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  1. SleeperService

    1/48 - Mil Mi-17 (Mi-8MT) Hip - by Annetra

  2. SleeperService

    A Mojo Restoring Interlude

    I think that is the attitude of many, many model-makers. I'd much rather know 'issues' with a kit before I buy it, that way it's more of an informed choice. I used to buy several model magazines until they turned into trade magazines with no kit ever having real problems. The last kit I brought unseen was the last straw. Three separate reviews in magazines (costing me 14GBP) all failed to mention any errors with the 2 seater HB Forger VTOL kit. Upon opening the box it took me all of twenty seconds to see the tail was too short and less than 5 minutes to confirm it. It was only then that I noticed none of the reviews showed the rear fuselage (all concentrating on the new front end). Your build is looking pretty good Sarge. If you want a really nice build get a HB 1/48 KV kit and some etch grilles (all you really NEED to replace).
  3. SleeperService

    New movie - First Man

    It was digital fly by wire and Neal was involved in the NTSB at the time. The best book about the man is First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong by James R. Hansen which Neil co-operated fully with. The fly by wire incident was covered in a documentary at the time of his death, and HERE .
  4. It's already in the One True Scale They'd be mad to offer it in 1/32 after all
  5. Yes it most certainly was. I know somebody who managed to build it and he's never been quite the same since.
  6. SleeperService

    A Mojo Restoring Interlude

    If you're talking about Gee Dee then you're right. I'm in Long Eaton and remember the Skills shop in the arcade by the library. Mike at Clifton Curios is pretty excellent if you fancy a weekend run to Breedon On the Hill. Lovely café there as well
  7. SleeperService

    A Mojo Restoring Interlude

    Jesus H Christ on a bike. Looks like the little armoured car is recognising it's pitiful condition and accepting your loving care and attention. Nice work. You need spaceships and aircraft though. I've brought 2 kits in the last few days the 1/48 Eagle transporter and a 1/48 3-D printed P1214-3 which may be an equal challenge to anything S-Model has done. Mad? That'll be two of us
  8. SleeperService

    A Mojo Restoring Interlude

    You do seem to have a masochistic streak a mile wide Sarge. Do you ever buy anything remotely mainstream? One day you'll get something that can be built by mere mortals. This armoured car may even be THE one Err....well....umm....cough the T-40 could pretend to be a tiny battleship. Sorry.
  9. Floats. Just don't forget floats. Just saying
  10. SleeperService

    New movie - First Man

    In my opinion his greatest achievement was getting fly by wire into airliners. There are thousands alive today who wouldn't be otherwise. First flight in a Fokker Triplane then service in Korea. There's a lot more to the man than many realise. Our generation's Lindberg in many ways.
  11. SleeperService

    Smallspace 7

    Went to it with a mate and had a great time. It was crowded mainly because clusters of people just stood in one place looking round. Obviously afraid of the sun The queue for food was never ending especially as it blocked off access to the Blake's 7 hall and a couple of stands in the main hall. An order point taking the money and then collection on handing in the ticket stub at the hatch maybe? Paul and Matt have got a great team together and it could lose something if it turned into another school assembly hall event with all the parking issues that usually arise.
  12. SleeperService

    Airfix 2019

    Fair's fair! So 72 to 48th...Jet Provost, Vampire Trainer and RAF Ground Vehicles set.
  13. SleeperService

    Paul Lucas color conundrums

    First two Malta articles are in December 2015 and January 2016 issues.
  14. SleeperService

    1/48 P-12E Classic airframes

    I got a part started one at a show a while back. Maybe one day... You have got a fantastic result there Bill and have no need to worry about it. Steel wire for rigging is very hard work, I've gone to knitting elastic (AKA EeZee Line) to preserve my sanity. I like that a lot.
  15. SleeperService

    Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    While on the subject of cannon bulges. Is there a set of decent drawings showing the cannon armed Spitfire I wing? Reason I ask is that I've got the 48th Airfix Vb and Ia and am planning to do a Va. Douglas Bader may have his faults but he was a very brave man and I think one of his later mounts would be good. I thought I could simply swop the wings back to do the Ib(?) but reading back it seems not.