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  1. Mark, my compliments it is a really very nice work, keep it up!!! Linus
  2. Linus

    Wessex seats

    Bootneck thank you , these pictures they made me understand how the Wessex seat is made, The one in the kit is completely wrong in its shape, I think I'm less about rebuilding them from scratch than modifying those in the kit. Thank again of your precious help!!! Linus
  3. Linus

    Wessex seats

    Good morning guys, I'm making a 1/48 scale Wessex HAS3 from italeri, but the shape of the seats does not convince me 100%, does anyone have any photos that you can see the seat and its details? Thanks in advance to everyone who will help me. Cheers Linus
  4. Dear friends, what can I say, I got the correct sheets, all at their expense, I must say that Print Scale is a correct and serious company, thanks Alexander and Olga. I will continue to buy your products!!! Linus
  5. Thank you "exdraken" and "dov", the air intake is well made, but from what is written on the "block 30/40/50 large intake" package, I cannot find any feedback, it is slightly wider than that of the kit but does not follow the profile of those of the F-16 based here in Aviano AB. I have seen beautiful shapes but expensive, I don't know how much it is worth, I will follow the advice of "dov" and I will use putty and sandpaper to give life to a new air intake. Linus
  6. Dear friends, I received, as a gift from a colleague, a 1/48 Academy F-16C kit, with CMK air intake, probably he gave it to me because he bought a Hasegawa F-16CJ kit with air intake "large". At first glance, the CMK socket does not seem to have the correct profile, what do you think? Is there any aftermarket that makes a correct one at a good price? Comments, criticisms and advice are welcome Cheers Linus
  7. the internal compartment of the brake on the wing, white color, the moving part of the brake, red. Good work friend.
  8. Thank you PhoenixII, I did as you said, I also consulted with a model maker friend, and we came to the same conclusion as you by examining many vintage photos the codes were white for G-ACSS and G-ACSR, while for G-ACSP they were gold. Thanks again Linus
  9. Hello Folks, from my old question about the color for the serial numbers on DH-88 G-ACSS it was silver or white? , in KP kit the serial number are in silver!!!! so the KP kit is correct? last week I received the DH-88 Micro-Mir 1/48, but the serial number in this last kit are in white! Could it be that Airfix, SBS, and Micro Mir were all wrong color, and only KP made color correct? Thanks in advance at all . linus
  10. Linus


    Thank you Work In Progress, sorry I had wrong to write, it is correct G-ACSS!!! Also I had wrong forum, what do I re-ask the question in the other section?
  11. Hi folks, being a big cat enthusiast, i bought the latest Academy, really very nice, very good quality / price 3 gun fairings, different main rims, only the first types beaver tail is missing, but after market Wolfpack design, it produces it. at the moment I think it's the best, has anyone looking for it tried it at Martola? Shalaho, I am just building one of the first Academy, it is very basic, something less in the nose, but once assembled and painted in DOH it is not noticeable and can pass, then given the price ..... you can not to pretend!!! Some work is needed on the tub, the canopy hinge, wheels and seats to replace. Linus
  12. after writing to the Print Scale company, they replied asking me for the address as they will send me corrections for the sheets I previously purchased, I have attached photos with the sheets in question to the reply email. Now we look forward confidently.
  13. Giorgio, even the Italeri kits are dated but much more correct, I have seen the decals and even those seem to be more correct.
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