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  1. Lots of trainer types would only need a paint job Tiger Moths, Harvards and C-47 to DC-3 for example.
  2. I've got a pair by Pavla. Not sure if they are still available though.
  3. Paul J

    Dora Wings catalog 2019 - programme

    More Proctor variants...... mk.IV too.. Nice. The Wapiti/ Wallace will no doubt please people too.
  4. Paul J

    Airfix 2020

    1/72 new tools: Chipmunk Hunter ( with variants as per 48th issues) Harvard Mosquito ( various, eg : 2 stage Merlins single stage Merlins B.IV and so on) P-47 ( Not a wish from me but what I think will be wanted) Anson Sea Vixen Classic series: Skyvan Cherokee SA Bulldog Vintage cars ( by nowadays standards any way) the modern cars that are not the ones that are current like the VW, DB-5 Herald etc but various others Victor, Marina Maxi, AH Sprite, Mini and the Edwardian series of Veteran cars Various versions of their 1/48th kits and new tools
  5. Paul J

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    Hm. Looks fine but wrong scale; I work mainly in 1/72.
  6. Paul J

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB 2nd March to 2nd June

    Looming in rather quickly this GB. I have a Fujimi kit picked quite cheaply about 3 or 4 years ago, I want to make a Canadian one and have the Belcher bits Decals. But most of them have the APU at the rear pylon As far as I know none of the Fujimi kits had this option. Any one have any ideas , good drawings sketches diagrams on how I could scratch build this area? Have been told the Hobbycraft kit has the APU but never seen one on my travels to shows etc.
  7. Paul J

    Next Kiwi Mosquito engine runs.

    Thanks. Regards the Spit fligt, As much as I would love to, it has already cost me an arm nd a few legs to get there. Regardless I know I will enjoy visiting New Zealand. I'll send an email to find out the possibility of a visit in advance I think.
  8. Just spotted another error on the proposed art work for this much awaited kit. Shown on the port side views is a small scoop near hinge line on the engine. This should only be on the starboard side. But it is only art work and sincerely hope they don't add this to the plastic?!
  9. Paul J

    Next Kiwi Mosquito engine runs.

    I'm getting ready to go out o NZ for my month long trip . Will be in the Auckland area from the 20th Feb to 27th. What are the chances of being able to make a visit to Ardmore and he hope of seeing 474 or any of the others there??? Very frustratingly I will miss the Wairarapa show!
  10. Paul J

    Canadian Hurricane 5656

    Possibly? Is the underside aluminium dope do you think?
  11. Paul J

    Canadian Hurricane 5656

    In the underside shot its interesting to see the camo paint( if it is the camo?) extending to below the leading edges of wings and tail planes. And that strange bit going around the nose to one side only??? Thanks Troy!!! PS I think the gun patches could be for aluminium paint . So.... I may well do this to my expectant Arma Hobby kit! Being spinnerless will help solve the prop spinner argument and I have spare Hamilton props too!!
  12. Just noticed looking back at the above photo... it has odd joysticks. one spade grip one straight type!!
  13. Paul J

    Any Canadians here?

    I'm not Canadian but I build a lot of Canadian subjects aircraft wise.
  14. Paul J

    Airfix for 2019

    Is the RAF version of the B-25 still coming or has it been replaced with the Doolittle one?