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  1. I agree - I did the propellers for this for a friend some time ago. I will put it on the list of projects and thank you for the suggestion..
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Colin, but I already have a long list in my preferred scale of 1:72. I will post details of the next project when it is reasonably close to completion.
  3. THE END OF THE LINE To complete the story, we delivered the final batch of Argus conversions to Hannants on Tuesday of this week, 17 November, 2020.. Production is now complete.
  4. What is wrong with the present CV440 model? Incidentally the Ambassador and Trident are on my list - when they arrive depends on how successful the 3D printing trials are.
  5. Because I work in 1:72 and the arrival of the Mach 2 Britannia prompted the Argus conversion, together with the Yukon and CL-44 conversions. I may do a 1:144 kit at some stage, but there are lots of other aircraft and GSE which are on my list. The arrival of MSLA 3D printing has also given me a whole new range of possibilities.
  6. Agreed, but if it were a complete kit there is nothing else to buy. It is always uncertain when matching parts to a donor kit, with some kits being better than others. I do prefer doing a complete model and am currently developing a test model of a large aircraft to try a complete 3D printed kit.
  7. Because it is half the size does not mean it is half the price - the only thing which reduces is the quantity of material used. The labour element is largely the same
  8. It would be easier to do a complete kit.
  9. Looking at the suggestions again, the Convair 440 is already available in 1:72.
  10. We supplied sufficient kits to fill all back orders at that time and a further batch of kits are currently being packed. The delay was because I was not happy with some of the resin parts supplied and had them remade. So the second and final batch will be sent shortly. The topic title was set over 2 years ago and if other subjects have come along I am happy to receive suggestions - long may it continue.
  11. CAD and now 3D printing have changed everything. The big thing is the CAD program, which can be very expensive. Also I got very tired of the Argus towards the end. That was due to the large number of resin castings (16,000 approximately).
  12. Possibly, There are other kits to attend to first though! The Argus took nearly two years in all.
  13. Agreed - I have worked on the Fokker100, SAAB 340 and G159. We do have a set of factory drawings for the 990 though. And also remember the ground equipment.
  14. It is so fast and easy. It took 2 hour from request to finished. I am sold on 3D printing, as are friends.
  15. Thank you for the suggestion. All suggestions are welcome. One beauty of CAD/CAM is that you can do literally anything which takes your fancy. You can also help friends - in the last few months I have done parts for Halifax and Hampden and am currently doing engines for a Do X....... We recently took delivery of a medium size printed with about six times the build volume of an Elegoo Mars and higher resolution, so larger models are planned - exciting times.
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