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  1. Interesting observation. In another theatre, about the same time, my Dad was flying Spitfires on similar missions with 253 Sqn, operating over Yugoslavia. They wore army uniforms too, but for a different reason. If you were brought down over enemy territory, the aim was to join up with the Partisan forces until you could be brought out. Since the Partisans fought in British-supplied khaki, and you were expected by the Partisans to earn your place by fighting the enemy until recovery, army khaki was essential camouflage.
  2. Not to mention any bombers not in the leading element of the formation!
  3. That has to be the worst model representation of the Mauritania ever!
  4. Ah-ha! Got it - the FFA P-16 and the Learjet.
  5. This is often stated, but is it really true? Certainly it delayed the project, but, when the aircraft was in service, the very short engine life (25 hr or so) meant that there were never enough engines to keep enough of them operational to make a difference. Essentially, the turbine materials available in Germany in 1944 weren't up to the high temperatures experienced. Frank Whittle & RR had better materials available for the Derwent in the Meteor, giving a 150 hr engine life, which made the aircraft operationally useful with a realistic maintenance schedule.
  6. At the top of every Britmodeller page is a button marked "View New Content". Perhaps we now need another: "View New Discontent"
  7. It sounds like avoidance of being on the back side of the drag curve. This is normal for any aircraft, but perhaps the B-24's optimum cruising speed was a little close to VMD? When combined with the aircraft's reported tendency to "hunt" in pitch, it might just be a way to establish a little positive margin.
  8. Oh yes: BUA/BCal, East African Airways, Gulf Air, Nigeria Airways, Ghana Airways, Oman, UAE, MEA, Sierra Leone Airways, Air Malawi, Air Ceylon and the RAE.
  9. No - that's aftermarket !
  10. Well, given that the world's oldest known buildings are at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey, dating from around 11,500 years ago, I would say that 1997 is pretty recent by their standards.
  11. Oh, and one more - how could I forget it, especially as I've just acquired another one - the Vulcan! 354P / F354 Avro Vulcan B.1 1/96
  12. A few more missing from the list: F128 R-100 airship 1/500 355P Handley-Page Victor B.1 1/96 350P Bristol Britannia 100 1/96
  13. The topic was "jets 50+years" and "active service" is a bit of a stretch for the BBMF.
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