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  1. kapam

    1/72 RS Models F-5A Lightning

    Awesome Lightning! I've coveted the RS Models kit for quite a while now, but never took the plunge. Judging by some commentaries you have done an awesome job to get it looking so perfect.
  2. Looks terrific! A most impressive aircraft to see flying overhead (RAAF machines in my case). You've done a great job. Brush painted? Wow! It doesn't show.
  3. kapam

    P 51 D REVELL 1/32

    Excellent! An interesting study in squadron-applied camo (or so I assume). This kit is a fairly recent release, is it not? Anyway it sure looks fantastic.
  4. kapam

    Yellow nosed B.......

    I loved that scene! Jaw-dropping stuff (especially to a young five year old)!! At that age, I was easily convinced that I was seeing real Bf-109's - had never heard of a Buchon. Still love to see the movie when it turns up on TV now and then.
  5. Fantastic work - all three! Nicely themed group of post-war (??) Spits.
  6. kapam

    Hasegawa Ki-44 Tojo 1:72

    That looks great! I have built the kit too, and it goes together quite nicely - lacking cockpit detail perhaps, but I'm okay with that. Your build looks just right to me - the weathering and fading really sets it off.
  7. Great to see your gesture was so well received. Your diorama is an excellent tribute and well deserves display in their new museum.
  8. kapam

    Yellow nosed B.......

    That looks great! Always loved the film since seeing it as a boy at about 5 years of age! The use of Buchons for the movie certainly didn't worry me at that age.
  9. kapam

    Red Band Emil

    Superb model! Beautifully painted - I doubt my builds can handle close-up photography like that. Love the Emil 109's in this scale.
  10. Excellent work.! The paint chipping and general worn look of this civilian workhorse are spot on. I really like the non-military take on this ubiquitous aircraft.
  11. Great build, beautifully painted and photographed! I too have built the Academy kit in this scale. Looking forward to getting my Airfix version out of the stash sometime -and I have an ICM kit too - can't have too many Emils eh?
  12. kapam

    Airfix 1/72 Shorts Tucano T.1

    Cool build of an attractive little trainer.
  13. Very nice - always love a P-47 especially in 1/72 scale. You've done a fine job.
  14. Fabulous work! As another commenter said, your willingness to bring the camera in close surely testifies to superior building skills. The worn, winter finish is superb too.
  15. Excellent build! I have built the Academy Typhoon kit, but somehow this Airfix version looks more "correct". In any case you've done an awesome job and the nose art looks great.