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  2. Jasonb13

    Another request for someone who prints decals

    Just to answer my own question, I found a place called Bedlam Creations in the US. Obviously I haven't seen the decals yet, but at least they answered my query and we're happy to only print one sheet! We'll see how it turns out...
  3. Wez

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I'd say that's an ideal entry for the Classic Heller GB in 2020 For myself, I bought something that isn't a Mirage but is a Vampire with and outrageous accent!
  4. You've done much better with all your red lines than Theresa May. I'll show myself out.
  5. Beardie

    Four on the floor

    it's just a shower

    P38 Lightning BMF

    Good evening Shaun Sorry for your daughter I wish her quick recovery .. Cheers Patrice
  7. RichG

    New 1/72nd Airfix Phantom FGR.2

    Completely agree - I don't believe they are wasted either. Unusual to see a manufacturer criticised for including different options; its usually the other way round! The Airfix F-4K/M kits certainly seems to attract people's ire - but each to their own, personally I love 'em . Rich PS I personally hope such complaints don't limit Airfix's ambitions for future kits - how disappointing would, say, a new Airfix Buccaneer S2 (A/B/C/D) in 1/72 be without a wing-fold option, closed air-brakes, no flaps, no bomb-bay...?
  8. Amodel Tu-128 'Red 01' DSC_0069 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0074 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0076 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0078 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0077 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0075 by stuart wellard, on Flickr
  9. That's way more than I could have asked for, many thanks! Here's an overview of logos that I considered so far, superimposed on the single other photo that shows it reasonably well. Left to right: the logo of the organising commitee (taken from a letterhead), the Curtiss-Wright logo (copied from a lapel pin), the Aeroshell logo (a sponsor, but it does not match the shape), and lastly a standard Dutch stamp from that era but it no airmail connection. The interesting thing is that the logo is hardly visible at departure, when it definitely already had it. That should tell us something about the color(s). Rob
  10. Aha! I am vindicated, and withdraw my grudging acceptance of pre-shading! Makes sense - the only planes I have ever seen with anything like heavy pre-shading effects are after long term storage open to the elements. Build coming on very nicely!
  11. A major setback tonight folks, probably as a result of using Alclad Klear Kote (first time for me) and not using my usual Johnson's Klear, to seal the finish. I was applying a very light wash of paines grey oil paint. I have done this before successfully on the F-86H but only difference was I used Klear acrylic seal before the enamel wash. The wing clean off went OK, but the fuselage seemed to react badly with the thinners ............. result is some of the Alclad has been wiped away. The fuselage is looking pretty ruined. Very p****d off about this as you might imagine. Have stopped all work to reflect on whether things are recoverable. Better news on the Sedbergh, as the temporary windshields came off fine and two new ones of correct size and shape are ready ............ tomorrow for that I think. Such can be the ups and downs of our hobby. The end of week visit to the local pub may happen a day early this week! Terry
  12. Amodel Tu-128 'Red 01' DSC_0069 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0070 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0071 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0072 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0073 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0074 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0075 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0076 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0077 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0078 by stuart wellard, on Flickr
  13. Oddly enough I can no longer find the topic where it was leaked. All I know is it wasn’t me haha! I’d love to get into that workshop though and have a poke around said beast (i’d have to fly 12000 miles first) Cheers, WV908
  14. spitfire

    Hasegawa Ki84 Hayate

    Using Xtracolor X141 white I airbrushed the “bandage” markings on the wings and fuselage, taking the measurements from the kit decals, these were left for a couple of days and then masked off. Then using Xtracolor X106 I airbrushed the yellow sections of the airframe, fuselage stripes, the leading edges of the wings, the tail, the propeller blades which have already been painted with Humbrol H78 and masked off and the spinner. Masked off the wings and the fuselage stripes, for the latter I used the curvy Tamiya tape. Removed the masking tape on the prop blades and touched up the green where the yellow had snuck under the tape. Collected all the bits that need to be painted with the underside colour and attached them to either plastic label with blue tack or in the case of the drop tanks with cocktail sticks after drilling a hole in them. Fitted the cooling flaps section and the engine cowl using Blu Tac so I could paint the undersides. Airbrushed the undersides with Xtracolor 016 Hemp, I was going to use Sovereign Colourcoats Hemp but I had an opened tin of Xtracolor Hemp. I then made up a lightened version of the Hemp using a 50:50 mix of Hemp and white diluted with Xtracolor thinner at 50 paint 50 thinner and used in in patches to break up the solid underside colour. Then I airbrushed the anti glare panel using Sovereign Colourcoats ACJ08 and added some more yellow to the wings for some walkway markings that I had missed, I will leave it now for a couple of days before masking it and applying the top coat. And there we are bang up to date Cheers Dennis
  15. Martian Hale

    Career ending maneouvre?

    What's the Norwegian for keel hauling? Martian
  16. Heller 1/72 Mirage IVA No48 / BU Coupe Fantasia, Solenzara 1964 DSC_0062 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0067 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0066 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0065 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0063 by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0068 by stuart wellard, on Flickr
  17. Let me have a look at the weekend.
  18. modelman182

    Hawker Typhoon Mk.1b Car Door Hasegawa 1/48

    Looking very nice indeed. Seems there are many of us with one of these lovely kits (myself included, thanks to fellow BM'er Colin). I shall follow along and learn more about this graceful beast. I picked up the CMK Engine resin at SMW once I'd got the kit from Colin and have since decided to add the CMK cockpit, the Eduard PE upgrade and TechMod's decals for Roland Beamont's mount. Also gonna add ICM's RAF Personnel to make it all into an engine maintenance diorama for a workmate. Kev
  19. Good evening Mark It seems a very interesting project .. Cheers Patrice
  20. stever219

    Avro Shackleton AEW.2

    Looking good Michelle. I’d never noticed that the AEW. 2s wore underwing rounders ‘til I saw your image of the underside of yours. A quick google found me an image of WR960 showing them quite clearly: I’ve got the kit and I’ve even looked at the instructions but didn’t spot them. Shows how much notice I take of stuff..........
  21. Pete in Lincs

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On Tuesday I was up in the Leeds area. On a road somewhere West of Leeds I saw an old Atkinson artic. Similar to this one but still working with a trailer on the back. https://www.trucksplanet.com/photo/atkinson/borderer_venturer_searcher_defender_mk2/borderer_venturer_searcher_defender_mk2_17976.jpg I thought @richellis might like it.
  22. Hi all had a bit of a catastrophe. But I've managed to fix it
  23. I suspect the wing at the front right of the photo is actually an outer wing panel from a B-10/WH-139. It has 3 black numerals on the leading edge which match this image of the type in Dutch East Indies service:
  24. Bullbasket

    El Alamein Sherman.

    Thanks very much. John.
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