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  1. Awesome diorama! I love the weathering and wear & tear on the vehicles and surfaces - so realistic. The litter is the icing on the cake, for making it seem like I'm really in the scene!
  2. Excellent! The Vc is my favourite Spitfire variant, so I do hope to acquire a few examples of this kit. If my efforts turn out near as good as yours, I will be well pleased.
  3. As everyone has said already, that is an excellent build!
  4. Anything which might start a child in this hobby is welcome by me. Nice work.
  5. I'm not a C-130 expert but that looks awesome! Sounds like the kit is a cracker too. You've done an expert job with it, for sure.
  6. Awesome work! Your first in 25 years? Really? The results suggest you've been doing this..... like...... forever!
  7. I agree with everyone else; this is one superb Corvette! One could pass off your photos as shots of the real car! That's awesome skill in anyone's language.
  8. Beautiful! Really captures the look of a hard-driven racer!
  9. I'm very often astonished by what some modellers can achieve in 1/43 scale; and your build is no exception. Preferring to stick to 1:24/25 scale myself, I can only marvel at these more-or-less half-size creations. My hat's off to you. An extremely worthy subject too - from the heady times of Can-Am in its purest form.
  10. Amazing work! Your weathering and ageing effects are as good as I've seen. A superbly realistic result!
  11. Excellent idea! Brilliantly executed!
  12. A truly beautiful build! Well done!
  13. A stunning build for sure! Nice tribute to a flying group that gave the ultimate sacrifice in wartime.
  14. Looks excellent! I think Mark Martin would like it too! Is it an AMT or a Monogram kit? Having the front wheels slightly turned really adds some interest too!
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