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  1. I hope you share your journey on figuring that out. Personally I think my focus on airbrush limits me a lot with doing stuff across cities, but Toffa recently took his to a hotel and built a lovely 1/48 model.
  2. Welcome. The hobby does skew "old white man", but at the last show I was at a young woman cleaned up with a bunch of awards, and @Heather Kay regularly amazes me with her incredible work here. I've learned a lot here and am grateful to the community. Best wishes with your build and hope you have a good time.
  3. Given wartime conditions, I think a drop down the stairs adds authenticity
  4. I was thinking the same! And hat's off to Mark for embracing Ozhawk40's news of the issue then pulling off the fix with his usual grace. The way people handle errors can be more inspiring than those superhumans going around being right the first time
  5. Hope you're able to recharge and refresh a bit. Some mindful breathing audios here. I like "relaxing under pressure" in the right column. Regular moments of relaxation help the brain by shutting down the stress that jacks up its threat-oriented amygdala. That means the brain starts from a lower level of stress when it confronts challenges. https://www.mcgill.ca/wellness-hub/get-support/mental-health-support/self-directed-care/meditation-audio
  6. Fabulous work. Gorgeous exhausts... decal worked well. Love that green finish with all the nuances. Another work of art.
  7. I read accounts of "stake trucks" for air crew anyway which I took to mean pickups with stakes along the sides of the cargo bed. eg. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/432204895469047848/
  8. Almost there! Love that -7, the scheme really appeals to me. Look like you're wrestling the -6 successfully as well.
  9. Hello again. First, I'd like to express my gratitude to Britmodellers for their kindness and for inspiring me. It means a lot. Really, it does. ⚠️Second, a blunt health PSA.⚠️ It's taken me about five weeks to recover somewhat from my dad's heart attack and death two weeks later. I'd just say this: put your health first. Cut the crappy food, walk, do mindful breathing. If you don't look after yourself now, you undermine your ability to survive chance events in the future. You can end up with painful cracked ribs from the CPR, intubation on a respirator for ten days, terrified panic attacks facing death, begging to go home and saying it's not your time, your family helpless around you. I still get flashbacks. It was all unnecessary. Seriously, love yourself by investing in your health. Third, I found myself alone and staring at a draft PowerPoint and thinking.... ugh... nooooooo... ...time to get back to my Seagull! Something I did manage to do while haphazardly hacking out a flap at my mom's place ages ago was realize it was pretty stupid to saw through thick plastic and damage my blade. My dad had stacks of tools (literally drawers full of every kind) so I grabbed a rotary tool and a grinding bit and savagely wore off a bunch of plastic inside the wings and around the inside of the front door to the cockpit to thin them out. The pic below shows the worn down sections after I cut pieces out. When I resumed work tonight, I cut through relatively quickly and was able to separate the aileron of a wing, and also the delicately curved front door. I really wanted to open the front door because I've seen pictures of it opened vertically, gullwing style, and I think thst would be very cool along with all the other openings. You can see how delicate that door is after being ground down inside, then sawn out with my ninja saw.
  10. Hardly. Perfection is the realm of dreamers, not doers. I haven't touched anything in months now so I am quite amazed at how you are motoring along. These are very cool little models. Must be nice to work on modules that stand on their own and will add to the overall Stirling experience in the end.
  11. Your "monochromatic" birds are always so beautiful with the nuances and variations you work into them. Inspiring stuff... makes me want to get back to it myself.
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