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  1. The Carvair conversion is designed, but 3D printing is a slow process, even with multiple machines.
  2. A brief update 2nd September 2022 Mandator: We are doing final tests of the articulation, and some parts have been produced. This is a complicated model, but the chassis and cab look beautiful (to my eyes!). There has been a lot of experimentation, and the reason it has taken so long is that design was finished and masters made, then the Elegoo Mars and 3D printing came along and so I started all over again. Valiant B2 conversion: The conversion is being redesigned for 3D printing, and we are doing the 1:144 version first. The fuselage plug is done, and next comes the wing pods. The main undercarriage will be built in ABS like resin, and each leg will be a single part, giving better realism, and it will now include the early and late main wheels. Dragon A-10 rearming trolley: We have just obtained some dimensions from the USA, to make sure the scale is accurate. Beech T-1 Jayhawk: Just about finished, following very promising build of a clear cockpit canopy. 747-all variants: This is an ongoing project, intended for when the Jupiter 3D printer arrives. Blackburn Blackburn: A new batch of 1:72 (and possibly 1:48) is being produced. Historic Wings kits: We have delivered the revised Goddard Rocket in 1:72 and 1:48. This includes a specially commissioned figure of Dr Goddard, and the sculptor has captured the photo very well. The intention is to bring back all the kits but as 3D printed rather than photo etch. General comments 1 - we never give planned delivery dates, because too many things can cause delays. My standard answer - watch/subscribe to the Hannants Hot News sheet, to know when the kits arrive. 2 - with 3D printing, it is possible to drastically reduce the parts count, and the Blackburn proved that you can do both the wings and the inter-plane struts as a single part, making a biplane as simple to build as a monoplane.
  3. tnuag


    No - that comes after the test build.
  4. tnuag


    1:72, 1:48 & 1:32 - 3D printed.
  5. tnuag


    Our latest - the Dragon ammunition loading cart for the A-10 Warthog.
  6. Yes. and prototype, but new wing panels would be needed (and landing gear).
  7. If plans work out, it is 1:144 & 1:72.
  8. We are currently revising the design for 3D printing, and it has several improvements, thanks to input from a fellow ,modeller. There are now two types of main wheels, improved fit of fuselage plugs, air brake details, and a revised main undercarriage leg - now a single item..
  9. Very nice to see a finished model - congratulations.
  10. Yes eventually - design is done, but 3D is a slow production process. the quality and possible detail justify using it however.
  11. No, it won't be August delivery.. All I can say is watch the Hannants Hot News sheet until it appears.
  12. Just as a heads-up, here are some of the forthcoming evolving models: FLYING BEDSTEAD You can add so much more detail with CAD and 3D printing. 747 MULTI-VARIANT (YES 1:72) AEC MANDATOR This kit has now gone through three iterations in design, but is now finally in test build, prior to delivery, Retirement - not likely..... I find that I get as much pleasure out of my CAD as I did in the days of physical modelling. Mainly because we can produce pretty much anything which appeals - a nice situation to have.
  13. This is the first I have heard of my retirement - I had a spell in hospital, but there are still many models I would like to see. In fact all three of us had problems of one kind or another. High on the list is a 3D printed version of the Valiant B2 conversion. We have just delivered another batch of models to Hannants, and the next delivery should be in August, but that is a kit equal to the Argus in complexity.
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