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  1. chrisov

    Supermarine Scimitar, brief update.

    Hello Artie I did PM you last week but no reply so far. Any news please? Cheers Chris
  2. Sounds better hope all like tiger331's.
  3. Oh dear thats not good news especially as the sprue shots earlier in thread looked good. Be interested to read your more in depth review.
  4. chrisov

    Supermarine Scimitar, brief update.

    Still waiting for mine too Last I heard from Juan was on 21st Oct 'don,t worry. It will be ready along next week. I had to repeat some molds to improve little pieces. I have ready the new molds and I am doing now'. I emailed him again yesterday hopefully will hear soon.
  5. How nice great news thank you.
  6. Hi Mark For those with pre orders, and not going to SMW, will you be able to post before Telford please? Thanks Chris
  7. chrisov

    AIM 1/72 DC-7 B and C Resin Conversion Set

    Not wanting to drift to far away and from Neils excellent work but for those intetested in the Carvair have you seen the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1597142537173925/permalink/2180292225525617/. And the conversion done by a Paul Crawly. The parts were 3d printed by a friend. Apparently not interested in producing more yet.
  8. chrisov

    Manufacturer's input allowed here? Your opinion pls

    Petr Again not sure on rules but perfectly happy personally. Chris
  9. Oh yes like the thinking 1/48 1049 would be very nice. It would also be nice to get to see the real one at Wroughton as shown above.
  10. Great news Artie. Think I was a July order so getting closer all the time. Keep up the good work. Thanks Chris
  11. I have not received a tracking number does this mean mine has not yet been sent? Not a complaint happy to wait for this model but just wanting to know what the current state of play is. Thanks Chris
  12. Hi Duncan Any idea on your price please? Cheers Chris
  13. chrisov

    Amodel 1/72nd EMB-121 Xingu

    Wow thats some document seems very comphrehensive. Almost gave up with the early pages of maths. But then the colour chips.