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  1. You're not the only person interested in these little cars. Check these out. http://www.trabi-museum.com/home (Berlin) http://www.trabantmuzeum.cz/en/ (Prague) They have attainted the fame/popularity in the same way as the old Mini's have in the UK. Oh, and by the way. Very nice job. Probably better than the real car from what I've heard.
  2. It's a height finding radar. A quick search on Google using those words produced photos of many different types all of very similar configurations. You'd have to pour over all the photos to pick the one you need. However, I'm pretty sure someone on this Forum will know the specific type.
  3. This is one of the best resin castings I have ever seen. The detail is amazing, there were no bubbles or short shots, no globs and the detail went all the way down to the floor inside. One rear fender was broken, but a spare was included. It's OOTB with the exception of some of the stowage on the inside. The Windsor Carrier was made in Canada using parts from the ubiquitous Universal carrier in an attempt to produce a larger, more powerful vehicle. It was all that, but it was found that it also had some mechanical problems. Only about 500 were produced and the 21st Army Group used them to tow 6 pdr. AT guns in Europe.
  4. mackem01 I believe this was one of their later kits. Detail-wise, it's pretty basic. There's really nothing in the cockpit other than a seat, floor, stick and basic instrument panel. Gunner's area had a floor, basic stool-like seat and floor, There's no detail on the inner walls at all. No engine and the external detail is pretty basic. In short, there's really no comparison. HOWEVER, they are immensely easier to get together and you see how nice they can look with a little effort. On my shelf from three feet away, it looks pretty good.
  5. Another step on my journey down the road of the old Aurora WW I kits. This is their DH-4. It comes with the four bladed prop instead of two and with the dual rear Lewis guns. That gun mount was disliked by the gunners as being bulky, hard to bring to bear and used up a LOT of ammunition. I added my usual basic interior, but the rest is OOTB. Just realized looking at these photos that one of my brass prop guards is on backwards. Oops.
  6. I think a lot of what was in Fire Power wound up at Ft. Nelson, just north of Portsmouth. It's well worth a visit and on a nice day has a very good view of the harbor.
  7. As I looked at this vehicle, I thought it might make a manageable scratch building project due to is slab-sided configuration. However, I couldn't find any references as to what the interior looked like. I've seen several other models and each is different. What did you use for reference?
  8. There's Armourgeddon in Leicestershire https://www.armourgeddon.co.uk/, but it has limited hours in the winter months, and this http://www.wmahm.org.uk/ on the Isle of Wight. Then there's this https://www.muckleburgh.co.uk/ located in Weybourne on the coast north of Norwich. I know these are not "down south", but maybe worth a trip.
  9. Nice kit of a rare vehicle, but lots of clean up of flash, seams and rough surfaces. 3 pdr. detail is a bit mushy, but I can live with that. Fit overall is pretty good, although you do need to test fit everything to make sure. i added a few little things to make some aspects more logical or complete.
  10. I've had several more intense modeling projects recently, so I wanted to do something just for fun. I had picked up this kit at SMW and decided to have a go. i've never done an Armourfast kit before, thinking them too simplistic. In all fairness, they are aimed at the wargaming market and a quick build. However, besides the tracks, which are very simplistic, it was very fun to work on and built up into a nice model. Fit was very good with only a tiny bit of putty needed at the top/bottom hull joints. What detail there is is pretty nicely done and it would be easy to 'dress up' this model. You get two kits in each box, so I may pass the other on to someone who's looking for a bit of stress relief.
  11. This is one of the venerable old Aurora WW I aircraft kits. Goes together well, but, of course, not up to what most would expect today. I added a basic interior and had to replace the decals because they had gone beyond yellow to brown.
  12. This was just for fun. Picked it up for a pound or so at Scale Model World. Seven part "kit". Nicely cast. Could dress up a 1/144 scale airfield diorama nicely.
  13. Completely Obsessed. The "knobs" are HO gauge model railroad detail parts called "eyelets" I believe. Got them from Tichy Trains. https://www.tichytraingroup.com/ They have all sorts of very useful bits and bobs.
  14. I almost hate to wade into the scale debate as model railroaders are the experts, but I believe it's HO, which means 1/87.
  15. Took a break from a couple larger projects. Thought this would be a nice simple build/finish, and it was. Just replaced the molded in hand rails. Cute little thing. As usual, with close up photos, I've noticed a couple things yet to tend to.
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