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  2. Beautiful build, Dave, and a timely tribute. Really nicely finished with the weathering.
  3. Love this Jeremy, actually like the addition of the hungry dogs awaiting scraps. The vehicles are nicely weathered too. Just wondering, where did you get the cactus? All the best, Paul
  4. That's a shame but you'll get it done to your satisfaction soon. All the markings looked excellent though. Just don't take it for a test fight. Cheers, Alistair
  5. In a bid to not jinx myself and suffer from a loss of mojo, I'm delaying the thread creation until I have a clean(ish) bench and some time to get to work. Hopefully, that should be at the beggining of June.
  6. work of art! collective noun for light switches.... an "illumination" perhaps....?
  7. Brilliant job. The chipping and detailing is spot on. Paul
  8. Thanks a lot Ed. I'm reasonably happy with it, but the next time I do an Italeri Crusader, that lamp gets replaced! John.
  9. Couple of good lookers there, AW. I do like Ridge Runner.
  10. Jeff, sorry to hear about the ER visit, although quite chuffed to hear the ‘17’s ‘ finished. Can’t wait to see it. Cheers and smooth recovery.. Dave
  11. G'day @javlin, as with Yukikaze and Chikuma I'm seeing some of the images but not all. But those photos that are visible show beautiful ships. I'm pretty sure I could see all images of them when you first posted them - I probably would have commented as such had they not been visible. HTH. Regards, Jeff.
  12. Sorry, my bad - I just checked the site, didn't click on the forum. Doing this, I get the same Account suspended message. 😞
  13. Kichen foil crumpled to taste, PVA glued to stiff card, a base coat of 'sea' coloured paint, and AK 'Atlantic Blue' water gel. So simple even I can pull it off.
  14. Hi All This may be bordering on insanity, but I do want to build this kit soon, so I might as well attempt it now. I may be biting off more than I can chew with trying to complete this and a Skyhawk in the timescale of a GB, but we'll see I guess. Here's the insanity on offer: And the obligatory view of plastic It's an early Trumpeter ship kit, so its a little low on detail, but also low on upgrade options. Here's the etch I'm going to try to add, Gold Medal Models aren't my favourite, the instructions aren't the best and the railings are on the generic side, whereas most PE kits now have them cut to length for specific places. There's some extra B-25s to have a full deck for a Doolittle raid presentation (annoyingly, even though there were only 16 B-25s for the raid, you can only buy them in 10s and get 2 with the ship kit - so I'll have 6 spares - nevermind. With it out the box, I couldn't resist making a very small start, adding propellers And the hanger deck It's all a bit rudimentary, I expect there's a ton of accuracy issues I "could" improve, but I'm an OOB/PE instruction follower, I'll make what I have look as good as I can, but I won't be scratch-building the things the kit gets wrong. Hopefully see you over the coming weeks with lots of progress Matt
  15. I can see some of them now, but not all. I'll go over and check Yahagi. HTH. Regards, Jeff
  16. The paint on the wing's underside looks glossy to me, kinda "unusual" for a primer type paint. And the "Vorsicht beim Öffnen, Kühler ist im Haubenteil eingebaut" stencil is still in place (or "already"). But I'm missing the oil filler stencil. No ETC under the belly to carry a bomb or the 300 l tank. Rather light landing gear struts and door inside. No tactical yellow marking on the chin detectable to my eyes. Bf 109 experts might wish to comment on the type of oil cooler mounted.
  17. That's a really nice model. The dust is very effective and gives it a 'real' look I have built a couple of High Planes kits and whlst they do need some(!) tidying up they do seem to get the shape right, which is not something that can be said for quite a few manufacturers John
  18. Lovely stuff. Now all is revealed. On the subject of the chrome. Have a look at the prospect of trying Graphite powder as that stuff yields some superb results. There are numerous Youtube videos on the subject. CRETACOLOR Graphite Powder seems to be the stuff that most are using. This on a high gloss white or black painted surface looks sublime. I've even used a graphite pencil on a small P51d in the past and dependent on the base paint used, buffs up really nice. All the best. B
  19. Hi All Managed to put some time aside to get this one moving a bit now - I'm actually expecting to finish it in the next few days. It seem that 50% of the kit is under the bonnet, lots of detail and paint instructions to follow here. I've not done full colour matches in every case, a bit of a good enough approach where I didn't have the paint from the call outs in the kit. First off the main engine block And the exhaust and rear suspension parts Starting to get put together Radiator and other parts (I'm not good with names of car parts) - decals also added, which completes the internals of the engine compartment. And that's me for now, seems like a fair bit of work to get to this point. It's a very nice kit though (other than the normal dreadful side opening Revell box), so its been a fun build so far. The interior and exterior look more straightforward, so I'm hoping to blitz that a bit more quickly. Matt
  20. That was the normal arrangement, except for one unit which had codes in a very light colour
  21. Small world, Glens Falls is just a but up the northway! We moved to this area in 2000, so I expect everything is different now. I’ll start on a camel this fall, and see what happens. Tom
  22. Been slow to post but been getting on with the build. Not the best engineered kit, lots of seams and joins! Oh well, not my best skill set! Looking at this airframe... http://w.510fs.org/media/k2/items/cache/391d45802a606be64095bd7b66c67316_XL.jpg?t=20210102_191102 Getting to the place to start with priming....going to go with a grey primer given the dark colours that didn't seem to fade too much!
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