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  2. I'll see what I can do, sit tight, I'll PM you when I've had a look Cheers, Stew
  3. Bit of a thread over on pprune. Pic of flight deck damage taken from a helicopter I think? https://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/633983-fire-uss-bonhomme-richard-lhd-6-12-jul-20-a-5.html https://www.pprune.org/showthread.php?p=10836724
  4. I've got this. Admittedly, I've never used it yet. That 1/72 scale stuff is barely visible, even when wearing my glasses. Chris
  5. Wow! That camo scheme took some dedication, you must have gone cross eyed by the end!
  6. What a stunning BMF and the weathering really pulls it all together. Can't wait to see what else you post up!
  7. Pretty markings there Nev. Is it an Ocicat? Our guy amused himself in jumping in & out of a carton that I'd just taken delivery of some goodies in. Boxes, bags etc are all fair game it seems. Steve.
  8. This is a great idea by HK Models, even if they pinched the idea from WnW ... fair play IMHO, nobody can trademark nose only section ideology and I really do think this is a great concept for large scale model planes going fwd for those that do not have the space for the full size 1/32 model aircraft ... or indeed be able to "afford" the full sized beasts. Someone here said price is not bad either? what is it, missed that? Had both of the WnW Lancs on pr-eorder ages ago at Hannants, but cancelled before the news of WnW demise ... not because of price concerns, but because of size concerns and length of build commitment concerns, just a non starter here really for me Some points though and not nit picking and really am easy going as far as detail is concerned ... The HK Models Lanc has perhaps some errors in pilot seat dimensions or placement? and the WnW CAD model looked more accurate? I just skim read the news back then as I had no real intention of buying one though. Maybe it was the other way around? Either way ... and even for a just a nose section, see nothing wrong with the inevitable AM parts to make it look better, already seen one really good AM IP for the original HK Lanc. Brass gun barrels for front turret, quality seat belt AM ... this is one mini (Large Scale) kit we really can go to town on with AM detail that is available and will be for nose specific versions ... oh and other Nose marking decals too. What a great idea, relatively quick builds too that we might not get bogged down with ... as I often have when bitten off more than I can chew Hope to see more Nose kits in 1/32 for big Aircraft from HK and other model manufacturers in the near future. Superb idea.
  9. I want this.... surely a range of large scale cockpits would do well, and I mean even larger than this, like 1/24 scale perhaps. I'd buy a Vulcan cockpit or six in that scale. Might have to pick up this Lancaster, there's a fair few Lancaster cockpits around to base it on
  10. It does..! It was almost a pity to have to spray it aluminium... And thank you, Pat. Its actually a really nice model. The textures in the plastic are causing me some issues as I spray so thin and so the slightly pebbled surface of the plastic on the fuselage interior is pretty apparent. But once everything is in place, weathered and then sealed up it won't show... Looks a bit weird in the construction photos and its the Vallejo Metal Colour Aluminium which is a bit 'grainy' anyway... but it holds a wash fairly well, so will be fine and help add depth later. I finished the basic airbrushing of the main colours in the cockpit. I will do some detail painting for the control column, rudder pedals and so on.... Overall... Most of the interior has had the basic paint on... Believe it or not, its actually quite easy to mask the panel on the lower left hand side of the cockpit. Obviously the ejector pin still shows... if anyone is following this, its best to fill that before you assemble the cockpit framing. The seat partially obscures it so it won't bother me all that much, but worth pointing out. You can see what I mean about the texture which seems to be a combination of the surface of the Airfix plastic and the Vallejo metal. Mostly the texture though, because if I look at the other aluminium parts, the graininess isn't anything like as obvious. And obviously, the interior green is also a bit pebbly, but it is far less obvious as it doesn't reflect. A brown wash and a coat of varnish and then some pastels will tone it all down. Another view of the aluminium framing... It builds well, but I do prefer it in black! Most of the restored Hurricanes have this all painted in interior green, so I could have perhaps got away with painting it like that... but probably not on here! Once closed up though, with weathering and a wash on all the riveted and bolted joins, it will be fine... not that I will be able to see any of it! The basic cockpit looks pretty good out of the box. with a little bit of detailing and weathering it will look good. There are aspects of the Airfix kit that really surprise me, its far better than I ever expected... Tomorrow I will do the fun part... adding the instruments and doing the detail painting. I have quite a lot to add to the sidewalls and on various panels on the cockpit tubing. I may well add some wiring, depends on how I feel... I think the black rubber tubes with cables running up the control column may well be as far as I go... but if I find some major bits running along the framing, I may add some of that, too. See how I feel when I look at it all again tomorrow. Late at night isnt the time to make any decisions...
  11. Nice that, those box arts were all action & really grabbed the eye, pity that the price plus postage & exchange rate puts it out of my grasp just now. Steve.
  12. Beardie

