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  1. Lost track of this but delighted to find it again and WOW! they are both very impressive models. Well done to you both.
  2. He never mentioned anything other than tyres, he was usually quite exact in what he said. I'm still in touch with his son who has his photo album, he's going to see if there's anything helpful in there. Most of his pictures have notes on the back so fingers crossed.
  3. Now if they, like Kinetic recently take notice then it will do them a lot of good. Remember the nose guys. Hopefully someone can run a tape measure over one to be sure. My friends father worked on the Counter-Invader in Vietnam. When I built one bodging from the Airfix kit he was quite diplomatic. The tyres being C-119 seems right as they had to fly to another base to get spares and could usually get an overnight 'in relative civilisation' with his old unit. He joked that he'd started on B-52, gone to C-119, then B-26K when most went the other way. Served him well after the service
  4. I'll be having one of these. If in doubt about what these guys can produce look at THIS They're a really nice bunch and their stuff is among the best, happy with new technology they are doing some really amazing stuff.
  5. Cards on the table time - I've never weathered a model and not painted that many either. However I have been asking questions and looking at a lot of photos. So ... Setting aside the right to make your model as you wish for a moment, I find it strange that so many comment on accuracy of decals, plastic, detail level, how pumped up the tyres are, and detail at the front of a jet pipe that's all but invisible, then will present a finish that would get you shot for sabotage in some armies. Sometime ago I got my Frightening Trainer to the paint stage and had a long chat with a friend who work
  6. With respect, the Ural 4320 has a central tyre inflation system and those tyres are incredibly heavy, in these two configurations the truck is nowhere near it's maximum load so there's minimal weighting and little sag. Too many of these sagged/weighted aircraft tyres are seriously overdone such that on touchdown they would likely collapse. Just as with their original resin kits a quick pass over rough sandpaper is all that's really needed IMHO. Have a watch of 'Ice Cold in Alex' and see the bulge that would be normal in service, in the desert pressures were reduced for grip/flotation
  7. Just seen this. A guy in our club makes paint stencils. He can take a sheet in say 72nd scale it up to 48th and do magic. They're tacky plastic and work best with an airbrush but you could use a stipple brush like in olden days If you can't find anybody local I'll put you in touch if you send me a PM.
  8. We all need a nudge at the best of times, these aren't even OK-ish. Even some small businesses that have been on-line are starting to feel the burden. My go-to place for Mek is taking a break 'to get some sun' which I can't fault I think he spoke for many when he said 'it's seems like the last news was a meteorite strike in Mexico and dinosaurs going extinct, next was Covid precautions, and here we are millions of years later'. Of course the one item I need to build the suspension on my project is the one size I've run out of.....doing other bits but I need to get that right
  9. Comments are worth it if the manufacturer listens and acts on information received. Many don't but it seems Kinetic do. Timing is important putting CADs up when the kit is being produced or making observations days/weeks after the reveal is no use to anybody. As the linked posts show it went from 'I think there's something wrong' to 'here is the correct information' to red flag CAD redesign in a very few hours. Result is casual model-makers get the kit a touch later, enthusiasts get a more accurate kit, manufacturer gets more sales, after market gets a bigger market. All win.
  10. Very nice work so far and a very interesting build too. IIRC they were at Telford a few years back and their party trick was bouncing an Eiffel Tower off the concrete floor possibly not so good for this. The detailing is amazing.
  11. I'm wondering if a cheap 72nd scale 'old' Airfix Vulcan can be obtained and re-roled??
  12. Looking good. Hopefully they will be able to ship to the UK when it gets released.
  13. Thank you Michael, after putting my planned 3D Printed project on the back burner in a moment of sanity I didn't really want to change again. The Prototypes GB was fun but several also fell so we are in good company :D I have brought a small hammer after reading your cautionary tale. Thank you Jeroen. the original hulls are now reduced to produce and the plastic will be making a reappearance. As with a lot of these projects the stuff you find while researching is often fascinating. Trouble is I now know about the Su-122-54 You Sir have a lot to answer for. Seeing your
  14. This is a week's progress! Rear idler mounts finally fit where they should, the rear plate does the same and the front plate matches the rear. Considering the multiple angles I've had to consider I'm actually quite happy with this. Most of the remaining components can be directly measured from what's built. I have been trying to work out the progress of these designs and had got partway when I found these sites HERE and HERE TOO which confirmed some of my thoughts and added more. Basically Uralmash 1 became Su-101 when Su-102 was built. Wh
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