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  1. Another excellent car show at Warlingham Rugby Club. A huge variety of vehicles, these were some that caught my eye. @Vince1159 Thanks for looking, Matt
  2. I would not normally post up the same vehicle within a couple of days, but this Volvo was perfectly posed this morning, so it seemed rude not to get a better shot of it. Still reg.less. And this is the first one of these I have seen in the wild, a Citroen Ami. No loss if I don't see another one. Matt
  3. Metal Tiggie has now gained her remaining tail pieces. As previously mentioned, LDM allow for deflected elevators as the default, and the seperate rudder can also be deflected, so it is. Also, underneath, the crater in the port wing got filled, and the etch aileron actuators fitted. This means both builds are now pretty much level pegging, with struts to play with next. The LDM kit is somewhat more involved in that respect, Airfix looks simple enough. Thanks for looking, Matt
  4. Moth. Definitely shiny things, usually half way through whatever the last shiny thing was. I then find it very hard to regain momentum on a build that has stalled, even if it just needs minor work. As for actually 100% finishing anything, not often. Matt
  5. Came across this tucked in a book, PR response to my ( then fifteen year old ) father's 'Dear Sirs, Please send me some info..' letter. Matt
  6. That was a huge undertaking. I am not even allowed near the plants, but I prefer the 'wild' look anyway. Please take some more pictures next year when everything has had a chance to settle in. It should look like it has always been there. Matt
  7. You have far more patience than me sir! When I tried masking a registration, it did not occur to me to do it that way round. I masked the outline- took hours and was ok, but no better than ok. Next time I will try your method. Matt
  8. First some tiny bits ready for later. The etch actuators for the LDM elevators and rudder attached into helpful recesses, and a pair of homemade struts for the tailplane as LDM omitted to provide any. And then the headline news, primer! Luckily the first shot showed very few areas of concern, so after a quick tidy, they got a second shot as here. As you can see the Airfix nose assembly detached itself. There are a couple of casting flaws on the metal wings, in particular on the underside of the port wing near the root which needs some sorting out. Beyond that I am happy with progress so far, but rapidly approaching more awkward phases. Thanks for looking, Matt
  9. Welcome to the site @Technics.! Those are really great looking builds, I look forward to seeing more of your work. Those of us who lurk in Vehicle Modelling (non military) will be happy to have your company. Matt
  10. https://aviadejavu.ru/Images6/FT/FT1936/03/793-1.jpg A new coat for Horatious Matt
  11. The funfair is in town! poor shot over the fence, 1993 Foden. 1982 ERF C31 a more modern Volvo I couldn't get the reg of. very smart 1991 ERF E10 2001 ERF ECX and a 2005 Foden 450. And completely unrelated, I bet none of you knew that Ernst Blofeld drove a 1991 Bedford Rascal Matt
  12. As far as I can recall seelng they were spray painted allover. Interestingly, whilst many people have gone to great lengths to use different shades to represent the apparent tonal variations, I actually found they pretty much self-occurred on the model in most lights, using just one colour. Matt
  13. I've never really 'got' anime, but I know it has a big fanbase. I looked at some of the stories for this one and there are other recognisable aircraft references. If the alternative canopy part had been moulded clear it could perhaps have eased the way to a trainer whif. Matt
  14. That's one up on the Citroen Berlingo I used to do flower deliveries in. Don't think the undertakers would have been too impressed me backing that up to their office mind. The Dutch always used to stop at the shop with their artics, trying to offload any leftover stock on their way home. Matt
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