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  2. Hamden

    Tamiya Panzer IV Ausf D

    This weeks update work continues on the fighting compartment installing some of the ammo bins and the turret floor. I'll let the photo's do the talking........... Thanks for looking and I hope you all had a great bank holiday! Roger
  3. RHWinter

    Captured Fokker D7

    Very interesting! I like the „twist“ of captured aircraft! Try googling the number on the aircraft's fuselage. And Maybe you should post your question here: http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/index.php Good luck and keep us updated, please!
  4. Beardie

    FOURtitude - Now a Major Film

    batman had hung himself (upside down of course)
  5. Robert

    2 seat Harrier airbrake question

    l miss the days when you could go to an airshow and see the planes first hand. I will leave it till the end hoping for some more evidence although the picture posted by John shows the larger version so l may go with that. Robert
  6. Tony Oliver

    Tamiya blows everything up! 1/48 F-14 Tomcat in 2016!

    As you think it would give tamiya the jolt to make one too because there is a market for it? Or they won’t bother competing for said market with finemolds?
  7. Very tempted to join in with this but for vintage Airfix it would have to be one of the many 1/600 scale ships in the stash and there's no way that I can complete one of those in 3.5 months especially noting that I'm just finishing off the Carriers GB with a Trumpeter Seahawk so realistically won't even be starting this for a month. Last one I finished was the conversion of BELFAST to GLASGOW and that took just over a year. I'll have a rummage through what I've got and see what I can come up with.
  8. longshanks

    1/350 HMS Imperial D09

    Nice work ,looking crisp Like the wake Kev
  9. The Chuckwagon was also a fun build.
  10. Julien

    Milton Keynes goes XXL for 2019

    Well from my club Ipswich we would support the new venue and you can book us in. I must be honest and say after this years show it is doubtful we would have made the trip to the same venue next year. Some better communication with people would also go a long way as even though we had space this year, we originally did not and it was not communicated to us that it had changed, we only read it online Julien
  11. I'm in with two Boeing 707 kits but not yet sure about liveries. There is the choice of the kit BOAC, 26Decals BEA or British Airways Airtours and Classic Airliners BEA Airtours (the latter having decals for the tail so no need to source a paint to match the cheat line) Regards Mike
  12. krow113


    Chris , Francis , Richard - Thank you. Some accy 's get attention. I drybrushed the guns and a few other details: Waiting for oil wash' to dry. A few more paint and weathering treatments and then the fun of the final positioning and embedding in the base.
  13. junglierating

    2 seat Harrier airbrake question

    I always thought they weren't anything special..since I believe they were T4s originally ..no empirical evidence tho .
  14. Des

    A strange 1/72 TSR.2 Request

    I wasn't aware of that Zac but now that you mention it I can see how that would be the case. Gnat came with two canopies , single-piece closed and two-piece open options , so there should be plenty of spares out there Oliver , will see if I can find mine and get back to you , know exactly what spares are in the same box with it but just cannot lay my hands on the box at present.
  15. Chewbacca

    1/48 Fleet Air Arm Figure

    Thanks everyone for your responses, there does appear to be more out there than I thought though still limited when compared to the plethora of German and US figures. I must confess that although I know that the Royal Marines have flown helicopters with the Royal Navy since the Malayan conflict and Sea Harriers during the 90s and early part of this century, and I knew that some RMLI formed the nucleus of the Royal Naval Air service, I hadn't appreciated that they also flew with distinction with the FAA during WW2 until I read your post and did some investigating.
  16. WildeSau75

    1/72 DH.100 Mk.6 Swiss Airforce

    Danke Roman. Indeed there are some rough areas - and I just showed its better side I top have a soft spot for the Vampire and its younger brother, the Venom. Thanks for the hint with the glossy primer - will give it a try when building the next one - the 1/72 Airfix DH-115 as Mk55 in Swiss Air force markings. Cheers, Michael
  17. I built the Conestoga Wagon mostly because I liked the lines of the sides. It almost looks like a boat. Before the advent of trains, this was the main way to haul around goods in North America. There is no seat for the driver as he rode one of the horses.
  18. Azgaron

    1/48 Kinetic UAE F-16F Block 60

    Looks nice! Håkan
  19. very true...finemolds had a newer release of theF14 at the Japanese show so you never know
  20. Lovely Job Steve I was given a link to this site for my Breda 88 http://www.flyinglions.eu/colori-regia-aeronautica.html Look forward to seeing the next instalment cheers Pat
  21. Nice work with the decals! She looked pretty hot! Sang well too! Håkan
  22. noelh

    Duxford aircraft "crash landing"

    Very interesting. Should be compulsory viewing for any pilot. The partial engine failure is probably the most dangerous scenario. I think that's probably what killed two friends of mine. If it had quit cold it's full emergency mode. But partial failure gives the impression you might get back. They spun in from low altitude. Watching the video I felt the same stomach clenching feeling I felt on some of my luckily few emergencies. Fascinating stuff.
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