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  1. Lovely build! I never thought about this car, didn"t even know it was produced, but it looks real cool. Congratulation Cheers Marco F.
  2. Marco F.

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    ...and concerning the Innocenti... Hey Pete, it"s quite normal you didn't see one of these for a long time. Just because replacement metalsheet was not available for this car. My mom had a white one with pink pinstrippring, and a friend found out that Citroen CX panels could be used for some places, but only with much creative works, and no one wanted to this Work at these days. OK it was my fortune, the day the body was weak, I could swap the engine( 1275cc 70hp) into my Mini.. Nowadays I would like to own an Innocenti Cheers Marco F
  3. Marco F.

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    I like this Ford Consul very much. My Dad ordered one in Sebring Red, a bright red, threw away the original dog-dish caps, lowered a bit and it looked cool. I was a kid these days,but were proud because one of my friends dad owned a Ghia 3.0 Granada and my friend was jealous because our 1.7l 4stroke looked much cooler... Money can't create style if you don't know what it is...
  4. Marco F.

    Scrap Yard Gems

    I remember these days very well. Looking for second hand parts for my Mini...and always so many many other things to be found... 1984 me and my Mini broke down at Donigton Park (25th of the Mini), on bankholiday I found the scrapyard and also a cooper head to fix my little one... Just around the corner I could buy a new headgasket, what a dream... And there was so many other interesting stuff to be found... Great times Cheers Marco F.
  5. Marco F.

    Tamiya Polishing Compounds

    The scalemodeller.com still has small number of fine and ultrafine Tamiya in stock. OK he is not settled in the UK, but if you want to get this product.... Marco F.
  6. Marco F.

    Fujimi Fiat 500 (C)

    Fujimi ist offering 2 Abarth versions but not the beweist 695 version. Take a look at hlj.com Cheers Marco F.
  7. Thanks for showing this Koenig Porsche, it's looking great. Cheers Marco F.
  8. Thanks a lot for the explanation concerning the base I'll keep it in mind. All the best Marco F.
  9. Great looking display! I like the blue base-plate, please explain how you made it Thanks... Cheers and a Happy New Year Marco F
  10. Marco F.

    Triumph TR3A, Gunze Sangyo, 1/24

    Very nice build. Good colour choice. I didn't know that Gunze also produced the TR3A, thought they only did the TR2 and the TR3, both with the smaller radiatorgrille. I hope this wonderfull little Sportscars arrive in France without any Problems. Cheers Marco F.
  11. Marco F.

    1/24 Gunze Sangyo Sprite

    It would be fantastic if all Gunze Sangyo cars were released again
  12. Marco F.

    All i want for Christmas is.....

    Ups.. sorry , I forgot to attach the link to my idea... https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2219_-bay-city-cops-.html
  13. Marco F.

    All i want for Christmas is.....

    Oh yeah, long time ago.... Enjoy this model. May be you should buy the 2 actors too. Cheers Marco F.
  14. And again you're building a real special thing.... I love it. But by the way... what happend to the the Volkswagen Van you started a while ago?? Cheers Marco F.
  15. Looks fantastic. Hope my DDP models will arrive soon Cheers Marco F