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  1. very nice. I don't recall seeing them in this scheme though. All thats missing is all that smoke coming out the back!!
  2. Great photos! Somehow Sea Fury WG655 doesn't look right with the 4 blade prop... until its going round as in the flying pics. Thanks for sharing.
  3. AZ would do better in concentrating bringing us the Cessna light aircraft once proposed or proper existed/ing aeroplanes.
  4. Still getting the 500 every so often.
  5. I expect direct from the Leading EDge decals website. That's where I got my new NORAD set.
  6. Paul J

    Airfix VC10

    I think the HDU at the back end was retooled in to the fuselage halves. Also I think the fences on the wings need to be moved inwards but I am not sure by how much.
  7. Not bad footage . Not concerned which pilots from any service training to fly it but the cost of just one of those bone dome will buy me a luxury house!! But agree with the gripe about driving tests. What did irritate me too big time are the captions that flash up on screen repeating just what the commentator said. A couple scenes showing the Hawks revealed their serials though, As for the F-35 well to me it seems if you forget your password and you are in scramble mode then we're stuffed Just a hugely expensive lump of computor to go wrong at the wrong moment and all those barn doors opening up.... remarkable the thing flies with all those holes.
  8. My proposed entries for this GB. Original wrappers from my Airfix stash of old school instructions and the kit that has been hiding in a box for he Airfix Dominie! As yo see someone had made a strat at pre painting before building... The instructions. The insides being identical to each other. I think I must have predrilled holes for the rigging at a point when I last took this kit out in to daylight And, time permitting I will have a go at this, A very recent purchase from Hannants. (by the way, the Provost lurking at the back is one from the box of doom brought out after being inspired byt the ITYIWB gb and hope to urge me in building the unmade kit I have too.) Maenawhile back to the seaplnes, The Arifix Walrus has a few parts missing like one half of the prop, a pair od short stuts that fit in to the engine pod, and a couple other bits All I am hoping will be easy to replace somehow
  9. Thanks for the paint tips everyone... will try and source some. Some more Harvard progress pics..... The canopy 'operation ' worked Ok but also needs a bit of a tidy around the base of it. Silver decal stripes work wonders for doing the mass of framing on a Harvard There is a wider decal stripe along the bottom edge and when it dried it looked like someone had stuck a length of gaffer tape on it! Not all that pleased on looking closely at it. You can also see the horrid silver paint on the rest of it...
  10. While preparing for this GB and my very old tool Airfix Walrus, can someone point me in right direction with good pics showing the rigging arrangement please. Thanks! All I have as reference is the Profile Publication and the photos in it are not the best I've seen.
  11. Progress slowed a bit Main assembly all done except the u/cart and things. But am up with a problem. I airbrushed Humbrol No. 11 silver and it has come out in a dull matt finish. Not best pleased with it The yellow T bands are fine . Can someone recommend a decent silver to represent the sprayed on all over silver dope/ high speed silver??? I have another tin of the above and that one comes out like a chrome finish!!! Will post up progress pics this evening.
  12. Arctic Models did a set for Harbour Air scheme . The earlier yellow stripe vintage. I used these for my build a couple years ago with the resin conversion within the set.
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