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  1. They look brilliant! I especially like the Vb because I rather like how the Vokes filter changes the lines of the average Spit'. Your finishing is so clean and precise - I am envious of the skill!
  2. Great looking build! I bought the same decals one time, but still never got the kit to match. I doubt I could've done it any better than yours though!
  3. @Johnson, thanks for the comments. My Connie was finished using Alclad polished aluminium over a gloss black base coat. The "patchwork" effect comes from applying Tamiya Smoke and Modelmaster metallic to various masked panels. Everyone, sorry for being a little off-topic. Normal service may now return...….....
  4. That's fabulous! I had to go back & check for the scale - looking very much like a 1/72 with all those fine details! The fact it is 1/144 suggests you have the skills of a surgeon!
  5. Thanks for the extra pics, I think she's a real beauty! I had the same kit and eventually decided to go with an aftermarket decal scheme and worked the engines into a more accurate config for the plane in question.
  6. Very nice collection of Thunderbolts. The razorback looks brilliant - I see no evidence of any difficulties with the checkers on the cowl.
  7. Fantastic group of Mirages! Your excellent builds certainly don't seem to betray the age of the kit!
  8. A stunning build! You really aced it!
  9. Just take two aspirin and, if pain persists............ Actually, I'm not any kind of example when it comes to building ambitions and stash control! Hey @AliGauld, that's a heck of good Sea Venom! What'd you think of the kit?
  10. @TonyW, I love the photo of the L749 Connie! That's a beautiful build! Got any more pics of it?
  11. Excellent work - very regal looking aircraft.
  12. Superlative in every way! Producing that result from an old Frog kit is a measure of true talent! An interesting type too - the radar arrays and the shrouded/redirected exhausts really catch the eye.
  13. Wow! That's a superb build. I love the finish - very realistic!
  14. Very nicely done! Having built one myself, and I think you'll agree, it is a nice little kit.
  15. An outstanding build and diorama! Your figures are beautifully done too! Brilliant all-round.
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