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  1. My order from DWR Plasics is coming without any hindrance. https://www.dwrplastics.com/casting-materials.html
  2. Great to see. A return to First Principles and then some! I really like your fundemental approach and will enjoy following your progress.
  3. I'm not sure, as I can't think where I read it butI think I've heard of a single row Canton Une radial with an even number of cylinders.
  4. Croeso , Good to have you aboard. A good group, Hope that you enjoy it. plenty of modellers doing exciting things in 1/48 aviation among everything else.
  5. With decals for the example in the film "The man in the sky" perhaps?
  6. Another Beauty John. It would be nice to see any in-progress pictures if you have them, as your work is inspirational.
  7. Not as such, but I'm told that they often sell them seperately from broken down sets. Alternatively, a local glass cutter can cut them for you and they can be fixed with U-bolts (this is the solution that I'll be going for https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agF2beQqkRQ and with a thin rubber pad to stop them scratching.
  8. Looks really nice, but I'm intending to get the Detolf cabinets plus extr ashelves which are so well priced. You see them everywhere, but they are so practical.
  9. It's a classic, beautifully done and fantastic photography.
  10. Servos have come down in price greatly over the last twenty years. Micro servos might be worth a seccond look.
  11. Very interested in following this one Mark. I'd looked at scratchbuilding this one in the past using as much SMER Albatros DV as possible, but I think , looking at the profile of the fuselage, the wings are all that you might be able to use. The all red colour scheme is appealing though. Good luck and as usual I'll be following your work closely.
  12. Looks great, Glad to see it finished and rigged. Really Well Done.
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