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  1. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Thanks guys. The obscenities have been put back in their box, but I didn't seal it. I figured they might come in handy for my Javelin kitbash project. Now, about those birds. Ever since they've been reclassified as dinosaurs, I try to keep my distance and not upset them. You never know what kind of memories might be encoded in their genes. My grandson, when he's not flying my Anson, likes his dinosaurs, so I tried explaining the whole avian and non-avian dinosaur thing. I only succeeded in making him deathly scared of birds. He calls the big crows "T-Rex." Uh, my mistake. Cheers, Bill
  2. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Nice! I'm in a flight path too and have Chinooks pass over pretty much every day. Oh, and those stupid grackles that dive bomb their droppings all over my car. I'd really love to see those on the extinct list. Cheers, Bill
  3. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    And then there are times when you pay the piper... I was just about finished blending in the new fuselage piece when I managed to pop off the canopy. I guess I was holding it just a bit too tightly. Looking on the bright side of things, I at least had another opportunity to view all that cool framework inside. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. The canopy is back on and I've begun the work to re-blend it into the fuselage. I leave for the UK this Friday, and I have quite a lot of other silly stuff to get done before then. I don't know how much modelling I'll get done. But we shall try! Cheers, Bill PS. At the exact moment the canopy popped off, a previously unknown string of obscenities issued forth. I have no idea where they came from, as I'd never heard them before.
  4. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Sometimes the piper pays you. A few small paint chips on top, but otherwise the cuts were successful. I think I was right on top of the original seams, and a few swipes with the saw weakened the bond and it popped off. The part for the turret-less version seems to fit reasonably well, so I think we just have some seam filling and repainting to do. The fun part will be getting the subtle representation of the canvas over the structural ribs to line up. But I think we'll be OK. It could have been a lot worse! Oh course, it's not finished yet. Cheers, Bill
  5. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Beautiful! Thanks for showing these, it is most certainly not a thread hijack. This is the kind of inspiration I need to take that razor saw to my Annie. I've carefully marked out the area where I think it needs to be cut...my issue here is that I seem to have hidden the seams from the turret covering too well - I really can't see where it attached. I don't want to try and break it off (obviously) so I measured about fifteen different ways in order to scientifically determine the proper location for the cuts. In other words, I eyeballed it and drew some lines on the fuselage with a pencil. However, I am delaying the first cut until a couple of days from now, as I'm off to watch my son in a bicycle race at Watkins Glen. See you soon! Cheers, Bill
  6. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    True, but I really don't need to add to my stash! It's like my waistline, growing uncontrollably. This would be my choice, but I haven't found any examples configured that way. There's got to be one somewhere. I just need to know the numbers to see if I can cobble together the markings from The Island of Misfit Stickers. N9570 is one of the options with the kit, and it's marked just as you describe N9765, so it's a strong possibility. I do like those stripes though...let's see if I can find the razor saw. It's around here somewhere. Oh, and some courage too. That will come in handy. Cheers, Bill
  7. Navy Bird

    Sea Vixen

    Hmm, kind of like the MPM/Xtrakit monstrosity. Gawd, I hope they didn't use that as a reference. Cheers, Bill
  8. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Easy for you guys to say! Cheers, Bill
  9. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Hmm, I've painted myself into a corner on this one. When I started building the fuselage, my plan was to do one of the markings that came with the box, and they all have the turret. Then, I saw these interesting RCAF markings with DG/DE on top, silver on the bottom, and rectangles of trainer yellow on top of the wings and the spine (I think Tony O'T even posted a photo of that one). It also had the turret. So I went out and bought the decal sheet, and discovered it also included a cool striped plane. I decided to do that one, because, as you all admitted, I'm insane. To back that up with action, I forgot that it doesn't have the turret. Oh boy. So I can either find another scheme that uses a lot of yellow and has a turret, or I can cut out the section of fuselage where the turret goes, and replace it with the section with no turret (Special Hobby provide this in the kit). Any ideas? Cheers, Bill
  10. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Another question (or two) - look to the center of the red circle: What is it? And is it applicable to my RCAF Mk.I W2531 of No. 8 Service Flying Training School in 1941? Special Hobby provide this as a resin part. Cheers, Bill
  11. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    I melted down some Crayola crayons and applied with a spatula. Cheers, Bill PS. Or was it Gunze H329? I can't remember.
  12. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Did someone say yellow? We got yellow! We'll let this cure for a bit before I go crazy with the Kabuki tape. No, wait, I'm already crazy according to you blokes. So let me tell you about this yellow - you may recall that I intended to use Testors Model Master RAF Trainer Yellow. That was until I opened the bottle and stirred it up. Now I'm not entirely sure, but I don't have any photos of RAF (or in this case RCAF) training aircraft or target tugs where the yellow has the sickly brown-green tinge to it. And this wasn't an old bottle of paint either, I just bought it and it wasn't dusty, so I don't think it was sitting in the rack at my LHS for eons. But then, Testors has always been my go-to "Paint That Never Fails To Disappoint." I'm working on the landing gear and wheels/tyres now as I'd like to get her standing up. I have a question for the Annie subject matter experts - should the side walls of the turret opening be interior grey green or yellow? I sprayed them yellow, but afterwards thought that perhaps they should be the interior colour. But thinking has not been my forte lately, so I figured I'd better ask. Cheers, Bill
  13. Navy Bird

    Sea Vixen

    Did Trumpeter include the NACA ducts on the side of the booms? I couldn't see them on the pictures of the test shots, but it could have just been the photo. Cheers, Bill
  14. Navy Bird

    1:72 Special Hobby Avro Anson Mk.I

    Wow, it's been a bit since I last updated this thread! Sorry about that, but I had an unexpected delay. It seems that two-year old boys, who gaze into my display case chanting "Plane!" all the time, also like to fondle these objects, especially when their grandfather leaves one in a location they can reach. Let's just say that Annie can fly! And, thanks to Mr. Newton, she can also land. As is sometimes the case with these landings, the plane exceeds its design limits and there you go. Thankfully, the pilot was not injured and the aircraft did not need to be stricken from the fleet. Just a little trip to the maintenance depot... After she came out of the hangar, it was time to give her some nice shiny new paint. I've chosen the following scheme because: I really like the looks of target tugs and trainers -or- I'm insane Which is it, I wonder? Accordingly, she's in the process of getting a coat of white primer to serve as a nice base for the yellow. I'm going to use Testors Model Master RAF Trainer Yellow as that seems to be the right shade. I'm thinking I might have to stock up on Kabuki tape... Cheers, Bill
  15. Hi mates, The conversion set is on its way to its new owner. I hope to see his build in the WIP forum soon! Cheers, Bill