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  1. matti64


    I'd suggest stretching some sprue and using that to infill the large gaps. That way, once it is rubbed down it will be the same "consistency" as the sorounding kit parts and you won't have to contend with a "phantom seam"
  2. matti64

    DH.50 info

    Hi Anthony. The drawing is by Colin Owers and is in Aviation News from 1992 or 3. If you'd still like a copy, message me with your postal address and I'll get one off to you.
  3. matti64

    DH.50 info

    There were drawimgs printed in Aviation News. I can't vouch for teir accuracy but if you#d like me to forward you photocopies, I'll be able to in a few days.
  4. matti64

    Spitfire 22 "Vintage" Build

    Why I make a point of avoiding white metal wherever I can, that and photo etched pitot tubes!
  5. matti64

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    Poundland and Claires Accessories help us out every time. Poundland did sell, which I only managed to get a couple of packets of, nail wraps which were rows of tiny dome headed rivets!
  6. matti64

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    It is looking really tidy, that in itself is a great accomplishment with any corrugated airframe. It will really look something when its finished, Cyclopean? Decadent ? Who knows? but you'll have amassed quite an audience to see you across the finish line
  7. matti64

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    The more you do, the quicker they'll get. It's always ironing out the procedure on the first one which seems so crushing
  8. matti64

    Sikorsky S55 in RN Markings

    I'd heard 49th! Scale aside I think that it catches the look and feel of the Whirlwind. For its age I think it is a surprisingly decent kit and offers the potential of a very good model as camper 1 has shown us.
  9. matti64

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    A proper burnisher is a good thing to use but if you've got anything like a screwdriver with a hard, pollished surface, that will work. the aim in sharpenning a scraper is to use the burnisher to "pull" a pair of burrs on the corners of the edge and then to then burnish them down. thiss illustration shows it
  10. matti64

    Gloster Gamecock 1/48

    Thats a relief, I was always a little uncomfortable with it, that being the most colourfull of schemes and the one that I had chosen for mine...
  11. matti64

    Back to the Mountains of Madness

    I'd still go with a large scraper like the proops one, it's surprising how gentle a curve i.e. large radius you'll need. I'd also check out how to go about sharpening scrapers too. It seems an unecessary lenght to go to, but it really makes a big difference.
  12. matti64

    Sikorsky S55 in RN Markings

    Looks great, glad to see that you've chosen one of the less chosen schemes.
  13. matti64

    XP-84A Thunderjet

    A beaut!
  14. matti64

    Gloster Gamecock 1/48

    That's looking really great, Glad that you've sorted the cowling issue so well.
  15. matti64

    Gloster Gamecock 1/48

    My take on it would be to go with the cowling that you've made and set about gringing it out. Mark out the cylinder positions and their distance from the firewall. and just set to...