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  1. That's a knock-out alright! Beautiful finish and details!
  2. Superlative build! Being an Amodel kit, it is clear your skills and determination are in abundance. Extremely well done.
  3. Though not a build style I practice, I love the factory-stock look on this. This really testifies to your skill and attention to detail.
  4. Wow! That is amazing! Looks super-rugged with that bull-bar (as we call them in Australia) upfront!
  5. Beautiful and inspiring! I have an African Safari Rally kit (also Tamiya) of about the same era, but the build stalled. Maybe your beautiful replica will spur me to giving it another look.
  6. Stunning! I find the F1's of this era much more visually appealing than those of today.
  7. That's a beautiful piece of work, I must say! I'm afraid $500 is more that than I could pay. My wife would throttle me if I forked out that much for a model.
  8. Brilliant build - looking very smart in basic black! Your various metallic surfaces look nicely in-scale too. Inspires me to keep cracking on with my Peterbilt 352 Cabover.
  9. Awesome! To my mind, the most beautiful F1 car that Ferrari produced. Love all the extra detail.
  10. Superb work! Really has the classic look of a British lorry from days gone by. Great skills and craftsmanship.
  11. Top class modelling right there! A most realistic and well finished P-40! Congratulations!
  12. Well done - a fine and skillful build in (more-or-less) the smallest of scales!
  13. Wow! That is a superb 'copter model! Well done!
  14. If "cute" is an acceptable adjective for a plane, then that's what I'd call it! As always your build quality and presentation is exemplary!
  15. Fantastic Tomcat! I readily admit, if it looks like a Tomcat, that's good enough for me - I don't have the intricate knowledge that some aficionados do. But you have produced a fine replica, with your skills evident in the result.
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