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  1. Lovely one Andy Seems your new garage will have several floors for storage and showroom Marco F btw...the italeri Abarth 695ss is also a nice kit 1/12
  2. Great looking wheels mate. Those spokes definitiv look perfectly thin. But I guess they are also fragile so a safety packaging and a very carefull handling by the builder will be necessary. I think I should consider to buy an E-type Marco F
  3. @spiny Thanks for showing the Position where the hole for the passangers-side for 2wiper conversion should be placed. Nowadays it's seem to be harder to see a rubberboat (Gummiboot in GER) on the road as compaired to the chrome Version, just bcs you can still get everthing you'll need for backdating Looking foward to see your progress in the WIP of the MG-ZODIAC Marco F
  4. For my eyes it looks great. If you're going to dull the red down, the vinyl roof should be matt to keep the effect. I would keep it as it is and add some chrome. Some people outthere gave a lot of TLC even for japaneese sedans Marco F
  5. The manifolds, the covers where the manifolds go through and the cylinderheads. Marco F
  6. Your WIP makes me thinking to buy one too. I agree the Gunze Jag was disappointing and to me it didn't look right when finished. Marco F
  7. The engine bay looks great. How did you manage to get this fine metall look? Marco F
  8. Stunning!!! Following your WIP, every new step leaves me speechless again Marco F
  9. My Lady Rose placed a tag-sign in our kitchen " Nothing is really lost until your Mum can't find it " May sounds true, but not in my case bcs my put all my stored modelling stuff into the garbidge (junk) when I was nearly 20 and this was not a pleasant experience. So since then I prefer supprise myself Marco F
  10. @Andy J I don't have the problem that I find stuff I didn't know I owned......okay from time to time it happens too. My problem is that I can't find the things I'm looking for and this is time consuming and not very pleasant. Marco F
  11. Real good looking one Burnt orange suits it fantastic Marco F
  12. So sorry Andy I don't much about Harry Potter... I only know there was an Anglia and a fliegt Triumph bike... Marco F
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