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  1. Sorry for the radio silence chaps. Between work suddenly getting mentally busy and temporarily losing my workspace to a house guest I haven’t had a chance to do anything. Hopefully next week should be able to get back into it
  2. Actually not quite, it looks like a dark background with light mottle and this is light background with dark mottle. It's close though!
  3. By Jove Dennis, yes it does! Thanks for the link and what a treasure trove that site is!
  4. Construction is done. Little bit of filler, mainly a swipe of Mr Surfacer along some seams. Went to together very smoothly. Don't seem to have an exact match for Italian underside grey but think I'll go for C or E, they are both Gull Gray from Modelmaster but one is acrylic and the other enamel. Haven't been able to find any pictures of a G.55 done in the boxart scheme so it may be a product of a fevered amphibian brain, who knows but I'm doing it in that finish either way!
  5. Construction is whizzing along! Drilled the wing cannons and air intake. Strapped the wings and leaving them to set overnight as they had a nasty gap at the root, hopefully this will solve it. Should be minimal amount of filler after this.
  6. Thank you Tony, you're the best!
  7. Got a little bit done this morning. Painted up the pilot, he's a little hunched down, maybe he's been doing too many high G moves? And I finished the cockpit! Quickest one I've ever done! Tested the decals today too. Tried a few methods to remove the protective sheet but it's pretty well fused to the decals, was hoping the water would lift it away. Had some success with isopropyl but it also started to remove the ink from the decals so no good. PMed Tony to take him up on his brilliant offer for some replacements, what a star! Cheers Segan
  8. Thanks everyone, looking forward to this a lot! I’ll give the decals a test today, but I think I may be taking you up on your offer Tony, thank you! Not sure what postage is to the US at the moment but I can PayPal you whatever it costs.
  9. Hello Chaps Thought I'd jump in on this one. Had so little time for modelling the last few years but fingers crossed I can get this done. Didn't really build any Frog kits as a kid. My local model shop, Teddington Model Shop, now sadly gone, didn't stock them. I mainly built Airfix and Matchbox and occasionally saved my pennies for a Tamiya kit, although I think I spent more time drooling over the Tamiya catalogue than building their kits! I'm going to build this little beauty just as our amphibian overlords intended, straight OOB no additions. Not sure about the decals, the protective topsheet has fused with the decals, maybe they were somewhere humid? I will do a test with the German markings and see if the top sheet floats off when they are made wet. I have loads of Italian decals but they are all for the Regia Aeronautica and not for the Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana but I think I have some Egyptian ones that would work but I'd rather do a splotchy Italian bird, so to speak. Cheers Segan
  10. Thank you Dave and thank you, and congrats, on running such a great group build!
  11. Thanks Lawzer, and thank you for running such a fun group build!
  12. Here's my effort, the 1/72 Whirlwind, completely OOB except for the radio wires. Great fun to build.
  13. Finished! Not my finest bit of modelling but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Always wanted this kit when I was a nipper and it was a very fun little build. May start doing a few more OOB stress free builds as it's rather good fun! Cheers for watching Segan
  14. Blimey, just realised how close the end date is, I'd better put my rocket skates on!
  15. Finished construction, little bit of filler here and there but nothing major. Then onto painting. As you can see the box must have been in the sun too long or something as the camouflage diagram is none too helpful! But a quick go on the googles and we're off to the races! Not my best work but I'm a little out of practice, also using the Humbol paints that came with the kit and I forgot how much I hate spraying Humbrol acrylic. The green is Tamiya as the green pot was just unredeemable sludge. Hopefully get a coat of clear on her and some decals in the next few days. Cheers
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