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  2. Hairtrigger

    Me-262 B

    That is supurb... Viewed with envy as currently doing a Smer nightfighter version in 1:72. This is pretty basic and that's being generous.
  3. Beardie

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Well who sponsors Santa then? I thought his outfit was red and white because Coca Cola 'owned' his Donkey
  4. The smaller Dangerous Skies Exhibition at the Omaka Heritage Centre is adjacent to the Knights of the Sky Exhibition. The audio visual Stalingrad Experience is very thought provoking. Hurricane in its death throes. Engine ablaze, pilot has baled out. Canopy has detached (bottom right) The airworthy Avro Anson Diving Stuka Ryan Trainer temporarily in place of the P 40E Lydia Litvyak, female fighter ace, was reported missing after being shot down during the Battle of Kursk. At that time captured Russians were considered traitors by Stalin. As there was no proof that she had perished she was not awarded any recognition until 1990, when she was posthumously awarded Hero of the Soviet Union. Partly restored Yak 3 in the background Spitfire Mk 14- Was involved in an accident in 1996 but was returned to airworthiness in 2015 Bristol Freighter - Although not airworthy its certainly taxied as late as 2017
  5. Das Abteilung

    Interesting mud weathering technique

    I use the Vallejo Environment Mud and Grass shown here without mixing it with anything, but I do dust it over with pigments afterwards while it's still damp. I haven't tried making blobs like this: I tend to use it for more liberal mudding. I haven't seen that particular Vallejo Earth stuff, but the other similar products I've looked at all seem to look more like sand in paint than anything else.
  6. Hairtrigger


    That's a beauty..
  7. Hairtrigger


    Great result..
  8. Mick4350

    Four on the floor

    the rain goes missing
  9. Hairtrigger


    Very nice...
  10. Very nice build there’s something about the A340-500/600 airframe. I’ve seen this actual aircraft at Zurich. Such a stunning scheme seeing it coming in at sunrise with the Swiss Alps as a backdrop
  11. It's as though a thousand voices cried out, "Stop faffing around having a life and get back to them Hawks!" then we suddenly silenced...
  12. Turbofan

    ilyushin Il-86 window decals

    Hi, There are windows on the Revell IL-86 decal sheet which aren't in a cheatline if you can get hold of one of those. http://ultra.glo.be/daco/R53Dg.jpg Alternatively, I would imagine you could use these https://www.authentic-airliner-decals.de/epages/17895661.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/17895661/Products/D144-01 Hope this helps. Cheers, Ian
  13. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Wasn’t going to light it up this time. Gather the Monogram kit is pretty good. Looks quite nice
  14. Snowman

    Lancia Stratos 1/24

    Thanks for your input, guys! The work continues, in the photo's that I have seen there are hard packed gravel road sections that when wet throw up quite a bit of mud and this what I attempting to replicate. Here are some images of my work in progress. This first image is of the base coat on the machined engineering plastic base that a friend gave to me. (Thanks Brian) under coat by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr I then painted the base in satin finish black, fitted the Lancia badge and applied the dirt and mounting pins. dirt road by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr Once this had dried, I applied the mud mix. muddy road by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr Now I turn my attention to applying the mud and spray to the car. mud been applied by Gavin Snowdon, on Flickr Thanks for looking.
  15. Vitaliy


    Add panel line's ...
  16. dcrfan

    Border breakdown

    While the modelling is great I'm struggling to understand what is happening. If the fitters vehicle is broken down what is wrong? If its the engine not running as suggested by apparently trying to add fuel to the tank then how are they using the Hiab crane which is hydraulically powered via a PYO pump from the engine?
  17. Yankymodeler

