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  1. I'm happy to wait for quality. As with AMK and others speed doesn't always end well. I hope this does well for them, my no new kits resolution for 2019 may be in trouble already.
  2. It would need a re-release of the original Hawk U-2A as they're getting tricky to find now. But using the new kit as a parts donor may be easiest if expensive. However if somebody were to release an accurate kit then they have a price point.....
  3. SleeperService

    Freightdog Models and Combat Kits new items for Telford 2018

    Obviously excellent sales tactics then.
  4. SleeperService

    Aerocraft Models news feed on new projects

    Hi Ali, I wondered how long you could stay away. Great to see you back with an interesting first release.
  5. SleeperService

    Hello, tank nut here

    Hi Farmerboy. You'll find a lot of like-minded people with similar pasts here, Welcome to BM possibly the best model forum in the world! We've got a Panzer IV Group Build starting on the 15th December. I can't think of a better way of getting to know people. Look in future Group Builds in the menu.
  6. Bumping this now that the Tomcat is near. Any news yet?? Anybody?
  7. SleeperService

    T-34 Family STGB 22 Feb to 24 May 2020

    Got the other two covering wartime but missed this. Will address that now. Thank You for the heads-up. As the Sarge shows it's still going in Yemen
  8. SleeperService

    T-34 Family STGB 22 Feb to 24 May 2020

    I've used the Hauler sets and am quite happy with them. The grille set for the Tamiya T-34 gives you a much finer rear screen than the moulded in one (HLX48034) and the T-34/76 and /85 mudguards fit all the hulls. Hauler stuff HERE You may need to replace the kit gun barrel Aber do one, some of them are bent on the sprue and won't stay straight no matter what I've tried. The Part set for the Tamiya T34/76 below is a another option for the curved fender models as you get grilles, rear fuel boxes, mudguards, and some useful detail bits too. As Tamiya seem to have got the front hull wrong somewhere it'll take a bit of fudging into place, but if you can find a set at a good price it's pretty good. Nigel at Parabellum is my go to man but use e-mail as he seems to work all hours.
  9. SleeperService

    New Tool Gannet in 1:48 by Trumpeter ?

    The rumours at the time Classic Airframes folded were that the tooling for the AEW was well advanced. Hopefully somewhere in a corner it's waiting to be rediscovered. With Trumpeter being involved I don't hold out much hope TBH but I hope to be surprised.
  10. SleeperService

    Revell Phantom FGR2 1/48

    Thank You I didn't know about those. I assume it's THESE? Was totally unaware FG.1 and FGR.2 had same wheels but I'm not too clever. Also forgot that there are no Sidewinders in the kit but not too hard to find replacements.
  11. SleeperService

    Airfix F-35B anyone ?

    As long as they don't copy the 'challenging' fit issues of the KH offering.... That's the really important question. Why aren't they digestives?? Judging by the designers I know that desk has been cleaned up a bit.... Needs more coffee mugs and a collection of mascots. @Procopius will know what I mean.
  12. WOW!! That has come out rather nicely, well worth the fight iMHO. I like the restrained weathering very much. A real masterclass in rectification and patience. If I had a hat on I'd doff it to you.
  13. SleeperService

    T-34 Family STGB 22 Feb to 24 May 2020

    OKB Grigorov make the roadwheels you'll need. Good choice. Be very frugal with cement on the tracks, the bond/dissolve boundary is very small.
  14. SleeperService

    Hi-Decal news and upcoming projects

    That's three decal sheets on my shopping list. Thank You Diego!
  15. SleeperService

    New 1/48th Scale Blenheim Announced by Airfix!!

    Don't panic! I think they've used Humbrol paint equivalents for the main scheme which are both wrong colour and not very good paints. They've also gone with your signature finishing style according to a mate who looked at it over the weekend. Doesn't do them any favours though.