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  1. Read that Newark could reopen mid April outside and mid May inside. Apoarently awaiting further guidance due this month. Want to go back there too, plenty of interesting aircraft.
  2. I had thought that the dihedral tailplane was introduced with the Mk VI, unless some early Mk VI had the horizontal version?
  3. Reply from Clearprop models on the 'late version' Hello! A later version will be available next year. Great to get such a quick reply from a manufacturer. Personally had hoped for a quicker release, now the decision to get the early one or wait for the later one......
  4. Thanks for the replies above. CP4802 on pre order at Hannants https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/CP4802?result-token=n7FUn £58.49 (£64.99 without the 10% per order discount) The masks and a brass set also listed.
  5. Great news, anyone know when the late version CP48001, which was shown first with a blue scheme, will be released please? What are the differences or are all parts for both versions in this boxing or just different decals? Thanks
  6. Just trying this too, found the work bench bit but while there are two items for the 20th Jan with all pictures showing both are actually from pre Christmas eg Sabre and Buccaneer, perhaps the date they were added to the new site? I had thought the first workbench of the new year was to be on the 8th Jan? Hope this not a sign of things to come....... Chris
  7. When the model first came out there was lots of discussion on that very point but cant find it now. From memory, and hope, think it would be painted silver that would also make it easier for me to try and replicate!
  8. Found this group on Facebook, worth a look as lots of photos and memories of the Javelin. Also includes some recent posts / photos from the son of Sqn Ldr /Wg Cdr George Beaton including the silver machine. Happily Geroge Beaton is still with us. https://m.facebook.com/groups/886725604719419/permalink/3757890814269536/
  9. Hello Sabrejet I am interested in seeing this but I just seem to get a page asking for me to donate, or a 503 error probably doing something wrong but any advice please? MTIA Chris
  10. Is this the old testors one, a new mould or something different please?
  11. Available from Hannants now. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICM48290?result-token=gGMTQ
  12. Sword also have/had a sale on about 200 Krona off. At least last night. Worked out about £45 inc uk postage.
  13. Emailed Paolo and had a quick response. Cost was €80 and post to UK €20 also some decals for €12 if required. All currently sold out but he expects to have more in April.
  14. Looking very nice but couldn't see and info on price or how and where to buy from, do you have a link please?
  15. Heron now at Hannants, and no doubt other model shops. Jetstream and Dominie showing as May 2020 at Wonderland. Shame not all at same time could save a lot on postage
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