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  1. This thread has brought out the worst of some members. Two are on lengthy suspensions as a result and a further post hidden. Please remember the rules and keep it civil and constructive.
  2. I feel for you. In my case it's a Sanger Blenheim IV (to ensure Airfix announce one for 2021) @Gorby I feel your pain. However the wonderful WIP has illuminated my drab and dusty life almost as much as the first warm day of the year. Perhaps we should form The Grand Order of Eduard Blasphemers. The wing root issue is there on my P-39 kit as well. I need a bigger swear box.
  3. Therapy is good, talk without getting interrupted, nice comfy chair or padded cell, the only downside is not enough cake. It may have fought but you've beaten it into shape very well indeed. Nice job.
  4. Quite understandable. I'm working on a long term stash resident the Sanger Blenheim IV and Airfix have provided a pattern for me It'll never be a great model but I hope to get it to the stage where it passes muster with the Airfix one. Always up for a laugh I am.
  5. Of course it is! Makes sense as the rear gunner wouldn't prioritise stowing the gun in that situation This may be the book Aviaeology has hinted about. I'd really like to see it too. For future reference you lovely people summed it up for me sometime ago. Bolly I is a Blenheim I with the extended Blenheim IV nose. Bolly IV has the redesigned cockpit layout with American instruments as a minor part of the upgrade. Not at all, progress is made through observation, thought, speculation, decision, and finally seeking confirmation
  6. Sorry for being late but I missed this before. So; Cowlings OD 26.89 mm. front opening 20.64mm.Hub centres 95.0mm. According to the rigging information engine centres are 7' 9" from aircraft centre line. (Haynes Blenheim book Pg154). The tyres originally fitted to the Blenheim are no longer available so a modern alternative is used on the airworthy type at Duxford. I'm not sure what current survivors (if any) have the wartime originals. HTH and apologies for the delay again.
  7. Fantastic shot for upper surface details! Thank You @Carl V for sharing. One question though; Does this aircraft have two aerial masts fitted? One in usual place other behind the turret.
  8. Recently read Max Hastings Bomber Command and couldn't agree more. Swayed by the Airfix artwork Mk IV in Free French for me. Hopefully a conversion or new kit in 48th will appear.
  9. Bit late but I'd be happy to buy in 48th especially if you do the ASR sheet.
  10. If you are willing to make some extra could I request 3 sets please? I suspect I won't be the only one with stalled projects waiting on somebody to make these.
  11. Stunning work! very nice reference pictures too. Bright rivets, chipping, not-at-all-smooth skin all present and correct. Lovely shot of the radio aerial connection too.
  12. If you pick a quiet time of the week and phone ahead they will most likely let you do both. Not long back a friend and I had a very enjoyable visit and all the access to the Meteor F4 you could wish for. The cafe has excellent cake as well. You've done an excellent job on the Vulcan both with the model and detail shots. I can help with your bank card issue. Send me a PM with the card details and I'll make sure you won't have any money to waste on anything at all
  13. Hunters will be very welcome at Sleeper Central. I'll also second the Draken decals idea/request. Both in 1/48 at least of course!
  14. Hi Comrade Tank Builders! I've nudged this as a new member @The Semi Skilled Mink is returning to model-making after a long break and has decided (very wisely) to start with a T-34. As he wants to do a 1941 Model the post above should help him too. To echo SimonT the thin coverage of the early versions is quite surprising. Remember the ForSale/Wanted section here on BM, maybe somebody is struggling to decide what to sell and an enquiry may turn up trumps. Not #45 trumps of course
  15. There was a batch built on the 1943 build T-34 so Unimodel are OK on that. They can be a bit clunky with oversized pour stubs etc. but I've built several aircraft and they all build well with a little care, the plastic glues nicely, and they are cheap as chips. I've got two of their Bf109G kits to make a zwilling and the extra armament set which my brother paid 12USD for in 2016. Holds up pretty well against better known brands. I'd certainly risk a tenner. Tracks were 550mm wide which is 7.24mm in 1/76 or 7.69mm in 1/72. Given the variation in kit design I think you'll be OK to mix scales. The Airfix kit has raised dimples on the rubber tyres these are incorrect, early vehicles has holes in the tyres later on plain tyres were used. IIRC the Airfix kit has the squared off mudguards which are extremely rare on WW2 vehicles. However they do work for a North Korean T34-76 or a post-war rebuilt vehicle (although mostly these were the 1943 hex turret type). The T35/76 version is nearest to a 1942 production tank which is no surprise as that's Bovingdon's pedigree too. Just to confuse the issue further some 1942-43 tanks had narrower 500mm tracks fitted. (Isn't this fun?) For the 76mm gun types the best reference is Mikhail Baryatinskiy's T-34 Medium Tank in Ian Allan's Russian armour series. ISBN 978-071103265-1. The New Vanguard is based on Cold War Era research for the most part and the print on demand versions have poor reproduction. Peter Samsonov has recently written Designing the T-34 (ISBN 9781911658306) which I think is an absolute bargain. Covers the development and history up to the German Invasion very well, some later information, but the photos are the best bit; well chosen, beautifully reproduced on quality paper, some nice shots of the only Pre-War T-34 left, and even a shot of the T-34/57 (a common one but very well reproduced).
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