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  1. I've now assembled the wheel wells and added a touch of filler to the seams in the walls. Once this has fully set it'll get sanded back - always easier to do before the upper wing surfaces get fixed in place! The mojo is definitely back
  2. There's a good chance I'm going to get away with this: I've successfully separated the front and rear fairings from the closed bomb bay resin set and fixed the rear fairing in place (the front one is from the kit). The rear fairing does look like it needs a fillet of filler around the edges of it, and there are a few tiny bubbles in the surface that will need filling too. If I can separate the resin bomb bay doors from each other and carve away the inside to approximately the right profile, it may end up looking okay. If not, there's always the option to fill and sand the kit doors!
  3. Thanks Nige! I used an Eduard set on the Mossie too, it turned out looking great. I'm really quite looking forward to the Eduard Mk.VIII and late Mk.IX I've got in the pending pile for this project
  4. It's taken a while to get the mojo going on the Early Mk.IX - but once I'd finished the cockpit on the Mossie it was a pretty easy sidle across to the Spit. It's about 4 years since I did an Eduard cockpit, but they're what impressed me so much on my proper return to the hobby, so I'm glad that it's gone together well again - it's well-designed, with enough detail to make it an engaging build without being over-engineered. A very light wash of Vallejo dark wash has (I think) helped to bring it all to life: The fuselage closed up with no issues at all - it's now sat with the Plastic Weld curing so there's a good, solid join before I start adding the various curvy bits wot make it look like a Spitfire: I've finished the Me262B and the Mossie is well in hand. Must resist starting another Spitfire as my optimum number of kits on the go seems to be 3, but I really need to start looking at the model railway shunting layout so it's finished for its first exhibition in November...
  5. Thanks chaps working with tiny etched brass model railway kits really does set one up for an ability to do this without cocking it up royally - at least if the etch is well-designed! With a bit more paint (including on the fuel tanks) and an oil wash, the fuselage is ready for closing up: I'm really rather pleased with how it's turned out, it's a pity so little will be visible! I also thought I'd managed to nip that ejector pin mark under the Nav's seat, but apparently not... I need to start contemplating sanding some bomb bay doors now...
  6. Progress has been slow but steady - I've managed to chip away at the cockpit despite a couple of work trips away. The rudder pedals fold up nicely, they're a well-thought through design and infinitely finer than the moulded ones. It's a pity they're going to be impossible to see! The cockpit is now complete except for an oil wash and some dry-brushing, with one exception - I've not fitted the black box on the left which looks like the H2S receiver, as this Mossie wasn't fitted with one. I'm assuming it should have the R1155 fitted above the slot where the instructions show the radar display being mounted, but if anyone knows better then please let me know! The Eduard set really does seem to improve the cockpit a lot. The Mk.XIV bombsight in particular is a lot less blocky, and the associated computor [sic] and other dials and gauges look spot on. The only bit that's missing is that the three levers on the instrument panel have been eaten by the carpet monster, but I can live with that. I'm assuming that the rack on the starboard side is for maps / target maps, and I'm assuming it should be green. Again, if anyone knows better, now's the time before it all gets closed up! Time to start folding brass for the bomb bay...
  7. But a missed opportunity to change the title to "apostrophe's" at the same time
  8. Thanks again Dave, I thought that was the case but it's very nice to have it confirmed.
  9. Thanks Dave, that's some very useful info - I've started following the threads through and will make sure I finish them before getting to the point of adding the fairing! I reckon I might be able to cut off the rear bulge fairing from the Freightdog bomb bay doors and marry it up with some corrected (i.e. smoothed) kit doors. I would guess that the brackets fixed to the insides of the doors (C3 and C4) are to do with guiding the tow cables on the TT.35 variant and wouldn't be required on the B.XVI?
  10. I've got the rudder pedals together, but I've given up for the night. I'm shattered after a bit of moderately heavy duty garden renovation this afternoon, and it isn't conducive to fine motor control or quick reactions. Frankly, I'm surprised that nothing has pinged off, so I'm quitting whilst I'm ahead!
  11. Having brought the modelling stuff downstairs with the express intent of doing the various etched cockpit bits, I've just realised that I've left the superglue upstairs, so I'm having a pint and a ponder whilst I wait to ensure that the girls are asleep before going up to get it (wide awake would be fine, sound asleep would be fine, but on the edge of sleep tends to result in them perking up and then starting with the delay tactics...). Whilst supping my Timmy Taylor and having a read of the instructions for the Freightdog set I've realised that the set only let's you do closed bomb bay doors, hiding or leaving unused all of the lovely Eduard etched parts. . Looks as though I have two options: Try and cut open the resin ones and profile the insides correctly, or Sand and fill the various kit parts to B.XVI standard. Either way I'm using the set for the fuel cooler, Monica aerial and tail wheel. I suspect I'll give option 1 a try first, then option 2 is the backup for when the first one goes horribly wrong.
  12. I see what you mean - it almost looks cartoonish by comparison! If it's any consolation it probably won't be that visible - I've just checked my FB Mk.VI and even with a vac-formed canopy the etched belts aren't particularly noticeable. Maybe a wash or two specifically on the seat will tone them down?
  13. Thanks James - it's 90% down to Eduard's (so far) well-designed etch and 10% down to my ability to assemble it without supergluing it to my fingers! (I'm more used to using solder on etched parts, which can allow easier rectification of mistakes - but this is a bit too small for that and I didn't want to round off the seat bucket corners with solder fillets. )
  14. Yes, some etched parts do seem to be just 'because I can' rather than because they bring anything to the party. These I would definitely class as improving matters!
  15. I had planned to do both the Me262B and this in parallel, but I ended up focusing on that first instead. Probably no bad thing, given the state of my office with just that and an Eduard Spitfire very tentatively on the go! I made a start yesterday on the cockpit, carving away the moulded detail to be replaced by the Eduard etched set and making up the seats. I'm rather impressed, and it looks a lot finer than the Airfix offering with the added advantage that it is (I think) more appropriate as the correct type of seat for a seat-type parachute rather than a cushioned one. The Airfix pilot (a navigator isn't supplied for some odd reason) looks far too small - he's either been modelled to 1/100 scale or Airfix assumed that Mossies were flown by malnourished 12 year olds! I'll include him in a subsequent photo for comparison; it may be that he's undersized to fit into the chunky seat, and a navigator wasn't included as would either look disproportionate next to the pilot or relative to the navigator's pew depending on whether they were modelled in scale or not. Next steps will be a waft of interior green over the cockpit before starting to fit the pre-painted etched details.
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