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  1. Nice, very nice ! Outstanding construction and painting. Bravo !
  2. Many thanks...but it's impossible to find something regarding 'avatar'. No problem, I can live without this. Giampiero
  3. Sorry, but I'm unable to see my control panel. Giampiero
  4. Thank you; the wing leading edges are painted by eye; the paints are generally Vallejo acrylics( + water + one drop of Micro Flat or Micro Gloss) for the cockpit and Humbrol Enamel mixes (thinned with Humbrol Enamel Thinner and/or white petrol) for the other surfaces. The tecnique is explained below. HTH Giampiero
  5. Ciao Ettore, ottimi lavori, complimenti. Buon secondo match col vaccino !
  6. I had a box of the Revell G-10 for years and when a friend gave me an incomplete AZ Model kit, I said to myself: why not try using it to improve the Revell kit? This is the result. The changes and replacements of the various pieces have been numerous, starting from the cockpit and the fuselage… … to get to the wings. The model represents a G-10/R2, of 2./NAGr.14, which operated from Vezprem (Hungary) in April 1945. . The camouflage pattern is in 75/82/76 blue /76 yellowish variant, with various retouches in fuselage; the
  7. Magnifique ! I had not yet seen (I think) this gem. Giampiero Piva
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