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  1. Hey Pete! Congratulations you're kustom VW looks great!!!! Looking at the front... don't know why, reminds me to Jethro Tull's "locomotive breath". Fantastic Idea. And it was my pleasure to support your build and it feels good to know that the parts found their part in your mancave. Concerning your sickness, I hope it's not serious and you will recover soon. All the best Marco F
  2. You're really sure you are rebuilding a 1/24 not the the original? It looks so real in every detail.. Marco F
  3. Fine looking Ford, congratulations!!! At first I was a little bit confused because of the pre shading, but it does the job perfectly, I'll keep it in my mind. Hope to see another car made by you. By the way... I'm still missing the the 2 guys who used the Torino everyday to look like it is now.. A couple of days ago you asked for cop cars... AMT did the joker car including options for a cop car. And if I remember right, there were also a 48 and a 50 something Ford from Revell USA including options for a cop car. A Chevy Impala cop car was also available from Revell but this is quiet modern Enjoy friday evening Marco F.
  4. It looks real good and, as JeroenS Said before...almost done
  5. Thanks a lot for these nice photos!! Seems like you spent a fantastic time
  6. Hey Pete, your progress is looking real fine. You've did a real good so far. I love the front, the Chevrolet grille give a funny face to the VW, never thought about this before but I love it, can't await to see the result of your journey... Cheers Marco F
  7. Hi Noel, ... OK you might be right that the asked price for this kit is not on a Discounter level... but keep in mind it's not a transkit it's a complette kit and it's produced by a small company, so everything got to be calculated on a base of a limited quantaty. For my opinion the price is more than OK If you consider the prices well known companies ASK just for reissuies... And the products I bought before from motobitz showed me that the price was always real fair. I don't think Mark will earn a real big bargain producing it, but he will serve and amaze us again with some cool items we won't get from the established big companies. Marco F
  8. Congratulations!! DDP models are rare jewels and great kits. I got a Fiat 128 and the VW Porsche in my stash Looking forward to see pictures from your 908 Marco F
  9. Lovely little Moke, I'm happy I already preordered one.... can't await to receive the kit
  10. Fantastic build! Congratulations!!! You did a great build and weathering and photos like a professional Cheers Marco F
  11. Sorry, but I can't give you an advice directly from the spot...but I think you should take a look at some slot racing shops, 1:32 is still quite common in this field. Good luck Cheers Marco F
  12. Real fantastic result! The weathering is perfect, looks like you played for years outside with this tiny Beauty... I'll take your build as the reference for my build which will come in the, hopefully, near future. Marco F
  13. Johnny, very good result concerning the Body paint. This car is getting better with each step you're showing. Another masterpiece is on the way... Yesterday I saw this kit in a store don't know why I didn't buy it...may be just because it was record day and I was looking for some vinyl music instead and spent my money for some Boise. Next time I'll come along I'll give it a new chance...
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