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  1. Grr..... The plastic is not happy at being scribed, at all. Got it done and then noticed that the engraved lines tilt forward to the top, filled while I go and calm down.
  2. Boring bit nearly done, all silky smooth, started cleaning the panel lines out and broke off a tailplane While muttering I glanced at the photos on the instruction sheet, I need a tiny propeller for the front. I presume this was to get the airspeed up to the point that the pulse jets kicked in So now tiny bits of aluminium and styrene.
  3. Coming along very quickly now. Nice paint work.
  4. Certainly doing better than the cricket team then
  5. Day 2 of the Bun Fight. I hope everyone is still fired up and full of fizz and vigour. So here I am at the restart That's my very ancient original C1 not one of your 4G wannabes by the way. Lasts about a week on standby but not a patch on my 6610 which is still sorely missed. But that's what happens when you put your phone on top of your car and then leave the services, drive about 5 miles, and only then remember....
  6. That's exactly what I needed Thank You so much. I agree about the photos, like so often happens plenty of shots closeby but not where you want. @Troy Smith I'm happy to take your word for it. Single stage Merlin and two big, heavy cannon on each wing seems a bit silly when the Mk.II is in production. @Chuck1945 you remember right. All the aerial run was external of the Spitfire's metal skin. The fabric and tube Hurricane ran it's aerial internally part of the way. Thank You All.
  7. That's the ones. For the Spitfire they entered in the roundel area. The Hurricane appears to be rather further back.
  8. Nice figure catches the misery perfectly. Perhaps a less cluttered background would help with the lighting and composition.
  9. I'm in the process of working up a correction sheet for the Airfix Hurricane and have had a lot of help from several people especially @Troy Smith However now my google Fu has run out. Has anybody got a diagram showing the cheese wire IFF aerial positions at each end? Second question is about the Sea Hurricane Mk Ic. Some sources state many built and even list squadrons however others state that only a handful were built possibly only 2-3. Any ideas? It seems a lot for a Mk.I to lug around IMHO.
  10. Good progress Fella. I've run out of likes today so sorry. Remember that Corporal getting all twitchy because I 'forgot' to mention I was an HGV driver? Happy Days.
  11. Eleven hours in and I've got as far as I dared hope. Starting to get a bit tired so stop while I'm ahead. It's 21:55 and this is now To those doing the 24hr option Good Luck, I think you may be madder than I am.
  12. A fraction of the clamping I used on the 48th version and it still didn't work. This is looking very nice though, impressive progress.
  13. Saw the black undercoat and wondered but it's worked well. Nice work shown off by a nice bit of paintwork.
  14. Here's where I am right now. The intakes didn't dry so starting again. Time to chill for an hour then assemble the pulse jets, fettle the joints and get the engines fitted.
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