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  2. If this would come out as an early version flown by the condor legion I would have an interest as I have always been interested in the Spanish civil war.
  3. After a few days away teaching a painting workshop, I made it back to the building table. After all those gun mounts, I felt like doing something different, so I'm having a crack at the mainmast. Here's where we are at currently.
  4. Ok, where did you get the giant match stick? Seriously, excellent detail on such a tiny kit. It looks like it could be much larger scale. Thanks for sharing!
  5. I know from experience that it's a big job to finish this kit. And even harder to make it look as good as you have.
  6. Well, this is totally subjective. I love the AMK panel lines and personally, I find the level of detail superior than that offered by Tamiya, especially in areas like the wheel bays etc. Kinetic got in the market a fantastic Su-33, only that this is not KINETIC and then this was followed by the M-346 which I have not seen in live. So not really that thrilled from the "gold" KINETIC line of products. At least not yet.
  7. "there is an orange line around the car just below the cant rail... something to do about electrical danger." That's exactly what it is. It's an easy way of marking the safe working distance from the overhead power lines (25000V ac). Basically, neither you, or anything you are carrying should go above this line. Strangely, the safety dept never picked up on the fact that if you stood in the loco door and stuck your head out it was above the orange line.....
  8. I had actually forgotten about doing that!! I may have to try that if they start to straighten up, the plastic is weird stuff and doesn't like to change shape! The only thing about doing stuff this way is that they're all even.
  9. BTW, there's an A-12 (S/N 06930) on display just a few miles from my house, in case you need photos of exterior details. I can't promise anything, I know it's been repainted a few times with just lip-service to authenticity. http://www.waymarking.com/gallery/default.aspx?f=1&guid=b0cd941f-54cf-4999-89e6-37ee2d4493a7&gid=2 -Bill
  10. I took a look at some images from the web Rich. Looks like a ghost/gull grey base color to my old Mk.1’s i would think barring an actual instruction sheet showing otherwise something in that flavor will work. I did see a British marked version of the same resin kit. Which would make it interesting with RAAF Roundels ? Since the description of the show says each nation supplied units to the U.N. Military. As the U.N. Had no military of there own you could technically do a RAAF aircraft. Dennis
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  12. Agree... I'd add a dash of white to the 76, even though this is normally quite a light blue. Cheers.. Dave
  13. The floats are rigged with stretched sprue. I also added more weight, poster putty and a lead shot in the nose where the cowling mounts.---John
  14. Looking good so far, and +1 for Bestfong - what a great company! I have several of their sheets (I did a 1/200 C-130 and I also have sheets for the Yemen conflict F-5 flown by Taiwanese pilots and also for some ROCAF F-86).
  15. Ahhhh! Moa's back with another breath of fresh, civilian air amongst all these stinkin' warplanes.
  16. Since my last post I've painted the radomes and will put them on at the next opportunity, thus more or less finishing the ship. But before I go into Parliament and brag about my unprecedented on-time, on-budget naval procurement program, this thing needs some helicopters. That program, let's call it Project Sea King, got off to a more typical Defence start, inasmuch as the procured aircraft can't fly and need repairs before even entering service. These Trumpeter Sea Kings are really nice, but they are moulded in clear plastic which is really brittle. Both of the helicopters I cut off the sprue snapped at the tail-to-tailfin joint, both lost the right-side little connecting arm thing for the wheel sponson (which are separate parts), and one of them lost its tailwheel too. Also, both suffered a bit on the top of the air intakes as I tried to clean up the mess left from the connection to the sprue. So that was ...fun. I spent a while last night with tweezers and magnifying glass rebuilding the chopper you see on the deck; the one lying on the mat in front still has to be rebuilt. The Chinook, meanwhile, has a first coat of brown and later I will give it some green to get it looking like a JGSDF Chinook - I used to have all the correct modern Japanese colours in Mr Color but I couldn't ship enamel paints so I will just have to make do with what I can find in my collection of Vallejo acrylics. Also I realize this would look pretty good with some PE railings - I have a stash somewhere but haven't found them. So one day I might come back to that. But for now, I'm in the home stretch.
