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  2. Graham Boak

    Best ju87

    There's an outstanding query over the D/G kits. The Academy was accused of being too short. This is measured against the quoted dimensions for the D, which is quoted as being slightly longer than the B. However, no-one has been able to point out just where this extra length (just over a foot?) appears. If you make the (entirely reasonable) assumption that the central and rear fuselages of the B and D are structurally identical, then it all has to be in the engine cowling - but it clearly isn't. It has been suggested elsewhere that the oft-quoted value for the D's length is wrong. If this was what you meant by "Better outline", I'd reserve judgement. For the moment I only have a Fujimi D-7 and an Italeri B, so I don't think that putting one kit fuselage up against the other would prove anything.
  3. Shelliecool

    Dornier Do17z

    So last night I gave the build a coat of Vallejo satin varnish (which airbrushes as easily as their acrylic paint), and with the final touch secured in place earlier (the aerial wire) the build is complete. I have left the flaps and elevators as they were, it may not be 100% historically accurate, but esthetically it looks good. I have thoroughly enjoyed this kit, it is lovely to build, great quality and looks pretty darn cool..... well I think so anyway. Thanks for keeping me company.
  4. RidgeRunner

    Couteau Delta - Fairford, July 2018

    Adding four more from Today's (Monday's) departures day..... https://www.flickr.com/photos/153072187@N06/42736967844/in/dateposted-friend/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/153072187@N06/43404883042/in/dateposted-friend/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/153072187@N06/28566477747/in/dateposted-friend/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/153072187@N06/28566477207/in/dateposted-friend/ Again, I hope you like them. Martin
  5. Hewy

    Republic P-47 Thunderbolt STGB II Chat

    I've tried the old tinternet searches, but i cannot find detailed pictures or drawings of plumbing for paper wing fuel tanks, and the 150 gal belly tank, can anyone recommend recommend a link or piccies, thanks Glynn
  6. No chance, my wife is taking me to Wales for 10 days... I'm several hundred miles from my stash. On the upside, I'll be visiting the Welsh Spitfire.
  7. rob Lyttle

    Argentina´s Sikorsky S-61

    Hi Alejandro. When I saw "S61" I had to have a look. Thought it might be one of these... They used to fly to the Scilly isles at the VERY south west tip of Cornwall UK. I lived very close and flew a few times for work in Scillies. I see yours is a different type, but good luck with the build and conversation work. I had aLindberg kit once and it was terrible, I didn't build it, so I hope this one is a LOT better
  8. Martin Ford

    Italeri Tiger 1/35

    Thanks my friend ☺
  9. Hewy

    Razorback, silverlady

    Thanks gents, I'll get around to changing that hexagonal dizzy, Glynn
  10. IanHx

    Grump Britain replacement

    I can just see it now... British Antarctic Survey complaining that they've got too many would-be applicants....
  11. Keep going bud, I'm sure that you will make it.
  12. Mr T

    Airfix 2019

    I must be in a minority as I have not had a problem kit from Airfix for a long while. I recently bought and started on the Revell FAA Corsair and I have to say I am slightly underwhelmed by it. Some nice detail, but the moulding is quite soft and some flash is present. The fit is not quite as good as some as, for example, the Hunter. To get the different variants they seem to have engineered the kit to make some areas more difficult than might be expected. By no means a bad kit, but not the relaxation from the the last two, both Magna kits that I have finished/working on.
  13. Graham Boak

    A Good Hampden?

    The rear bulkhead is solid (and always was?) but with a notch to help carry the semi-exposed torpedo.
  14. Hewy

    Kansas Tornado II (Academy Razorback)

    Unlucky on those decals,they're like cardboard at times, i bin academy decals as a rule unless they're cartograph or similar, I've had a 48th f14 and a 48th su27 both ruined in the same way as yours, only i used vallejo paints at the time , (will not sand, and feather in) i only use vallejo for brush painting figures and details now, still you look to have saved the tornado decal, and its still on its way to turning out really good, keep on Glynn Kagero decals, i see , look to be the same thickness as academy ones though
  15. Wdedig

    F-15I Ra'am 1/72 Hasegawa

    Friggin Beautiful Aircraft. well Done Sir Cheers Bill
  16. junglierating

    Oh look, a Tempest

    Looks chinese to me. I suppose efta or whatever typhoon was called probably looked iffy but it here. So heres hoping guess we will find out in twenty years
  17. Darby

    UK unveils new next generation fighter jet.

    What are the odds nine of them will end up being painted red?
  18. paul178

    Horsefly bites?

    Vinnie you coulld close the page. I had to look at it daily and change the dressing!
  19. Beardie

    FOURtune favours the Brave

    spot on old bean
  20. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    1/35 Red Army ZIS-5V and Field Kitchen Diorama

    Very well done work
  21. ChrisL

    BBC news

    I've found a couple of articles that have renderings of the proposed Tempest. The wing's definitely got a different shape to the YF-23's and I reckon that the air intakes/engine layout probably shares more in common with the F-35 and F-22: https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/uk-unveils-new-next-generation-fighter-jet-called-tempest/ https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/farnborough-tempest-concept-underscores-uk-fighter-450327/
  22. Depends on definition, I think Luftwaffe '46 also covers aircraft, which were supposed to enter service in 1946, so also those at prototype stage at the end of war. P.11g with What-if regular squadron markings would count in my opinion. By the way, PZL.45 Sokół prototype apparently was finished in 50% when war started, so partially it existed.
  23. Corsairfoxfouruncle


    Its looking good so far Steve. Glad to see it back on the bench.
  24. Hewy

    Hobbyboss P47D Gabreski's mount.

    Its going to be great steve, i love d day stripes on a fighter me,
  25. dogsbody

    Has the heat...

    Not at all. My hobby space is a semi-finished room in the basement and the house has central air conditioning. If anything, it's a bit cool down there. I keep the furnace vent closed in the summer and only open it a bit in the winter to keep the room warm. As it is, it only gets to about 12C there in the winter. I have a small electric heater for the winter days I go down there. Right now it's probably about 18C to 20C in my room. Chris
  26. Mr T

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Yesterday evening, when going over to Manchester pick my daughter up from airport, saw a Rover 90 and a glimpse of what looked like an early postwar Armstrong Siddeley drophead coming on to the motorway.
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