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  1. Hey @JeroenS, that's a nice purchase and a good kit. Nice idea to convert it to a street version. I would like to have a transkitranskit to convert into a station car Marco F
  2. That's why I didn't give you this USCP advice....and there is also an PE ser with Volvo logos available from HM, you can find it also spotmodel.com Marco F
  3. That's a real fine looking SEC Congratulations, but I also got to ask if it's a Revell or Tamiya base....can't judge it from the pics... Marco F
  4. Another stunning model from your garage. I like it from every spot you showed us. It's a shame Bud Spencer tried to close the boot, but can't be helped if the next door neigbour thinks he can touch your car... I like your outcome Marco F
  5. Cool car, great kit,good Start. Please keep on going and present your progress Marco F
  6. Looks great so far, keep on going and showing Marco F
  7. Very fine one Jereon, Congratulations. I remember, a looog time ago, I worked for a company who used several of the tractors. Always liked the Design Marco F
  8. Good effort on this old kit. It's not the best base for a success, but it's the only kit around. There's a resin from DDP , may be still available, but it cost a bit more. Marco F
  9. As said before that's a perfect look for a workhorse like that. Congratulations Marco F
  10. What a great result. This old workhorse looks superb. I know the Design is somehow odd, but at least due to the tasks it was engineered for. But as much as I know there a lot of people who customize these little machine. Congratulations for your result Marco F
  11. Hi Mark, Thanks for your advice. I just did it and found something. An impressive show!! Marco F
  12. Hope the show is/was great... I would, of course, like to see some pictures of the models and the show itself. Seems to be a real good Event I hope everyone who visited it was satisfied Marco F
  13. It would be more than fine if this Starlet would be released as a kit I would need minimum 3 boxes... 2 to create the Starlet two of my friends used to rallye years ago and one for me to create my choice Marco F
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