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  1. Smashing 'back story' very believable and a smart looking build!
  2. Paul J

    DH Dove - Props

    Looking at those pics , the props do rotate the opposite way. Standard Dove has clockwise and Riley dove anti clockwise.
  3. Glad to help out. What you need is a drill about 1.00mm in size, drill in each corner slowly then do all the others as explained. I use my finger and thumb to hold the drill, as a power tool such as Dremel is too fast and can cause drill to break unless there is a speed control (I don't know 'cos I don't have or use one), By using your own nature provided tool you can control as needed .. between finger and thumb...slowly but surely. Clear the swarf/waste after each twist as the waste can also cause the drill to snap. Good luck.
  4. Paul J

    Tyabb airshow

    Excellent pics. Would love to see the HUdson and the other CAC types myself.
  5. Paul J

    Airfix Classics Launched

    I usedto have most of the 1/32nd cars including the Victor Estate. Around 10 -15 tears ago I sold them all from upwards of £25 each. The Vauxhall got me 45!!
  6. Paul J

    1/144 BAC One-Eleven by Eastern Express

    Could be a goer for me. But, knowing EE kits I expect it will be expensive. That box art is very reminiscent of a photo I have seen somewhere....
  7. Paul J

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Looking back at the list, the ships beckon me. I must have built nearly all of them in my days way back. The ones currently listed tempt me even though I am an ardent aeroplane man. Others I recall and wonder if they will ever see daylight again are Daring, Campbeltown, Hotspur, Cossack, Victorious, Tiger, Leander, Huntsman(?) Fearless; for all the earlier ones then there are some of the German ones like Scharnhorst, Graf Spee, Narvik class destroyer. The car ferry, Townsend Thoresen I think? Could go on for ages listing them all. Then there are all the cars... wow!!!
  8. Paul J

    Airfix Classics Launched

    One other thing, its quite timely for the Classic Airfix GB!!!
  9. Paul J

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Its a bit like what Revell did some years ago an d released them in period boxes/aretwork. Not against it though as its an oppurtunity to get some of the classic kits in our stashes again... to BUILD!! Quite up for some of the aircraft suggested already too!
  10. By chain drill, what is meant is you drill a series of holes close to each other in a straight line and then cut through to join the holes and out pops the waste part. Simples! All one needs do then is to clean up around the edge of the opening. ( Or did you really know that already?)
  11. Very basically, The canopy frame too shallow easily fixed by what ever method one chooses, the talked about wing fences too far out by about 6.00mm/ quarter of an inch and likewise the underwing pylons. The wheels could do with replacing as the detail is a bit muddy. But thats about it for the main issues. Overrall a nice kit. Pavla do replacement canopy wheels etc, You only need to do a little bit of surgery to be done. Tony Edmundson will help greatly!!
  12. I'm sure this will be a winner too! I could suggest finishing it as an RCAF F.4 . But thats just me liking Canadian schemes. So many to choose fom. Look forward to seing progress.
  13. Paul J

    Revegawa kit B-25 post war RCAF

    Some update pics. Basically its mainly decal work but not all of them....yet. The decals I have so far for this project stand behind. The modern day very nice decals by David Winter on the left and on the right are some very old Canuck Decals ( not to be confused with the modern day named sets) decals for the RCAF fuselage titles in various formats and sizes. Fortunately the smallest ones representing the 6 inch titles are there too. But I won't try these until I have the lightning flash/ trim to hand. Above and below some of the markings that I can apply. The Red Ensign old Canadian national flag. The decals for these are from a set by Stoppel!! Quite ancient but are pretty good and still work well after so many years! Even with the Micro decal system they settled nicely. Black stripe decals to mark the anti dazzle sections on the inboard faces of the engine cowls. Later filled in with paint and leaving a nice straight line!! Beats masking and freehand !! Cockpit framing all done. Started with black decal stripe and then overlayed with silver an white where appropriate. A view from above. Wing roundels from the Canuck Models decal sheet that finally turned up...... correctly! In the above views, you can also pick out that I have placed black decal striping to mark out the edges of the de-icer boots to the wings , tailplanes and fins. The remaining areas will be filled in with matt black. I can do a bit more and add a couple aerials to the top to go along with the DF loop and add the pitot at the very end. I still need to tidy up the rearmost transparency with a bit more white decal stripe to finish the framing at this end. But it is almost done......
  14. VERY Nice work on the CF-104!! I have one of Hasegawa kits ( Revell boxing)that is nearing painting but unable to set myself on a particular scheme yet. I have the Belcher decals and the early bare metal ones appeal but so do the camo ones. But for the latter camo schemes, I need those bumps under the jet pipe and nose. So, where are these available in 1/48th without having to lash out on a box set with lots of other bits I don't want or need??
  15. Paul J

    What kind of modeller are you?

    I feel much the same as replies above. But I do know people who shun certain kits because the subtle wing root curve or the prop spinner is not quite right. Nah. Like has been said, modelling time is too short for worrying about tiny errors or even bigger errors (as long as they are not gross)! I prefer to get my paint schemes and markings as close as I possibly can mainly... that way this distracts from any other glaring issues.... sometimes.