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  1. quangster

    Kittyhawk RF-101C 1/48

    What are you moaning about? It took you less than ONE MONTH to complete a rather adequate OOB version of the Kitty Hawk kit. I can assure you that the old Monogram would take much longer than that. Isn’t it that the proof that some Kitty Hawk kits are NOT ‘unbuildable’ after all? Cheers, Quang
  2. Superb result to a terrific project. I learned a lot about Mustangs by following your WIP. Thanks! Quang
  3. I appreciate the delicate figure of Miss Amelia slowly walking to her plane. Can we have a closer look?
  4. Les portes de train sont collées à l'envers.
  5. Either version is legit. The partly covered version must be post-war. In any case, logically L and R should be the same.l
  6. Dear Olivier, It appears to be on the left when you’re looking from under the plane but actually it’s the right (starboard) wing to the pilot. Just like when you’re standing face to face with someone, his right arm is on your left. Likewise on your photo the three IFF (not navigation) lights are located UNDER the right wing.
  7. Actually the insignia is on the bottom (under) of the right wing
  8. Nice work on the barrels null
  9. Great job with the wells, Olivier. IMO the main point is not to replicate each and every piping in the wells but to make the whole think LOOK busy. It's the impression that counts. Keep on the great work, Cheers, Quang
  10. Hello Olivier, A super job with the wheel wells. Does that mean that you still have to paint the structure in yellow chromate once the 'ceiling' with the decals is done? I admire your patience and your endurance. All the best, Quang
  11. Aaah, I learned something new today. Thank you, John for the clarification.
  12. From what I understand, this is how a field-installed fillet 'works'. Of course I could be wrong.
  13. If like you say, 44-13903 was the first to have the fillet installed from the factory, then 44-11222 on the photo I posted should have a field-installed fillet. Or shouldn't it?
  14. The DFF from the add-on kits were actually a single sheet of metal without any aerodynamic profile.
  15. Haha. I understand that you're going nuts with all the details Nevertheless I'm following your thread daily as it makes a good web 'feuilleton' aside being an invaluable resource for anyone building a Mustang model. Thanks you and see you au prochain numéro. Quang