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  2. John D.C. Masters

    RS Model's 1/72nd scale Curtiss F11C-2 Hawk from the USS Saratoga

    Last night's work... Fuselage sides readied, cockpit installed, turtledeck assembled... And the fuselage all closed up with the turtledeck as well. There is only a small seam on each side that will require an even smaller amount of filler. I'll fill that this morning and let it dry while I attend to my daily errands and a visit to the physiotherapist. -John
  3. David Womby

    Grumman Avenger Mk 6

    Years ago a company called Final Touch did one but it's probably as rare as the proverbial rocking horse poop now. David
  4. Thats good, however this will make the kits very expensive for some people. Getting customs/charges on the delivery of incorrect kits then getting hit again when they post out the replacement parts...
  5. Silenoz

    Italeri Biber 1/35 OOB

    Thx for the likes. and on with more blutack: and the final color: and the unpacking: oops ;-)
  6. Beautiful Moa
  7. Perfectly looking preshading effect. Like it a lot! Any advise on building process? I'm working on the same kit right now (although mine would be with maple leaves).
  8. Thanks for that, it was a copy of Dust Clouds that first alerted me to their EA use. Very few other refs seem to even mention it, I recently read Air war in East Africa which was more of the same but in greater detail than Dust Clouds. Photos appear few & far between & it is a conflict I'm keen to model in the future. I've read all three of the Bloody Shambles series, superb reading, pity I don't have them in MY library. Steve.
  9. Crimea River

    Achtung Anfanger!!! 1/48 Bf109E-4B

    Got a few items ticked off the punch list this evening. First task was to create a bomb fuse panel and this I did using plastic card and stretched sprue. The unit was painted RLM 66, dry-brushed silver, then buttons were added with a fine black felt tip pen and lettering was scratched in using a pin. Apologies for the poor pics but the battery on my camera died so I reverted to the one on my phone. Now, how to get this tiny part into the pit? The stick was in the way and I tried to break it off but found that it bent nicely out of the way anyway. I then rolled a blob of plasticine and squashed it against the cannon ejection chute and then squeezed the panel against it, making small adjustments before dabbing some CA on the joint. Below you can see the panel with the blob of plasticine behind it. The plasticine was then removed with a scalpel, mostly, as some is still in behind the panel and not retrievable! It will probably dry and fall out some day. The stick bent back into place with no harm done. Next on the list was to make a tiny flare pistol to stick on the back of the tube that protrudes from the quarter window. A small length of rod was cut on a slant and plastic card was stuck on the back to represent the grip. Hard to see but the gun is now painted black and stuck onto the window, right above the white knob of the landing gear lever. Next came the fiddley bits on the wing underside. The pitot tube is very fragile and broke when I removed it from the sprue using a microsaw but I managed to get it together again. This and the mass balances have yet to be painted. In the midst of all this, one of the landing gear legs decided to part company with the wing so I had to glue this back on. The detail provided by Eduard at this location is rather spindly and doesn't provide a very strong joint. That's it for tonight. Not much left to do now so I should be done within a week or so. Thanks for giving this a peek.
  10. Today
  11. Procopius

    Gundam related question ?

    Aw, the Stalker! I love that goofy blimp.
  12. That must be incredibly small...wonderful rigging and colouring.
  13. Probably won't be until December at my current rate
  14. hairystick

    Grump Britain.

