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  1. I ought to think abou a couple too. Have a whole bunch of Dujin resin 72nd civil gliders to go with it. Could even replicate my local gliding club. Going by the image of the kit 'parts' the wings and tail feathers all look like the Super Cub kit parts thus showing the commonlity of parts of the real aeroplane.
  2. Paul J

    Trainers GB

    I ran the same GB a few years ago now. Nice to see Part II being suggested. I could be interested. Have lots to choose from.
  3. Paul J

    Farnborough Modelfest:- September 15th

    As always I enjoyed a very good day! Made a couple bargain purchases that could lead to a return to work motivation... Thanks to Tony Andrews for accomodating my location and nice chatting with whoever stopped by BM ers or not...See you next year!
  4. Paul J

    H-Model Jeep decals

    The RCAF roundel is completely wrong for a WW2 Jeep Its a more modern roundel on this decal sheet.
  5. I've been waiting all year for the Caracal decals and was told they would be available end of August! Still not seen them .....
  6. Paul J

    Naval Station Norfolk, VA

    Lovely photos. Some odd looking vessels too!
  7. Paul J

    Various Aircraft

    Nice builds. Shame about the Mustang FF-943 with upside down stars though...and lack of Anti dazzle on the nose of it.?! Otherwise good work.
  8. Paul J

    Canada and Alaska tour 2001

    Enjoying following this thread. Nice collection of props and pistons !!!
  9. I like that. Must try one too. I flew in one the same colours as your build ; in BIA scheme. G-APWF
  10. Paul J

    NRC-CNRC Harvard .

    Hi Mark, Long time no see. Thanks for your comments. Quite fond of the Harvard myself, one of the very first Airfix kits I built. and still have it! The one here is the Heller one from the new Revell re boxing issue. Part fit is beginning to show on the parts and really yearn for a decent new tool from Airfix very much! As for colour schemes I like to look for interesting ones that are not too garish or complicated to do and if there are decent decals for them.
  11. Paul J

    NRC-CNRC Harvard .

    Thanks! Decals by JBOT Decals in Canada.
  12. I thought you nice folk out there might like to see this build. Heller 1/72nd Texan, Aeroclub vac canopy with the rear upper fuselage modded to accept the different shape at rear end, antenna from micro strip plastic, decals by JBOT. I didn't do very much in the cockpit so no seat belts. Just the instrument panels. The canopy framing is all done with black and white decal stripes. Black applied first to prevent the white from being seen from any side, then of course the white for the external framing. The corners to the window panels are done with teeny triangular or squarish pieces of decals cut to fit relevant panes. The exhaust is resin from the CMR conversion kit which includes to vac form canopies. I opted not use these as it is of the heavily framed version and this subject has the lesser frames. Fortunately I had one of the Aeroclub ones with the correct rear section and fewer frames so perfect for this one. needed to coax the rearmost decal stripes in to a curve to follow the canopy line. For more info of the work and types within the NRC-CNRC here is a link: https://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/solutions/facilities/research_aircraft.html
  13. Cute. Didn't know the kit existed!!!
  14. Paul J

    Constant Battle with BM...

    Getting rid of all those hundreds of eomji things will help except the old style ones. I never see many of them ever used here.
  15. Stunning! But details of which kit and scale would be nice. I'm guessing 1/32 Trumpeter?