit with minimal parts, but nice raised detail. Of course, no interior detail, so I painted up the crash test dummy like pilot they give you just to fill up the space. Given it's age, it's nice little kit that was fun to build.
  11. This is an earlier release of this kit. I could tell as some things were different than on later releases, such as the rear lower deck openings were just indentations on this kit, so I opened them up. I also added PE radars and other details, including the struts and landing gear for the Swordfish. I used Shapeways Carly floats as the molded on ones lacked definition. The elevators are molded separately, but if you want them up, there's a large gap around them, so I glued them in place and filled the seam and while I was at it sanded off all the over scale molded in landing wires. I also armed
  12. These kits are just downright fun to build. Only things I added were the fuel lines to the outside tanks on the A10s and antennae and pennants on all of them. The quarter is there for size comparison.
  13. These kits are just plain fun. I know they are made for the war-gaming crowd and the detail is not exacting, but they just fall together and look really good when complete. All I did with this one was add the exhausts to the carrier and separated the satchels as they came as a string of three. The figures are ok, not the best in this scale, but certainly adequate. My only problem was getting the carrier crew in place. It's very cramped and there may have been an amputation or two to get them in place. As is, I think the driver is going to need a lot of dental work after a few bumps. Anyhoo, he
  14. Started this one as an in-between project as some other stuff dried/set, but got carried away and had to finish it. I got it in a box of stuff I bought. I'm not sure of the date of this particular issue, but the molds date back to 1958. Fit is ok with the exception of the engine nacelles to the wings, which took quite a bit of filing/sanding/filling, and the front windscreen which was too wide. I solved that by cutting it in half in the middle, glueing one half in place and letting it set, then test fitting and filing the other half to fit. Once in place, it was puttied all over then sanded sm
  15. This is actually from a few years ago but I just came across the photos and thought some might be interested in seeing them. There are many detail differences between the Mk IV and the Mk V, but the basic framework s the same. You can see the changes and kit corrections in the in-progress photos and how they look on the finished product. I did replace the kit tracks with resin ones from Matador.
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