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  1. Thank you Dave and thank you, and congrats, on running such a great group build!
  2. Thanks Lawzer, and thank you for running such a fun group build!
  3. Here's my effort, the 1/72 Whirlwind, completely OOB except for the radio wires. Great fun to build.
  4. Finished! Not my finest bit of modelling but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Always wanted this kit when I was a nipper and it was a very fun little build. May start doing a few more OOB stress free builds as it's rather good fun! Cheers for watching Segan
  5. Blimey, just realised how close the end date is, I'd better put my rocket skates on!
  6. Finished construction, little bit of filler here and there but nothing major. Then onto painting. As you can see the box must have been in the sun too long or something as the camouflage diagram is none too helpful! But a quick go on the googles and we're off to the races! Not my best work but I'm a little out of practice, also using the Humbol paints that came with the kit and I forgot how much I hate spraying Humbrol acrylic. The green is Tamiya as the green pot was just unredeemable sludge. Hopefully get a coat of clear on her and some decals in the next few days. Cheers
  7. Thanks Lawzer! So almost finished construction, all pretty straightforward. Except I did glue the nose on upside down but luckily caught that before the glue had fully set, doh! Leaving the props off till then end. Hopefully get the wings on later and give it a coat of primer to see how the seems look. Cheers
  8. Thanks Tony! Really looking forward to it, hopefully it'll be a nice easy mojo restorer.
  9. A late entry from me! I've had very little time this year for modelling but hopefully this month I can get this done. Going for the Westland Whirlwind, always wanted this kit when I was a kid and never got it. This will be built OOB, wheels up and on a stand. Actually the stand is not in the box and will be using a spare from the box of bits, but other than that it's OOB. Managed to paint the pilot, he's a little smaller than the figures I normally paint but think he came out ok
  10. Did the Fly kit ever come out? I know they said they were doing one but I haven't seen anything else about it.
  11. Thanks chaps and a merry Christmas to you all!
  12. Thanks Rome Alpha Yankee! Well I have finished, very nice little kit to build. The only issue I had was with masking the windscreen and that was completely my hamfisted fault and some issues I was having with my airbrush resulting in a way too heavy coat of paint in places! Nearly came a cropper when I was taking photos for the gallery when she came up against a giant cat! Thanks for watching! Segan
  13. Didn't quite finish her this weekend but did get all the decals on. The warning stripe on the fuselage is not 100% straight and I think if I made another I would mask and paint this but other than that the decals went on excellently. Will do a limited panel line wash, mainly around the control surfaces and then get some undercarriage on this beasty!
  14. Thanks Murdo! Little more progress after some fiddly masking she is coming along. I would love to get her finished this weekend, we'll see.
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