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  1. Got to say that I'm very happy for all you who've got what you hoped for. Not my cup of coffee but there are a lot of happy modellers and buyers it seems.
  2. Having believed I was indestructible I've now accepted I'm not. My right arm has been coming and going due to an impacted nerve in my shoulder. At the last appointment it was decided that it was ready to be operated on. Going in Tuesday in and out the same day 😮 should have some function within a few days!


    Best (pre)Christmas present ever!  

    1. PlaStix


      Hope everything goes well!!

      Kind regards,


  3. As soon as the dressings come off I'll be back. Hurricane first then this.
  4. How is your lad getting on with this? I'd be interested in a set at 1/48 as I'm giving up on the 1/72 resin kit which is in the Sci-Fi GB and looks pretty poor.
  5. Strangely that came up in conversation a couple of days back. Any idea who made it?
  6. As Troy advises Parabellum is very good, I'm a regular customer and have found e-mail to work very well indeed. Nigel has a day job as well and the shop is open only part of the week. He has quite a range of Hauler etch but the Telford deal from the manufacturer is very good. Polish Companies Part and Aber do alternatives and Eduard covers some too. The Hauler sets are, IMHO, the best balance between complexity and cost especially if you're not used to etch assemblies.
  7. Certainly be a BIG announcement. To be supplied in a gift set Vulcan twenty(?) Victors and a DIY Divorce kit for completeness
  8. Apparently Tamiya are redoing the Lancaster in 1/48 which explains the recent reissues with new props, painted transparencies and such. 1/48 Wellington perhaps? The Trumpy one has 'issues' I know I've part built one. I'll get it out of the Three Boxes of Doom and mess about a bit on it to make it happen. A 'major' announcement suggests something special IMHO and more than just a release similar to product already out there. Generally Airfix have been pretty honest about big announcements especially since they got over their overstocking issues a few years back.
  9. I gave up 1/76 and 1/72 because it was too small. You Sir have made a brilliant job of this. Well Done
  10. I've got it built with just the wings to join the fuselage then paint. But I've had a bad run with the shakes for three-ish weeks. Hopefully they'll go away again very soon as I really don't want to fail to finish again.
  11. Best get a bulk tub of filler and lots of happy pills in then
  12. Version 2.0 and 3.0?? Any chance of a bit more information. I have the original which has challenging fit issues was this improved?
  13. Wot he said. Glad to see another unusual offering though. Dora are doing OK by my reckoning.
  14. That may be a bit restrictive on reboxings then. If true I hope it sells well regardless or it WILL be Spitfire, Mustang, Bf109 or Fw190 next time.
  15. IMHO both of you have done stunning work. The PE is a work of art as is the finished build with the lovely groundwork and figure. Getting such a good result on such small vehicles is a real credit to you both.
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