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  1. Awesome model of a splendid aircraft !
  2. Very nice result, I like it. Bravissimo ! Cheers Giampiero
  3. From the old but very useful 'Official Monogram Painting Guide' . HTH Cheers Giampiero
  4. Another masterpiece, Nanond. Bravissimo ! Cheers Giampiero
  5. Probabilmente dopo la parentesi della Werkschützstaffel gli aerei vennero assegnati alla SchiessSchule di Vaerlose. Probably after the parenthesis of the Werkschützstaffel the planes were assigned to the SchiessSchule. Ciao Giampiero
  6. Humbrol Enamels mixes and some Valleyo acrylics (cockpit and landing gears).
  7. A nine-year-old model that represents a decidedly little-known subject, the FW187 A-0. As always, the greatest amount of modification work concerns the cockpit and the landing gear area. The kit represents an operational aircraft at the SchiessSchule der Luftwaffe, based in Vaerlose (Denmark) in May 1943. The model is camouflaged in 74/75/76 (Humbrol Enamels mixes) and is totally brush painted. Hope you like. Thanks for viewing Criticisms and suggestions welcome. Giampiero Piva
  8. Very nice work, congratulations. But, if I may, with a 500 kg bomb the 4 SC50 bombs were never carried. Cheers Giampiero
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