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  1. Whoever came up with the name ‘rumourmonger’ for this forum is a genius.
  2. Soviet Union? C’mon man, it’s 2021
  3. Hi all, While researching for a new project, I stumbled on this colourful picture of a VNAF Skyraider. From the nose badge, I supposed that the plane belonged to the 520th Squadron Than Bao (Divine Panther) based at Binh Thuy, South Vietnam between 1965 and 1968. What’s unusual is the blue star-studded rudder reminiscent of the blue fuselage sash on VNAF A-37s. Incidentally the 520th Sqn converted to A-37 in 1968. Can you, Skyraider experts, tell me more about it ? What I’d need most is the serial number of this aircraft. I also remember having seen
  4. Hey Nikolay, I have the same riveting tool for some years (only mine is marketed by Trumpeter). I tried it 3 or 4 times with no satisfactory result. Now that I see what YOU have achieved with it, I think may be I should have persevered and not let it go so easily. Thank you for helping me get the mojo back. Cheers, Quang
  5. At least you won’t need Aires for the wheel wells
  6. Proper modelling indeed. I’m in. Cheers, Quang
  7. Thank you Chris. Glad you like it! In some instances, straying from the instructions can save you a lot of trouble during a build. That is why I always take time to get myself familiar with a new kit. Every build is like a car trip, Nikolay. Some times it’s a four-lane flat top, other times it’s a bumpy dirt road. Haha Markus, I guess you’re ready for some swordplay yourself with your Thunderceptor project. I will be following your build with interest.
  8. The scorched metal effect is THE big challenge for every Hun modeller. I’m on my 3rd try. Still sweating on it. Have a great day, Quang
  9. ... and the F-104. Kinetic makes a nice one in 1/48. The Century fighters series is a great modeling theme indeed. As I’m on my Hun trip, it would be nice to see you build a F-100F in Misty FAC or Wild Weasel configuration. VERY nice Meng Deuce Cracking crisp build! Cheers, Quang
  10. Hello all, Having finished the nose part, we'll turn to the other end: the exhaust. Monogram obligingly gives us the two types of exhaust sported by the Hun in its lifetime: the original 'iris' type and the F-102 type as used by the ANG. The kit mouldings are accurate albeit lacking of finesse: the nozzle and tail part are moulded integrally and the tail pipe is ridiculously short. This area can be easily enhanced by combining the two options. Here's how: – The nozzles are separated from the tail parts and the parts switched – The kit
  11. @B.sin Call me sentimental but these old brands like Monogram and to a lesser extent Revell displayed some ‘feel’ about their subjects. It’s not about accuracy per se but a sense of wonder these old kits seem to convey. Oh well I’m getting old! @bar side Your Wethersfield Hun reminds me of Triple Zilch, a version we F-100 fans all have built at one time or another. Great hangar setting by the way! @Nikolay Polyakov Don’t get me wrong. Trumpy/HobbyBoss are capable of some very good kits. Their 1/48 McDonnell Demon makes an impressive model once you get past the initial
  12. @bar side The scorched metal effect will be one of my first with this F-100 project. Thank you for the Flixton. Is it me or do the drop tanks look ...odd? @Biggles87 Here's a tip for painting stripes: first paint yellow overall. Then add the black stripes. Don't bother to make them good on the first try. Leave to dry, then adjust the width of each stripe with yellow paint. This method also works for painting VERY THIN lines. @Ben Brown Haha Ben, you caught me in the act! Indeed I removed the wings and the stabs for an easier access to the fuselage joint. I just wan
  13. The Monogram F-80 is another classic. For some reason, its near-contemporary, the F9F Panther was only so-so. Back to the F-100 kit nose, it’s not 100% correct. The lower lip is still too flat but most of all it lacks the subtle but very noticeable bulge on the upper lip covering the IFF aerial and the gun-tracking radar. I tried to correct it by first, thinning the opening... ... locating the radome... ... building up the slight bulge with milliput and shaping it by sanding. The result... I reckon
  14. @bigbadbadge The engraved IP and the cockpit tub are what we, old timers regret the most in Monogram kits. The treatment is a perfect balance between accuracy, ease of assembly and moulding techniques. No need for photo etching or resin add-ons. And I won’t even mention the fashionable 3-D printings. @Nikolay Polyakov Indeed. It’s the perfect remedy when you lose your modelling mojo. Just dig up an old Monogram kit and get back to basics. @bar side The French camo was not exactly the SEA scheme used by the USAF. Different patterns and colours. Combined with the extreme
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