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  2. Thanks Roger, glad if this can be of any help BTW @Sting67 I have this pic of the actual 79-0186, that clearly shows the Sidewinder launcher mounted port side, so I think I'm gonna go with that configuration: Too bad the retractable ladder bay door isn't visible enough, I can't really tell the art on it. It looks like a lizard on a dark background (Italeri's decal sheet sports it, but that's no guarantee ... ) Ciao
  3. Robert

    RIAT 2018 Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

    Thanks for taking the time to upload your photos. Robert
  4. Robert

    RIAT 2018 Friday - My first show for 4 years

    Great photos.
  5. Col.


    Seems fair enough to me.
  6. corsaircorp

    1/72 F-84B Conversion of Heller F-84G Kit

    Hello Mr Ed ! F-84B What a good idea ! I'm glad that I'm not alone in brewing such a realisation in my distorted mind !! You did great on your ! Congrats ! For this while I'm turning a F-84G in a F-84E from the Tamiya kit ! I really like your Cold war collection !! Sincerely. CC
  7. Hewy

    Grumman Gb 20 Oct 2018 to 10 Feb 2019.

    I'll join in on this one, I've got a 1/48 a6-e intruder, I'll do that in the loudest hi vi's scheme I can muster, Glynn
  8. Kev The Modeller

    French Line Grenadiers

    Lovely job
  9. rayprit

    Splinter Camo Hawker Hunter

    Hi...…….if you look at the film footage that I posted earlier in the week item #7, you can see them operating!! HHA have I believe taken over the role of Yeoviltons FRADU Hunters where they approach ships in simulated attacks and calibration of electrical equipment. FRADU used to have the Harley light fitted in the nose of their Hunter GA11s, as technology has moved on they longer need those large lights and possibly fitted a more powerful (Strobe possibly)lighting system
  10. This has answered so many of my own questions thanks to your hard work Giorgio and that of the of the contributors so thanks for that. It's looking great, I can't wait to restart work on mine.
  11. Lovely! I think I might treat myself to one of these!
  12. Troy Smith

    Color help

    Hi Randy if you still like enamels, I'd ask where Sovereign paints can be obtained in the US, ah, here https://www.hbhobbies.com/ here's the USN set https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/products/us-navy-wwii-pacific-colourset note, what used to be simple, that GSB was GSB, is not the case, there is a wartime color, Glossy Sea Blue ANA623, and the the late 40's this changed, still being called GSB, but this matches FS 15402 . and If you want to carry on with acylics, I don't know if there are good matches available. IIRC @David Hhas posted up mixes for GSB in acrylics somewhere. HTH?

    RIAT 2018 Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday

    Fantastic images, I was there on the Sat and loved the air and static displays. Can I ask what is your camera setup? Regards, Roger.
  14. Kallisti

    Oh look, a Tempest

    ...and in any case £2bn is small change when designing a next gen fighter aircraft...
  15. Fabulous finish and a very nice subject. AW
  16. Nice. Awesome job on the rigging! 16 this year! wow, I have only managed one complete model this year. AW
  17. Pinback

    Edmonton Airshow 2017

    Great shots there Lomcevak - especially the Snowbirds, Lightning and Corsair
  18. Thanks Simon Hope you had a great time too Cheers Stix, thank you Should hopefully look busy enough ... Hey Massimo ,great to hear from you As above, should hopefully look busy enough That's a very evocative image, Tony Thanks! Cheers Dennis, thanks! Thank you Ramon and gota I positioned the pylons according to the instructions, and took for granted ( ) that the ECM Pod and the Sidewinder launcher were swappable - so I think I'll go for the most common configuration. As for some pylons being missing, you can find pics like this in Internet so I think I'll leave them in even if they are empty - I think it contributes to the busy look Ciao
  19. Excellent surgery on those decals Ed. AW
  20. JBr

    1/72 - MiG-21 Fishbed by Eduard

    PF, PFM and most likely R should be released very late next year, bis is supposed to eventually come too, but without any given time frame of release.
  21. Kev The Modeller

    Bf110E in 1/32 scale (Dragon)

    That's good on quick glance I thought it was real, lovely weathering and finish
  22. wimbledon99