    We saw nuffink'. We heard nuffink'.
  15. hairystick

    Solent Sky

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the place and that it is keeping up the standards of presentation too. I visited many moons ago (seriously, around 25yrs!) and still remember the place. The outstanding memories were the art around the place (I came away with a signed Robert Taylor print) and also the staff sharing their knowledge. I did not appreciate the cooling system on the Supermarine S6 until it was pointed out in detail. Lovely museum indeed.
  16. mhaselden

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Just catching up with this thread. Saw the email announcement but haven't made it back to BM in the meantime (shame on me...and shame on work!). As with many others, I'm not sure whether this idea will work. I certainly doubt that it will do much, if anything, to cure the company's ills. That said, for a rose-tinted meander down memory lane, I'm sure there will be quite a few of us who succumb to the inevitable temptation. One of the earlier comments about "can only use tube cement" got me thinking...maybe we need a "special rules" GB for these kits: Kit must be built entirely in a single Saturday afternoon. Paint and markings optional. Extra marks for the wrong paint or the right paint in all the wrong places. Tube cement is mandatory. Extra marks if you wanted the turret to turn but somehow you inadvertently glued it firmly to the hull. Must provide a video of the model being "blown up" using caps or incinerated with a box-full of Swan Vestas. Extra marks for artistic flair, especially human-generated sound effects. I had considered additional criteria at the start, like "The kit must be bought from a newsagent and built the same day" but I think the first half of that task might prove impossible.
  17. Robert Stuart

    Special dedicated kit build with sponsor 2018

    Yes to buying the kit from Jadlam, though I have the F51 boxing in my stash.
  18. Almost a month since the last update? Darn, that Battletech game is a worse time sink than it should be... I can't really blame the PBJ-1J over in the B-25 GB either, even though it is a (welcome) distraction. But there has been some Phantom-shaped progress over the last few weeks I was able to slide in the side consoles in the cockpit. All it took was even more sanding to them, but in the end they got there and so did the cockpit. I've checked with the canopy and it still fits, so the fuselage isn't bulging out too much due to the Aires stuff. Whew! The nosecone was also installed, but here there are gaps and steps all over. Putty will solve that. Note to self for future reference: do not add the sensor pod until the nosecone is faired in! It will help sanding. Also note: Do not try to pry it off either, because you will break it. Dryfiting the wings shows a big gap on the starboard side. I think i will try to add some spreader bars from sprue here to push the walls out a bit. The underside is a bit worse off. The XMM intakes fouls up this join -> more sanding required before Tamiya Extra Thin locks everything done.
  19. Tally ho! A very plausible-looking Red Arrows Spitfire (no, I'm not a UK politician). Thanks for unearthing that "lost" script and mixing it with some creative plastic bashing.
  20. JPuente54

