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  2. Great work on your Harrier ... One minor thing ? Its a VMA-331 Bumblebee Harrier ? Not a VMA-311 Tomcat ? You may want to edit the original post to reflect this ? Again great looking harrier.
  3. Admiral Puff

    Airfix´s Dakota Mk.IV, what variant of the C-47 is?

    The main difference between the two was that the C-47A had unsupercharged R-1830s, whereas the C-47B's R-1830-90Cs were supercharged (because that variant was intended for work "over the hump" in the CBI theatre). The usual way to distinguish them is that the 'A had shorter carburettor intakes (inlets aft of the cooling gills) whereas the 'B's intakes came further forward. As with many aspects of the DC-3/C-47, this wasn't a hard and fast rule, and some 'As can be found with the longer intakes. To further confuse things, the 'B's superchargers were often removed post-war to make the C-47D, although the long intakes usually remained. As is so often the case, it's best to try to find a photo of the aircraft you want to model and be guided by that.
  4. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    CA-27 Avon Sabre Mk.30

    Might tag along on this build, i like my sabres.
  5. Beardie

    What came in the mail yesterday.......(not a model)

    I own a considerable number of belt buckles but I'm afraid to say that I don't know where any of them are having switched to holding up my trousers with braces or 'suspenders' as I believe they are called over your side of the pond.
  6. Procopius

    Airfix 2020

    Yes, but what a glorious engine test bed it was! (I don't think Airfix will make a Battle.)
  7. Beardie


    Nearly forgot this grump again which has been bothering me for a couple of months now..... I have a phone that I got a few months ago and it is rather good in a lot of aspects. It's one of the Huawei jobs with a superb camera, loads of media storage space and even works well as a phone. It has fingerprint recognition which, whilst I was suspicious of it at first, I am now quite fond of but, every so often, maybe ten un-locks or so it won't let me in on just my fingerprint but requires my password 'for extra security'. I have to say that, if my right index finger is in the possession of anyone other than me, I don't think I will be too concerned about anyone getting access to my phone!
  8. tomcervo

    ICM 1/32 Gladiator

    Clear your workbench . . . https://www.scalemates.com/kits/icm-32040-gloster-gladiator-mk-1--1191383
  9. SoftScience

    Quarter Scale Panzer

    ....and that went much quicker than anticipated, and I'm ready to begin painting.
  10. Wow that is beautiful. Love the inspiration as well. What kit?
  11. Today
  12. Heading for 40C (104F) at home today so I touched up the undercoat and got the top coat on this morning before it got too hot. I used AS12 Tamiya Bare metal silver from the can. Nice and simple.
  13. Slywolff

    Airfix Hawker Hart (restoration)

    Hello Seahawk, Thanks for posting your comments! I took a look at the Demon kit gun and yes it is considerably smaller than the BE gun... the BE2c gun looks like a howitzer compared to the Demon's gun. With the Airfix Demon kit in my possession, I recently obtained the Kora detail kit and that has a nice resin replacement! So in short I can purloin the Airfix Demon gun and use that on the Hart! Good advice thanks!
  14. I've been working away scratch building the deck storage boxes and the Mark 8 smoke screen generator. Here's a photo showing the boxes & the generator as built & dry fit on the deck. On the foredeck, there are two very unique looking ammo lockers, & a storage locker including a ready use tray for Oerlikon gun magazines. There's another storage locker located midships on the starboard side. A Mark 8 smoke generator is located at the stern on the starboard side. I used the Revell kit part & modified it to better represent the actual smoke generator. This included filling a large cavity in the bottom of the part, modifying the generator cylinder cradles, & adding details at both ends of the cylinder. Next up, paint these assemblies and then start thinking about making the 37mm & 40mm guns. Thanks for looking. John
  15. dogsbody

    Airfix Hawker Hurricane Mk.I

    Steven, has the cold weather hit down there yet? When I got up at 07:30 this morning, it was -34C. It then warmed up to -24C this afternoon. Chris
  16. trickyrich

    The Rise and Fall of an Empire - new subject added

    arr hah!! I knew there would be someone out there who knew more about the subject. Now knowing what I know (which normally isn't much), it maybe better as you mentioned to make it China 1937-45, that will make eligibility easier to figure out. Thanks for that Mike.
  17. dogsbody

    Canadian Hurricane 5656

    Lucky sod! Chris
  18. Frank083

    Kinetic 1/48 CF18 2017 Demo Jet

    Wonderful rendition! That scheme looks terrific! Hats off! Frank
  19. Frank083

    Trumpy Wellington Mk III 1/48

    Nice update! All those new additions look awesome! Keep going Canadian fellow Frank
  20. Just fantastic modelling! Very well done! All the Best! Don
  21. almac

    Eduard 1/72 F6f-3

    Morning all. I've made some more progress with the Eduard Hellcat. In the last couple of hours I started the decals and drilled out the holes for the machine gun barrels which I'll put in towards the end of the build as I'm bound to knock them off if I do it now. The first decal I put on I used microset/sol and it seems to have left a white residue which will not come off so I think it's kind of stained the paint. I have a memory of this happening before and it was ok after the gloss coat after the decals are done. We shall see how that goes. Cheers Allan
  22. Will Vale

    Imperial Knights

    Interesting, I tended to ignore Bridge. Is ACR fast? (Because PS definitely isn't, but then neither is LR...) The bit that's causing me grief at the moment isn't the catalogue, which I backed up and restored just fine, it's the integration with LR mobile. I use that on my phone a lot and it's really made me take, process and present more photos so I rate it a good thing. But because the local copies on desktop are stored in a wacky secret folder it's a bit of a mess and doesn't integrate well with a Classic catalogue. Especially when that's been migrated across machines. I think I've just about got it sorted now, might've lost an image or an edit here or there, not sure. Cheers, Will
  23. noelh

    Listening to the Solstice

    Disappointed to say I started to follow this thread but fell off the line quite quickly. Too much going on in my life. Ironic considering you're just the other side of town from me. I say town but being from an actual city, Galway is a bit small. It's a biggish town, get over it. But I'm back on board, looking forward to the result.
  24. Admiral Puff

    The FOUR wise men

    as if anyone cares
  25. noelh

    Aer Lingus

    Leaves Ryanair as the state airline. The golden harp over St Patrick's blue. Aer Lingus just A N other airline in the IAG group with a drunken shamrock.
  26. I have both the 'razorback' Yak-7B (Eastern Express box, but Dakoplast mould), and the Dakoplast Yak-9B/R/D (three of them, in fact), but I did not realise Dakoplast had made a kit of the Yak-9 with the aft-mounted cockpit. Regards, Jason
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