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  2. Well I have confidence in us making the cut. Ordered the Tamiya 1/35 kit yesterday. Should have it by the end of the week, all in anticipation. I'll be finishing mine in green and mud.
  3. I had intended the comparison to be a bit more of a side-by-side build. However, despite having actually spent more time on metal Maggie, I have still not finished sorting out the wing joins. Ironic that she should suffer from too much mating surface when we have just been dealing with the opposite. Hopefully once the cleaning up is done she will catch up. Matt
  4. no deep-fried battered pizza
  5. Very nice work as always Ray. The disruptive camo has turned out very well and as usual a good explanation as to how you achieved the results.
  6. Excellent built, painted and weathered.
  7. Clearfix is a neoprene based glue Use Evostick Contact Adhesive thinners to thin it I've revived 3 bottles using that
  8. when the Chippy's shut
  9. Excellent job - the cockpit is particularly fine as is the paint job Rob
  10. The Gnat was a lovely little Aircraft and so is your model. The panel lines look good to me too. Keep them coming.
  11. Another Corker! I like the simple dio bases that show the tank off to it's best Rob
  12. Thanks Arthur, looking forward to putting those decals in place. Ray
  13. I think that you're being a bit too hard on yourself. As others have said, the weathering looks fine. The only thing that I would add would be to spay some matt varnish over that sloping side, as seen in the first and sixth photos. Otherwise, nice job. John.
  14. Nice idea, Neddy. If it were me, I'd junk that engine bay and reproduce an empty one from plastic card. Also I'd cut out the 'sump' area from that chassis. You may need better wheels and tyres too. I think someone on here did a similar hotrod build a few years ago. Could be worth a search?
  15. Very, very nice plywood - and all the rest too! V-P
  16. OK, a few days have gone by and my mood has changed for the better. Cycling and birding will do that 😀. Time to get this build moving again. I opened up the ‘L’ shaped gap in the rudder after looking at some pictures. As before, I added a piece of wire to simulate the rudder axle. I also cemented the rear fuselage with TET. I will work my way forward, adjusting for warpage and misalignment. This tail end will need a fair bit of sanding to align both halves. IMG_4013 by Wlad Franco-Valias, on Flickr Overall view of the fuselage. It’s cemented up to the rear cockpit edge. Warpage and misalignment is evident here. IMG_4014 by Wlad Franco-Valias, on Flickr State of play at end of today’s (Sep 24) session. The kit’s spinner is primed and looks better than the Vector one, so Plan B is the way forward. I also primed the main landing gear legs and the tailwheel assembly. IMG_4017 by Wlad Franco-Valias, on Flickr We're now caught up with the build. More posts will follow as the build progresses. Cheers, Wlad
  17. Hi, Does anyone know what the aircraft tie down points looked like on HMS Ark Royal (4)? The US Navy has a bowl with 4 hooks projecting over it while in WW11 they used long strips of ties downs. What did we use on the flight deck or in the hangar? Thanks
  18. I second to the Tiger Models Nagmachon, too. I really like the Meng IDF Doobie Caterpillar. I enjoyed that kit.
  19. The colours are really perfect I think, the contrast nicely and the subtle post shading looks great.
  20. Thanks a lot. Yes, I'm glad that I stuck with it. The turning point was definitely those OKB tracks. I need to order some more as I think that they are going to pull out of 1/48th scale. John.
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