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  1. That's very impressive indeed! There's more subtlety in your revised finish and I think it looks more realistic as a consequence. You should be well pleased.
  2. All your conversion work really paid off. An excellent build!
  3. You've done a fantastic job there. Must admit, I never heard of using eye shadow for exhaust stains - the great results speaks for themselves!
  4. Unquestionably brilliant work. An excellent diorama!
  5. Looks great! I remember putting one of these together (very poorly, I might add) as a kid. Mine never looked anywhere near as good as that! I do agree with you, though, about these kits being a nice break from today's mega-part/mega-detail kits.
  6. Very nicely done, very tidy! Inspires me to consider this kit if it should cross my vision. Well done!
  7. Well, that certainly raises the bar a few more notches! If I could get build quality that stands the test of close-up photos like this, I'd be thinking I've made it as a modeller! Brilliant!
  8. Very nice builds!
  9. A nice tribute to an RAAF unit that I doubt is particularly well-known. The Mediterranean colour scheme is also an interesting aspect. Well done!
  10. A cracking replica! Great work on such an elderly kit.
  11. That sure is beautiful. The aluminium/silver finish on a Hurricane really makes for a standout model. And, naturally, I'm partial to all RAAF subjects.
  12. While not an expert on the real thing, I get a strong sense that your shaping works around the cockpit and nose really nailed the look. The various subtle shades of the finish also give it great realism. I'm applauding your work enthusiastically!
  13. That looks excellent to me. The in-flight pose is so great for fast jets like this one - in their element, so-to-speak.
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