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  1. Today my Motobitz Super7 transkit arrived together with the Transit phase 1 parts and a set of numberplate decals. I'm so happy everything is, again, a fantastic quality. I recommend these kits for everyone who is interested in classic British cars Marco F
  2. Well done...it looks perfect The aluminium color is great and the engine bay is spot on Marco F
  3. Looks very good My one is on the and I can't await to unpack the shipment Marco F
  4. Super result, I can't stop looking at all these perfect details you added. The weathering at the end of the exhaust was a fantastic idea Marco F
  5. Yeah! The good season is starting...nice cars to be seen on the road again...I love it Marco F
  6. Another model you finished perfectly! Especially the R30 is a rare thing, I think nearly nobody outside France know this car was ever produced Marco F
  7. Yappadappaduuuu,!!! Looking fantastic Marco F
  8. Oh yes that's a great little wonderland, so many details, can't stop looking Marco F
  9. Great looking Transit and I think you should strap something on the bed a Super7 would look good on it... Marco F
  10. This little stunning model brings back a lot of memories and somehow I got the feeling to not the typical 2 stroke smell Marco F
  11. Or look for the Revell VW Porsche it's a 1/25 kit and got a 6cylinder for the position in the middle Marco F
  12. Oh yes...these flexible rubber or something vinyllike...who knows, for the interior parts it's a big problem bcs up to now I didn't find a good solution to repaint these parts properly. But...all these Gunze kits represented cars I loved to build Marco F
  13. Hey John, this little thing looks great! OK I'm a TVR fan that's one reason but at least you did a great job so far Marco F
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