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  1. Paul J

    How Exciting!!!!

    Update of my WIP for my new mancave. Power supply( 'Lecky') is being done by good mate this coming Saturday. I have been busy, meanwhile, cladding the interior with insulating and ply sheets salvaged from my old shed. Pics: So far I have spent around 16 hours over the past few days doing what you can see above. Not a lot to do, but its blinking freezing out there so I can only spend 3 or 4 hours or less at a time but should complete what I want to do by Friday. Bottom right of bottom pic visible are a few crates and bits of my sta
  2. If you google upimages of your subject you will see the fuselage is a particular shape and not so flat sided as the AZ MK.III or V. The cabin area has a 'humpy ' look to it.
  3. I was down your way February 2019. Had planned and paid for a return trip due to loving the month long visit . But alas due to this Covid thing those plans were scuppered. I soooo long to return again .... maybe one day.... and a longer visit to Oz as I was only there for four days! So, look out for my entrants for this GB . Its a no brainer for me .
  4. Here are a few pics of the on in the RNZAF Museum Wigram ,New Zealand I took when on holiday there 2019. They may be of use.
  5. Not sure if of any help but I flew in WK577:V at Scampton in 1969 when I was on ATC camp. At that time it was in overall light aircraft grey with dayglo strips. Fotrunately I have a pic of it the day I flew in her.
  6. You could go with red seats and side walls, black dashboard but some might have been polished wood with dials in their normal colour. I'm just going with what I have seen of other vintage aircraft images an seeing the reakl things close up. Sorry But I have no images to share.
  7. Paul J

    How Exciting!!!!

    Well. Its finally here. Turned up on the given date but not until around 5 pm so it was dark and not able to put it up. Now its Wednesday the 20th and the guys turned up lunchtime in the pouring rain, they set about putting up my new shed. And no Snow!! The other little one is the wife's! Pics: At top of pic my base that was prepared back last summer!! Ready for the 8 by 12 shed. The parts laid out . Pic taken the following day after delivery(Jan 11th in the dark!) Today!! WIP... All sides in place.... roof on.....
  8. Paul J

    Old models

    I occasionally sell mine but keep those that mean something to me such as models of aeroplanes I have flown in, certain nationalities, personal connection. All else has gone or goes. Those that I keep are stored in boxes in shed at the moment.
  9. Best to fill those huge slots for the rocket rails. Not sure NZ Corsairs carried them.
  10. I have to say, I bought myself one of the SH kits and am very delighted by it The finesse of the detail is superb. Having seen images here of the KP one , my money will go to SH. Look forward to when I can start it.
  11. I like it. Mind that weak undercarriage! The one I had went through several repairs. You have got to hand it to Heller though. They are the only people who have kitted types that no on else has such as this, the Noratlas. I had one for several years built in same colour scheme but I replaced all the out of register decals with those by Microscale. Numbers unit badges the lot. It got sold with a few hundred others over a period of time. Going back to Heller, who else has done to 1/72 all those different French types ( except the major fighters), DC-6, Connie, SAAB Safir .J-29
  12. Just to clear up any confusion, Draw Decals was not Red Pegasus.! Red Pegasus was a separate company now no longer operating due to passing of the owner. Draw Decals have, has or will be doing some of the Red Pegasus decals under their own Draw Decal banner and to a better process.
  13. I like raised rivets on kits. If they are too heavy its easier to rub them down to a more acceptable level than it is to fill them all. Not only that the pics here for example show raised ones and on a model would be more realistic.
  14. the colonials are revolting
  15. The art work shown is of the original kit when it came out in 1966!
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