    So I've been thinking about this GB a little and wondering whether it should be 'Motorbikes and Cars' Main reason being it would open it up to so many genres across so many decades. Even those who specialise in AFV could possibly look at armoured or 'Officer' type vehicles. Bikes and Cars rarely seem to make GBs so I thought this might be a chance to capture them all Any thoughts / objections?
  23. Seahawk

    Westland Whirlwind

    Hard to imagine a better reference that the 4+ Publication Westland Whirlwind in their World War II wings series. At the time 4+ were cosy with the Westland archivist and did a number of superb monographs on Westland products (Wyvern, Wessex, Lysander). Fighting it out for the number 2 slot are the Crawford/Listemann Westland Whirlwind Mk I (no 4 in their Allied Wings series) and Vic Bingham's Whirlwind (Airlife, 1987)
  24. This is a really informative article and after studying at the pictures you posted it sparked a memory of that Harry Woodman book - after about an hour of digging around I found my copy of it that I had forgotten about - this is what I like about BM CJP
  25. Giorgio N

    The Su-57 are arriving

    There is however a big problem with this reasoning: during WW2 the production capability of the USSR vastly outnumbered the German's and not stopping production of large numbers of aircrafts made sense to maintain a numerical advantage over the, at least initially, technically superior Luftwaffe. Against China, things are quite different as while today Russia has a technological advance with China stronger in numbers, tomorrow the balance may easily change. It's all good having 500 Flankers against 200 J-20s but the balance may switch from this to 500 Flankers against 500 J-20s.... giving up a technological advantage is a dangerous game if you can't guarantee numerical superiority and Russia can't do this against China and even more against the USA. Skipping one generation is a possibility and this was suggested during the F-35 program too. It is again a risky decision though as means developing technologies and doctrines without the advantage of the expertise gained through the operation of 5th generation fighters. There's then the matter of when this 6th generation fighter would be ready, if it's in 20 years this mean keeping the air force at an inferior technological level for quite many years. Again, I see that the whole idea of Stealth is not well understood... Low RCS is not the holy grail and it's never been seen as such in the West! Low observability is a feature that prevents the enemy to have a complete situational awareness while the friendly aircrafts can with their sensor systems have a superior situational awareness. It doesn't matter if certain radars can pick the F-22 return, the USAF have known that for years. What matters is that the reduction in RCS and IR and radar emissions delay the acquisition by a margin that allows the F-22 to engage the enemy with higher possibilities of destruction. Nobody in the USAF believes that their F-22 and F-35 will fly forever undetected over enemy airspace, what they know is that stealth characteristics will give them advantages in many situations and this is the main point. It's like saying that armour on a tank is unnecessary because can be defeated by many weapons, it's true but still tanks retain armour because gives them an advantage in many situations. And then there's the matter than the so-called 5th generation of fighters is not about stealthiness alone ! The A-10... what's the role of the A-10 in all of this ? Do you realize that it is an aircraft that would never be used in contested airspace ? The whole mission profile of the A-10 means almost certain destruction if employed against modern mechanized forces, actually it would mean destruction even against late '80s mechanized forces... The mission profile of an F-35 during a CAS mission would be completely different to avoid as many threats as possible, it's like comparing apples and oranges. And regarding the uselessness of radars and missiles in a future war, it's something I keep hearing since my days in the army... that was in the early '90s. Yet the development of air combat has shown very different results. Not saying that ECM systems are useless, they are very effective, but they are always countered by ECCM advances and so on. The development of air combat has on the other hand shown the opposite: after an initial love affair with manouverability in the late '60s all air forces have realised that while having good manouver capabilities is important, there would have never been a return to knife-edge fights with guns only. Years of DACT training in NATO have shown that even the most manouverable aircraft can be defeated using the right tactics. Of course manouverability is good to have in any design and most aircrafts in the last 40 years have been built as manouverable as possible but the way these aircrafts conduct a dogfight is not what some people would have expected in the early '70s. As for the so-called super manouverability, this is a concept that is probably already dead. It was initially aimed at providing acquisition capabilty at the most extreme AoA situations but the development of high off boresight systems make this capability redundant. Then there's also a very old problem: supermanouverability involves bleeding a lot of energy, even with the very powerful engines used for example by the latest Flanker variants an aircraft following this concept would find itself in situations with little energy, so being a sitting duck for a certain time, something that no pilot is happy about.
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