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  2. tempestfan

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    I have several but not built one - it's Airfix's final 1/600 kit, first issued in 1982 or 3. As it's a Series 6 kit, it would have been something like 20 Deutschmarks - now convert that yourself
  3. Tony Oliver

    VF-1 Tomcats - Various

    True me neither. However depending on how a little venture @Andrew and myself have planned, these splinter vf1 jets could be a possibility one day... Regards all the other sheets you mentioned they are now long oop and rare. Seen half a 1/72 twobobs nsawc sheet go for over $50 on us ebay the other day, only had the splinter white nosed black 20 on it, the red 31 tomcatsky had been used... making some more would be a licence to print money...
  4. Cracking build Dave,nicely weathered.
  5. What a stunning beast!
  6. stevej60

    Handley Page O/400

    Excellent work Ratch,a kit that has defeated me twice!
  7. stevej60

    Sikorsky HO3S-1 1/48 AMP

    Beautiful build and finish!
  8. Alpha Delta 210

    1973 Alpine A110 1600SC

    Stunning model of a beautiful car.
  9. Hamden

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    C-119 really coming together now, shame a lot of that interior won't be seen again! Roger
  10. You'll be lucky Er message to Christer and Crisp I am not happy with the present moulds and will be trying ...something else Refinement beckons Laters guys
  11. Das Abteilung

    WW 1 B type bus kit

    Yes, they could milk the RR AC a bit further. Not WW1 or inter-war, but the Fordson conversion would sell like hot cakes I'm sure. RAF AC Company wagons festooned with assorted weaponry. But there's sooooo much more WW1 stuff yet to be done, softskin and armoured. Autocars, Seabrooks, Austins, trucks and cars galore, ambulances, pigeon lofts .............
  12. Courageous

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Use the 'force' Steve...
  13. Julien

    Photobucket images are back

    Seems the old CEO who implemented the $399 charge is now an Ex CEO https://www.bizjournals.com/denver/news/2018/05/17/photobucket-drops-pricing-that-angered-millions.html TBH I wont be going back.
  14. perdu

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Ahhhhhhhhhh........... Now we're getting started
  15. Das Abteilung

    RAF Mechanical Transport Fleet

    Someone above mentioned the Ace Austin Forlite. Ace also do a Humber Heavy Utility, an Austin Tilly, and an open tourer (Austin?). Their Gaz pickup and saloon might be convert-able to a Ford or similar: IIRC they were originally licence-built (US) Fords. There's a big US staff car (Ford again?) that could be used as a visiting USAAC vehicle. Likewise, Citroen 11CVs were seen in this country as civvy cars. Their Opels and Fiat look interesting, but I don't know if they could be converted to anything likely to be seen in UK. The chassis and bodies of their Renault trucks might be useable for conversions, but they do have the continental-style "spider" wheels. Don't forget the IBG Bedford QLs and CMPs, the latter becoming increasingly common later in the war. They do the Army Fire Service QL tender, but I don't think RAF used that. I don't think their little Fiats are much use, but might be convert-able to something else. PST do a couple of Studebakers and US Fords that might work as Lend-Lease, including a couple of artics. The Fords might be convert-able to something more UK-specific: I think they're a Model 6 and a GT8. But again, chassis and bodies might be useful. Try these guys in Kiev for the Eastern European stuff mentioned above. I've used them many times and found them very reliable. https://www.hobby.dn.ua/ Check prices in local currency (UAH) as they're usually cheaper than Euros by perhaps 10%. But you can't pay by PayPal in that currency. Your card provider will charge you £3 or so currency fee. And you may have to pay VAT on import. I've been lucky so far that nothing from here has been picked up for VAT. I'm about to spent almost £400 with them, so I hope HMRC don't take an interest! But even allowing for import VAT, the things I want are still far cheaper than buying in the UK or elsewhere in Europe - even Poland.
  16. In the end it´s a mistake that´s rather difficult to spot if you´re not that into Luftwaffe. If the kit instructions had you putting the wings on opposite sides and up side down, that´d be totally different matter. Should they tell me to do likewise on my near future B-17, B-25 or A-20 builds, it would be ME to do just the same thing per the instructions
  17. Black Knight

    Eurofighter / typhoon model kit.

    yes it does need weight. about 7 to 9 grams should be enuf
  18. matteo44

    1/48 MiG-21 Bis -JRV

    Well done... nice work
  19. Darby

    What have you purchased / been given

    No, definitely a lettuce.
  20. EwenS

    Tornado F3 Aerial Fit

    Hi Matt I've just finished reading the Warpaint book on the Tornado ADV and hadn't realised just how many modifications were made to some or all of these aircraft during the course of their service. Reference is made to "fleets within fleets" in terms of the modifications applied to individual airframes. The twin blades on the spine that you refer to were for UHF communications. These were replaced by a flat disc for a GPS set. As for the timing of this no date is given but from the photos I think your timing is about right. Photos of those involved in Operation Telic from 43 & 111 sqns over Iraq in 2003 had been GPS equipped and all after that date seem to be the same. Photos from the mid 1990s show the UHF aerials. 56(R) aircraft still had the UHF aerials in 1999/2000. Probably not much of an advance on your dates though.
  21. Totally agree VP,not a single photo shows the kit style of code even the sand/blue scheme has it the correct way round,can't fault the kit it's a beauty in every way but a shame if other's make the same mistake as me.
  22. Very nice work on an unusual scheme. Looks like good research team too!
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