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  1. If you are going to build the cab using clear resin, I suggest that you do it in three parts: right plus back, left plus front, and the roof.. That is how I have done our Mandator cab, but orientation is critical to avoid striations or build lines. Also clear panes don't want to be too thick. Hope this helps.
  2. Yes, Watchkeeper is planned to be 1:72, 1:48 and 1:35 (as is Mandator & Blue Steel bomb trolley. Of course we will need to do a 1:35 Blue Steel missile). As an aside,I collected the first test sets of figure for the Blue Steel servicing crew, in their protective suits this morning in all three scales (six figures, including one with a hose pipe nozzle).
  3. All production is on hold while we move the location of production. It will appear on the Hannants Hot News Sheet when available.
  4. No chance - there have been multiple kits (Google shows about six manufacturers kits) in the past so not a good commercial prospect. I would rather do an Avro Bison or Short Seamew or Sturgeoon, if I wanted to add something else to my already long list of projects. I already have Carvair, Ambassador, Hermes and HP42 to work on.
  5. I have just received an email from Hannants - we don't have any spares at present, so I have sent a pdf file with the instruction as an interim. Hard copy will follow when it is produced.
  6. I have just about finished the design, and thought it would be nice to include the tow bar and support vehicle. So here are two screen shots. On another subject - we have had to relocate our print farm and this has disrupted deliveries of further Blackburn kits, together with the Mandator (which was just about to be released). Production will resume soon.
  7. It took eight days for the first delivery to Hannants to sell out. The next batch will include 1:48 as well as 1:72.
  8. Just to clarify on scales, 1:72 has been delivered and a test 1:48 model has been built. I am waiting for a new, high resolution machine to become available, but will wait a little time after it is released, in case there are any bugs to be resolved - so 1:32 is planned, but prudence plays its part. I hope this clarifies things.
  9. It isn't likely - it would mean a complete redesign, sadly.
  10. The 1:72 version was delivered to Hannants yesterday. Production has been disrupted by personnel problems and there will be some slight delay before the 1;48 version appears.
  11. Here are some photos of the test model Blackburn in 1:72. The first batch will be delivered to Hannants, in the next few days, to be followed by the 1:48 version as time permits. Unfortunately the 1:32 version will have to wait until we get a larger printer, and as that is a significant capital investment, I cannot say when that will happen - sorry to the 1:32 modellers. The main disadvantage of 3D printing is that it takes a long time to remove all the nubs from the supports, to achieve a smooth finish (especially on struts). The advantages are that you can model undercuts and incredibly fine details easily. Plus very simple construction for biplanes - the Blackburn only has six major parts; = left fuselage half, right fuselage half, cabin interior, left wings and struts, right wings and struts and the empennage/tail unit. Plus minor parts like wheels, seats, propeller, etc. To me, the biggest single advantage is that the wings and struts are a single part, giving strength combined with perfect alignment (no more jigs to align wings and struts). Anyway, here are some photos. Alternative radiator shutters (open & closed) are supplied. The windscreen frame requires glazing solution - I feel that this is easier and more realistic than painting the frame on a transparency.
  12. A QUESTION OF SCALE We have been considering a large scale model of the Mandator - say 1:24, as a model in its own right. Would this be of interest to anyone? It would not happen immediately, because we would need to source a larger printer. Reactions please.
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