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  1. Thank you very much Unfortunately my English degraded a bit over the years, especially recently by lack of contact with English native speakers but I'm glad it's still comprehensible
  2. This thread is better than any book I read recently, seriously! I'm sitting in the office at work on this rather boring day and I read through all the pages and although I'm bit too young for the FROG era, I still have one particular memory of their kits. First and foremost I love the overly dramatic, but very inspiring box arts of yesteryear, some of which I remember - the Mustang Mk. II or the Shackleton for example. In the early 90's back in my small hometown in Poland, when I was little there was a...I think it was a pawn shop, which doesn't exist anymore and there you could buy lit
  3. Never heard of Minibase before but if they have a Su-30 with Canards in the making, I'll definitely give that a go because this kit looks stunning and very promising and if the fitment is a lot better than Kittyhawks - Happy days! Thanks for another great review Mike!
  4. Wow man! That looks great! Beautiful plane as well!
  5. This is beautiful! Love the idea and the execution
  6. Sounds like the kit is a PITA to build but the result is stunning!
  7. Brilliant build, especially those chrome parts look pristine! Also diggin' that removable roof, very cool idea for presentation, something a little bit different than the usual stuff. Love the whole subject, the Honda Jet is one of the coolest looking modern planes IMO
  8. That's rad! Love it! Also cool, they included a display stand. Makes sense with those massive rotors
  9. Absolute beast! Awesome finish. At the moment I'm kinda glad I didn't pick up this kit while searching for a nice MiG-31, it always was too rich for my blood and I'm very skeptical when it comes to hypes Also I wanted the MiG-31M badly so in the end it came down to the Hobby Boss kit, which was almost half the price of the AMK so even when it's flawed...so be it
  10. Damn! That's one great looking bird! Was thinking about getting one of these but 1/35th is a bit big for my flat But maybe Academy will scale it down one day.
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