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  1. ADC Grey would be the colour I believe Hannants include it in their Xtracrylix range and probably in the Xtracolor range. FS 16473.
  2. Just got home from an afternoon out to be treated to a fly past by the Reds!!! They were in two groups of 4 or 5 and a pair at the end. Right over my house and LOW!!!! They were on a west heading and following their display at Eastbourne this afternoon Needless to say, the hackles down my neck and back were well and truly......hackled!
  3. Paul J

    The Weather,

    It's finally arrived over my area west sussex this morning. All this wet stuff. Its light but feels like a deluge after this drought. Makes me feel like dancing in the rain naked its so refreshing!( Not really...too many nosey neighbours) Might finally be cool enough to pop back into my shed and carry on with some projects.
  4. Thanks. But there are only 9 parts to the whole kit. I drew the line at trying to paint the canopy framing. They show up well enough as engraved lines.
  5. Spitfire T.9 toodled over my place earlier today. G-LFIX from Sywell and heading back there by the look of it having come along the south coast near Eastbourne( not my locale but further inland in Sussex).
  6. Just as a bit of a clearance of part builds, I finished off the 1/144h Battle from the Zvezda kit that came free with MAM magazine a while back. The kit roundels were useless so I found some suitable ones, with fin flashes, from my decal bank. The serial and codes from the kit sheet. It will do but its not one that will remain in my collection.
  7. Not progressing too much due to it being rather sweltering in my shed late in the day so I now will try and get on in the mornings when its decidedly cooler. So far I have managed to get a can of appliance white and applied it, masked the white areas and airbrushed the red areas. Then when I went to remove the masking, to my horror, the tape left all its horrid sticky goo all over my lovely white finish!!! AAAARGH!!!! I didn't expect the heat inside the shed affecting the masking tape. You can't quite make it out in the pic above . But due to the emergency, I did not take any more pics as I focussed on cleaning up the mess. I also had to try and remove the 'underspray' where some of the red bled . This caused more panic while I tried to remove the red. That was last night. Early this morning I tidied up as much as I could and then resorted to masking all the red areas with Maskol( not every ones favourite) as it was safer to apply. I dolloped on as much as I could and tried to get as sharp an edge possible. Then resprayed some of the white with a light coat of primer again as when I sanded down a few rough spots it was needed. Then followed it with another couple light coats of the gloss white. Later this afternoon as the sun started to go down, I started to remove the liquid mask and what appeared to be fairly successful. I am going to wait until much later or until the morning before I remove any more to ensure the white has hardened. WIth this heat my hands were feeling sticky is also a reason to wait to avoid making things bad again.
  8. You like your post war FAA subjects don't you. Another fine build.
  9. Nice work. Unusual to see under wing white serials against sky though?
  10. I have gone the way of some modellers and decorated the interior of the cockpit sides joined the fuselage and inserted the rest of the cockpit from below. That way it ensures everything remains in line. Also that's the beauty of having a nice big opening to make the cockpit assby easier.
  11. Lovely footage. Not seen that one before. What's more, the airfield in question is the ALG at Coolham West Sussex Only 2 mies from where I Live!! There is a.memorial sited at the Selsey Arms pub erected 1994. The units that operated from there were 129, Mysore with Commonwealth Pilots 306 and 315 Polish Squadrons from April 44 to late July Later a wing of Spitfires moved up from Selsey.
  12. Very nice choice of scheme and type and lovely work. Wouldn't mind getting a lit for myself
  13. I know some one down my road who has the kit and not really likely to build it. I will try and persuade him to sell. How much would you pay?
  14. As I have taken up gliding full size in my senior years and havng managed to get a Revell ASK-21 (alone of those I recently flown in) in 1/32 scale, it would be the done thing to enter. So I'm in. Why wouldn't you?
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