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  1. I've only built two but they've both been OK with a little care in places especially where moulding stubs were removed. It's very easy to remove too much plastic. Welcome to BM BTW I hope you enjoy your time here.
  2. I thought it was you in the next ward wearing the strangely tailored jacket. Did you find your teddy bear in the end??
  3. I'm sorry for my sudden and prolonged absence from this Build and the site in general. Basically my mind decided it liked hospital food so made sure I got to stay in one...then Covid arrived which hindered my return to normality. These are unusual times and many are suffering stress and worry that they are not used to. Please be kind to each other. I'll go through each thread over the next few days and apologise again for letting it fizzle out.
  4. First I'll say that this has got to be better than the alternative. A fair chunk of this thread is about an error that doesn't appear to be on the kit. Then there's this.... So the wingtip to wingtip lines are a fair attempt to show a panel line just as with 99% of other kits, yes it's overdone, they always are, in real life the gaps are so narrow that they're almost not there but a model looks silly without the detail. For a brush painter they'll tone down nicely, as they always do, under paint. Lap joints for the front to rear joins. It looks like Arma have offered a raised wedge for th
  5. Wasn't 2020 Rubbish? Finally feeling better and ready to rejoin the fray. Total apologies for abandoning the T-34 STGB so suddenly but my mind decided not to play anymore and I went off to talk to the fairies for a while. They send their love by the way.

  6. At least my pre-order hasn't been cancelled so it should still be happening. Which is good as I've collected a few items in anticipation.
  7. I'm in! Dan Dare and vacform tips too! at the ready.
  8. Sorry for being so late for the T-34 GB, but 3 days ago I just have received a large parcel of Ukrainian UM 1/72 AFV kits including (among others) also the T-34 and SU-100.

    Could I join the pack still?



    1. SleeperService


      I'm glad that you waited to message me. I've just got my computer up-and-running again.

      Yes please start a topic and wade in when you're ready. I've got to catch up after two weeks in the wilderness.


      Have Fun Comrade



  9. SBS have done a lovely resin engine and cowl set as noted above and now they have propellers to go with them https://www.sbsmodel.com/model/SBS-48064/bristol-blenheim-propeller-set-for-airfix-kit showing in stock as I type. Obviously could be applied to other 1/48 Blenheim kits if needed. For the Mk. IV Hannants have discounted their repop of the CA Mk IV https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CF4159?result-token=bwpWD and are showing a 1/48 conversion for the Airfix kit into a Mk.IV from Blackbird Models as a Future Release. Now I know there is 'history' between the two BMs but I kno
  10. Attracted by the magic word Ferrari I find gold! Been struggling with this colour for a very long time (I don't see red well). Not any more! The newer colour is just different enough so I can spot it a mile away, I have had several show conversations with people who insist the colour never changed.
  11. What a fabulous build Sir! Well worth the 10 year build. I'm relieved that another also realises the Beauty and Brains of Michelle, following the RAC Rally around at the time in the company of Lancia fans was worthwhile every time one of them shot past. Having missed all the earlier conversions I had high hopes for the new kit I hope somebody does a new Transkit for the Pike's Peak car. Those tyres look superb for 10 year old 3D Printed items, somebody was at the cutting edge!
  12. The 1/48 Tamiya kit allows you to relive that experience all over again. At least it means lots of shavings to make plastic gloop with. Very handy for making copies of fuel caps and such.
  13. Thankfully we do I have just received an e-mail advising that my Corsair etch and a few other bits are on their way. I've put the Mayor and brass band on standby to welcome this important arrival.
  14. You've both touched on the reason I think BM is the best model-making site around. Then we have Group Builds run by people willing to inspire others, honest feedback on kits that aren't quite as good as some others claim. OK so some GBs are run by idiots like this one but my heart is in the right place. I'm glad it got sorted for you Andy and it seems that the hull really fought you. I find incantations to be either excellent or rubbish. More than once I've needed several spells just to get back to my starting point. Never got to welding gear as my hammers live in front of the gea
  15. And, as if by magic, a shop an assault gun appeared. Nice paint work and a very clean build too.
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