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  1. Very nice. Reading above that these aircraft saw service over New Guinea I am not surprised at the sun shades. RAAF Canberra bombers had similar issues with the blistering sum beating down on their canopies. Great model with excellent detailing!
  2. The usual excellence in build quality and esoteric subject matter! Very nice indeed!
  3. Very cool! A nice gesture to present this as a gift - hope they were rightly chuffed! I only recently learned (about 10 years ago) that it is a crowbar stored in the cockpit door. Before then I just assumed it to be a cross-brace to strengthen the door!
  4. Excellent job! Can't quite believe that's craft paint - it has resulted in a very realistic finish! Well done.
  5. A little gem! You did an awesome job, very inspiring.
  6. A great result - I do like the in-flight look (even though my builds are all gear-down). This is another kit I have waiting in the stash - a purchase also inspired by the same movie!.
  7. A very fine array of builds, in my favourite scale. Had you posted separately, they would still earn high praise in my view. Your completion rate is to be admired too, but still resulting in some nice models. Well done!
  8. A really fine-looking Mk XIX! It rather inspires me to re-inspect the box contents of my Airfix kit - still waiting in the stash. I'd need to bring my A-game if I want it to look as good as yours.
  9. Awesome! One can never tire of all the interesting schemes that P-47 builds can display! The metal finish on this is superb.
  10. Beautifully done! Would the Academy kit be the best option in 1/72nd scale? What about Hasegawa?
  11. Very nice indeed! Looks like it might be a nice kit, decals notwithstanding. Well done.
  12. Fantastic work! Looks challenging from a decal and masking point of view - but you nailed it! Well done.
  13. Well done! The dark colouring gives it an aggressive look IMHO. Nice job.
  14. Wow! That looks excellent! Very beautiful aircraft, though I am not particularly familiar. Brilliant job.
  15. Looks great! Another older Airfix kit achieves glory. Well done.
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