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  2. That's a great, battered looking IS-2! Superb weathering! Kind regards, Stix
  3. Wow really great model, i like colourful aircrafts from the 50th
  4. I am definitely interested in this GB. With what?! I will think of something. Maybee something Dutch. Cheers,
  5. Wow! That is superbly impressive! Amazing weathering and finish! Kind regards, Stix
  6. For 'Sharkmouth', read 'Toothy Grin'! Gotta be the Molar Marauder for me! Alan
  7. Not wishing to poo poo the funny side but it smacks of something sinister but political so I won't go any further. Think of Boeing and trademark licencing etc. SORRY!
  8. That really is very impressive (as all your modelling is!) Beautifully modelled, displayed and photographed. Kind regards, Stix
  9. I saw this kit a while back going relatively cheap in a sale but I failed to acquire it. Having now seen you beautiful model I wish I had purchased it. Ah well. Fantastic modelling all round! Kind regards, Stix
  10. Shaping up to be a really nice build Neil. A lot of work, but will be worth the effort
  11. Well the one I built was certainly based on the Airfix one but it did come from an Academy box which I understood to have HC connections.
  12. That really is excellent all round! Very well done! Kind regards, Stix
  13. Didn't you expect it ? Just another brick in the Airfix 20th century wall and details look like they were made up out a block of soap ! In the video the reviewer said it all "Airfix kindly sent me … " I stopped buying Airfix as you can't trust them ! (Uneven quality, non existent quality control, but a lot of 21th Century biased com !) Madcop
  14. There was also a further aerial on the forward part of the port flare bay door as shown on my photo of XH168 over my house in Paola Malta in the sixties :- HTH Dennis
  15. i took time to me to read all 33 sites of your build thread, thats impression me much, your love to the details is very awesome, really stunning. Your scratch works are incredible , the precision is perfect. If i do scratch works, the parts are always slanty and wavy, would you like to make a tutorial how you do scratch works please? I am sure the other modellers here want know it too
  16. Because I really have no control when it comes to starting new kits, here's a build of 3 Airfix 1/48 Bf109s at once....
  17. The lack of propeller can modify appearence a lot, so I think one canot exclude Ki 51 Sonia, Again problem with dihedral, but I did not found yet reference photo from front with removed prop.... J-W
  18. Thanks mate Cheers Nik. The wash is off and I have to say it does look quite nice. There's a few high spots where I've somehow managed to go through a Matt and gloss varnish and the paint layers so they will need a touch up. No idea how it happened but it's an easy sort.
  19. I remember Clay Lacy driving that DC-7 around the course. I was just a kid and thought it the coolest. maddest thing ever Check out this website for the full info. Also the pic of his "human fly" DC-8 display http://airportjournals.com/clay-lacy-the-planes-ive-flown-the-people-ive-known-part-2/
  20. I thought they were on strike again? There's plenty of beer to be found out there. Your task, should you choose to accept it.......
  21. Thanks everyone! Managed a very quick update before the house wakes up… Firstly the title - you've been very kind not to point out the error. Operation chastise was carried out on 16–17 May 1943 and this year's 2019 so that's (9-3=6, 1-4, carry 1 = 7, calm down) seventy SIX years ago. Goodness knows why I though it was 75. Old age, that's what it is. Corrected! Tilly says thanks for all the good wishes. Grrrr-woof! Normal service will (hopefully) be resumed after the pup goes home next Wednesday 29th.
  22. Saw a very smart Mini 1275GT in Nantwich the other day , painted in that dreadful brownish orange . Looked like it was intended for serious use as it had a roll cage & as it drove away there was the telltale whine of a straight-cut box .
  23. http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/kits/bobcat48006reviewbg_1.htm
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