    1/48 B-70A

    Oh we have to get together! I'm in Winchester!
  18. And here you are after you Spitfire build. I find it refreshing, so crack on John, the subject looks interesting. Stuart
  19. Evening All, Due to the fact that I had left my manners by my breakfast plate when I last posted, I forgot to thank those of you who dropped by and left encouraging comments: I do appreciate them despite my lack of acknowledgement at the time. The saga continues.... watching paint dry is not the most exciting aspect of modelling but a necessary one. Especially when, as I do, a modeller uses acryllic paint and a hairy stick, and builds up several layers of very thin paint to try to get a perfectly smooth finish. 13 - 15 coats in this case on the wings. I took the precaution of masking the fuselage nacelle in a plastic bage to prevent any accidental brush strokes going astray. That was followed on the lower wing by the markings which in this case consist of a large white square, (which on the original aircraft covered an earlier Union Jack flag marking), and then a roundel which I had printed myself. Holes were drilled in the lower wing for struts and rigging. I have not drilled the holes for these features in the upper wing yet as I want to make absolutely certain that I get them in the right place first time. I intend to use white glue to hold the wing struts in place and then mark the locations for the holes in the top wing later when I have made the struts. The next step was to solder a length of brass rod to the rear spar to represent the boom which supports the tail. 4 ribs were slotted on to the spars first - these were pushed close to the nacelle so that they would not melt during soldering operations: they were pushed into place and CA'd afterwards. I anticipated that the soldering would be difficult because I had to get two orientations exactly right: the angle of the boom to the thrust line: it has to rise from the rear spar towards the tail; the angle in relation to the fore-aft line as the booms converge on to the rudder post. This was made relatively easy by inserting the boom into the rear of the starboard wing and resting it on a block of wood behing the wing and fuselage sub-assembly. I cut a piece of rod to the exact length of the port (left) boom and supported the front end against the back of the rear spar while resting the rear of the boom on the wood making sure that it touched the end of the opposite boom. This assembly was sitting above the scale plan so that I had an additional aid to get the alignment correct. Application of heat and solder followed and when it had cooled I found that the boom was just 0.5mm to far towards the wing tip! I can live with that....so after I had cleaned up the soldered joint with a file I added the remaining spars to the wing and CA'd them into place. I had to re-mask the fuselage nacelle and the starboard (right) wing with a plastic bag because I had to prime the brass bar of the wing spars and rod of the boom strut and I did not want to spray the wing and nacelle at the same time! I also added the strengtheners at each end of the trailing edge of the wing inboard of the aileron. Priming followed and then I removed the rear of the spars where the aileron will be and set these on one side as I will make both ailerons later. The wing leading edge bar was made from 40 thou plastic rod and the riblets from 10 x 20 thou strip as per the test piece described earlier. Painting followed with Revell Ocker (88) which had been watered approx 50:50. One coat was just right. Black was used for the reinforcement rods as these were metal on the original aircraft. To complete this stage of construction (but not the whole wing structure - that will come later), I added the rigging. The black line on the right of the second image is the frame of the nacelle. And now I can do all of this again on the top wing.... Thanks for looking. P
  20. WildeSau75

    Spitfire Mk. XVIe

    Nice build - like it with the open maintenance panels. Cheers, Michael
  21. Two points to watch. Re check the instructions, and tick off the parts as you fit them when it comes to the fuselage. It is easy to miss stuff, and make sure it is all in place before you fit the wings, and take care with the alignment at this point. When painting the intakes, after painting the silver compressor faces, I stuffed foam ear plugs as far back as they would go, and sprayed the white. When dry, I pulled them forwards so the grey could be sprayed. Simple and effective. When using the kit decals, like the stencils, they will tend to silver, even if you apply them with Klear. Replacements are the better option.
  22. WildeSau75

    Matchbox nostalgie

    Nice stuff. Definitely special. Cheers, Michael
  23. Courageous

    1:72 AZ Model Supermarine Attacker

    That gunsight is very similar to the K-14 I believe: A Quickboost part Stuart
  24. Rabbit Leader

    Mosquito FBVI, 1 Squadron RAAF

    Your right! Got a busy day today and will be viewing that Spitfire doco this arvo that has finally hit the Aussie cinema screens this weekend. What started off as a quick movie catch up with one mate has grown into a party of about 10! Hopefully 90 minutes of beautiful Spitfire viewing wont distract me from my current GB commitments!! (I know, I’m kidding myself). Cheers.. Dave
  25. Michael Taylor

    Revell 1/48 Tornado F.3

    A little progress
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