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  1. They can fit as many of those big white propellers as they like, they'll never get Cornwall to take off.
  2. Even more noticeable are the extra seven feet of span on the F-111C's wings ...
  3. If memory serves, these formation lights glow only when there's current passing through them - in other words, when the aircraft has its engines running and all its formation and navigation lights on. With power off they're a dull yellow, sort of primrose. So if you wanted them to glow, you might also need to make sure all your other lights were too.
  4. If it were me, I'd add the suspension units to the hull, but leave off the wheels. That way you'll be able to paint and weather them all in one without the wheels getting in the way. The same with the final drive covers, track tensioners - everything that doesn't go round and round, really. Instructions are often a bit peculiar when it comes to build order, and Dragon's have an added layer of inaccuracy that drives some people dotty. The way I always approach them is to poke through in advance to spot sections that really do have to be built in the specified order, or something
  5. That is a Humbrol paint number - Metalcote Aluminium. Whether it's the right colour, I don't know, but it's definitely paint.
  6. I thought so too, and I was prepared to go for the uniform look, but my Aerofax book on the Badger is packed with pictures that show all sorts of finishes. It's interesting how the metallic surface throws the light around differently, depending what angle you view it from. You can see it very clearly on the inner wing, where the pitch is so great, and if you turn the model at different angles to the window, the pattern changes again. But I'm reasonably confident that the stuff in the book can't be explained like that. Plus, there's artistic licence ...
  7. What a lovely, elegant old thing. This is one of Trumpeter’s earliest kits, and it shows. It’s no.13 in their range; I bought it in 2003. It has a number of good points, the most important being, it’s a Badger. There’s never been one since and the few that came before it in 1/72 were ropey old things. The kit breaks down intelligently and allows for variants with glazed or radar noses, and lurking on the runners and the PE fret are odd aerials that suggest some of the EW versions too. Not all are there, though - perhaps more will appear on smaller runners in a new boxing, as t
  8. I expect you all know that you can inspect the address by hovering your cursor over it without pressing anything. Here's an existential problem. My junk mail box has started gathering rogue e-mails that say they come from my own e-mail address. Apparently I own a thousand bitcoins now, and logic suggests I both knew about them and didn't. I wouldn't want to dip out. But can I trust me, and if not, why not?
  9. These days I always use PVA and I almost always have to glue across at least one painted surface. The reason for that is that I paint the sills the right colour to ensure there's no bare plastic showing up, and the clear parts' mating surfaces black to cut down internal reflection. That helps mask the fact that they're horribly thick compared with the real thing. My PVA of choice is Pacer's Formula 560, which is, as you say, the conventional stuff marked up - but it seems thicker and stronger than good old wood glue. After a couple of days it's nearly as hard to remove as CA superglue. Th
  10. Well, the captions explain that - it's being dismantled for salvage, unusually. I wonder what other gate guard will be getting what other parts?
  11. One of many things that has nothing to do with the original comic. Why do they always do this? Sometimes you think they buy a property just for the title, they seem so unhappy with all of the content. No wonder Alan Moore always distanced himself from adaptations of his work. Still, looked at on its own merits, it does seem a lot of fun.
  12. This is very interesting: https://www.rferl.org/a/photographer-sneaks-inside-the-legendary-soviet-ekranoplan/30777774.html?fbclid=IwAR3_fWwgH8o2lZARKfaMMLge2eezdurbg6mWlq_L-O4haCCUpGkE7AsTuAk
  13. They're most likely to lose paint on the outside as you fit them, because you're stretching the vinyl on that side. The inside flakes much less. So one option is to paint the inside, fit 'em, then paint the outside.
  14. For years, I've been driving past a West Atlantic 737 seemingly stuck at Exeter, so at least they have a spare on site.
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