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  1. A real nice result, my congratulations, looks like an original. But it's a modern nacked bike, not compairable with old fashioned ones. Please don't mind it's just because I'm old and oldschool When I was a youngster I rode a 62 speed twin and today there is a SR500 and a Sportster parking in my garage. But your built is great Marco F
  2. Real cool looking wheels. The yellow stripe is a great idea Marco F
  3. Yeah, the Mehari is a cool beach car. I was always thinking of buying one in 1 :1 Marco F
  4. Reminds me on the numerous announcements for Berlin airport opening over the last years Marco F
  5. A Mini converted to a racer never looks like a original. There are so many things to be changed tuned left away or just added with Black&Decker tuning just for the performance... Marco F
  6. Great looking project...I'll keep an eye on this. I love the ideas, especially the way to create the "gone" writing on the back door and the scraped colour on the side, so the "original" colour starts to appear due to careless every day use...lovely Marco F
  7. Real good looking decals. Now Heller should start to deliver the Estafette Marco F
  8. I did noticed this build, but I forgot to congratulate....so sorry A real good looking Alpine and as said before nice to see it yellow Marco F
  9. Hey John, that's a fantastic progress you're showing. Seems like a future masterpiece is on the way. Please keep us involved Marco F
  10. This blue is really BLUE Looking real good so far Marco F
  11. Oh yeah this one looks cool and built clean, hats up Marco F
  12. Great looking Citro├źn.congratulation! Marco F
  13. Good to hear that the Estafette is going to be released after such a long time....
  14. Wow that's look real good so far...especially because I thought white would not be the best colour choice, but with the decals, I love the script on the panel side, but you teached me to make up my mind Marco F
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