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  1. Paul J

    UK wants more Chinooks...

    A couple flew right over my house at probably the 500' limit by the sound of them last night around 9.pm ish. All I could see of them were weeny nav lights and a strobe but were in close formation.
  2. Paul J

    Revell 1/72 Hurricane II - quick question

    Wouldn't like to say but I think its nearly right. But Troy is one of our Hurricane masters, he'll set the record straight.
  3. Paul J


    Its happened to me but with Micro decal solutions!! And brand new bottles at that! But I came across some foam sponge with neat round holes in that contained small electric motors at my previous employment . The holes are just perfect for those Microscale liquids. The item holds all the Micro bottles in one go snugly and has been a saviour for me. But, as mentioned above It would make a great diorama!
  4. Can't think of anything to say. All the positive words have been said. But I love 'em!
  5. Another weird and wonderful from your stable! And another nicely produced model.
  6. Finally completed it!!!!!!!!!!! Not 100% accurate as far as markings and type go as my model is a 180 whereas Mount Cook used the 185 with larger fin area. So I am claiming artistic licence for this . Also the wheel spats are an addition because I did not want any bits left over that I could not use elsewhere. The decals needed a fair bit of trimming and 'patching in' in a couple places. The ZK prefix( from an earlier era of NZ civvy reg application)was an addition by me for the underwing reg lettering with the Z being created from a T and a Y. The K being amongst the other lettering on the decal sheet which was doen for me by Old Models Decals of New Zealand. The figure was in the Monogram kit and I painted him up to represent a 1960s look. The upper fuselage scallop was fixed with patches from the off cuts from the fin decals. Worked out quite well I thought! The wing tipblueare decals but the tailplane tips I painted with a mix of Humbrol 14 French blue and 33 gloss white. Got quite close to the decal colour. I also used the same mix to touch small areas to the wing tips and other places where needed.
  7. Paul J

    Rock legend.

    Update with pic. The lad on left is a work mate buddy who has been a life long fan of Iron Maiden. Though not quite my music genre but Bruce is interesting as far as his aviation connection goes for me.
  8. Quite right Not a Proctor But certainly a Miles.
  9. Paul J

    Rock legend.

    Hi Probably wrong thread but I think appropriate re aviation; we just had Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden on the premises . here where I work.
  10. Nice Moa! Unusual great big spats! I've got the Sword kit to do sometime and Red Pegasus decals fro the regular civvy scheme. Might now be inspire to work on it sometime.
  11. Just looked at these with my jaw down to the ground. What a wonderful tribute to Polands' early aviation days!! Absolutely brilliant modelling.!Gorgeous.... and, now I've taken to my bed to recover.
  12. Paul J

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    I regularly get an Alouette II over my place at late mid mornings on weekends. Ex British Army. I think it might be re 2-ALOU. I can't find any other on the net that are mentioned as airworthy. Quite noisy but distinctive. (PS:Not bothered by the noise.... )
  13. Nice insight for what I am in for when I go over/down there in February 2019. Look forward to seeeing these 1:1 scale dioramas and all else.
  14. New to me too! Looks like a DH88 Comet Racer gone wrong.... on steroids!!! Great build for a scratch built model. Superb choice.