    Four what we are

    how about dogs danglies?
  13. I'd be too concerned with it running out of steam in mid-use. Also, once the batteries had aged and stopped taking on a full charge, I'm guessing that you'd have to buy a new one. It's a decent idea, but it's a "no!" from me. Chris.
  14. HP42

    Halifax bomb loadout.

    2am and I've been mooching about on the National Archives. What an easy way to spend an evening. Now found the 77 Sqn stuff I was after, the website is a bit clumsy but I got there. I've pieced so much together and it's now solved so many little mysteries. I've been cross referencing a Navigator's logbook with the records and building a better picture of his experience. Found a 2,000lb HC bomb now, coming from Poland. Thanks everyone for all the really fabulous contributions.
  15. This. Go down to Page 60: http://www.scribd.com/doc/25042019/British-Explosive-Ordnance-1946 Chris
  16. Many years ago, I worked in the warehouse in Wembley that GEC used to house its AEW system. All the permanent staff in the factory had worked on the system for years and one told me that, once matured, it would have been more effective than the American AWACS birds. IIRC, £600 million had been spent by the Thatcher government - always struck me as a lot of bread to spend on a project that is then cancelled. I appreciate that this is not the only example of HUGE military expenditure simply being flushed down the toilet. Towards the end of my time there, we had a large delegation of Chinese gentleman looks around the factory and view the system. One gentleman asked a great many questions about how humidity-resistant the components were. Suffice it to say that the Chinese went with their own AEW system in the end. It was quite an interesting place to work. Chris.
  17. Biggest I'd go is a 1/72 v bomber size model.... This would be significantly bigger
  18. Thank you for your concern. I resigned from my job today and I think I feel better, mmmmm. I worked for a meat works in Casino, which I call "Fools Paradise". I was a cleaner starting work at 1600 hrs and finishing at 2230 hrs, did this job for over 25 years. In managements wisdom they decided to contract out the cleaning to another company. They offered me a job starting at 0400 hrs and finishing at 1320 hrs. I could not come to grips with going to bed at 2100 hrs (I felt like a 5 year old going to bed that early) and waking at 0300 hrs. Some progress: Some interior green splashed about and ready for some detail painting. Once again thank you for concern and thanks for looking. Stephen
  19. Today
  20. Perhaps these will be of assistance: I have the complete Illustrated Parts Breakdown booklet, from which the last two images were taken, in PDF format. If you would like a copy, just send me a PM. Include your email address.
  21. David, be aware that the HB Spitfires, while generally accurate in their airframe detail have quite bad short comings in the areas of prop (too spindly & wrongly angled) undercarriage( no doors on the legs) & canopy (way over sized, possibly to enable it to be set open but it is still way too big) there're also a weird wedge shaped thing sticking out of the underside of each wing just out board of the u/c recess that needs removing. If you haven't got plenty Spitfire spares to deal with these things, one of the KP kits might be a cheaper option after all. Steve.
  22. Just drop by to say hi to all , and thanks for adding me. Regards Triet Cam
  23. Hi Johnny. Sorry for the late reply, only just noticed this... I don’t think I did... Thanks for the tip; I’ll try it on my Mk.1A when I get to that stage! Work on that should start imminently - the Vb is almost done.
  24. A working wing-fold mechanism? Yegods, the tension builds I hadn't realized the defense budget had got so bad since I absconded. The RAF now sources spares from Quickboost and Eduard ? eye and brain coordination failure resulted in me reading Brassy...
  25. Now that's sharp. High quality build, beautiful paint work, very realistic weathering and great attention to little details. That's one to be very proud of.
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