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  1. I love it! The A320 is a beautiful plane and you have really done it justice.
  2. That's fantastic! Wish I had tried harder to get my daughters into (scale) modelling. Will be keen to see how the D-Day Battlefront build turns out. It will be great, I'm sure.
  3. That's a beautiful little plane and an extremely good model. Must look up the real thing's history - looks like a 1940's car maker decided to build a plane.
  4. My word! Yet another "magazine quality" model appears on this forum. I'm not really a "Navy jets guy", but such a superb model is assured of my attention. Top shelf work!
  5. Another amazing build, of a subject the mass-market kit manufacturers ignore. I'm also amazed how prolific you are with work to show - I wonder where you get the time to do such beautifully-realised work. Another first class build.
  6. I have a Special Hobby kit of this plane and yet I doubt a I can even get close to this result! Fantastic stuff, as always.
  7. Nice work! I agree, it is a good (cheap) kit to practice on, or do multiple different liveries if the details are not a central concern. After a few of these, I recommend the Revell P-47D and P-47M kits. The Academy P-47D kit isn't too bad either.
  8. kapam

    Sword Spitfire Vc Trop

    First off, I'm envious that you got your hands on this kit - I have found them difficult to get, unless for an outrageous price. You've done quite a nice job of it. Canopy masking has never been my strongest suit, but working with small offcuts of Tamiya tape is what works best for me. Using odd little triangular shapes, and starting in the corners, moving outwards, one can end up with a kind of "mosaic" of tape that covers all the clear bits. I should add that, as such, I virtually never do the "stick tape on; then expose framing by cutting away the tape with a very sharp blade" method. It's probably just me, but I can't do this without scoring the plastic or causing the tape to come unstuck. All in all, your build is quite good - I doubt I'd have noticed if the camouflage colours were "swapped". Keep it up - there's room for all of us in this hobby.
  9. Oh, I thought longevity in retirement was directly proportional to the number of unbuilt kits stashed!
  10. Another masterpiece! I love the eclecticism of all your builds - many from kits I've never even heard of. Not-to-mention planes I have (often) never heard of - but all of them beautiful. Remarkable to say the least.
  11. Yes, it was also commented above in the thread. Yeah, sorry. I skimmed the other responses so quickly (in my eagerness to praise the model) I hadn't noticed 'til now. Brilliant build though!!
  12. I've never built or owned the kit, but I've no doubt its pedigree makes it a difficult one to build. You've done a very tidy job of it, I reckon. Makes me want to have a go at my Sword Grumman Goose kit. Well done!
  13. Very nice Halifax! The subtle treatment of the black surfaces looks very realistic, which is kind-of important for such a plane. Your build inspires me to consider the kit for my stash (but my Wife must not find out).
  14. kapam

    He 111 P2, Airfix, 1/72

    Wow, you've done a fine job with that! Your appraisal of the build is very honest, though none of the flaws you describe detract from a fine model. Very nice indeed.
  15. Fabulous build! The "Emil" is very much a favourite of mine. I have a few 1/72 Bf-109 kits in the stash (Airfix and ICM) but the bar keeps getting raised higher and higher!