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  1. I didn't explain myself very well. I think the fin fillets are different sizes because one is the full size while the other is an insert to enable a thin leading edge. Even looking at the original images enlarged it is very hard to be sure a shot of the other side of the A & B mouldings would be useful.
  2. Looking very closely at the top image the difference is at the wing root especially the front. A is the other half for B to give two mirrored fuselages. I've looked for confirmation of the fin difference and found nothing. However I believe the fin fillet may have changed from earlier versions. Good spot Sir! Possibly an 'E' version to follow? Good spot to you too Sir! I can think of a use for that pod Thank You for the link.
  3. The one 1/48 omission that leaps out at me is the plane that was the reason for the RAF (other opinions are available....but wrong ) the R.E.8 Tooled in the dim and distant past the best offering is unobtainium and I've never seen the other. For a long period Airfix was based in Hull. Saying now't but the Pennines are more than a line of mountains. My Grandfather was Station Master for LNER at Sheffield which may be unrelated.
  4. I thought I'd done well to get a cheap Modelcraft kit literally a month before this kit was announced, should make an interesting dual build.... There is a 72nd decal sheet with a black painted pod-less F-82. Pity it's not on the 48th sheet but could the aircraft fly w/out the pod? Please.
  5. This is starting to show real promise and is a great lesson in going back and fixing things you're not happy with. As you use P-38 may I suggest Holts knifing putty as a suitable partner. texture very similar, a tube lasts ages, apply thin layers wait a few minutes and you're ready to go again and finally if you go too thick don't panic as it will set but take a while. Got to say the rhinoplasty is looking very good indeed.
  6. Hint taken. Thanks for not shouting it out. I meant as a general observation as I've seen the same comparison used elsewhere.
  7. The FB images aren't the best quality but I hope it's more Yak-130 rather than Hind surface detailing.
  8. @diablo rsv You have made a really good job of that kit, I know others who have failed to finish it despite being very patient model-makers. Leave the brass alone it'll bring the model to life a bit and will tone down a little with the weathering. I think dust is the way to go with this as May 1940 was the start of a long summer as the RAF will tell you. For paint if using enamels look at Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats range. They are updated as new information comes to light and generally have excellent coverage. Should add that they have some serious researchers onboard too. Love the avatar pic too. Had to pack in motorbikes due to arthritis and a growing fear of losing my licence, glad to see others are continuing to keep dealers in business. Finally a great thread with much of interest. British AFV headlights seem to be explained now so another item off the 'need to look into' list.
  9. Obviously knew that you'd be looking at her many years later. They may be closer to take-off than you think I'm going to find out where the station's assembly areas were as this looks like a formation exercise to bring new pilots up to speed. It's only a few minutes flying time from t/off after all. Note the white bars on each wingtip too.
  10. Remember THIS photo from the last GB? Well it's been located!! Not by SleeperDad but by A.N. Other Between Sawston and Stapleford Cambridgeshire. That colour scheme looks fantastic. From the link the first 8AF plane to complete 100 missions w/out an abort while with 533BS 381BG on 11 Jan 1944. The house with the circular drive is Stapleford Grange off the A1301 Cambridge Road, the road beneath the left wingtip leads to Dernfold Farm. Stapleford village is in the background.
  11. That sounds fine to me. Anything you need to know I'll have it to hand. This is so good looking I think I may be swayed regardless I'm thinking 381BG RAF Ridgewell Essex 1944 OD over NG Grew up about three miles away from there and that big white triangle looks good with the red bits.
  12. Looks like our minds have melded as I was planning the same. Resin2Detail had better get that XB-38 released PDQ as my second choice which won't be NMF! I admire your excellent choice sir. I assume you have the recent MMP book.
  13. I'll be having one of these in 1/48th when released. Great choice of subject. Will the Watchkeeper and support vehicle also be in multiple scales?
  14. Hi All I have just about finished assembling the items for a Coastal Command B-17 in 1/48 so will sign up for this one. Resin2Detail has/had an interesting range of B-17 parts and more planned. Perhaps writing to him to promote the GB and express interest may be good. There was an XB-36 planned in 48th (undoubtedly the most beautiful version) which I'd love to see built. Almost forgot: For those with older decal sheets Kitsworld do some very nice national markings & Stencil sheets to make any B-17 pop.
  15. Nit-picking mode but rotating the image to level the horizon gives a very different perspective. The wings make this plane IMHO as they are so unusual in plan too. I'm really looking forward to getting one in 48th. A lot of USAAF modellers will be interested too.
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