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  1. Thanks for your encouragement. I must admit that my references for much of what I@ve done so fare have been the old Aviation News drawings and the £D rendered images for the Clearprop 1/72 kit! I have downloaded some walkaround pictures and I@ll be using them from now regarding the relevant detail for the undercarriage and exterior.
  2. Apologies for the shaky start that I have made with this posting, first being unable to post the images, then losing them under the text. I'll start again... This is my attempt at building a single engined Seasprite , a UH-2A from the elderly Matchbox kit, inspired somewhat by corsaircorps good start. The parts breakdown of the Matchbox kit makes it much easier to work with that the Kittyhawk kits, but in truth it is a project I have long considered way before the Kittyhawk Seasprites were even a rumour. I have used the Kittyhawk kit for guidance regarding detail and will be comple
  3. I've been working on a UH-2B these last couple of weeks and I wondered if you've been making any progress with yours.? I've probably skimped and cheated on a lot and it was only while I was looking for some reference photos for the undercarriage, that I came across this thread.
  4. Excellent, great colour scheme, its really good to see an interesting aircraft in one of it's lesser known schemes and configurations. Very nice build.
  5. Really nice nostalgia build. Old kits are often really challenging to build neatly and you really pulled it off , especially in a scheme like that which really demands neat and tidy workmanship.
  6. I think leaving a hole for a spar rather than putting one in yourself might be best as different people might have different preferences for sizes and materials that they might like to use for the spar. Some might prefer brass, or piano wire or Stainless steel.
  7. Seem to have been used as police cars, so we'll be looking forward to this one...
  8. Nice effects, really bringing an old model to life.
  9. Finally!, the most obvious Missing link-tackled
  10. Or at least ther eused to be, I can't find it listed any more... http://www.seabee.info/rc3_105.htm
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