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  2. It's 1970s stealth tech. By the end of the 1990s, the progress made in the field was quite different. Add to that the small amount of by now aging airframes, less 'need' for their niche capabilities in non-contested airspace and enthusiastic cost-cutting.... Old scans from the archive - Gilze-Rijen AB in early 1990s.
  3. Hi Please find below the final photos. 6) A50-20 Richmond River Broadwater Hopton nov-42 7) A50-1 A50-2 Mascot Aerodrome, Sydney 1942 Cheers Santiago
  4. Nice work on the PE. Very neatly done.
  5. Because of the widespread use of Yellow undersides on RAF aircraft, UK modellers are well aware of how black any yellow undersides can appear (on ortho film) but are less familiar with the examples where yellow appear light in photographs yet red still appears dark and blue lighter. They would however have been astonished by your suggestion that the propeller tips may be bare metal, which is never seen on RAF aircraft of the period. The overall impression of this aircraft is common to many of the period with the earlier standard roundel, with or without the temporary yellow surround.
  6. Speculative or not, it certainly does look the part. Your Beaverette Mk.III is looking quite nice. cheers, Graham
  7. The interior detail looks quite nice, especially glad to see that various interior decals are included. I wonder if their Hind really sold that poorly or it was just the amount of flak regarding the general detail level and lack of any riveting that made them make a full 180 degree turn on approaching this kit? Not sure if it would be viable to retool their Mi-24 molds to this standard, but it would make sense given how iconic that helicopter is.
  8. Really great job Dave. I always think the Star Alliance livery is quite striking, and your build and paint job has highlighted it at its best. I also like your use of Authentic Airliners window / cockpit decals which make the model appear much more realistic. Well done Cheers Tim
  9. I'm still dreaming about an Israeli Saraf...
  10. Hello, Scott You probably already found this site, but still ... http://clubhyper.com/reference/misskingsvillebs_1.htm Photo of the crew, leaning on the aircraft's tail, also shows aft fuselage with what looks like windows to me. Of course, it is a bit difficult to tell if the Lancaster on the photo really is LL636. Cheers Jure
  11. Very nice. I've built this same kit and it's one of the trickiest body-chassis pairings I've ever done.
  12. The canopy, seat, cowling fronts, props, nose leg and doors, and exhaust shrouds will no doubt help a little but there is plenty of room in the front of the nacelles anyway. I am afraid Airfix's suggested 5g is way out unless, as I said before, that was with the 190 on top! The original PM instructions just said add weight but no amount. Of course the milliput at the back of the nacelles does not help either. Pete
  13. That is an interesting idea - use the sticky side of the masking tape to remove the "lint" from the copper where you can or use a lint roller, whatever may be handy and expedient. Will not remove all of the varnish but the flaky bits as a start. cheers Graham
  14. I phigured a phestive looking Phantom would be a phine way to phinish off the year! With only a month to go I’ll be pushing it to finish by the GB deadline, especially as I’m still working on my Meteor. But then I have time off over Christmas and new year so I’ll give it a go. I’ll be joining @Chrisj2003 in building a Fine Molds F-4EJ Kai. Which I’d actually started in the Turning Japanese GB, but barely got beyond painting some cockpit bits before I got waylaid by the flu and COVID (mild) and work and life and put it aside, so it’s well within the 25% limit. My Phantom will be finished in Double Excellent Model’s beautiful decal set for F-4EJ Kai 77-8399 in 302 Sqn’s black 2019 retirement scheme. These are beautiful looking decals, and a pretty funky looking special scheme. I reckon in its red and black and gold colours it has a bit of a festive feel about it, so an appropriate build for the festive season. Should be phun! Gerard
  15. Hi, All. Unfortunately, Peterborough Scale Model have had to cancel their show for next year (would have been the 5th March, IIRC). I received a message from the club's Ken Almen this morning, announcing that the new venue felt it was unable to accommodate the size of the show. The large, one-day model-show seems to be rapidly dying out, unfortunately. Southern Expo and Milton Keynes are both now gone. No Cosford show in 2023, due to the museum undergoing refurbishment. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Chris.
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  17. Maginot

    Asia GB

    Thanks @Col. No worries as the locals drawl. So I'm concluding that RAAF aircraft of interest to me - Spitfire VIII; Vengeance; Beaufighter; Republic Lancer; Lockheed P-38F4; Consolidated PBY5-AM - even if operating out of northern Australia and New Guinea, if engaged in operations over the Indonesian (Dutch East Indies) archipelago, qualify. Cool! Congratulations on progressing this GB to the Bunfight stage.
  18. Mini (ish) update for you..... So last night I decided to make a start on the decalling of the XD818.......the decal sheet provided looked fairly decent, lots of small decals, no problem....that was my first mistake.......on face value the decals looked intaked and good to go, but when soaking them to then apply to the airframe, they ALL disintergrated before they ever came off the decal sheet. I was not happy.......So...into the stash I go. Thankfully I had a range of rondels from Hannants I used for the Beverley build a few years back...funnily enough.....that was a MikrMir kit too.....with dodgy decals. I didnt get a picture of the destroyed rondles, but this is a fairly representative example of the quality. This was taken 12 hours after application. Registration numbers will be added soon, as I wanted the rondels to fully dry before applying them, I didnt fancy accidentally nudging them and ruining the build The remaining decals on the supplied sheet may be OK? though I highly doubt it. This may turn out to be a very basic decalling process with some parts painted on and most left off. Finding an alternative decal sheet is VERY expensive for the 1/144 Valiant. Also, and a slight segway away from the Valiant, I took advantage of the Airfix Aldi middlie isle offers and picked the T.4 Provost as a quick weekend build and as a Christmas present for my 2 year old who is quickly becomeing obsessed with aircraft. MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Its a nice kit and really easy to put together. Once the cockpit was painted and completed, the whole build took around 90 minutes to complete. I didnt fancy having the pain of painting in red as per the box art, so with some assistance from @binbrook87 on some ideas, I settled on what was left in my rattle can stash. Hey Presto...a cammo T.4 Provost I've not been too fussed over squadron and paint scheme accuracy as the lad is only 2 years old.....chances are this will be destroyed quicker than PMQ's about the forth coming budget. Onwards with the Valiant, as the base is being stained as we speak, and the next task will be to bend the acrylic rod into a convincing shape..... Enjoy!
  19. Great job! Very realistic. Yes, compressed air cylinders for emergency engine start. Here is the text from the instructions for starting the T-34 engine Note. "If the electric start is faulty, it is necessary to start the engine with compressed air, for which open the valve on the cylinder and the reduction valve, and when the engine starts working, immediately close them." The link you posted has a description. Dmitriy
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