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  1. Ha ha! Were you wrapped up as well? I was amazed to see some die-hards wearing shorts!
  2. Thanks Parabat. I must confess that I wasn't terribly optimistic that the show would go ahead due to the gusts, but I'm pleased it did! It is a lovely venue and despite the social distancing, there was a nice atmosphere - a bit like Old Warden and absolutely nothing like Duxford!! The Storch probably would have flown backwards!! I'm pleased that share my opinion of the Dak! It was fantastic to see these big, old birds tearing down the grass strip on their take off run!
  3. To complement Latinbear's images from Headcorn yesterday, please see below some of my pictures from today. It was showery with gusts up to 25mph, but despite that the show proceeded as planned. I'm afraid that despite layers, gloves and a beanie hat I baled out after the fighters because I was shivering so much that I could barely operate the camera! Other people had the same idea and there were quite a few cars leaving just after 14.30! I was surprised that the car showed an outside temperature of 13 degrees Celsius. I have a ticket for tomorrow as well, but will check the forecast tomorrow morning before I set off! I apologise for the number of Dak shots, but I'm a sucker for a Dak and it was such a wonderful display! Thanks for looking!
  4. Lovely set. I love the Daks! I'm shivering at the show at the moment and just enjoyed the Dak display. It is gusting up to 25 mph at the moment, so I'm not sure if we will get a full display.
  5. Hi Shaun. Great pair of Harriers. I hope to see more of your work soon.
  6. Hi Steve. It was indeed a fabulous day and to be able to share the experience with friends and family was wonderful. It sounds like your stash should be afraid, very afraid! You might find this article interesting as your friend worked on the restoration.
  7. Great save! Brought back some lovely childhood memories!
  8. If you do decide to go for the Hurricane Noel, be aware that it is not proper dual control, only having the control column and an airspeed indicator. I agree that we are fortunate to have these opportunities and a week later, I'm still pinching myself!
  9. Thanks Noel. The Airvan passengers didn't find the Airvan especially docile! It was definitely more of a shared experience flying in formation with friends and family, plus I've got some excellent pictures to record the experience for posterity! I'm definitely going to take a Spitfire flight when I retire and suggest that both types in your log book would look "ace"!
  10. Thanks Neil. Definitely one to cherish! My two friends were using digital SLRs and despite battling the reflections on the Airvan windows have produced some truly sensational images. It will be very difficult to choose the images for my photo book!
  11. Thanks John. I'm not surprised! That must have been an equally amazing experience!
  12. Hi Steve. It was indeed a fabulous day out. I certainly wouldn't ban you your for preferring a Hurricane flight! We really are fortunate to have these opportunities in the UK.
  13. Thanks Mark. Im still pinching myself! Without doubt, a perfect day in every respect! Thanks Paul. It was an awesome day! The smile hasn't left my lips yet! Thanks Parabat. It certainly was an outstanding day in every respect!
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