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  1. Off to my usual flying start, like a sloth on a go-slow. Painted up the chaps, pleasantly quite delicately detailed, and put them in the office. Realised I need an eye test and new glasses and maybe some new brushes!
  2. Thanks Pete! May drop you a line if I get stuck.
  3. I went to it in Vegas a long time ago, I'd skipped out on a conference I was supposed to be attending! Seem to remember it was in a dodgy part of town. As Vegas is generally pretty dodgy, that's saying something!
  4. Looking forward to this one, I've built a couple of the Airfix 54mm kits and they're great. I think as a kid I used old toothpaste tubes for straps and flags but these days wine bottle foil is my go to too. I don't think anyone still makes metal toothpaste tubes and I seem to have a wealth of the later! Segan
  5. I managed to get out of there in about an hour, just on the planes, didn't even really go through the other sections. I made not of a few things I want to go back and get later, really was a amazing selection. The only other kit I got was the ICM Fokker EIV, which would also be eligible for this group build. We'll see if I have time! Thanks for the tips Tony! And yes that box art is great. I love the current Airfix box art but I will always have a soft spot for this era. Thanks Stix!
  6. Last month I made it to Rare-Plane Detective, which if ever you are in Southern California, is a must visit. Tons of kits, old and newish, I was like a kid in a sweet shop. Really good selection of planes, armour, cars & sci-fi, and I had to really restrain myself from blowing my budget there! I picked up this venerable beauty for the princely sum of $11, which is £7.80, according to Google. I'm aware it's fairly (Fairey) flawed but won't be correcting any faults and probably won't do anything other than build it as instructed. I made one of these back in the day when I was a kid and it hung over my bed for many years. Looking forward to this trip down memory lane. First thing is to wash it and check that the decals are still usable, if not I can probably cobble some together. Cheers Segan
  7. Recently went to Rare Planes Detective, if ever you make it to Southern California it’s a must. Picked up this little beauty there. Made one of these are kid, many, many moons ago. Realise it’s a bit flawed but looking forward to the trip down memory lane!
  8. They have a competition running over on Instagram to build a pre-production prototype of the Spitfire or 109. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKMA74Qod5X/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  9. Thanks AW! Yeah I love how the lozenge looks, always been a bit wary of doing a plane in it as I'm not a big fan of large decals but other than a few minor wrinkles this turned out pretty nice. Thank you Colin!
  10. Hansa Brandenburg W.29 - Eastern Express 1/72. Scratchbuilt some cockpit details, exhaust pipes, windscreen and added rigging. Fun build and I love how she looks! Cheers Segan
  11. All done! Attaching the floats was relatively painless, fiddly but not too stressful. Although initially i attached them the wrong way around, seems counter intuitive to have the blunt end facing forward! Added the last few details, minimal rigging. Made a windscreen, luckily my hole punch made a pretty good sized curved windscreen. I'll get some better pics for the gallery later today. Thanks everyone, especially Rob and Enzo for hosting. Segan
  12. Beginning to look quite plane-like now! Little bit of an effort to get the wings on but nothing major. Fingers crossed I can finish this puppy off this weekend.
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