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  1. Superb work. What a beaut! I agree that the Golden Age of Aviation was romantic, exciting, and awe-inspiring. But I bet it was also loud, rough, smelly, and bumpy. The few propeller driven airliners I've flown in were far from pleasant flying experiences - I think the vibrations triggered a harmonic in my skull. But I still prefer them to the modern jets. There's just something about them... Cheers, Bill PS. How do you make so many fantastic models so quickly?
  2. Truly a masterpiece Duncan. Everything is spot on - the finish, the rigging, the subject, the scheme. It perfectly captures USN aviation between the wars. How about making a diorama beaching scenario? Ducks need water... Cheers, Bill
  3. Beautiful workmanship and a fine model. I love pretty much anything with yellow and black stripes underside, and this is a great scheme for this subject. Superb. Cheers, Bill
  4. Love the paint work and the exhaust streaking. The modulation in the black is nice and subtle, the way I like it, and it makes an otherwise monochrome finish look interesting. Of course, the nose art adds some interest as well. Cheers, Bill
  5. Very nicely done - what life you've coaxed out of the old gal! Cheers, Bill
  6. Beautiful work on the Thunderbolt's daddy. Or was it uncle? Maybe second cousin five times removed? Anyway, I love your natural metal work. I snapped this photo somewhere - Planes of Fame Museum maybe? Looks like a two-seat version of the P-35. And it's got drip pans underneath, so it must still fly! I think this is the Seversky AT-12 Guardsman. If I recall correctly, unlikely at my age, a bunch of these were sold as dive bombers to Japan before the war. Cheers, Bill
  7. Um, I'm in the process of doing that right now.... Cheers, Bill PS. Scribing that is, not sticking a hot needle in my eye.
  8. Very nice work, mate! I have the new 1:72 Special Hobby 'Cuda in the stash, and I figured I'd convert it so the wings were folded. Then I looked at some photos of actual Barracudas with the wings folded, and decided that I was either insane or silly. Probably both. I imagine it took a special breed of engineer to work in the Fairey Folding Wing Works. Cheers, Bill
  9. Ah, nice memories! I built all of these when I was but a wee lad - I remember saving my allowance so I could go to the hobby shop once in a while and buy one of these babies. Monogram was always my favourite (not favorite, this is Britmodeller after all), but the kid next door liked Revell. Lots of interesting adolescent arguments were had by all. (Other kids in the area played stick and ball games. They were odd.) I had all my models lined up on bookshelves on the wall in my bedroom (there were quite a few cars, but don't tell that to anyone here.) I think I broke each and every one trying to dust them. Your work shows how beautiful models can still be made from these old kits. Love it! Cheers, Bill PS. Imagine a time when we didn't' suspect raised panel lines were evil - how nescient!
  10. What's not to like about post-war Spits? Especially silver ones! That wing profile looks an awful lot like the Special Hobby kits of the Mk. 21/22/47, etc. I wonder if they're related somehow? Cheers, Bill
  11. I can't wait to see some paint on that! Wow, just incredible. Cheers, Bill Note to self: Buy CAD software. Buy 3-D printer. Talk to Divorce Attorney.
  12. Excellent work! I just finished this one my self, first time I've built 1:32 in many years. It's a superb kit, of course, but all that aftermarket will make it even better. I used most of that myself. Cheers, Bill
  13. Very nice work, and great photography! Cheers, Bill
  14. True fact, I only bought three - Emhar F-94C (what? why?), LS Dinah (only for the decal sheet, I already have the kit), and Hasegawa Ki-44 Tojo (only $3!) all in the gentleman's scale. Now I'm told by a friend in the legal profession, in a US court of law a "true fact" is given more weight than just a "fact." This always upset my schoolboy logic, but whatever. I therefore always use "true fact" when I want to stress that something really is, honest to gosh, true. Trust me. Perhaps. Bribing the head judge might have helped, too. Yikes! That poor fellow truly deserves to be a Knight of the Javelin Order. If I see him, I will make sure he gets some free beer. Indeed. Since the show was held in a "Royal Order of the Moose" lodge (do you have such oddities in the UK?), and it being Sunday afternoon (NFL), the available beer on tap was something like Corona Light which, although it actually is beer (at least in the academic sense), was somehow less satisfying than a pint of bitter at The Case Is Altered in Pinner. But it was free. Oh, don't worry. That big Spitfire took nearly three years to build. I'm getting a bit old for that kind of stuff. Only two 1:32 kits in my stash at present - the Matchbox Spitfire 22/24 (with several pounds of aftermarket resin to make it resemble, well, a Spitfire 22/24) and the Tamiya F-14A (which, oddly, is half engraved panel lines, and half raised). It will be a long while before I tackle either one. **** Sounds like a broken record, but back to scribing... Cheers, Bill
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