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  1. Very nice indeed! This reminds me as well that I have one in the loft somewhere... Cheers, Bill
  2. What a great job! And what a beast! That has to be a big'un in 1:48 scale. The 3-D printed instrument panel "decals" are quite intriguing - and look fantastic. Cheers, Bill
  3. Truly exceptional modelling, Roger. Bravo! I have the 1:72 Valom kit, but I have reason to doubt it will turn out this nice! Cheers, Bill PS. Good movie too. I have it on DVD.
  4. Great news! I shall be on the lookout for a stockist. Thank you! Hmm...methinks there is no blast screen in this kit. I guess I'll have to make one. Anyone have a photo? I see. Well, what do I know? The closest I ever got to flying was jumping my snowmobile over a creek. (Um, I ended up IN the creek.) Cheers, Bill PS. Oh, I almost forgot. I cut out the kit's rudder by following the panel lines. Well, guess what? The panel lines were not in the same position on each half of the fuselage, so I've got some fixin
  5. Excellent PE work, Nikolay. Extra fun in 1:72 scale! It will really add to the model. Cheers, Bill
  6. I managed to get my hands on one of these: For $10.00. That's 10 US dollars. Sometimes the piper pays you I guess... Cheers, Bill PS. Now I just need the new Caracal decal sheet with the nose art birds from Upper Heyford.
  7. I remembered! It's the Caracal sheet for the Upper Heyford F-111E aircraft. Unfortunately, it's not released yet! LOL Cheers, Bill
  8. You never know - you could be remembering it right. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen photos of the same seat with different colour harnesses. I thought every flight you could walk away from was fun. Hmm...I think you can buy one at the Warbird Emporium. Why not get one and find out? Cheers, Bill
  9. Could be. I used a photo of the Mk.8 seat from the Martin Baker website, and there are no blue straps. Just tan and green. But I have no way of knowing for sure. The photos I found online of the Tucano cockpit don't show the seats very well. Cheers, Bill
  10. Thanks - I look to your builds for inspiration! Thanks - the exquisite detail cast into the cockpit and ejection seat really pops after they've been painted. I didn't add anything, just paint. Although I really need to get one of those magnifiers you strap around your head. For this job I taped the cockpit down so it wouldn't move, held my grandson's insect-burning magnifying glass in my left hand, and painted with my right. Kind of a weird setup, but I wouldn't be able to paint those small details without the help of magnification. My eyes are too old!
  11. Looking really good so far! I have the 1:72 Mi-35M kit from Zvezda in my stash, so I'll be following closely. It looks like it might share some parts with the Mi-24A kit. Cheers, Bill
  12. OK, I think I have the parlor room ready to go. Good thing my detail paintbrush only has three hairs on it. Devilishly tiny little buggers to paint in this scale! Now to see if all this fits in the fuselage. Speaking of the fuselage, I cut out the engine cowling so I can add the CMK resin engine: Immediately below the engine compartment is the nose gear well, and it takes up most of the space. Airfix say that 7g of ballast is needed to have the gal set on all three wheels and not her tail (like some of the Tigercats di
  13. Really nice! That's my favourite Javelin scheme. Having seen this aircraft at Duxford, you've done her justice. Cheers, Bill
  14. And a Mk.II even! Very interesting indeed. Cheers, Bill
  15. Nope, they're not small enough. Cheers, Bill
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