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  1. Available from Hannants now. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/ICM48290?result-token=gGMTQ
  2. Sword also have/had a sale on about 200 Krona off. At least last night. Worked out about £45 inc uk postage.
  3. Emailed Paolo and had a quick response. Cost was €80 and post to UK €20 also some decals for €12 if required. All currently sold out but he expects to have more in April.
  4. Looking very nice but couldn't see and info on price or how and where to buy from, do you have a link please?
  5. Heron now at Hannants, and no doubt other model shops. Jetstream and Dominie showing as May 2020 at Wonderland. Shame not all at same time could save a lot on postage
  6. Thanks All Looks like Welsh Models Cheers Chris
  7. I am looking for a Jetstream 41 as flown by Eastern Airways. Ideally I would like 1/48 but it appears these are only available as diecast or solid models at great prices. Welsh models do some 41's in 1/72, which I may settle for, but does any one know if they are all the same, apart from decals, or if one is better for Eastern Airways please. Thank you.
  8. Looking good. Now we just need a nice new base model did I remember Kinetic or AMK were talking about one? Otherwise just the ESCI/Italeri or Occidental ones?
  9. chrisov

    Telford 2019

    Apart from the welcome Vulcan any other news from Airfix or others?
  10. Quick Google shows "Confound and destroy" also by Martin Streetly. Available via Amazon £4.89 +pp. Cant find my copy just now so can't confirm contents. Might be worth a look.
  11. "Aircraft of 100 Group". I have this feeling that this book or amalgamation of the two books (there were two weren't there by same author?) was released in more recent years? Unfortunately I cant lay my hands on any confirmation just now.
  12. "Maybe they and we would be better off if they told us absolutely nothing and the first we knew of a new release was when it appeared on the shelf (or virtual shelf). " Back to the good old days of popping into Woollies every week after school to see what delights were on sale
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