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  1. "I'm sorry I don't do impressions. My trainning is in psychiatry"
  2. Looks superb. A well loved kit, by me, The first 1/48th scale kit I ever built.
  3. matti64

    USAF P-38 Lightning

    I believe that this was tyhe inspiration for, if not the actually supplied scheme for the Aurora P-38.
  4. front edge on the upper slope and the vertical. Your photo shows what it needs and that will also distract from the slightly too sloping windscreen angle. I wish I'd done it with my AAC Beaver .
  5. Can I suggest making the front doors bigger. I fought shy on doing this on my first Beaver and have regretted doing it since. Extennding the line of the forward edges f the front doors goes a lng way toward fixing what looks wrong with the model. I'll be doing so on my next one.
  6. I would hold your horses on the SSW Di Mark, there seems to be contention as to which of the nieuports the SSW is actually based upon. Hopefully this will be resolved before long.
  7. Looking good. I wish that I could get my eyelets that small and tidy.
  8. "You will, you will, you will, you will"
  9. Here is a link to a Croydon Airport historical blog. You will need to read through to find mentions of HP-42's but it is all good background http://croydonairportcalling.blogspot.com/
  10. You could have gone with this.... " a few little bumps and we'll be haulin' the mail"
  11. Lovely model of a lovely Aircraft. The size of the model really brings out the colour scheme.
  12. Thats looking really good so far Mark. Have you moulded your canopy yet?, because I wonder if the Special Hobby kit came with a spare and if there was anyone who might have one for you?
  13. I think that yt is an unfortunate fact that some of the best detailed agttermarket figures. In 1/48 scale. Are grossly oversvcale. As a consequence, the best sized. And proportioned ones often look rather weedy. Just bear inn mingd that 2/48 scale is 1/4. Of an inchh to yhe foot or 6 .25mm.
  14. Frightening isn't it... Like hearing people complain about the "old" Tamiya Beaufighter.
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