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  1. After the post on the general construction (https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235097968-messerschmitt-me-410-eduard-‘profipack’-fine-molds-172/&tab=comments#comment-4167868 ), here is the second of the three 'animals', which required some changes in the compartment for photographic equipment, with the addition of an R b50/30 (OWL R72047) and the transformation of that supplied by the kit (horrible) in a Rb 20/30. The aircraft shown is a Me 410 A-3, belonging to the 3.(F)/122, operating from Perugia (Italy) in April 1944. The model, totally brushpainted, is in the classic RLM 74/75/76 (mixes of Humbrol Enamels). Finally an image of the lower surfaces. Hope you like. Thanks for viewing. Criticisms and suggestions welcome. Giampiero Piva
  2. Nice, nice, VERY NICE !!! Congrats.
  3. Modelling at highest level as your usual, Jean. Bravissimo ! (I LOVE the He 219 )
  4. Splendid work ! Congrats. However, I would like to add that the plane had the lower surface panels plastered with brick red (or grey) paint.
  5. Thank you, Jean, meilleurs voeux pour un joyeux noël à vous aussi!
  6. In 2015, that is two years BEFORE the ICM put the new (beautiful) mold of the Dornier 215 on the market, I decided to make one, but given the horrible fuselage of the ICM kit, I decided to 'combine' only the ICM wings with the fuselage and the tailplanes of a Do17 Z Airfix. Work not easy but not impossible, as you can see from the photos (Of course, if you have the new '215, from 2017, the problem does not arise, as the new ICM mold is very good). Here some images of my Dornier 215 B-4, belonging to 1.(F)/AGr.124, based at Stavanger, sommer 1940. The nose decal is self-printed. Colours are mixes of Humbrol enamels. Hope you enjoy, thanks for looking. Giampiero Piva
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