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  1. A nice group of bombers. Good thing you kept some photos before giving them away.
  2. Looks great to me. Canopy masking? I doubt I will ever really have this fully mastered - it will remain a kit-by-kit proposition.
  3. Totally excellent Marauder! I well revisit your pics to inspire me when I take on my Hasegawa 1/72 kit! The nose art on your build is especially cool.
  4. Beautiful work! I think it's admirable to build another kit and use the previous experience to improve. Wouldn't be my favourite Ferrari; but then again I will never be able to buy a Ferrari anyhow.
  5. I love it! I actually don't think the finish is overdone at all. It has a kind of "rat rod" authenticity about it.
  6. I love it! It looks very muscular with the cut-down fenders and oversize tyres! Must keep an eye out for this kit.
  7. I don't mind tricked-up cars at all and your build is top notch! The blue paint job has been excellently applied. With the gold accents and striping, it is beautiful!
  8. Well done, Mate! These LEGO projects are getting more sophisticated all the time. Very nice work indeed!
  9. That's a beautiful build! The older Monogram 1/48 kits are iconic to the hobby and it's cool seeing them endure.
  10. Brilliant job! You've made the old Airfix kit turn out as good as any Academy or Hasegawa build, from my point of view. That makes you a talented modeler I reckon.
  11. That's a very unique depiction of a GE Lightning and beautifully done too!
  12. My sentiments too. But the model is up to your usual high standards. The subtle discolorations and paint wear are perfection, as always.
  13. Superb work! Very eye-catching in their post-war schemes. While not the best 1/72 Hellcat kit, I still rather like it.
  14. Wow! Confidence and precision in the application of decals are qualities you clearly possess in spades! Definitely gold standard for complex marking schemes.
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