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  1. All one has to do is use the same raised lines as a template for add-on armor plates in plastic card. Where’s the problem?
  2. Nice tanks! You’re from ARC, aren’t you? What we’d like to see are your aircraft models.
  3. Thomas from ARC , what is the last kit you have finished? Can you show it to us?
  4. Next time I know, you’d hire someone to build a correct model for you. Where’s the modelling in it?
  5. Do you sincerely think that modellers cannot trust their own eyes and therefore need ’experts’ to show them the issue? There was a time when modellers would marvel at a new kit, buy it, go home and build it. Whatever the errors, we tried to correct them with the best of our abilities. I’m not sure that becoming dependant on aftermarket like we do nowadays make us better modellers.
  6. I have no problem with AMK. For the following reasons: 1. I always read comments about newly-born kits with a pinch of salt, especially when they’re based upon CAD renderings and quick photos of the test shots. 2. I don’t decide if a kit is good or not before I see the plastic. 3. Therefore I never pre-order a kit but rather wait for its general release. 4. I never buy more than one kit of a particular a/c at a time because it takes me a lot of time to research, build and correct a model. Having said that, I have no particular interest in AMK or F-14s. But when I saw the sprue shots of the AMK F-14D on the internet, I was impressed and decided to give their earlier Fouga Magister a go. I was not disappointed. It’s one of the most pleasurable builds I had in years.
  7. This is a new-born kit. Yet bad fairies are already bending over the cradle with their red felt pen, er ... wand.
  8. I agree that the new KInetic F-104 is outstanding. I have it. But obviously you haven’t seen the AMK Fouga Magister which I also happen to own.
  9. As for the putty, I'd put talcum baby powder in the seam, wipe the excess with my finger and put a small drop of liquid CA super glue on the powder. It would dry in a minute and you can sand and restore the gap right after. No need to wait. The beauty of it is that the CA glue/talcum powder combination has the same hardness as the surrounding plastic. You can engrave panel lines over it without the risk of chipping. HTH Quang
  10. Hello Nikolay, Your cockpit is a very good start, a very busy and neat office. I've stopped glazing the bezels on my IP because I found out that while it looks pretty on its own, you won't notice the reflection on the glass when the IP is in position inside the cockpit. Gather your mojo and move on. Don't let the beast beat you. Cheers, Quang
  11. From what I read, the T-38A is the first complete kit created and released by Wolfpack Design. I didn't know much about the real-life Talon and discovered about its features as I was building the kit. I was astounded to see how the model is faithful to its full scale counterpart. Thank you for looking. Cheers, Quang
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