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  2. Okay, here are the first pics of the build. Started with the chassis, already 7 parts on it but forgot to take pics of the first steps. The small parts make up the rear wheels' suspension. There are minor mistakes in the instructions. Part B 63 is wrong, it should be part B 45, B 63 goes somewhere else. Next thing I discovered while figuring out how the small parts should go together: No big problem at all - the rear suspension is done. Thanks for looking! Any comments are welcome. Have a nice day Nick
  3. Thanks Martin, maybe later, need to find out the sizes of the vortex generator vanes first. I'm hoping that Sabrejet will get back to me on the subject. Stuart
  4. As stated I had previously started this one a while ago, so here is how it stands with the start day drawing ever closer, mainly just assmebled both wings. Looking forward to finally getting this one off the ground, things left to purchase; New set of decals Stand Maybe a prop blur set
  5. So you may remember that the subject of this build DS664 A4-K, was in its way back from Berlin when it was attacked by a Ju 88. Cannon shells shattered the rear turret, driving perspex into the right leg of the rear gunner. He returned fire as a blast of flames scorched his hands and melted his oxygen mask to his face. The Skipper gave the order to bale out. The rear gunner momentarily opened his turret doors, but the heat was intense and he glimpsed his burning parachute. Confronted with two options, jump or being roasted alive, he turned his turret on the beam and rolled out backwards. A little more progress and I’ve got a coat of Klear on ahead of the decals. I’ll let that set hard over the weekend before starting the decalling
  6. Hello my friends. I ordered the Big Ed detailing set for 1/32 Tamiya F-14 Tomcat But I ordered the aircraft kit from Trumpeter manufacturer instead Tamiya. My question is would they fit together or am I asked to do some cuttings etc. for your information the shipment is still on its way ... didn't arrive yet. Thanks for your help.
  7. Magic have videos on YT and their own site - no Spit specifically, but Lancs used Merlins as well. (I'm trying to find out if a set of older laptop speakers might work better)
  8. Hi Jeff I think it's Briliant! It is designed for the airfix kit, so if you want to use a different make like the Tamiya be prepared for some plastic surgery. It is easy to install otherwise and it does what it says. The sound is great and the authentic prop movement just finishes it off nicley. Well worth the investment! Thanks.. yes will post one when I have plugged it in for sure..
  9. They were intended for use on escort carriers and the main problem seems to have been that they could not take off in a short distance with a useful load. They were apparently colloquially known as Cheesecakes in the FAA. The standard French interior would have been blue in that case.
  10. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Kight Templar is back! That was a terrible thing to do Steve!
  11. Thanks guys, much appreciated! I have Airfix's old mould 1/48 Hurricane on the go at the moment but you're seriously on the way to convincing me to make the Fury my next "to do" afterwards
  12. Paul J

    My Modelling days.....

    Went to see a neurologist today... after a series of tests and questions etc the diagnosis was I have Parkinsons.... to be confirmed when I have a nuclear data scan in 3 week s time.( the process explained to me is scary enough...( reminds me of the Simpsons programme where Homer glows from his work at a Nuke plant... ) Been given some pills to take to see if they slow down the shakes....So it does look like the modelling could be affected as I use left hand to hold builds while right hand does all the cutting and painting etc...might even have to retire from work sooner than planned.... What more can say...trying to rise above it but at least I am still sane and the disease is not a killer and it could have been worse news......
  13. Canopy framed, and undercarriage gear prepared.
  14. Looking good. I know you put a lot of effort into those seats (and I can't deny that they look excellent), however it's that hood cover which stand out to me as being superb. Well done with the whole thing, especially given all the challenges it presented to you.
  15. Great work and I was particularly pleased to see one of Fiske's Hurricanes as I have been researching him for nearly 2 decades now, and modelled his most flown and normal mount UF-E P3383 awhile back (the build is on Modelingmadness if you want to have a look). UF-H P3358 was obviously the aircraft he was mortally wounded in. Just one small correction, Billy passed away the next day (the 17th August) and not 48 hours later. Always wonderful to see Billy remembered with a great looking model.
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