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  1. Paul J

    My Modelling days.....

    Went to see a neurologist today... after a series of tests and questions etc the diagnosis was I have Parkinsons.... to be confirmed when I have a nuclear data scan in 3 week s time.( the process explained to me is scary enough...( reminds me of the Simpsons programme where Homer glows from his work at a Nuke plant... ) Been given some pills to take to see if they slow down the shakes....So it does look like the modelling could be affected as I use left hand to hold builds while right hand does all the cutting and painting etc...might even have to retire from work sooner than planned.... What more can say...trying to rise above it but at least I am still sane and the disease is not a killer and it could have been worse news......
  2. Airfix did one to 1/600th back in the late 50s but it didn't have those raised portholes!!
  3. Very nice work. For me I would have 'scuffed ' the walkways a tad to help reflect the rest of the weathering. For the widows you could always use silver decal stripes cut to suit and applied. Tedious work sure, but worth it as that's what I would do.
  4. Just to mention that when my niece was 5 on her birthday she quipped: " Its my birthday today and I don't have to lift a finger.." And that is what I feel like saying and doing today for mine. But I don't think my bosses will appreciate that. Anyhow It will be my last one while still working as I am retiring at end of September after 50 years of being at work. So have a 'virtual' sticky cake from me . Cheers!
  5. Interesting stuff here. I am hoping to visit the museum there in early November while stopping off on route for a few days to New Zealand, so am hoping to see something interesting.
  6. LIke this! Will yo be removing the raised panel line around rear fuselage and "hinge lines" for the control surfaces or leaving as is?
  7. Greta work! Love the 'departure' or ' landing' shots. Just one thing, I probably missed the explanation, but I can see the extended leading edge roots but did the 18s with those have the shorter fairings behind the engines over the wing or were they longer? Just a weird query.
  8. Why not just use a dot of PVA glue in the openings and carefully paint the square your chosen colour like red oxide or whatever.
  9. Back in the good old days I recall seeing the PWA Herk at Gatwick a few times I think there were a couple different ones but forgotten the reggies without consulting my logs. Decals for this scheme on a Herk would go well with my DC-4 in PWA colors.
  10. Love it. The engines you used, were they the resin ones you show in an earlier post with image, earlier with the yellow card wrapper? I ask because they have a very strong similarity(almost dead copies) to the engine in the Airfix Beaver kit. I used two from scrapped Beaver builds years and years ago for my Rareplane kit I built and finished in RCAF colours using those dodgy decals from a Hobbycraft kit. By the way I have two more Hobbycraft kits in my stash a C-45F and H and each have the different sized engine fairings and inboard leading edge extension, that is one with and one without. Again they will end up as civilian finishes.
  11. Even the shape of the panel looks very suspect let alone the wonky rivet lines. The Hurricane fabric I'm not so sure about nor the Stuka fin .
  12. Having just bought( for some bizarre reason,,,,)the very recent re-issues of the PM kits, I have just read right through this thread for inspiration. For those interested I went for the AT-11 Kansan and the USN C-45. neither will wear the kit decals and if ever I get around to making them, they will civil schemed. Moa; I am impressed by your work. One learns a lot from your builds featured here. Will now carry on and follow the build more closely.
  13. …. on sale at the well known on line auction site. I typed in ',,,Canadian...' and to have a look to see what was around and came across a seller selling a battered part supposedly from a Spitfire priced so far at £869!!! What the first thing I noticed was the RCAF roundel showing a modern style maple leaf which did not appear until late 1960s!! Also a pair of clean 'bullet ' holes and dodgy looking rivet lines bendier than a dogs back leg! Also in same listing fabric from a Hurricane and a 33" roundel supposedly from a EE Lightning. Now this roundel obviously painted on a sheet of metal is in completely wrong colours and very badly done let alone the size that I believe should be 36" am I right? Take a look and see for yourselves. Who ever is trying to fob these and other parts claimed to be from aircraft as real is probably rubbing their hands with glee in selling worthless junk! Will they get away with it??
  14. Wow thats a lovely oldie from early 1970s! I built a fair few of these and used the then well known Microscale decals for them when I was 'into' USN stuff. Look forward to seeing end result. HAsegawa did the A-7A that was also reboxed by FROG I recall.
  15. I don't recall much about my entanglement with the build; but yes there were moments with the build but perseverance won out. Maybe when and if I ever get on with the other kit I will find the issues.
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