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  1. I know that the spar was a ‘single, homogenous piece’. When I found the wing was flat, I made the notch in the spar to try and flex the wing. It was made AFTER I found the wing was flat. I didn’t take the photo when I first glued the spar to the wing because I didn’t know there would be an issue. Anyhow thank you for the head-on front view shot. it looks like your model has the correct dihedral. Congratulations
  2. Thank you all for your input. Indeed there’s a dihedral imparted on the lower wing. The dihedral is further reinforced with a thick spar which joins the wheel wells. Nevertheless the dihedral Airfix provided is too flat (a mere 2° instead of the prescribed 6°). This is what my assembled wing looks like: Wing mated with the fuselage: The error is obviously in the wing, not the fuselage. Let’s look under the covers: In order to be able to flex the wing and achieve the right dihedral, we’ll need to saw off and remove a part of the bridge joining the wing wells and create a gap between the upper wings and the fuselage. Wing and fuselage joined and glued with tube cement Leave overnight. The result: So far so good. The resulting wing joins need a little putty The dihedral issue being resolved, I can go back to the rest of the build. Thank you gentlemen for your help. Cheers, Quang
  3. Hello all, I’m currently building the 1/48 Tomahawk kit from Airfix. It’s a very good, enjoyable model despite some minor errors widely noted on the internet. The building was pleasant and without issue until as I joined the wings to the fuselage. There is an obvious lack of dihedral if the kit was built as per the instructions. I’ve read almost anything published on the internet about the kit yet never found someone mentioning this rather obvious feature. Did I made some error while building this kit? Do any of you building the Airfix kit encounter the same problem? Please let me know. Cheers, Quang
  4. Great project Iain! I had the same in mind but was put off by the 97 euro tag Special Hobby asks for their resin engine. So I reverted to the 1/48 Eduard version with Brassin and CMK add-ons. Will be following your build with much interest. Cheers, Quang
  5. Same nose as on B models. Check the instructions A-26K B-26B-50
  6. So self-sealing tanks would only be present on wartime period photographs. That would explain a lot. Thank you very much for your input. Cheers, Quang
  7. Hello modeller friends, I’m building the Eduard Tempest and wants to represent it with the nose panels removed. I’m busting on the fuselage oil and fuel tanks in front of the windshield and would like to ask for your assistance to help me out. I’ve read that the tanks were self-sealing. A friend told me they were covered with rubber like on the Spitfire, but on the pictures they’re clearly metallic. Some photos also showed them painted in dark red colours like on the Hurricane. What’s the consensus about it? Thank you for your help. Cheers, Quang
  8. Hi Chris, Like you, I had the idea of building the Eduard Tempest with some panels removed to show the engine and some parts of the cockpit. I bought the Brassin resin engine and cockpit together with the CMK oil and fuel tanks and am still contemplating which panels I should removed and still retain some integrity to the build. A few more pics of your project would be very welcome to help me making my decision. Thanks, Quang
  9. Hello Chris, I’ve been following this thread with interest as I’m starting an Eduard Tempest V myself. Have you progressed on your project since your last posting? Wishing you the best, Cheers, Quang
  10. So now - almost 4 months on - what is your conclusion? Can you show us some pictures of your finished Eduard P-51 Iwo jima limited edition? Just curious
  11. Whoever came up with the name ‘rumourmonger’ for this forum is a genius.
  12. Soviet Union? C’mon man, it’s 2021
  13. Hi all, While researching for a new project, I stumbled on this colourful picture of a VNAF Skyraider. From the nose badge, I supposed that the plane belonged to the 520th Squadron Than Bao (Divine Panther) based at Binh Thuy, South Vietnam between 1965 and 1968. What’s unusual is the blue star-studded rudder reminiscent of the blue fuselage sash on VNAF A-37s. Incidentally the 520th Sqn converted to A-37 in 1968. Can you, Skyraider experts, tell me more about it ? What I’d need most is the serial number of this aircraft. I also remember having seen a picture of another 520th plane with a red rudder instead of blue. So if you have other photos, they would be very welcome. Thank you all for your assistance. Cheers, Quang
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