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  1. Funnily enough I do have a couple nearly finished Just stumped for decals. They are the Short empire and a Valetta/Viking. Think I have some suitable roundles for the Valetta. And could you Modeldecal generic set for it using the smallest 4" digits for the fuselage... they might be a bit big but will try.
  2. Lovely little things I still have a bunch leftover (after 'losing ' 6 at a model show in September) unbuilt and kept for a future task! Inspired by those two in above post.
  3. I built the Gremlin kit some years ago and yes it was a pig to build. The upper fuselage and cabin windows was in one piece as a clear vacform part and quite thin so tricky to cut out and fix.
  4. As above post, Terry Higgins at Aviaeology has done a very nice set of decals for RAAF and RNZAF Beaus. Very comprehensive instructions and notes within the decal set with lots of useful info. Worth seeking out!
  5. very nice subject. Not unlike a Proctor or Vega Gull. There was one flying in the UK some years ago that I saw at Duxford . Now lives in Spain ....possibly the kit is based on the e real one for measurements etc.??
  6. Just took a look at this It does look a nice alternative but they haven't done anything about the fin /rudder for VO-ADE as it had a larger area but same shape.
  7. Paul J

    Decals wanted...

    I may have an unused set in my decal bank for this kit. But if you fancy a civilian one I can help too.
  8. I'd like one I either Air Transat,RCAF VIP or grey.
  9. Re the insides of the engine cowls they are a sort of a mouse grey going by the full size real ones I see daily at work even though they are for A320 Airbus, they can't be much different.
  10. Surely you mean ZK -AOK. Look forward to seeing the end result however.
  11. Paul J

    Middle Wallop show.

    Any one here going? I'll be there with a number of Models on my table but none of them will be going back home with me.
  12. Nice build. Forgive me for pointing something out ... the fuselage roundels are a bit to high up on the fuselage I'm afraid. Otherwise fine work.
  13. Both,1/144 and 1/48th feature a fair bit within my main scale of 1/72nd builds. Though I haven't done many recently in those other scales. One thing for sure is I won't be drawn in to 1/32 unless its something I really want. I quite like 48th for some subjects no larger than a fighter size aircraft. Its a nice scale. 1/144 suits me for large subjects like some airliner types for example .
  14. I've got three Heller kits in my pile. CL-425, T-33 and T-6 And the Tasman boxing of the DH89. So I may well join in with one of these as I can use some LEM decals on 3 of them.
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