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  1. I thought of buying an Emhar Bedford for a long time...now they get rare. Will follow your WIP with interest Marco F
  2. I guess this would be the asked price..more or less and roundabout another 20,-- for the usual detail set. Marco F
  3. Hi Mike this dashboard looks perfect, I guess you answered the question Cheers Marco F
  4. Did you think about texture paint? Normally it's for the seats and so on For example Zeropaints is offering this type. Sprayed with more distance from airbrush to the dashboard it might bring the effect you are looking for Marco F
  5. Come on @Andy J I bed you already pushed the bottom Marco F
  6. Yeah looking fantastic And I'll keep in mind not to cut the front hood Marco F
  7. ...don't think twice...it's alright and imagine how hard it will be to wait for months...totally impossible. Marco F
  8. ..... I may well add a couple to the stash for future consideration.... Am I surpriesed? ...no not a bit Marco f
  9. Hey Andy I asked you about your wishes, a long time ago, but up to now you didn't send it Marco F
  10. Hello Keith, As usual I started reading and was shocked...but when I came to pics I recovered directory. You went a road of horror to finish the model and you won. You are my hero. The 911 looks great and the dechroming suits it perfectly as the shiny paintjob is also doing. Congratulations Marco F
  11. Hi Andy You can also look at "the scalemodeller" on Youtube he also built some Alpha models Marco F
  12. Hey Andy, what a great "last kit for a while" purchase. Congratulations Marco F
  13. Very good looking Mazda. I like the colour and the stance. You did a great job on this. Marco F
  14. Once again thank you so very much for the great and interesting photos Johnny @desert falcon Have a nice weekend Marco F
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