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  1. It's true that the Academy kit had 7 exhaust stubs but only the earlier issues I noticed the later ones were corrected with 6 stubs. Not a bad kit but not perfect It fills the brief more or less as a D.
  2. So no surprise announcements from the kit manufacturers for 2023 then.
  3. Found my pic of the one at Wigram RNZAF Museum. Its under wraps and stuff but its al there. Note the under wing serial. It reads from the rear but is under the starboard wing. Behind it is another DH cousin, the Dove.
  4. So have I, daily on R4. Very interesting . So much so that I have bought the book as a Kindle version.
  5. A nice variation of schemes going on there. The Salvadorian or Honduran Corsair in particular. Great pics. Got any more?
  6. The one in the photo in your post is a K. Check out the prop.
  7. It was for me too! 1968, 226 OCU, ATC camp. Prior to this, the Lightning didn't do much for me, but encountering them at Colt changed all that for ever!
  8. A couple more suggestions.... Air New Zealand Airlines, both colours applicable, or the all blacks rugby team for the figure modellers here , numerous cars, eg American police cars; RAF trainers like the Hawk or Tucano....
  9. I have e that issue of Polish Wings. Very good and useful publication.
  10. Crikey! You didn't hang about with this kit. Barely cooled down from the tooling
  11. Here are just a few pics of my collection of post war RCAF MUstangs. \KIts used were a mix of Tamiya and new tool Airfix. All with Leading Edge Decals. Airfix kit. Airfix model. 1/72 Tamiya kit. This last one is the Tamiya 1/48th kit but the decals are /were also available in 1/72. This may give you some inspiration for your model asnd an idea of what can be done.
  12. Regarding the Polish Mustang Mk.IV, they were the standard RAF K model with bubble canopy, Aeroproduct propellers and the small breather plates over the panel below the exhaust with the perforations. Mostly finished in the standard natural metal schemes as usually applied to late Mustangs. They were only operated by 303 Squadron into the post war period. The wartime Mustangs operated by a few other Polish squadrons were always the MkIII high back (not razor back as often described) and generally in camouflage colours. As for the Canadian P-51D, there were lots of nice colourful units operating them post war too. Leading Edge Decals did some very nice and comprehensive decal sheets covering all these units. But are hard to get now in either 1/72 or/and 1/48th. These Mustangs were, again, mainly natural metal or even aluminium painted all over with red wing tip areas and tail planes. Adorned with their unit markings. Well worth seeking out the decals!!! I have some left over for 1/72 if interested. Hope the above helps.
  13. Wasn't planning to volunteer to do any more GBs but you can pencil me in.
  14. Some more work done this afternoon. All these pics involve the second of the two Moths. The other one is on pause for now. Made a complete set of new struts from aerofoil shaped rod and regular strip rod for want of a better description. The new struts. Cut from the aerofoil plastic strip and ends tapered to match the original aeroplane struts or nearly match. Cabane struts starting to go in place. The rather sharp, blunt ends will be carefully smoothed out once set. Also, the top ends are a little longer than needed as they will go into holes drilled through the wing at the anchor points and hopefully give a bit of strength. My plans for these rebuilds. copied from an old Scale models magazine article on doing up the DH 60 by FROG. I think the drawings are Granger ones. A close up of the plans showing a Hermes moth but used for the length and shape of the exhaust which is the same as the DH 60X. The widened silencer section about mid way and just under the forward cockpit won't be done by me as I could not think of how to reproduce this, so I'll leave as is and live with it. At top of the image in thegrey area is my new exahust bent and cut to shape using round rod that is very close to size .... I hope. Here, you can see the exhaust in place and threaded between the front cabane struts. At the engine end I carefully prized it away and added the very short exhaust ports to push out the front end more realistically. Picture of this in next instalment. Further back there are mounting brackets but all i can do in this scale is cut tiny pieces of plastic and insert them at about the bracket positions of the real aeroplane. Hopefully, tomorrow, I'll be happy to report back with pics of the top wing installed with the new interplane struts.
  15. Looks like I missed the deadline. I was sure It was the 23rd???? But hey ho! Its here now seeing as I am unable to post in the gallery as mentioned iin my w i p text and pics. P11-c flown by future ace Stanislaw Skalski 1939. Revell kit (H357) decals by MPD. Kit decals were yellow, curled and cracked. Some interior detailing addded.
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