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  1. Would it look anything like the ML Aviation seat used in the Gnat? There is a photo here: http://www.mlaviationwhitewaltham.yolasite.com/things-we-manufactured-page-2.php Further down on that page is a photo of a different seat, but it's not a great photo. Cheers, Bill
  2. Wow! Talk about excellent customer service. The replacement fuselage halves arrived today from S.B.S. All the way from Hungary to New York in a mere 7 days. And, more importantly, the new parts look great. Now no excuses for getting back to the workbench! Cheers, Bill
  3. You were lucky. My subscript was always out of range. Cheers, Bill
  4. I thought this Japanese scheme was so attractive, I converted the old Revell F-4F into an F-4EJ Kai: I can't wait for this new Finemolds kit - there are so many beautiful Japanese schemes. And this new kit looks killer. Cheers, Bill
  5. It could be, but I'd be careful. I've seen the @Martian up close and that's one head that you might not want to meld. The antennae will definitely get in the way! Cheers, Bill
  6. What say we make some progress on this build? Today was a good day to paint, in addition to making eight truss tubes for my new light bucket (but that's a whole different story). First, some work on the torpedoes. I've painted up the main bodies and the rear "box", and prepared the props (not painted yet). The props were a nightmare to remove from the casting blocks, and in the process one of the blades went "zing!" It has been dutifully replaced with a teeny tiny bit of white styrene (seen on the prop at the left). The bodies of the torpedoes were interesting. I'm used to resin parts that don't have seams, especially when they are one piece. But each one of the torpedoes had seams cast in, just like they were made from two injection moulded pieces. Which, of course, the masters for these parts were. The seams needed putty and more sanding than I expected to clean up. You would think they would have filled, sanded, and cleaned up the seams on the masters before they made the mould! The yellow body with red nose was determined from the Ginter volume, not only in the text but also in the colour photos. These should make a nice contrast against the sea blue. I also finished up the propeller and spinner. I had to go searching through the Island of Misfit Stickers to find Hamilton Standard logos for each blade. I think they're the right ones! The white portion of the spinner is for the scheme I've chosen, which is for NAS Grosse Isle - VA-733 I think. And finally, a nice little International Orange fuselage stripe denoting a Naval Reserve squadron. Of course, I bought a bottle of British International Orange, which is somewhat different than the US version, but no matter. This is what happens when you get old - "BS 592" looks like "FS12197" on the label. There's bit of touch-up to do on the stripe, and then she'll get another coat of clear gloss before stickering. I have the codes for Grosse Isle (single letter "I") along with the national insignia, "NAVY", the carrier landing angle of attack stripes, cockpit markings, and I think I can fake the numbers on the cowling. Remember this kit came with no decals. What I don't have are decals for the aircraft designation (AM-1) and the bureau number - these are quite small and are placed on the side of the fuselage underneath the tail. This may have to be faked with some Skyraider decals, so don't look closely! I'll try to find a small "M" so I can change "AD" to "AM" but no guarantees. At the end of the day, I think she'll turn out OK. This kit is nowhere near the quality and detail of the CMR Firebrand I just finished, but there are not a lot of Mauler kits around. Beggars can't be choosers. Cheers, Bill PS. Come to think of it, I painted up the main tyres too. Wonder where I left them...
  7. He was not in the least bit scared To be mashed into a pulp. Or to have his eyes gouged out, And his elbows broken. To have his kneecaps split And his body burned away, And his limbs all hacked and mangled Brave Sir Martian! Cheers, Bill PS. The model is on hold until the replacement fuselage arrives. In the meantime, the banter can proceed in any direction it wishes.
  8. Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Although I think he's not related to Gomez or Uncle Fester, so only one "d" in his last name. Cheers, Bill
  9. Gobsmackingly impressive. You are going to sell these kits, right? Especially to your best FAA buddy on the other side of the pond? Cheers, Bill
  10. I used to do that all the time. Until I was saved by the light, of course. For committing such a crime against humanity, your penance is to post often in every thread started by @Martian without ever mentioning modelling of any kind. Extra points for posts that are sarcastic, or otherwise smacking of British humour. For some reason, Macbeth seems a popular subject. Oh, and Scotch (single malt). Cheers, Bill
  11. Just got the shipping notification from S.B.S. The replacement fuselage parts are on the way. I like these guys, I have to go buy more of their stuff. Cheers, Bill
  12. I smell Musk. But maybe that's just my aftershave. Cheers, Bill
  13. https://www.defenseone.com/technology/2020/09/virtual-tools-built-air-forces-new-fighter-prototype/168505/ https://www.defenseone.com/business/2020/09/who-secretly-building-usafs-new-fighter/168541/ https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2020/7/14/air-force-digital-century-series-concept-approaching-new Cheers, Bill
  14. Sure, next you'll tell me there is no Ferrari Red... Yup. no "official" BRG. But it does have its own Wikipedia page. With some colour mixing formulas, even. In any event, I was referencing whatever paint was used on the Lotus 33 and 43 cars - hence the comment about Clark and Hill. Cheers, Bill
  15. Very nicely done indeed! And what a great subject - something you don't see often. It reminds me of that song "You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those." Cheers, Bill
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