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  1. Great explanation ! Thank you. Alex
  2. Thank you. Yes, it seems there are no pictures with the SNEBs under the wings. Logic would say this would be the weapon of choice for deterrence missions, but ... Alex.
  3. What was the weaponry used during the first Harrier detachment in Belize in 1975? I guess the cannons, but what about the rockets? I know they were used later in 1977.
  4. I finally registered myself yesterday, but I follow this forum for a long time. I'm Alex, a french modeller. My interest are mostly for 1/48 aircrafts, from 60' to modern era. Particullary, I love the harrier in all this form. I don't spend much time modelling (Children, house works, wife, air force...) but collecting items and pictures for the future. Regards Alex
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