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  2. As others have said, this is spectacularly impressive! One of the best ship models I've seen in this scale. Terry
  3. Punching little old ladies ( well... they just won't get out of the way while I'm shopping ... )
  4. Welcolme Denis! I live in south west uk, in Dorset, very close to the sea, and within earshot of the Bovington Tank ranges! I belong to several local clubs, including the Tank Museum modellers, but I tend to build mostly aircraft so far, from the Cold War era, inc the Vietnam era. I'm also like maritime subjects from those eras, and have a very keen interest on Soviet era warships, like Kotlin, Kryupny, Kannin and Kashin class. My latest project is a series of training gliders from the post WWII era. Looking forward to seeing some of your work perhaps? Terry
  5. Thanks Pat. I'm going to tread lightly with toning it down, which is what I probably should have done when I created it James
  6. Nice one Jean, wasn`t expecting that, love the scheme and great build and photo`s
  7. How do you know if you're in an elephant's house? His bike is in the hall
  8. How Do you know if you're in an elephant's fridge? Footprints in the butter
  9. Thank you every little snippet of information will help me when going for the build so keep it coming Tommy
  10. I was able to open up the gear bay so you could see the detail on the bottom of the cockpit tub, as per the real thing. That should have been a simple move for revell. I believe academy got this right.
  11. Hello folks! As I did write in my last post on the Bf 109 G-10 WNW, I am starting an update of my collection of the late 109s , from G6 AS to the K when it will be available. The Eduard's kit has some small problems, undercarriage was made shorter, but the worth is with the junction of the front cockpit and the base on the fuselage which are not of the same length. Sanding is quite tricky here and despite my efforts, it still shows. After the slaughter of the German Air Force on the Normandy front, JG 1 was send to Wunstorf by mid June to start to be re equiped with the new Bf 109 G6 AS. Originaly intended to be an hight altitude fighter, planes were painted in a RLM 76 scheme. Then, when in operation, a standard camouflage was applied, and even a striking stripes one was seen on JG 1 G6AS. My model depicts a brand new plane from the III/JG1 of which a picture can be found page 271 of E. Mombeeck book "Defending the Reich". All markings were made with masks. I will add some more photos latter on. Best regards A648052D-6C10-492A-99AC-5E33510FBF5A_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 6D3A64EA-0C6B-45C4-ACB2-F9A737BFAE49_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 03730F39-94E9-4910-8A89-53A108C9C0BC_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr EFAD68EB-63C8-49D0-AF58-75E3426C1404_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr 31B67287-C5DA-4CCB-926A-F5351B7808A0_1_201_a by jean Barby, sur Flickr
  12. I also had the same problem. How revell could let this get by is inexcusable. The canopy was way too narrow, there was no way I could fair it in. It just doesn’t look good.
  13. I've managed to get a little done before I have to go out for domestic stuff. Well, if I want to eat at work tomorrow I will need to. Flory Grey wash on the MSG and Dark Dirt on the PRU Blue and control surfaces. Followed by some oil work for a bit more variation and some oil staining. When I get back I should be able to get all the undercarriage bit on and get a satin coat sprayed. Thanks for looking, Cheers, Alistair
  14. Very late reply, but only stumbled upon this while looking for it in the AZ 109G-10 rumourmonger thread. Scalemates listed this as a rebox from KP's S-199 kit. However this is a rebox of the AZ kit. The manual on Scalemates had the sprue layout which is similar to AZ's so I updated that site and thought I'd mention it here too Greetings!
  15. Sorry to hear that you have come down with covid mate but it looks like you're putting your time off to good use as the Gripen is looking very nice.
  16. Hi Thank you very much. My father had to work with some mouthes. In some cases he used 2 decals sheet to get it done correctly. Unfortunately my friend has done a short run for us and he do not sell them but please send my an email. There are a couple of more P40 finished. P40 M-5 or M-10 NZ30 (not known) No. 4 (F) OTU Ardmore June 1944 P40 M-5 or M-10 NZ30 (not known) No. 4 (F) OTU Ardmore June 1944 RNZAF P40 N-20 P40 N NZ3267 45 Ardmore 1945 RNZAF P40 M NZ3118 14 Kukum Field, Gudalacanal 1-jul-43 Cheers Santiago
  17. The nearest one on the left has a cab roof star as usual. Unfortunately you can't see if the others have cab roof stars as well as those on the tilt. Perhaps the large tilt stars were intended to be temporary. It rapidly became clear that the Luftwaffe was not a threat. It is said that German soldiers coined the saying that "if you see a dark plane it is British, if you see a shiny plane it is American, if you see no plane it is the Luftwaffe".
  18. It's 1970s stealth tech. By the end of the 1990s, the progress made in the field was quite different. Add to that the small amount of by now aging airframes, less 'need' for their niche capabilities in non-contested airspace and enthusiastic cost-cutting.... Old scans from the archive - Gilze-Rijen AB in early 1990s.
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