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  2. Badder


    Right..... back on the job. I mentioned right at the beginning of this thread that I was expecting issues to pop up with certain parts of this model - having built it previously, I remembered SOME of them. One issue was the shelving for the ammo cabinets, which were carefully designed to make the neat stacking of shells very difficult. The PE replacements were even worse. So, I was not surprised when I ran into the same issue again. Basically, I'm going to have to make some little shims to fit in between the shells and help to line everything up ---- as well as providing something the shells can actually glue to! But that's a job that doesn't need doing just yet. I've decided to add snow/frost/ice to the hull, and, more importantly, the tracks. Here's a pic of a Hummel, with winterketten, showing the kind of snow impaction that I wish to emulate. https://i.imgur.com/1PmAcJs.jpg
  3. Very nice. I will have to keep a lookout for that kit.
  4. whiskey

    F-16XL Aerial Refueling

    Even more fascinating details. Little tidbits of aviation history from the crews that were there are the best stories ever. You're pictures say so much but I'm sure I wouldn't be alone in asking for more stories to read about. Thanks again Sven.

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    So they are. And if you squint, the non-Hurricane aircraft behind the SM79 could even be Fulmars
  6. Michael Scarborough


    Oh, my, oh, my, OH, MY! This is going to be DRAMATIC!!!! (Do they give Oscars for models??)

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    Union des Comores obviously not Brit-o-philes, either; 2 Japanese, a US, a German, a Russian & an Italian... but nothing Brit. [Unless it’s an RAF C130. Perhaps that’s it]
  8. The decals are extremely thin (which is good), but need super careful handling and plenty of water, and be moved around only with a brush. I folded one and broke a little piece off as I was trying to unfold it, and finally managed with patience to fix it. The glue leaves a very noticeable residue once it dries, so again very carefully with a wet cotton bud you will need to clean after all is pretty set (next day perhaps better). Their color is nice, but the small British flash that goes on the fin is completely out of register in my sheet, even with the multiple spares provided. A let down on an otherwise nice sheet. I put it on, but will replace it when I get good ones. The carrier is very generous and will benefit from trimming if you feel confident; I cut the letters individually to reduce it even more:
  9. Courageous

    Typhoon Class SSBN- waterline

    A bit more done. Before the sail was fitted, the sail top was re-scribed for the lowered masts. The sail was glued on, a little PPP was applied around the base and a blast of primer appled. Rudder fitted and primer applied. Halford's Satin black from a rattle can applied, nearly time for some stickers...what few their are. A little left field is this little critter. I thought that when the Typhoon gets onto its seabase, it might need some company, so I decided to add a boat. So here is a Shapeways offering, a 40 footer that used to belong to the USN. It was cleaned as carefully as I could and was expecting to have hassle with the primer but I shouldn't have worried. Stuart
  10. bentwaters81tfw

    The FOUR wise men

    for next door's cat
  11. Admiral Puff

    The FOUR wise men

    to keep the leftovers
  12. bar side

    Building a HAS

    New bits for the Jag arrived today The new new seat looks nice, although shows that the kit seat isn’t a bad effort, especially if you put a pilot in
  13. Gav G

    Tamiya M40

    Damn, another modelling forum to waste my time on
  14. colin

    Anyone seen the new Tamiya "LP" paints in the UK?

    Quite a few UK places are showing them, but when you try to order they show up as out of stock at the moment
  15. Plasto

    Airfix for 2019

    I wonder if the kits will feature the PE Academy supply. My ‘Kursk Tiger’ kit has an Academy branded PE fret. Airfix are slated to release the same kit...So I wonder if it will have the branded PE??? Most folk don’t get beyond the Aircraft stuff....
  16. stevehnz

    Grumman Wildcat / Martlet (Old Tools)

    Don't get too keen on this, the wheel bay was open side to side when the wheels were lowered. I'll be keen to see these come together, remember the the Airfix kit loosely represents a Wildcat FM2 or Mk VI (?), well after Coral Sea. Steve.
  17. Rabbit Leader

    Airfix for 2019

    Thanks lads. I’ll have to check it out. I know a ‘Workbench’ blog came out last week after the 2019 announcement but must have missed all the armour stuff, or have possibly missed the blog that came out after that? Cheers.. Dave
  18. Sorry, the existing Yak-9 Early kit does include a second injection-molded fuselage as well as the parts Learstang mentioned. In other words, what you get is a complete Yak-7 kit, plus the low-spine Yak-9 fuselage and other parts to make the conversion, in a Yak-9 box. To your point about cost, assuming the new release is what we think it is, it might be more cost-effective just to chase down the 2013 Yak-9 Early Series kit. The link I posted in post #2 above shows several views of this second fuselage if you scroll down far enough, as well as all the other parts. John
  19. KRK4m

    Dora Wings catalog 2019 - programme

    Yes, I know. I have even suggested the Martinet earlier in post #10 of 27th August in that thread too... Cheers Michael
  20. Bewdy Newk! It's long past time for us to have a decent Lizzy in 1:72!
  21. Max Headroom

    The FOUR wise men

    the back door ajar
  22. azureglo

    Classic Airfix Concorde for 2019

    Is it my fuzzy memory but I distantly remember a younger me in the early 70's making one and it came with a strange punch tool on the sprues for knocking the windows out of the decal sheet? Man I'd like to give that go again...
  23. Sorry about that Chris It's all that standing up we have to do at shows, it makes the blood rush to my feet which means of course that my brain pretty much runs on empty I stand ready to be corrected (as I'm sure it was clear from talking to me that I don't actually know anything about ships except that the pointy end is generally at the front), but I think the lower line above the boot topping is a degaussing cable to counter magnetic mines, and the upper two lines are just hull plating. Well, it will do in the event that you don't get a better answer... Hope you have a good build mate, it was good to talk to you at the show by the way Cheers, Stew
  24. Or stop watching Monty Python reruns ... But yes, it is good news, especially if they're up to the standard of the Eduard Spitfires!
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