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  1. Thanks all! I guess I’ll go with ……. black (or maybe really dark grey).
  2. …. black or grey/green? Special Hobby instructions are somewhat indecisive about it. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  3. Thanks Troy. This kit (Challenger 1 KFOR) comes with the side armour arrays as well as the frontal ERA, and markings that include one Granby example. The mounting provisions for the side armour are somewhat problematic so I did some scratch built additions to provide a more realistic standoff. Here’s a link to the kit I used: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/revell-03120-challenger-1-kfor--155474
  4. Thanks guys. All the photos I came across where the driver’s head was visible, the turret seemed to be rotated by no more than 15 deg or so (or 180deg) so just wondered. I guess I’m free to display the turret rotated.
  5. Did the Challenger have an interlock of some sort to prevent the turret from rotating when the driver was in a head out position, to prevent inadvertent injury/decapitation of the driver? I guess where I’m going is, would the turret always be in the forward position when the driver had his head out of the hatch?
  6. Progress so far. Brass additions are a mix of Extratech and scratch built. Grease gun and mounting provisions not replicated by Revell so had to scratch build. Smoke dischargers are robbed from a Trumpeter kit. Chobham arrays and corresponding mounting provisions were scratch built/modified to create a more accurate standoff from the sponsons. Some parts (e.g. TOGS housing) temporarily affixed using blue tack. Subject is Challenger “Scud City Surfers” as shown in Concord’s Operation Granby publication. I was unable to find any pics of the RHS of the subject, so took some artistic license in adding some racks typical of other challengers photographed in theatre. Dust, lint and cat fur courtesy of Canadian winter; -20C, dry as a bone, and everything has a static charge on it . Hope you like so far.
  7. Thanks Ivan. That gives me a general shape at least.
  8. I’m hoping to scratch build a TOGS sensor/sight (or rough approximation) as fitted in RH barbette for my 1/72 Challenger 1, but can’t find any pics online of the sensor unit itself. My references aren’t helping me out either. Can anyone point me towards some good photos of the sensor unit? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I wonder what the odds are that I can find those as an aftermarket item in 1/72? I’m thinking I’ll have to find some images of that type of box and scratch build a couple (assuming the did the same mount on the RHS). Thanks again for info.
  10. Strange. Tech Gremlins at work again. The linked image shows up fine on my iPad but when I checked on my lap top later, the image didn’t show. Anyway, I added a hot link to the image in case it doesn’t show for some. Thanks for the info John. I liked the subject for a few reasons, like the unpainted frontal Armour frame, the lack of the stowage bin on the LHS turret, the single green road wheel and the primed rear fuel tanks. I wish I could find a photo of the right side. I guess the lack of markings makes it easy from a finding decals perspective though . Thanks again.
  11. Re. photos attached below (provided for discussion purposes only) from Concord’s “Operation Granby” publication, would anyone have an idea what unit this Challenger would have been attached to? The publication doesn’t mention and other than the “Scud City Surfers” sign on top of the frontal Armour, I don’t see any markings of any sort. Also, any idea what the green box is attached to the LH armoured skirt? Any advice greatly appreciated. http://www3.sympatico.ca/w.y.bowman/SCUDCITY.JPG
  12. Can anyone weigh in on whether the Vampire Mk. I and Mk.3 instrument panels where essentially the same layout? I can’t seam to find much out there in the way of aftermarket products, specifically for the Mk.I, so wondered if a Mk.3 panel would be close enough in 1/72. Thanks, Wayne
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