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  1. For those who haven't seen it and do facebook, there is an excellent group there. Search 'unsung giant c-133'. It owned by Cal Taylor who flew them and has also written the definative book on the subject. I also have a spare new copy and I am in the UK. PM me if interested.
  2. Jetstream, Heron and Domine now showing as Pre Order expected winter 2020!
  3. Please buy loads then hopefully they will issue a 1/48th one for the rest of us. Enjoy and look forward to seeing some completed ones
  4. Fully agree with the first half. Its the lack of comunication that is so dissapointing. Usually Terry & Co were so quick to reply. I di hope all is well with them.
  5. Thanks Jan Have seen that web link, its where I got the possible early 2019. But I think that was an update from Oct last year. Just found their ebay sellers page which still seems to be running. Will give that a try
  6. Hope this is in the right area, please move if not. Back in 2016 I preordered, direct from Aviaeology, some sets of etch including the 1/48 rocket rails for Mosquitos, I am aware that there have been several production quality issues which Terry & co have been working on. Contact has generally been good over the intervening months but I have not had a reply to emails over the last few weeks and a PM via Britmodeller remains unanswered. Lastest news on their website suggests early 2019 for delivery at Aviaeology. I have done a search on Britmodeller and almost everthing related to them seems to have been deleted. I should say previous experience with Aviaeology has always been great. Does anyone know if Terry and Aviaeology are still around? Thanks
  7. Each to his own but I will wait to see what it goes for at some of the other sellers and actually achieves on ebay.
  8. Excellent news, not so sure about the €40 price tag though. Might have to wait and see what price it actually sells for when it becomes available in the UK. Cheers
  9. There is/was a 1/48 vac form by OZ Models. Which I think is highly regarded. Also several upgrades from Plus Models for the Hobby craft kit.
  10. Year clarified on original post.
  11. For those waiting for the Domine, Jetstream and Heron they are now showing as March 2020 on their web site.
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