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  1. Anyone here see the latest Guy Martin adventure? Learning to fly and hoping to end up in mock Bof B combat. What made me cringe was his shoulder strap , when in the TIger Moth had slipped down and not even tightened up!!
  2. I have done this one too! I"'ll post pics soon with all my other coach warlords. Meanwhile I take on board the canopy anomaly and I am aware of this trait so will try and fix it.... Also many thanks for all your comments.
  3. Saw one of these in the MOTAT collection in Auckland 2019. I was surprised at how big it is.
  4. Hmm. One I missed but have built the Sword version that was around before this AZ kit, Look forward to seeing this done.
  5. Nice. I have two or three different ones from about the same era...late 60's. Must have a forage for them.
  6. Watched it through. Found it quite moving and couldn't help feeling proud in the three services being there in all their glory. Glorious blue skies too. A fitting send off.
  7. Just finished this one off. Airfix 1/72 P-51D as N6356T owned by Charles Masefield ca 1968 and based at Shoreham. This was the very first Mustang I ever saw and flying. I have always wanted to do this subject and thanks to Draw Decals I have been able to finally add it to my collection. Humbrol 220 red used and appliance white for the undersides. Uncertain as to the cockpit configuration so I remove the 'boxes from the area behind the seat and blanked it off with some plastic card. Also removed the head rest. The black antenna at rear of upper fuselage is from a spare resin item from one of
  8. My very first flight was in 1966 from Shoreham Airport in Auster V G-ANHR. First glider flight in Sedburgh XN148 at Tangmere March 1967. First Chipmunk flight March 10th 1968 at Shoreham in WD346:3.
  9. My plan was to do a light blue one operated by the Hampshire Aero Club back in the 1960's. G-AIDN was raced a few times in its life. SO a racer and club 'plaything' would be its duties.
  10. What we could do with is a set of decals with all the AEF and university markings on one sheet. Plus lots of D type roundels with 36" and 18" sizes with matching fin flashes. It will be a quite colourful set I reckon. Oh yes and all the dayglo trim, but ModelArt may already be working on that by upscaling their 1/72 set....
  11. I expect mine will be one of ten different ones that I have flown in...all in either silver dope and dayglo strips or light aircraft grey and dayglo.
  12. Just read the build article in latest AMW. It looks like the forward upper fuselage part is well thought out. This could mean that a Canadian one might be on the cards as the shape of the base for the windshield is different to the UK built Chippies. You'd need to study pics of the two versions to see what I mean. It just needs the extended elevator horns to finish the Canadian version. My favourite thing about this kit are the raised rivet details!! At last someone knows that the Chipmunk does not have flush rivets everywhere. Bring back more raised rivets!!! If you don't like 'em, just san
  13. Nice work. It kind of looks weird with the weapons bay open at the rear end. By the way do they not do fin flashes for the markings any more?
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