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  1. Well, it didn't take too long to complete this. I have fitted a canopy as a temporary measure until I get a better one. ( There is a step at the base of the windshield that looks a bit too much I think; other than the national insignia which are from various decal spares , the codes emblems and serial are from a Techmod set. Paints used were Xtracrylics and I tried some Humbrol Matt finish that I found among my stuff. Its quite old but with some aviation grade white spirit to thin it, it airbrushed OK but still a bit glossy for my liking. It depicts BS456 of 306 Polish Squadron at RAF Northolt 1942. The aerial mast is from the AZ kit I have of the bubbletop MK.XVI so would not be used for that one. Another useful part that saved the day Note the slipper tank. This was from the Eduard kit. I used this as lots of photos in the Mirage book by Wojtek Matusiak, shows these fitted. Anyway, its another Spit to add to my builds. So, as a rundown of the parts used they are: Upper wing halves : Airfix new tool MK.Vc Lower wing half: Sword MK.XIV Fuselage, tail planes and rudder, aerial mast, floor section for cockpit , exhausts : AZ Models. Main undercarriage legs, covers, cockpit interior, slipper tank, canopy, guns, carb intake under chin : Eduard. Propeller: Aeroclub Tail wheel, main wheels, seat: Airfix MK. Vb (1970s issue/version) Underwing radiator tubs : CMR resin ( donated by another modeller.) Decals: A mix of Modeldecal generic sets for roundels, Techmod for stencilling and unit markings. So, its a : Swedazfix. clubcmr kit!! Thanks for looking in.
  2. Thanks all and to 'Beard' for the canopy offer. But I did find among my bits a canopy with a crack partway down middle and separate windshield from the Eduard spares I have, It fits but only just and you will see in the RFI thread because its now finished. I will replace the canopy when that arrives. Pics of the completed model now on RFI. See you there.
  3. Thanks for the offer but it's also a risk coming from NZ. I'm sure I can source one somewhere. Glad to hear you like this build.
  4. Not today but a week ago Thursday bought at the nice Norwich AIr Museum, Italeri 1/72nd double kit with Albatross D.III and SE.5A . Looks like they are/were the old ESCI kits and bear a resemblance to the very much older Revell ones ! Very basic but look easy enough to play with. Not planning to do very much to improve them though. But they will join my builds sometime.
  5. Yes,please to more pics. Nice variety of types on display. A bit like old times. Were those notorious restrictions still applied or did they relax them??
  6. Progress report. Some pics of further work on this build. Most of the assembly done here. The prop is a white metal one and came from a friend. Originates from the Aeroclub range. Incidentally, I found a cockpit 'floor' item in another AZ kit that has two in the box as the kit is the bubble top MK.16 and has the appropriate new parts on another sprue that includes this cockpit part. Not that it can be seen now its installed! This underside view shows most of the differing plastic parts from different kit manufacturers I found the exhusts among the spares cache and traced them back to being resin ones by Quickboost. Lots of he smaller parts are also Eduard. I forgot to do pics of it in primer( its grey so you know what it looked like). Here, main paintwork applied. The short cannon stubs now fitted from plastic rod. To be reshaped / rounded to depict the blanked off ports. Main undercart now on. ( the main wheels will be spares from the older Airfix Mk.Vb kit as was the tail wheel!). These parts are from the Eduard Mk.IX. So many useful bits left over from that kit! Even the cannons! Decalling in progress. And here as it stands this evening. The wing roundels and fin flash are from Modeldecal generic sets, fuselage ones from unknown kit but were the best I had and right size, stencilling from the Eduard kit. As for unit markings, I have an unused set from Techmod featuring a 306 (UZ- codes)Squadron and two of 316 (SZ- code)and another part used Techmod set featuring 315 Squadron (PK- codes) Mk.IXs as flown by 'Gabby' Gabreski when training and familiarising himself in the ETO before returning to the 56th FG with P-47s. So I will need to decide which to go for. BUT I am still waiting to see if anyone here has a suitable canopy to help me finish this off. I have the aerial mast to hand and I thinks its from an Airfix kit. It could be finished very soon now. Cheers for now.
  7. Hi Andy. I am now OK for the rads, just need a decent mark 9 style canopy! As for the chin intake, I have got the earlier smaller one that has come from the Eduard kit but need to ascertain it's exact position. Apart from that,all is fine. Have yet to decide markings for it.
  8. Never mind... a good excuse to go back. I like it in Norfolk; ever since my first foray away from home not with the family but with the ATC and my first camp at RAF Coltishall in 1968. I have a few more pics to add once I have tidied them up. Plus a few on the airport.
  9. Hope you don't mind, but I would like to show some pics of the rather nice City of Norwich Air Museum I visited last week on my last day while taking a break in Norfolk. Here is a selection: Close up of the lLightning rea end ... IF you look closely, the civvy reg, G-AWON, applied to this airframe in 1968 ad displayed at Farnborough September 1968 can be made out under the serial that was NOT worn on this aircraft as it went to the RSAF. On the port side it wears thes markings and its Saudi serial 53-686. I have a photo I took of this jet taken at the Show mentioned. F.27 PA 23 Aztec Sea Harrier with dodgy looking plywood tail cone! Phantom nose with Mark Hannas name. One he flew apparently Nimrod flight deck.
  10. Coming along nicely I like the two tiered rocket rails! You are not the only one suffering in a hot shed!!!!! 32 c in mine today! Need a
  11. I decided that I will press on with this and so here are some progress pics. Layout of parts that will be used for this project. The prop is an Aeroclub one given to me by a mate last year, the rads were sent by someone else( not sure if he is a BMer) and the rest from aforementioned left overs from AZ, Airfix, Eduard and Sword. To blank off the rad area I stuck in some pieces of black plastic card which will be trimmed so the rad covers will fit. The cockpit area in progress with the bformers from the Eduard kit and a 'floor' started with some rod.... The wing parts glued together.... nd the underside showing where some form of filler for the gaps is needed. In the above pic, you can see a piece of microstrip( the ones I have have date back to the 1970s and are by Slaters) Just some trimming and sanding will sort it out hopefully. Here, the resin rad s are in place. I believe they are from CMR. And some gaps to be rendered at the flap hinge lines. Exhausts fitted. I found a bunch of these in my spares and these are resin from a Quickboost packet. Note the big root gap!! Since the above, the gaps pointed out have all been treated and are in process of sanding down an finishing. I still need to add the seat in the cockpit and another appeal to all out there for a suitable clear cockpit canopy. The spares I have are for bubble tops and earlier marks. So if anyone has a spare Mk.9 canopy they can spare i will be grateful.
  12. I think I will follow along if I may. I just picked up a double kit at the Norwich Air Museum that includes the Albatross D.III and SE 5A. Both kits are pretty basic and I recall were ESCI toolings. But the decals are nice modern ones. The Albatross will be built first and hopefully won't take long as I don't intend on 'gilding the lily' with it . Might not even bother with rigging but we'll see.
  13. How nice. I like the application of the reg letters to the flap underside.
  14. Hi. Just got back from a few days in Norfolk. We stayed at a well known chain for accomodation forthe duration very conveniently for me a 4 minute walk to the airport. I noticed that across the field a number of types that looked to be in storage. Can anyone help with a list of those please. While there the sky was resounding to the whirring of helos operating so some activity that pleased me. I also made a visit to the museum on the other side. very nice little collection. Pics to come. The above pics only show some . Thee were others there with pale blue fins that looked like EMB types or something as below pics. Answers welcome via PM .
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