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  2. Thanks! Good eye! The flag pockets are actually approx. .3 x .8 mm. I wish I could say I built the flag locker with very sharp tiny tools, keen eyes, & steady hands ... but I took a more simple route. The flag locker is actually a section I cut from the original Perkasa model's molded plastic bridge deck (simulating teak grate?). No assembly required. John
  3. Gary, Thank you for your nice and interesting story, is it still flying in the USA ? Here some live footage of a real one I found flying in Germany:
  4. @Colin W thanks for the heads up on the book. Currently working my way through both the book above on the Nelson's and "Target Tirpitz" but you can never have too many!!
  5. Nice photos of the ship but I can’t see any of your model !!! Truly blown away by her. Cracking and if Carlsberg made models ............. Thanks for showing. I’ve only seen this on a small screen and will visit again when on large screen pc
  6. Looking good. Keep it up. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
  7. A bit more accomplished today, the gun barrels are now dunkelgelb, as are the engine deck grills and the other bits of grey plastic that were showing. I'm now assembling the "magic tracks" to wrap around the running gear, I'll post some pictures asap.
  8. All hands on Deck Lads, what say ye we do a Titanic Group build, any scale ... if that fits in with current schedules?
  9. Hi guys, and girls, after several days in our horrid capital city, I am back home and have managed to work on the Stuka for a good 30 mn!!!! Luxury! Anyway, I glued the upper wing panels and things are starting to look as they should. No idea where I stuffed up, but the fit of the right wing by the fuselage is shameful!!! Nothing a tad of putty and gentle sanding can't sort out, but still! Plus, just to add to the challenge, I broke parts of the overturn pylon... no comment! There again, after a paint touch-up, nobody will notice. All I have to do is fit the underside outer wing panels and then all the joints can be tidied up. A slow but very pleasant build. If only I were less clumsy... Keep having fun! JR .
  10. goggsy

    Humbrol Mattcote

    I’ve heard tell that the Humbrol Matt in tinlets used to go yellow on the model after a while, don’t know if that’s still a thing? Whatever the truth I always found it good for creating very matt finish as long as it was mixed properly, preferably with some kind of electric stirrer like a dremel or milk frother. On the other hand I’ve always found the old chestnut about mixing Tamiya flat with Klear for a matt finish to be a highway to hell. No doubt someone will be along in a minute to tell me I’m wrong and it’s all my problem but whatever, it’s awful stuff in my opinion and there’s much better alternatives these days. If you’re airbrushing I’d say you can’t go far wrong with Galeria Matt as long as it’s properly mixed.
  11. Come here from my go229 thread, it appears your photo links don't work
  12. Col.

    Austrian Draken

    Thank you Werner The example I seen was what I take to be a post-update machine with 'winder pylons, big upper-wing numbers, chaff/flare dispensers(?), and the new fin cap. Although I'll take any guidance you can offer me on that matter. While the kit provides for an early example it does include the 'winder pylons and I'm confident I can scratch the other modifications. Those extra decals give me the overwing numbers but sadly I'm lacking the two badges on the left side of the fin as their pervious owner had used them on his own model and I can't find another source so may have to subdue my ambitions and finish her as Hasegawa intended
  13. Excellent work! Those missiles and pylons look ready to fire!
  14. Welcome aboard Florian - nice to see you rejoining the fold. I would also recommend Flickr as does Arnold as it's free and user friendly.
  15. Thanks Mike, it's sure helpful. I've always thought that Academy Liberator is not a bad kit at all, even when compare it with the priceless Hasegawa kit, except of the turrets and cowlings. I'll see what I can do, will try to get either the High Planes replacement set or the vintage Airfix kit.
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