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  1. Just a little pointer about this kit that you might like to know is the horizontal line between the rudder balance horn and top of the fixed part of the fin is a tad too high. It needs lowering by about a millimetre or so. Otherwise a not too bad a kit.
  2. Nice pics but how can that thing stay airbourne with all those huge openings and bent jet exhaust
  3. Hi. Just read through this thread with interest having just completed the same kit but had no two blade prop, just the 3 blader (possibly because it was the gift set issue.. not sure). Apart from correcting the area behind rhe gunbay it was the only filler I used. Admittedly the wing join at the trailing edges was a bit thick I overcame it with careful pairing down and sanding post joining. As for the camo painting I use white tack sausages infilled between them with cheap DIY masking tape to mask out the colour to be kept and ready for the next colour.. No problems with getting those ridge
  4. Hi.It's 1/72. Thanks anyway. Thanks! And thanks for comments.
  5. By the way.... What has happened to the edit button????? How can I edit if an error is spotted after posting????
  6. A brand new build from my rather meagre and temporary modelling base (until my new shed arrives in a couple and a half months). Airfix Mk.1 Hurricane with decals supplied by BM member 'vildebeest' (Many Thanks!!). Depicts the 73 Squadron Hurricane of 67 wing, flown by Edgar 'Cobber' Kain of New Zealand, in early half of 1940 over France. He was top scorer up to the time of his unfortunate end with 17 kills to his credit and the first Ace in the RAF at the time. I found no fit problems with the kit at all and no filler used except to change the fabric are behind the gun bay on to
  7. Beauty!!! I have no problem in seeing such rare kits built to a high standard. And yours is! Lovely work.
  8. Yeah, OK, I'll join in the fun. I have 3 Academy in my stash all bound for RCAF decals and finish.
  9. Nice but I have already built EE-H from the first new tool issue using Aviaeology decals for it... but another wouldn.t go amiss
  10. I like this. If the undercarriage legs could be made in one piece in a metal, that would be good for added strength. The amount of times my Airfix ones broke and hard to fix......
  11. Lovely build and very nicely finished. LOve the bas e dispaly arrangement. By the way, to save using up the expensive Tamiya tape why not in fill between the Tamiya tapes for main demarcation, with cheaper DIY low tack masking tape. Thats what I do.
  12. That is the problem we get with modern day restorations. They are not always painted/marked accurately when it come s to military subjects. But I really do wish that someone will bring out more decals for civilian Tiger Moths , modern day or period. Both in 1/72nd and 1/48th. I really want to finish mine in one of the nice period schemes. I know Xtradecal do them but but none of the subjects appeal to me especially the 1/48th set.
  13. Hi Moa. Saw these and thought of you. These pics I recently scanned from negatives. Though a little late but thought they would add to your thread of a masterful build of one of my many favourite types. All taken in May 1997 at a PFA ( Popular Flying Association) Fly -In at Middle Wallop that year.
  14. thanks for the in put chaps.. @er indoors insists I bin them once they are scanned. She says that when they are stored electronically and saved to a separate hard disk I have got them to look up when I please. BUT... I am going to refuse the binning idea. Too much of my history with being an aeroplane nut recorded! I have binned some though and only those of flying shots at airshows that merely show up as pin pricks for aircraft!! I still look forward to more opinions though. Thanks again.
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