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  1. Nice collection. Not really sure how the UK Tiger Moths coded 'RCV-' fit in. They look like RAF reserve ones, no covered cockpits like the Canadian Tigers.
  2. Hi. An idea I wanted to propose for a GB some time ago but has just popped in to my head again while going through GBs here. How about one dedicated to aircraft of WW 2 but nose wheel types only. NO tail draggers!!!! I can think of a fair few such as P-39, P-38, A-20, A-26 Invader, B-26, B-24, ME262, HE219, Meteor, B-29, HE162, Arado 234 and so on. But for rules here are a few for starters; they must have been used operationally or reached prototype stage and flown up to the end of WW2, NO Whiffs, finished in authentic schemes, any nationality. One thing I would happily like any volunteer to host and co host this if it gets taken on... Over to you.....
  3. Hi. I've been successful with the Aeroclub canopies( if you can get them) and the CMR one too The rear end of the cockpit opening and upper part of fuselage needs surgery mainly. Heller kit with the CMR canopy. This shows extent of mod to fuselage decking for new canopy. Another Heller one but with Aeroclub canopy
  4. Trouble is Mike I have paid a deposit and my skills and tools don't extend to what I would need. I guess I will just have to sit it out....
  5. I am well and truly peed off with myself!!!! I learnt today that due to this darned virus stuff, work distancing, getting people back from furlough etc; delivery of my new shed will not now be ready until end of August and probably no earlier than September!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know the saying... act in haste repent at leisure!!! And thats what I have done by dismantling the old shed, and disposing of it , having the new base ready for the promised delivery by early July. Well its all going pete tong on me.!! Nuff said. My patiecne has worn very thin and now suffering the consequences... So no modelling for ages now. Might as well sell off all my gear as the mojo has gone. Trouble is I still have the stash in storage and paying for it...
  6. Small update on my new shed... it still hasn't arrived after 5 weeks!!!! But here are a couple pics of the new base. Well, not exactly totally new but expanded to take the 12 by 8 building. Its a bit bigger than the shed size leaving a small apron around to sides. The new slabs are in middle with the 'L' shape slabs being re used old ones I had stashed in a hidden corner of the garden so made use of them. The slates are also re purposed from the area around the previous shed. The new slabs are in middle. A couple of hours or more to do the edging with the slates over both days of the past weekend.
  7. Nice to see an almost forgotten kit by Airfix. I only ever built one... never knew what happened to it. I always thought it one of the better Airfix kits of the time along with the Marauder for example.
  8. Fascinating film clip! I spent a week there one summer in 1970 courtesy of the ATC on summer camp. I recall that the first RAF Germany Phantom squadron was there.No. 14 Squadron. Also both the Gutersloh Lightning units were temporarily stationed there due runway work at their home base. I had my only helicopter flight from there and recall those dispersal at the western end as we came in to land. Opposite the main gate was a certain type of "club" that we were banned from going to in the evenings. But a couple of the lads managed to get in and reported back what they enjoyed.... I will try to find my print scans and post here if that's OK. My avatar. pic at top left was taken there by one of the F.2A Lightnings!
  9. Nice Tiger from TinTin. I have a boxed set of lots of Tin Tin stories on DVD. The Black Island one doesn't feature a Tiger Moth but another biplane that looks a bit like a Caudron Luciole but not sure. The same antics as in the above illustrations from the comic though. There is another familiir type in red with stub wings for the undercart again I can't place what it is in another story. Ottokars Sceptre with an SM81 in yellow with Belgian civil reg appears plus the Bordurian Me 109.
  10. What does that mean when dealing with historic aircraft in Finland? Will they still be able to wear the marking or changed to the post war current marking??
  11. A little niggle about the decals is, there are two tiny red emblems for the tail fin. These are supposed to be the Tiger Club emblem that are black white and yellow and not red as on the sheet. I agree about the other problems mentioned abut the tail trailing edges, cowling and oil tank. But oberall a nice endition of a much sought after subject by me for years. Will we get a Leopard Moth with the longer undercarriage leg??? And Hornet Moth too!!???
  12. Got my first one a couple days ago. I like it but not a lot in the box. Found some pics on line that shows a kind of push rod coming from near the wind screen/ side window and attached to the launding gear strut. Apparently this was to rotate the aerofoil section of the leg flat against the airflow and acted as an airbrake for landing. Also it seems that a mod to the production was an enlarged tail fin/ rudder and an additional strut from the wing to rear attachment point due to wing fluttter causing some mishaps.
  13. They went to a buyer and have appeared on to well known 'bay' site on line. ( By the way, several needed major repairs and cleaning off. )
  14. Another batch: Aeroclub FIAT CR20. Kit decals Tamiya P-51D Mustang Leading Edge decals. Airfix Tiger Moth. Xtrdecals. Hasegawa CF-18 Hornet Leading Edge Models decals. Fujimi Phantom. Modeldecals. Revell 1/288th scale Boeing 747 and kit decals. Original tooll Airfix Harvard RAFDEC decals. Airfix Chipmunk. Generic decals( a bit of a fictional set of numbers as I needed it finished to move on o not entirely authentic) Airfix PA-28 Cherokee. Decals from AZ or KP Zlin so its a work of fiction regarding markings. Revell Junkers F13 JBOT Decals Airfix Beaver Whiskey Jack Decals Airfix ( Italeri plastic) C-47 Leading Edge Decals.
  15. Could not find a suitable thread for these but here are some pics of my past builds and sold very recently Part one: All 1/72 and a couple 1/48th. I took at least 5 to 6 images of each one for my records but to save space only posting one of each in most cases. Monogram Curtiss P-36. Kit decals Hobbycraft Sabre LEM decals AZ Models Spitfire T8. Kit decals 1/48th Hasegawa Hawker Typhoon. Techmod decals. 1/48th Airfix Spitfire 24 from Eduard boxing and decals Airfix F-86 Sabre and LEM decals CMR Blanik. Kit decals. Matchbox DHC Twin Otter. Thunderbird Decals. Airfix Belvedere. Own decal bank for decals Hobbycraft Beech 18 Decals from Almark for national insignia and Modeldecal generic set for serial. Esci F-104G Cutting Edge decals Hasegawa TF104G Microscale decals from generic sets. Matchbox Lysander. Generic decals from my decal bank Aitfix Gazelle ModelArt decals. Williams Bros kit of Curtiss C-46 Decals by Whiskey JAck Esci F-5A Leadin Edge Decals. Hasegawa Curtiss P-40N generic decals Matchbox( original kit ) and kit decals. Revell F-101B Belcher Bits decals Aurora Cessna 337 JBOT Decals. Some of these may be familaiar to some of you as they have appeared here before as RFI or WIP. Many of theses are regrettable sales but I just don't have the room to keep them all and add new builds so a lot have had to be moved on. More to come.....
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