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  1. Awesome attention to details! Love the unpainted stabilizer, such a cool unique detail
  2. Fantastic build, love the weathering! But look at the size of it. It's absolutely massive! What I really like about that - it somehow never really shows how enormous the Bear is, because it is rather sleek and elegant.
  3. Would make sense to go for the now disused KH forms as they've done both. But I'm fine with whatever they use as long as it's in 1/48th and not Italeri's age old Viper reboxed Thanks for the info!
  4. I hope the Cobra lineup gets extended to later models as well. Waiting for a decent AH-1W Super Cobra and the AH-1Z Viper in 1/48. For the latter one I'd be fine if they'd pick up the Kitty Hawk forms. Never got one but I've heard it was a nice kit (as nice as KH went). But for the time being, the Vietnam era equipment is very promising.
  5. That's awesome! Love the idea and the story behind it. Everything that starts with funny socks is a big win!
  6. Fan-freaking-tastic! Had the box in my hands in my local modelling shop the other day and if I had the space to put it somewhere, it would have come straight home with me Lovely build, also very interesting WIP!
  7. Same but I guess it is not that popular. Still, would be cool to see something other than the usual Cobras, Hueys, Apaches and Hinds in that scale
  8. Looks great! Built this one as a kid. A bit basic but still a good kit. Hoping for a 1/48th scale kit of this chopper but the upgraded version with the Gattling gun and the 5 blade rotor. This is a mean looking machine
  9. HELL YEAH! I'm so getting one of these bad boys as soon as it is released! At least I'll give it my best to get my hands on one
  10. Lovely build! After seeing and reading this I think I might add one of these to my stash, too. Love the Pucara and even more so a fine, stress free kit and build!
  11. Despite that tricky landing gear, she is a beauty! Great result!
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