  17. I've just gone back through this whole thread - please change my status to "Gobsmacked!" If I band together with a few of my friends and we send you a Merlin and a shipping container full of aluminium, would you build us a 1:1, flying version, please? Surely it would be easier than faffing about with this small scale stuff! Dave
  18. Hello I also have this kit, although I will stick with one of the prototype schemes. Nevertheless, if you are going down the ˝what if tactical transport˝ road, my suggestion would be to hang as much as possible ordnance bellow those stub wings. Cheers Jure
  19. Happy to give this one a big .. T'was it not my idea to start a WIP for it in the first place? Please make sure you include photographs of the "Grusome Twosome" - Heinkel & Dornier.... or whatever you ended up calling those rascal kittens! Cheers.. Dave
  20. It's Sunday evening and I've missed my goal of getting the Scooter painted. Here's where I am at: This morning I masked my vacuform canopy using a set of Eduard masks for the Airfix A-4 and Bob Dively Masking Fluid (great stuff!). When the masking fluid was dry, I gave the canopy area a coat of dark gull gray, the better to see if there were any flaws needing attention before painting in earnest. Unfortunately, the results convinced me that I needed to do some putty work to blend the canopy in to the fuselage. That's what has set me back on my painting goal. While waiting for the putty to dry, I worked on some other items. I re-shaped the kit's triangular dorsal antenna to better match the shape on VA-203's aircraft: I also cut down the kit's molded anti-collision beacon. My intent is to use clear, UV-activated acrylic gel to simulate the beacon (after painting is finished, of course). I painted and decaled the AGM-45 Shrike missiles, and got the fuel tanks ready for painting: I spent a fair amount of time pondering how best to attach my flying missile to the Skyhawk. I finally decided to add a pair of acrylic rods under the wing (hidden behind the outer pylon), and attach them to the long acrylic rod that's hidden within the missile plume. First, I drilled out a pair of recesses on the underside of the wing: Here are the two acrylic rods, temporarily set in place: I drilled holes in the lower end of the two rods and inserted short pieces of brass rod to act as pins. I also drilled holes in the plume's center rod to receive the brass pins. Easier said than done! But after a few choice words, the work was done: (Note to self: Next time, do this before adding the rayon wool) Last item for this weekend -- I trimmed the Coastal Kits ground blur base to my desired size, and glued it to a piece of 1/4-inch plywood. Next, I'll drill a hole in the base for the 1/4-inch acrylic rod that will support my Scooter "in mid-air", about four or five inches over the base. Oh! And I forgot to mention that I've put a magnet in the plane and there will be another the top of the acrylic rod, so that the model (complete with flying missile) can be easily detached from the base for transport. Now, if only the putty around the canopy would dry so I can get this puppy painted! PS -- Here are a couple more pics of Blue Dolphins Skyhawks: Note how clean they are... not much room for weathering on this build (unlike my Barracuda)
  21. Thanks, I'll keep that option in mind. One thing I'm struggling with at the moment is deciding on if I should or should not add on the applique armor to the fuselage sides. For reference of what I'm talking about, look at Brett Green's build here, where he added armor on either side of the pilot's cockpit: http://hsfeatures.com/features04/ju87g2bg_2.htm Here are some pics of Rudel's aircraft: And supposedly the same aircraft after whitewash: In the first two pictures, you can clearly see one of the triangular filling stencils right where the armor should be, which seems to suggest it was absent. However, here, we can see a different Ju-87G that to my eyes has the applique armor, with what looks like the stencil repainted on top of it: Again here: And here is another different Ju-87G with what looks like the applique armor in place, so it seems like we can confirm at least some aircraft had it: Anyways, does anyone else have an opinion/guidance on this? The bottom set of pictures definitely show aircraft with the extra armor and even some with stencils over the armor, so we can't say for sure that Rudel's aircraft did not carry it based on the fact that we see stencils on the picture. On the other hand, the pictures of Rudel's aircraft don't really show anything that clearly looks like the additional armor, but they are also more blurry as well. I'm still leaning towards no, mainly based on how clearly you can see the shadow from the armor in the bottom pictures and how I think I would see a bit more defined shape there in the blurrier Rudel photographs if it was indeed attached, especially on the whitewashed aircraft.
  22. Found this interesting article about the first flight of the F-86D almost 70 years ago. Some nice pictures... https://www.thisdayinaviation.com/22-december-1949/ Cheers / André
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