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  2. Lovely model. Well done! It is so nice to see Airfix making such great kits.
  3. Great job. I had thought it impossible for the Mirage to lose her looks. I have never seen this variant. Thanks for making me aware.
  4. Well done on saving your build after gravity's evil grasp sought to rob you of it. Lovely choice of subject and build. Well done!
  5. Great choice of aircraft. Thanks for the back story. Well done!
  6. So, have you Googled '10 Squadron Halifax III'? I just did and found 3 images straight away...
  7. I've just tried that and it says I'm from Sunderland................. Not according to my map. Sunderland is in the deep south, mind you, I did support the football team when I was at school. It was the red and white stripes that I liked the best as all my pals wore black and white stripes for some reason. When I changed school at the age of 11, I discovered that the round ball was forbidden and the oval ball was the favoured form of sport. I never looked back from that point. As far as language is concerned, I have to admit that the world would be a much better place if everyone "lorned ti taak propa Ingland like ah yoosta did wen ah woz a children" .
  8. After cleaning up the seams on the rotor blades and hubs the first bit of detailing I did was to drill out the lightening holes on the hubs, 0.6, 0.7 and 0.8mm holes fitted the bill. Three times three blades times two rotors equaled 18 holes in total: With that done I assembled both rotors: And unlike the instructions they do actually intend to turn in different directions. In case anyone has any issues with my file work in creating the slots on the front pylons, the real slots can be pretty wobbly in real life, check this out: Bye for now, Nigel
  9. Hello SouthViper... from Chicago USA. Aircraft and some armor here. Dennis
  10. And for the British general public, still the Concorde
  11. Jordi

    Mosquito markings

    That is an airplane that was in service 75 years ago. Do you really think there is someone out here who was there and saw it for themselves? If you don’t have a color photograph or an eyewitness who was there that proves what color it was, there is literally no way to know something in 2019 that happened in 1944. What you’re asking is completely unrealistic.
  12. Italeri completely missed the ‘chine’ that all C-130s have at the level of the cabin floor, making it a flattened circular shape in cross section. The sharp edge casts a hard shadow. Not easy to fix unfortunately. We certainly need a new family of C-130 kits to replace the nearly 40 year old Italeri ones!
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi, The forum was closed by the owner Peter Evans and left in "archive" mode. I was a member and can still logon and review old topics. https://www.luftwaffe-experten.org/forums/index.php?/forum/250-important-announcements/ I believe some of the members moved to a new forum group - Luftwaffe Research Group which has a link provided on the LEMB home page (not requiring login). I've never joined this group so can't give anymore information about it. Cheers Michael
  15. Hello everyone... Im starting this WIP to fill another promise. About 6 weeks ago i received an email from a member. He was curious if I had ever been able to find a Monogram 1/72 F-8F Bearcat? I hadn't so he offered one of his kits. About a week later i received two items in the mail. The first a small package containing a baggie of plastic bits, instructions, and an old decal sheet. The second was an envelope with several photocopied Grumman plans and copies of the line drawings of the bearcat in 1/72. I know the vertical tail is short by a little bit. So this is why the drawings were sent with the kit. Also there were photo copies of the airwaves detail set for the kit. It will allow me to scratch build a better cockpit. You will note that I've already laid the fuselage to the drawing. You can see were i will need to extend the vertical tail/rudder. Copies of the Airwaves set. Emailing back and forth and many internet searches later I've decided my build will be of a F8F-2P in these markings. I know the universal rule never trust a profile without a photo. Well I found a Russian website that actually had a photo of this plane. this aircraft still exists in the U.K. and does fly from what i understand. I also posted a query in the cold war aviation section, asking for any information on the -2P ? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235053866-f8f-2p-bearcat/ Now due to Life getting in the way and some illness slowing me down for a couple of weeks i was finally able to start on the plastic today. After an hour or so i had a reasonable better cockpit. I forgot to take a photo of the office outside of the fuselage. I will remedy that and post them soon. I also had to drill the skin of the plane in 3 places to simulate the camera doors. I did add the prominent ducting in the wheel bay its not perfect but its enough to simulate them. Here are some photo's of the real camera windows. A close up of the camera window. If you look closely its sunken in. So i will backfill the openings i have with plastic sheet. Once that is done i can do the 3 oil deflectors around the openings. The schematic for the photo. In closing i will say thank you to @72modeler for both the kit, and all the help researching it. Questions, comments, jokes, or stories are always welcome ? Dennis
  16. Don’t regret making it a static model. This way it will sit in it’s pride of place in the RSA for who knows how long, admired by who knows how many. Making it float puts all that at risk.
  17. And for Japan the Zero
  18. Thanx for that news update Tommo. Very informative. Wow, things are moving space this year. Before you know it they'll be a 1:72 146 on the market.....thinks.....hmmm..
  19. Pegasus Hobbies Fw 190A-3. I had bought this kit with all the pieces out of their sprues (but with all the pieces being present) and without the original decals (it came with two sets of badly stored ones). I used Eaglecals decals for the Fw 190A-2/A-3 in 1:48 to represent a plane used by Schlg 1 in the Eastern Front. You can look this plane up on Google as "Fw 190A-3 jagdbomber a." I used a Hasegawa 190 bomb rack, and a Bf 109 bomb.
  20. I must have a half dozen different scribers, and each has its own idea of what a straight line is.
  21. https://www-bbc-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-lincolnshire-48326572?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s Not sure where to put the link but I have just read about a model railway exhibition that has been completely destroyed by somebody/persons. I'm sure that it will chime with all of us who attend displays or model shows. I believe a whole load of money has been raised from all over and whilst the lost of years of work will be upsetting at least the club can take solist in the heart felt support from others
  22. Always check the electrical/plumbing supply sections of your local building/automotive supply stores. I had the benefit of working in an oilsand extraction plant for 35 years and always having access to the electrical/instrumentation shop. Lots of good small stuff in there. It also helps when the various tradesmen would carelessly leave things lying around and not return them to the shop. As a plant operator, it was my job to look after my assigned area and keep an eye on all work being done. I've also taken old electronics ( VCR, Walkmans, etc ) apart and harvested anything that looked of possible use. My youngest daughter works as a cosmetician in the boutique section of a local national chain drugstore. I can get a lot of useful items there at her employee discount price. Always look at everything as a possible source of supply. Chris
  23. You had me at the cockpit: I just want to go for an intercontinental ride on one of these things now.
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