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  1. That’s what I needed to know. The picture’s clear now. Thank you Jack and Vesa for being such a great help Kind regards, Quang
  2. Thank you @JackG I think I’m beginning to get the picture. If I understand correctly, a G-6 sporting the MK 108 cannon would invariably start its life with the denomination U4. It would have the cannon, ammunition box and cover installed at the factory. What I would like to know is this: In the case of a G-6 leaving the factory without the cannon installed, would it still have the accessories pertaining to the bigger gun like the ammunition box and cover or did these accessories came standard with the cockpit ‘furniture’? In short, has anyone seen a picture of a G-6 cockpit WITHOUT the cannon ammunition box and cover?
  3. In fact I’m using the 1/32 Zoukei Mura Bf109 G-14/U4 as the donor kit. The 30mm MK 108 cannon is provided together with its cover in the cockpit. Incidentally I understood you rightly. What I meant was: I didn’t know the G-6 could carry 5 guns at the same time.
  4. Yes a 30mm gun. The plane already have the two MG 151/20 underwing pods. I didn’t know there was a five-gun version of the G-6. If there was, it did make sense that they’d keep the cover even if it was unused. Thank you very much ,gents for your input. Cheers, Quang
  5. Dear modeller friends, I’m currently backdating a G-14 to an earlier G-6/R-6 with the MG 151/20 underwing gunpods. I suppose the G-6/R-6 was not fitted with the motorkanone and would like to know what I should do with the motorgun cover provided in the cockpit. Should I leave it on or should I remove it? A picture of a G-6 cockpit without the motorgun would help me enormously. Thank you all for your input. Cheers, Quang
  6. So… what happened to this? Or is it a …mirage?
  7. … especially when it turns out more expensive that you once thought at first.
  8. Not bad! Thanks for the links, Dennis. Anyone else?
  9. You have the right to believe whatever you say, bud. But that doesn’t answer my other question: has anyone seen a completed model of a Infinity kit?
  10. Strange fact. Looks like NOBODY ever questioned the accuracy of Infinity kits. Likewise has anybody ever seen a completed build of an Infinity model? Just curious.
  11. How in-depth? You assuredly didn’t check HERE
  12. WOW! That impressive build is a French A-team’s effort: one did the detailing, our own @Zigomar did the camouflage, another the stencils, another one the clear parts and a last one did the propeller logo. It’s a really tough act to follow, even more in a smaller scale. But it’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Thank you @Blimpyboy for the link. No doubt it will serve me greatly for my build. Cheers, Quang
  13. Here is my take on ‘celeste’ blue as applied on a Macchi C.200 Piaggo propeller based on the great info you have so kindly offered me. I hope you like it. Cheers, Quang
  14. I just took a look at the Aviolibri and saw the verde anticorrosione cockpit. I guess I decided early on to build my model on the base of the Aero Detail book . Indeed I got to stop the research somewhere or else I would spend my life researching instead of modelling. The two reasons I’m doing a model of the Seatta are simple: 1-painting a tri-colore Italian camouflage, 2- dealing with the open wheel bay/fuselage interior. Of course, I’d try to deal with the other issues (paint, technical matters, …) with the best of my modest ability but they’re NOT my priorities. My goal has never been to make a museum exhibit. I’m only in it for the fun and the excitement. And also for the pleasure of exchanging views and learning from you all. Cheers, Quang
  15. Thank you Giorgio for your input. I still have lots and LOTS to learn.
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