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  1. I'll admit it's a long shot but 48th is starting to get traction now in AFVs and TBH the SdKfz 222 series weren't great kits when released despite being sold at premium rates. I think there will be little chance of anything other than an aircraft resulting but my bucket list is pretty empty for aircraft.
  2. Gone rogue with a request for a 1/48 US half-track. ICM's approach would suit an open top vehicle very well and you could build half-tracks until the end of time without duplicating a subject.
  3. I work in 1/48 scale and would love to do an AFV but I can't find decals unless anyone knows of some. In my case the postal services and my ineptitude are the main issue. However a bit of luck and a clear few days will help clear the ground. The bonus will be another Mountain of Doom resident coming to life....
  4. Glad to hear it @Keeff Bit busy the next day or so and hoping the rectification works out this time. But overall enjoying the build which is what matters. To your question: Jentz and Doyle state 96 links per side on the Tiger 1. For the Tiger 2 each side was 46 paired links per side for 92 links in total. The final type Kgs 73/800/152 was 92 links per side. That said I'd suggest starting with 96 links/side as it's easier to remove one if needed, the single piece tracks are very short and don't sit well and this could mean the instructions are off.
  5. Not having graphite powder to hand I got a good result with an ordinary pencil smoothed over with a finger to the desired sheen. The outer rims of each wheel were shiny where they engaged the guide teeth which were similarly polished. The non-engaging side would have nothing to polish against so should be paint. Dark grey, or blue seems to work well as a base giving different finishes. Hope others are having better luck than I am at the moment - I've just finished stripping the road-wheel arms and bump stops from the Tiger 2 as I got the spacing wrong. Annoyed with myself as it was a silly mistake. My VK45.02(H) is stalled until the etch sets arrive - the first set disappeared in the post and the shop has just sent replacements as they were OOS (of course!!).
  6. I can offer a couple of suggestions; Go round the local charity shops and/or car boot sales You'll be surprised at what appears both good and cheap, along with garbage kits. Check the Facebook market place and the For Sale bit here on BM. That's how I got my entry for this GB proposal. If you're into trains Dapol in the UK do the old Airfix railway range. They certainly qualify.
  7. Thank You Kind Sir. Hope you aren't suffering too much. Bit quiet because well... this has taken a lot of time to get as far as this Here is the state of play as of this afternoon. The road-wheels are on their second fitting as I hadn't been vigilant in prepping the suspension arms with the result of a clown car jalopy. This time around they align, are pretty firm, and look better than they did. Result all round. The hull top is assembled although the engine deck is undergoing work and will be added later. The T-Rex tracks are here and under construction, I have the etch I need so this one is good to rock....except The turret base for the essentially scratch-built turret but, (along with Tamiya,) I misinterpreted the overhang and turret base arrangement so it was consigned to the scrap pile and I'm experimenting to find the best method to make V2.0. I think I've cracked it now but will know for sure when the glue dries.
  8. After looking at the colour footage shot on the beaches the blue may be PB10 as it seems darker. However my colour vision is certainly defective and it is a 1944 colour film (although shot by professionals) so I may be miles off. Here are some screen grabs for your consideration my ex-girlfriend fiddled with the first and last for me to try and get a better balance.
  9. Sorry for the delay but I couldn't find the paints to check. Yes those are the ones suggested by Sovereign to go with landing craft colours.
  10. Well that's turned out very nicely and respect for managing to find interesting markings. If you decide to do the wading tractors the paint used was Royal Navy ship paint as with the BARVs (except a few in OD). I used to have hair like that too
  11. I'm happy to see one in 48th as I have several decal sheets ready and waiting. If it's accurate I'll be happy - adding detail where the kit is lacking for budget reasons is easy enough.
  12. I've been a bit quiet but both builds are moving along nicely. Had a message from my local hobby store that the paints for my VK45.02(H) have arrived although the etch and barrel for it haven't been sent yet which is annoying, the tracks for my August 1945 KT are on their way, and I'm enjoying it immensely and clearing a 'challenge' from the Mountain of Doom to boot. Currently working on road wheels in between making the louvres for the rear deck. Not my favourite part of the build but still enjoying myself. I hope everyone else is doing OK too.
  13. @Mig Eater is exactly right. Thanks for the swift response and my apologies for any confusion. Ouch!! I hope it doesn't stop you for long.
  14. Multiple projects are a theme of this GB and circumstances have conspired to allow me to join in. From my other build plans I have this lot and a spare lower hull kit to hand along with an etch set and gun barrel that was intended for it. First job is to go through the wreckage and sort out what can be refurbished or modified for the task at hand... Here are the parts that have received attention so far with three road wheel arms fitted two as seen on the LHS with the other central on the RHS. Get these all aligned and fitting the rest is easy. The hull rear plate was damaged beyond repair so the details are removed ready to be applied to a new part. Mudguards thinned and patching under way, final drive mounts built up to avoid the tracks toeing in at the top, gun mount and cupola for the turret. The hull top is a bit Frankenstein with the front section from the JagdTiger kit fighting compartment from the wreckage, and a spare engine deck being stripped to modify shortly. The strip is to get the turret ring and engine deck in the right relationship. Clamped to a piece of tool steel to keep it aligned until glue solid. A lesson learned the hard way.... I'm using the Jentz and Doyle book for reference and will show the drawing when I can get my scanner and computer to be friends again. Thanks to the Mods for permitting this, to you for reading, and prayers to the styrene Gods that this all works out.
  15. I have mentioned elsewhere my method for masking off inside boxed out grilles so I have prepared an image to show what I do Exhibit 1 In the main image the first and second bulkheads from the rear have a 1.0mm gap at the top which would normally go to the outer edge of the grill. However A couple of longitudinal pieces were needed either side of the turret to avoid damage so one piece was tapered out to the full width then an 'L' shaped piece was used to fill the gap and pass into the turret area just visible on the RHS in the insert image. I used PVC electrical tape for this as it's flexible and won't be as likely to tear when removed. If a straight pull masking tape stuck inside the hull top is perfectly OK. Further to my last entry I have modified my approach as the steel road wheels didn't appear until 1944 and will now use the rubber tyre wheels instead. This means all the Tiger II parts are available for another entry to use up the incorrect gun barrel and etch set I already have. I shall start a thread.
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