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  1. Germination: a country that’s not very well Hyacinth: “what is Cynthia on?” Incur: the dog’s eaten it
  2. And then there’s the dead straight line on the Vigilante’s wing that follows absolutely none of the moving surfaces. We didn’t really pin that down, either.
  3. Diabolical: like a Welshman’s dangly bits Equip: a joke spread via the internet Fact: really quite badly messed up
  4. Especially as they’d usually be retracted when nuclear weapons were going off nearby, and thus protected by the wing - the crew would be leaving as fast as they could. This leaves the question of when rudders went white as well. An earlier thread on this established that they did change later, but didn’t pin this down. It would be handy to know whether your Skyraider or Demon or whatever should have a gray rudder or a white one. As we know, decal instructions aren’t always to be trusted.
  5. That has to be the most marginal tail-sitter I’ve ever seen, but is nice work.
  6. It’s that time of year again! The North Surrey Military Modelling Group’s annual show will be on 1 February this year, once again in the Banstead Community Hall (SM7 3AJ for satnav fans), with doors opening at 10am. We have clubs: Aldershot BMSS Cambridge MAFVA East Kent Faversham Hailsham Horsham Gravesham Shepway Southdowns Welling We have traders: Elan 13 John Bareham Models John Pol MDP Military Modelcraft International S&M Simon McArthur Sovereign 2000 And, all being well, we have bacon sandwiches. Hope to see you there.
  7. Actuator: pretend you’re a cannibal Ballpark: somewhere to rest your scrotum Catalogue: what pet owners often find in flowerbeds
  8. pigsty

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    One day this forum really must have a discussion about the difference between stupidity and ignorance.
  9. pigsty

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    ^^ That was the late, great Sir Thomas Beecham. He also said, on being asked whether he’d ever conducted any Stockhausen, “No, but I’ve trodden in some”.
  10. Urea: what y’hear with Vagrant: to mouth off about, oh, something or other Weevil: collective guilt
  11. Tangent: David Dickinson, Donald Trump, etc Tirade: puncture repair kit Truculent: van hire
  12. Strumpet: a cat that can play the guitar Supreme: 500 sheets of soup Syllabub: part of a word spoken underwater
  13. Scintilla: a naughty but fluffy rodent Slogan: a tedious chat-show host Spline: what a drunk Australian does to make you understand something
  14. This is all very well, but a collection of whisky retains its value only if you don’t even open the bottles. It therefore has no value whatever - because whisky is a drink and if you don’t drink it, you might as well light the fire with it. Anyone who does drink it will definitely not find that they’ve got, I dunno, whisky that’s six times as good as if they’d just bought the same number of decent bottles off the shelf now. Chances are some of it’s impossible to drink anyway. I remember once being shown a bottle off the SS Politician - the ship of Whisky Galore fame. It was going for £5,000 even though everyone knew that the last time anyone had tried drinking any, they’d found the corks had perished and the contents tasted of tar and sea water*. If I had that sort of money, I’d just buy Constantine Stores down in Cornwall, and help everyone to relish the joys of good whisky and brandy and rum that you can actually put down your neck. * any resemblance to Islay malt was presumably coincidental†. † and any resemblance to buying model kits and not building them is entirely coincidental, I’m sure.
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