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    Okay to continue: British A/C Colours Post 1946(all BSC381C unless noted) British AFV Colours 1939-45 CBC1 627 Lt. Aircraft Grey CBC12 Pale ID Blue 2 CBC23 356 Golden Yellow CBA1 Dk. Green CBC2 BS4800/10B21 Hemp CBC13 210 Sky CBC24 108 ID Blue Bright CBA2 Desert Tan CBC3 450 Dk. Earth CBC14 285 NATO Green CBC25 632 Dk. Admiralty Grey CBA3 Dull Blue CBC4 641 Dk. Green CBC15 298 Olive Green(RN) CBC26 697 Lt. Admiralty Grey CBA4 Dk. Earth CBC5 BS4800/18B21 Barley Grey CBC16 105 Oxford Blue CBC27 631 Lt. Grey CBA5 Dk. Grey Blue CBC6 637 Med. Sea Grey CBC17 537 Signal Red CBC28 110 Roundel Blue CBA6 Lt. Olive CBC7 638 Dk. Sea Grey CBC18 633 RAF Blue Grey CBC29 360 Deep Buff CBA7 Pale Cream(Interiors) CBC8 640 Ex. Dk. Sea Grey CBC19 636 PRU Blue CBC9 Pale ID Red 1 CBC20 Pale ID Red 3 CBC10 Pale ID Red 2 CBC21 Pale ID Blue 3 CBC11 Pale ID Blue 1 CBC22 361 Lt. Stone WW2 German Aircraft Colours(All RLM) German Aircraft Colours Post 1945(all RAL Colours) CG1 01 Silver CG12 66 Schwartzgrau CG23 80 Olivgrun CG35 69 Lichtichfarbe CGC1 9006 Weissaluminium CG2 02 Grau CG13 70 Schwartzgrun CG24 80a Mittelbraun CG36 41 Grau CGC2 6014 Gelboliv CG3 04 Gelb CG14 71 Dunkelgrun CG25 81 Braunviolett CGC3 7012 Basaltgrau CG4 23 Rot CG15 72 Grun CG26 82 Dunkelgrun CGC4 7001 Silbergrau CG5 24 Dunkelblau CG16 72 Grun CG27 83 Grun CGC5 7009 Grungrau CG6 25 Hellgrun CG17 74 Dunkelgrau CG28 21 Weiss CGC6 7030 Steingrau CG7 28 Weinrot CG18 75 Mittelgrau CG30 22 Schwartz CGC7 7037 Staubgrau CG8 61 Dunkelbraun CG19 76 Hellgrau CG31 26 Braun CGC8 7039 Quarzgrau CG9 62 Grun CG20 78 Himmelblau CG32 27 Gelb CGC9 7035 Lichtgrau CG10 63 Hellgrau CG21 79 Sandgelb CG33 77 Hellgrau CG11 65 Hellblau CG22 79a Sandbraun CG34 09/99 Gelbgrun French Airforce Colours USA Modern AFV Colours(All colours are FS) German AFV Colours 1939-45 CF1 Vert Fonce CF12 Noir Bleute CF23 Brun Sienne CAA1 37875 White CGA1 German Grey CGA12 Red Brown CF2 Vert CF13 Noir CF24 Enduit Jaune CAA2 30279 Desert Sand CGA2 German Green CF3 Ombre Calcinee CF14 Emaillite Vert CF25 Argent CAA3 30277 Sand CGA3 Dk. Red Brown CF4 Gris Bleu Fonce CF15 Vert Fonce 2 CF26 Jaune Insigne CAA4 30257 Earth Yellow CGA4 Panzer Grey CF5 Gris Bleu Clair CF16 Chocolat CF27 Rouge Insigne CAA5 30117 Earth Red CGA5 Earth CF6 Gris Bleu Ciel CF17 Brun CF28 Blanc Insigne CAA6 30118 Field Drab CGA6 Desert Yellow CF7 Bleu Ciel CF18 Bleu de Nuit CF29 Bleu Insigne CAA7 34087 Olive Drab CGA7 Dk. Green CF8 Terre de Sienne CF19 Gris Vert Clair CF30 Bleu de Mirage CAA9 34151 Light Green CGA8 Grey Green CF9 Sienne Naturelle CF20 Gris Clair CAA10 34102 Dark Green CGA9 Africa Yellow CF10 Kaki CF21 Gris Fonce CAA11 34079 Forest Green CGA10 Green Overspray CF11 Vert Tableau CF22 Vert Fonce 3 CAA12 37038 Black CGA11 Dk. Yellow This completes one side of the sheet and a couple of the ranges on the other side. Not much left; but, I am calling it a night. More to come! Joe
  21. mhaselden

    Typhoon low between Skipton/Glusburn

    I'd hope for a wee bit more than 300!
  22. Admiral Puff

    FOURtitude - Now a Major Film

    using mostly SAE fittings
  23. A mist of primer is applied to reveal blemishes:
  24. S5 modeller

    Spitfire Mk.22 x 2 - Airfix 1/72

    Nice work on the propellers Ced. What are these liquidex pens you used? Never heard of them but they look handy. Matt
  25. junglejim

    Magnets for missile pylons/missiles

    How would these be secured? Epoxy perhaps? Would have to be strong enough so that the magnets wouldn't just pull each other out I would think...Want to try this on my 1:48th Fencer and ordered those Ebay ones. TIA, Jim
  26. Great start Patrice,..... I have a few of these to build myself so I`ll be taking notes!! Cheers Tony
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