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  1. The 1/48 Tamiya kit allows you to relive that experience all over again. At least it means lots of shavings to make plastic gloop with. Very handy for making copies of fuel caps and such.
  2. Thankfully we do I have just received an e-mail advising that my Corsair etch and a few other bits are on their way. I've put the Mayor and brass band on standby to welcome this important arrival.
  3. You've both touched on the reason I think BM is the best model-making site around. Then we have Group Builds run by people willing to inspire others, honest feedback on kits that aren't quite as good as some others claim. OK so some GBs are run by idiots like this one but my heart is in the right place. I'm glad it got sorted for you Andy and it seems that the hull really fought you. I find incantations to be either excellent or rubbish. More than once I've needed several spells just to get back to my starting point. Never got to welding gear as my hammers live in front of the gear.
  4. And, as if by magic, a shop an assault gun appeared. Nice paint work and a very clean build too.
  5. I second that emotion doing the fighting compartment on mine for practice and regretting that decision......
  6. The roof marking should be a white triangle base to rear with a solid red circle in it nearly touching the triangle sides. A lot of images get flipped by editors for Heaven alone knows what reason. We're fortunate as the driver's hatch is a give away from the front. Nobody can spot everything @Troy Smith not even you
  7. Glad you went with the green it's come out very well indeed. The bare metal tanks in Leningrad (or Stalingrad) are a persistent myth. Leningrad were very active in rebuilding tanks and adding armour and paint was available for the limited amount needed. The paint may have been patchy if applied by an inexperienced Comrade but I've found nothing that screams unpainted to me. You have done very well with the effect to break up the monotone. It looks pretty good to me.
  8. Wot he said. Nothing matters more than your health. Good to see a proper Frankentank making an appearance. My entry is a mere wannabe.
  9. We Thank You for this breakthrough in kit knowledge. I apologise if my remarks have caused distress to any kits or their owners Keep going srkirad a messy job but it has to be done.
  10. You're most Welcome Ben. A couple already on the ground would really work well I think. Those posters do look good and will bring a dash of colour to the scene.
  11. Sorry for the delay but please start a topic and join in. Andy has made a good recommendation. If you want to do Polish Forces then look up Toro Models for lots of Polish lovliness in most scales. Very nice decals and run by nice people too.
  12. While you've got your resizing hat on there's 32-004 and the Testors 48th decals are pants. Looks like I'll be building more than one O-2 now.
  13. Long since given up trying to understand folks.... I can't find the thread but I believe Quinta Studios are collaborating with ICM so beautiful cockpit lovliness may be along soon. Remember the Caracal decals too folks. Happy happy Days
  14. Basically any household pump spray cleaner alcohol based like Dettol multi-surface cleaner. Summit like THIS or hand wipes. Apparently it's the alcohol that kills COVID stone dead. A wipe down with IPA would also work. I see there's something there already my Doctor would approve.
  15. Hi Glorious Leader I've just got back from my first check-up this year. Doctor has advised me to spray mail/parcels with alcohol based cleaner before opening as I'm in a high-risk category and the BMA aren't too happy about the restrictions being lifted. Anybody on anti-depressants has a much higher risk of developing COVID, overweight next, then the rest. I've known Andrew for many, many years so trust him a note to take care on the threads may be an idea? Thanks for the clean up it's made things a lot better.
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