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  1. Sorry not to be able to provide any help with an answer, but strangely enough the question of when did civil aircraft registrations come into being was something I was wondering about yesterday!
  2. An excellent start. A Revell H-19/HO-4S, S-55 Whirlwind(yes they did a Whirlwind Issue) is always something to get excited about.
  3. This is a title that I have found a useful guide Creating Lifelike Figures in Polymer Clay: Tools and Techniques for Sculpting Realistic Figures by Katherine Dewey. I think I downloaded it as a .pdf some time ago and should be able to find it on a cd smewhere if you'd like me to look, otherwise it is well worth buying.
  4. Very nice! A subject that you don't see every day!
  5. Thanks for your kind words. I will be building a New Zealand SH-2G , and hopefully at some point a US Navy Combat Rescue UH-2B in Camouflage, hence actually making a mould of the converted Doghouse. I am very new to posting anything other than comments on the forum, so apologies for any clumsiness, especially jumping in on corsaircorps Seasprite thread, when I should have been posting here.
  6. They look superb, I am afraid I was lazy and cheated. After gluing on the PE seatbelts I made a mould from the Kitty Hawk ones and cast mine. I've taken a chance and put the glaxing on around the cockpit , hoping that I@ll be able to reach and paint the seats afterwards. I took a chance on the lower seat cushions not being sheepskin... Cabin seats are chunky ones left over from an Italeri H-34, but as your doing a gunship, I shouldnt think that will be a concern.
  7. No, both are the revell 1/48th (49th) kit. the Antarctic one is an attempt to recreate the airfix 1/72 scale kit, but isn a more suitable scale. a kit I loved ever since I was bought home on my way from Nursery school, so I would have been about four or five years old, and it would have been around 1969! Probably the first model kit I ever tried to build! the other is a Whirlwind HAS7 so has a lot of modifications, but all of them cummulative and minor in their own right. i find that helicopters are often greater (in effect) than the sum of their parts and every litle bit helps...
  8. Throw yourself into it Mike, I am by no means much of a modeller, but I have found that building helicopters in 1/48th to be really satisfying. The more detail you can add, the more you'll feel like you are getting somewhere, Helicopters are nothing if not masses of texture and fine detail. For years I was accumulating Revell H-19's feeling like they were beyond me to make any sort of worthwhile progress, but with the availability of Phot etch for the Grilles, silicone moulding rubbers and urethane resins for copying parts (original and recasts) made me feel that the time was right
  9. Wish I'd seen it, it would have saved a lot of agony, and doubtlless better than What I've been able fashion.
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