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  1. 1/35 scale is usual for tanks etc. You’re much more likely to find aitcraft in 1/32 (which is pretty close of course). I know Revell released an Arado 196 in 1/32, I can’t comment on its quality or availability, though.
  2. Good find, thanks. The needle is out of stock, but I'll ask them on Monday if they'll be getting more. In the meantime, I'll try to straighten the one I have.
  3. Maybe I need to brush up my searching skills, as I can't believe I'm the first person to ask this: Are airbrush needles brand specific? Obviously they need to match the nozzle size, but does the manufacturer matter? I managed to bend the needle tip on my airbrush. It's labelled Sparmax SX0.3D on the box, but Tamiya 74801 on the airbrush body. I can't seem to find sparmax needles anywhere online, (and their website wasn't much help). The options seem to be (i) taking a punt on a 0.3 needle specc'd for a different airbrush. or, (ii) ordering a cheap set of needles from some "no-name" manufacturer and hoping for the best. And tomorrow I'll try to straighten the needle. But none of these approaches fill me with confidence right now. Obviously, it'd be expensive to have to replace the whole 'brush for the sake of one component, so I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience?
  4. Lovely paint job, very impressive. Especially considering the scale.
  5. I have a real knack for glueing the lid onto the tube so securely it'll never come off - so I use the cheapest superglue I can find. I usually make a puncture near the bottom of the tube with an old no.11 blade whenever I need to use it - the hole is self-sealing, and I just work my way progressively up the tube until there's nowhere left to stab it. I only really use it for small assemblies I can't clamp - cockpits typically - so it's rare that I'd need more than 1 puncture per session. The tube lasts surprisingly well this way. I've tried posher brands from the model shop (Zap etc), but I've always managed to seal them shut so quickly I never felt I was getting my money's worth.
  6. Kudos for your perserverance - I would probably have flounced off in a huff by now.
  7. Wow, I remember this. I even had the poster. Strangely, I was thinking about it just the other day. Thanks for the link. EDIT: Just finished it - it's still a good watch
  8. Thanks Paul - yep, I tried that, to no avail. My current vague plan is to scan the surviving decals, edit this to replace the missing elements, and then print a new set. Work in (very slow) progress, we shall see.
  9. Following - I have a black Novo B(I)8 that's ready for decaling. I've tried everything I can think of, but the kit decals are so old, they just shatter on contact with water.
  10. Very nice - I really like the simple base also. I keep thinking about buying one of these, but struts are so bad for my blood pressure...
  11. Nice - I'm about half-way through mangling the Special Hobby Malta Vc, thanks for reminding me I should crack on with it.
  12. Ordered a few sundries, masking fluid, plasticard, that sort of thing. Somehow the new Eduard Avia S-199 profipack fell into the box as well....
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