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  1. They have a competition running over on Instagram to build a pre-production prototype of the Spitfire or 109. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKMA74Qod5X/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. Thanks AW! Yeah I love how the lozenge looks, always been a bit wary of doing a plane in it as I'm not a big fan of large decals but other than a few minor wrinkles this turned out pretty nice. Thank you Colin!
  3. Hansa Brandenburg W.29 - Eastern Express 1/72. Scratchbuilt some cockpit details, exhaust pipes, windscreen and added rigging. Fun build and I love how she looks! Cheers Segan
  4. All done! Attaching the floats was relatively painless, fiddly but not too stressful. Although initially i attached them the wrong way around, seems counter intuitive to have the blunt end facing forward! Added the last few details, minimal rigging. Made a windscreen, luckily my hole punch made a pretty good sized curved windscreen. I'll get some better pics for the gallery later today. Thanks everyone, especially Rob and Enzo for hosting. Segan
  5. Beginning to look quite plane-like now! Little bit of an effort to get the wings on but nothing major. Fingers crossed I can finish this puppy off this weekend.
  6. Thanks everyone! Just about ready to attach all the main parts together. It's weird to have most of the painting done before I've attached the wings! Most of the decals went down alright but one of the crosses reacted to the microsol and wrinkled up , weird that just one of them did it. Can't really tell in this picture but it look a little rough. Also the white isn't completely opaque so some lozenge showing through but not much I can do about that as I dont want to mask over the lozenge decals, far too much risk of pulling them up. Cheers Segan
  7. Little bit of progress. The lozenge decals are actually pretty resilient, in fact they need a lot of microsol to get them to sit snug, which is a lot nicer problem than them falling apart! They are also slightly bigger than the wings which gives a little bit of leeway to play with. Cut and deflected the tailplane a little and added rigging to the floats. Hopefully I'll get some paint on the fuselage tomorrow. Cheers Segan
  8. Great looking builds! I'll send you my address and thanks for the tip
  9. Ah nice, I do like to learn a new acronym! Where do you get your 0.122mm wire from? I definitely like wire for some rigging rigging jobs where you can't get in with elastic thread. That Uschi stuff is the business.
  10. Is HSP hollow stretched sprue? If so yes! The advantage of these is the walls are very thin. I've used hollow plastic cocktail stirrers as well to good effect, although I look a bit odd at the bar sticking them in my pocket. Ah I remember going to bars, they were fun days, maybe soon I'll be back in one!
  11. Thanks Joe! The cotton buds are from CVS, any brand that's made from hollow plastic will do. The trick is then to gently heat them over a flame till it just starts to get soft and then slowly stretch them. Too much heat and it'll stretch too thin. Takes a while to finesse it, the first few times I tried it it didn't work for me and even this time I think I went through about 20 cotton buds to get six lengths about the same diameter. Cheers Segan
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