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  1. Oh yeah...the GT380...it was a lovely bike....and I remember these days when it was sailed for real little Money brand new. A friend of mine offered me his bike at these days...and I had to think twice... OK I didnt bought his offer, instead I bought an Triumph 500 speedtwin from'62 directly in Manchester but that's another story... I love your build and think I ll got get this little Suzy in my stash Marco F ...
  2. I would prefer the Hasegawa ones. Years ago I built one and was a fun to build. I got the Aoshima Fastback in my stash and I guess it'll ask for more work to look fine in the end. Domino bv in belgium got 3 or4 different version in stock. https://www.dominomodel.com/ Marco F
  3. Today I ruined another one... I started a Porsche flatnose from Fujimi. Primed it and put green metallic from createx on it... I was really satisfied with the result...today I thought a layer of blue to green by Alclad would look fine, it was my mistake of the day...everything went wrong and it looks terrible.... OK I'll got to strip the body and think about a reststart... Marco F
  4. Fantastic looking GTA, you did a real good job! I love these italian sport cars especially the smaller ones Marco F
  5. Thanks so much for sharing this classic film...it was a pleasure to have a look at it... So sorry I can't give you any information regarding the Peugeot 504. I always liked the 504 it was a great car, looked fine but always was a workhorse, that's why they all moved to Afrika or were used until they died...a pitty... Marco F
  6. Yep that's right... some of my finished models had been sprayed and stripped several times, a real car won't see so many laquer in it's whole lifetime. I got a Pontiac in my stash which got 6 or 7 trials and it's still there parked bcs I'm still not satisfied with the result. Try and error seems to be quite normal for our kind of hobby. So don't worry...just keep on doing.... Marco F
  7. Fantastic progress! Looks like a masterpiece is on it's way... I'll keep an eye on this WIP Marco F
  8. The classic Heller bike kits were fantastic, but keep in mind that they are not so easy to be build to look good.... But this challenge is the fun with the Heller kits, at least you'll get a kind model of a rare thing, bcs Heller so often chose special things for their brand. I hope the company will keep enjoying us with nice models also in the future Marco F
  9. Shame on me bcs I forgot to mention the Heller Norton... I got this kit in my stash. And Italeri is offering the Norton Commando PR, ex Protar. And MPC produced a Triumph chopper in 1:12, Im not sure if round2 did a rerelease. Marco F
  10. The Italeri Norton is 1:9 scale. Italeri also produced a Triumph 3T military version also 1:9 Revell did a Triumph Tiger in 1:8 Marco F
  11. Hi, if you can't find you're looking for at the Link Mark sent you.... I have another one dealing with tiny screws and so on... But I guess you don't need this adress anymore... https://ghw-modellbau.de/index.php?cPath=4_5_10 Cheers Marco F
  12. Looks fantastic, can't believe its a model. Congratulations so far Cheers Marco F
  13. Wow!!! I'm speechless!! What a fantastic work. I will keep on watching your progress Cheers Marco F
  14. Hi Pappy, I'm 100% sure, but for my opion it was all painted steel without any sound proofing. I owned a Golf MK II a couple of years ago which also didnt had the sound profing mats. The bonnet was made out of two metal sheets and the inner side with the cutouts was to strengthen the whole thing Cheers Marco F
  15. Hello Eren, USCP might be the one you're looking for. http://uscp-ua.com I know that this company is producing 3D parts on demand I remember there was a guy on a dutch forum who ordered custom made wheels for a Fiat barcetta. I hope this adress will help you and your plans. Cheers Marco F
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