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  1. Deliveries update The CC-106 Yukon has been delivered to Hannants on 7th May 2019 The CL-44D and CL-44J should be delivered in early June 2019 The CP-107 Argus will follow as soon as possible thereafter.
  2. The plan is that when the Canadair conversions are complete, the next project will be the Mandator transport vehicle for the Blue Steel, and in preparation, I spent my Easter designing the bomb trolley - here are some graphics.
  3. Update 19 April 2019 All masters for the Yukon, CL-44D and CL-44J have now been delivered and the production moulds are now being produced. Design work on the Argus continues -this is going to be a very large conversion set, consisting of virtually a complete fuselage and four engines, The engines will be similar to those in our DC-7 conversion sets. Plus propellers and possibly a new nose landing gear assembly, not forgetting wing mounted items and fuselage interior items...........
  4. We must get the Mandator out before looking at the Victor. Incidentally, we have just improved the Valiant B2 conversion with the addition of resin main wheels, to give better hub detail. I am just wondering if we should make the new wheels available separately.
  5. I was not happy with the way the Skyflash masters built, so am having them redone this week. Had they been satisfactory they would have appeared at the same time as Delilah I will also look at the decals..
  6. Yes - it is the Mandator and it is planned to follow the current series of Canadair conversions (Yukon, CL-44 and Argus). Mandator has been delayed because of problems with casting clear resin windows.
  7. Apologies - I have been swamped with aeroplane wants as well. I will use your list as an aide memoir - in fairness look at the number of new items we have produced.
  8. We have been looking at the Airfix Victor kit - would a B1 conversion be of interest?
  9. The masters for the Skyflash and the Israeli Delilah missiles in 1:72 and 1:48 were released for production last week and will be available from Hannants in the next few weeks. The Delilah comes with an F-16 pylon and there will be two missiles per pack for each missile type.
  10. Manufacturer 96 146 posts Gender:Male Report post #1 Posted 1 hour ago As promised, I will record the progress of the Canadair conversions here. The DC-7 thread was useful and hopefully this one will be as well. There are four conversions in all, and they are all based on the Mach 2 Britannia kit. The parts breakdown for each conversion is as follows: Cockpit canopy Forward fuselage plug Rear fuselage plug RR Type engines 4 blade props Wright R3359 engines 3 blade props CC107 Yukon X X X X CL-44D X X X X X CL-44J X X X X X CP-106 Argus Complete new forward fuselage Complete new rear fuselage X X Argus screen shots Mk 1 radome Mk 2 radome
  11. Text transferred to Manufacturers News
  12. As I said before, according to the Hannants website, the DC-7C conversions sold out in three days which was good commercial news for us. It is not a problem however because more 7C conversions will be delivered at the same time as the 7Bs. So there is nothing to be concerned about.
  13. I don't know, but it is not a problem as more 7C conversions will be delivered at the same time as the 7Bs.
  14. The 7B engine exhaust section os different and is being cast now - they should be delivered by the end of March and hopefully sooner.
  15. Yes, I did the artwork for them yesterday after I did the list.
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