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  1. Sickos!! A wall and a line up with a squad facing them comes to mind as a punishment.. That or bring back National service and a long stretch with really tough treatment is needed. Can you imagine sickos like them running amok at somewhere like Scale Model world......or any of our kind of show....
  2. What about the Tamiya ones or the OOP Accurate Miniatures kits? I thought they were pretty good. Or the cheap ICM one that has looks of the first one mentioned here. Re the build zegeye; agree its going to look good with all that brass. Are you going to replace the canopy?
  3. Thats sad. His Corasir was the very first airworthy one I ever saw. Not to be forgotten is his Stearman with the enclosed cockpit G-THEA. He and his displays are missed.
  4. Paul J

    Airfix 2020

    New tool Harvard series with both types of rear end canopies, Mosquito family, Hunter, Lysander, Islander ( new tool would be good but a reissue just as welcome)....
  5. Sorry to ppo poo this but Somehow I don't think h will. Last I heard from him about five months ago he told me ...thats it no more... but you never know....
  6. Thats really nice, I like it a lot. I have one on the go and need to get a move on I think. Quite like the streaking effect... something I have to do for my chosen one from the 'Junior' edition.
  7. Coming along. Wasn't that the unit that had a disagreement with higher ups and had the swastikas removed from the fins for a short while?
  8. Always loved her singing... such a nice voice. One of my favourites was Move Over Darling.
  9. Cheers for that .I too think the wheels are oversized. I'll delve in to my wheels box and see what I have suitable.
  10. I,ve just got myself one of these. The above will help when I get to that stage. In the meantime some rescribing and lots of sanding off of those rivets and panel lines. I was told its not a bad kit accuracy wise compared to the Airfix one. Is that the case??
  11. Hi and welcome. Look forward to seeing some of your work, (Why the move back to the UK?)
  12. The Prototype Mosquito. W4050 still exists at the Mosquito museum in Hertz.
  13. Paul J


    The overcrowded emoji box isn't working for me. Anyone else noticed this? All I get are hundreds of grey squares.
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