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  1. Oh I'm definitely in the appreciation society for this movie! The new paint job on that is totally awesome! Now it's a true work of art.
  2. Brilliant stuff! For one thing, it doesn't look like a kit-bash at all. Looks like it always went together this way - or will do in 2056!
  3. Very nicely done! The mesh looks very realistic and adds to the menacing look!
  4. Looks fantastic! Just the right amount of weathering and shading! Could easily be a prop for the TV production!
  5. Incredible model! A most impressive looking behemoth of the Cold War (IMHO).
  6. Absolutely stunning! At first I thought they were pics of a real warbird! I tried to check the scale but couldn't find it mentioned. 1:48 perhaps?
  7. Superb work. I actually like the color - it really is eye-catching. Are the wheels and tyres from the kit? They really add to the supercool look of the car!
  8. Astonishingly good work! Your skill at making plastic look like wood, stitching, linen and dope is phenomenal! What's more, it's old-school plastic too! Amazing!
  9. An affliction I have experienced myself a few times - mostly from "exhaustion" after completing 90% to 95% of a build, but knowing the finishing touches seem to take just as long! Glad you went back to get it done - inspiring! It turned out extremely good in the end.
  10. Excellent job on a most challenging kit!
  11. Absolutely stunning work on that Dinah - and the other previewed builds also! Awesome! I have an impression that Hasegawa pull out all the stops when it comes to doing kits of Japanese subject matter - and understandably so! Having one or two of their WWII twin-engine types in my stash sounds like an attractive proposition.
  12. Beautiful job! I have heard that this is one of Monogram's more challenging kits to get right. You have certainly nailed it, from where I'm standing!
  13. A beautiful piece of work! I have to admire your perseverance in the face of the trouble you had with the nose art decals, etc. Turned our perfectly - would never know it was such a challenge to deal with.
  14. A highly improbable-looking plane and yet I know it existed (from an article or two I have seen before). Excellent job on one very oddball of an aircraft!
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