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  1. Hello, I am following this build as I have academy kit to build. I may recommend to drill out holes on spare academy wheels. Demaged DS tracks occure from time to time. I have old kits with such tracks that are okey after more than 8 years and other are like that with released grease from them. I would highly recommend not to place them (those demaged ones) anywhere on the kit since they have tendency to soften plastic and cause lot of problem in the future.
  2. Eduard 1/48 scale Mirage IIIC weekend kit. Seat modified with spare parts and Tamiya tape, master pitot tube, modifications for South African RIMS upgrade package (sensors, flares), decals from my custom decal sheet, otherwise it's OOB build. Not a perfect or cleanest build, but I am happy with results.
  3. I get home during weekend and picked my custom decal sheet for Mirage. So I can finally continue on this little beast So here are few decal sheets And here is progress I made today on stencils
  4. I am really glad for any response at this thread. At all Jon, you're lucky that you have a photos like these and I add interesting photos to my collection and future build of CZ thanks to you I also welcome any constructive criticism because I think it makes better modelers from everyone. BTW: another progress should be tomorrow
  5. Brown is little bit lighter, just a bit, that's true, but from my experiences with Tamiya acrylics, it will get darker after clear coat and wash. Guys on SAAF Forum says that color seems to be spot on so hopefully it will looks good once finished and I can still use some filters if it's not gonna be okey
  6. progress made yesterday. Green is on and I am happy with results. Photos are from night on artificial light so colors are bit different. Last photo is from this morning. Some parts as nose or air intake leading edge is already masked and prepared for airbrush.
  7. Another progress made. Graz-blue seemed to be too blue-ish so I applied few light coats of gray. Unfortunatelly no photo of it. Next step was masking and firt coat of dark earth. Unfortunatelly this color was too dark and I had to wait to next day. After some evaluations, I used Tamiya buff straight out of bottle and was really happy with the result. Today, I plan to prepare masks. On sunday, there will be plenty of time to apply dark green and maybe even Gunze Super clear GX-100. Still lot of work in front of me.
  8. I am definitely watching this build. I bought mine Avia on E-day. To note your dad, some problems about this kit leaked out. Kit was finished in hurry and they forget to make holes in wheels. On decal sheet is missing decal for wheel discs, that is correct and decal should not be present on aircraft. I am looking forward for another step
  9. Here's pic of my spitfire I mentioned before. It was taken by guys from eastmodel at local model show. Another progress on Vlamgat made yesterday. Photos was taken under lamp and it makes preshading much more pronounced than in normal light.
  10. I chose dark gray for preshading, but maybe it's still too dark. I already used this technique on my 1/48 spitfire and liked it. Don't worry, I will make preshading only a little pronounced. At all it was relatively new aircraft kept in good condition so only little variation in shades of colors is planned. I hope I will make some progress today.
  11. Another progress made yesterday. I am still not happy with my airbrush work, but I hope it will get better and better.
  12. I am still busy with all of those stuffs in connection with new job and moving to the new city. I managed to find some time during this week. I glued ejection seat and canopy in place. Canopy needed some surfacer 500. I also painted lower surfaces in base gray-blue yesterday. Today I am planning to make some post shading on lower surfaces. Hopefully there'll be enough time. Exhaust nozzle is painted with Gunze C8 and C104 and some variation added with Tamiya clear blue, clear red and smoke.
  13. I will definitely watch your steps during this build. I have my own Hellenic Phantom with lot of resins waiting in my stash
  14. I rescribed panel lines, smoothed most of it. It required some minor putty work but it should be in final layer of surfacer soon. I also painted excellent resin Scaleworx seat.
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