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  1. I've never heard of these before. I guess they could be used to create paint chipping effects also? These are listed on e-bay as "fibre glass eraser pen"
  2. For your first adult build that really is a bit good. I've been back in the hobby for maybe 5-6 years, and I'd be well chuffed to get a result as good as that. Keep at it, I think you could have a talent for this.
  3. I use a set of cheapo handles (maybe also from Lidl, back in the day). They take "X-acto" style blades. My LMS always seems to be sold out of these, so I've just ordered a box of 100 from FleaBay. Can't comment on the quality yet, but cheap as chips so worth giving them a spin.
  4. Thanks @Adam Poultney, I'll have to see if I can lay my hands on one.
  5. Nice. Always liked the very early Spits. Would like to do one myself. Kit looks like the Airfix Mk. I? Did you get the canopy & prop as aftermarket or are they homebrew?
  6. Silverfish are one of the oldest unchanged animals in the world. They are also quite harmless.
  7. I've had some very gloopy new tins of Humbrol enamel, but so far I've always been able to save them - few drops of thinners or spirits, stir a few minutes, repeat... Maybe I've just been lucky - in being given the sort of dull mind that finds mindlessly stirring paint for 10 minutes therapeutic in a zen sort of way.
  8. Lovely model. What about trying different CA? I've got some really thin CA (Bolt brand, I think) which gives you a couple of minutes or two before it sets.
  9. Weird... just the other day I was thinking about how cool the Firebrand looked, and wondering if there was a kit of it. Now two have turned up at once - Just like waiting for a bus I've never built a Valom kit. What are they like?
  10. This is an easy one, which you can demonstrate with a simple - albeit life-threatening - home experiment. Weigh yourself. And then eat nothing but fried breakfasts, 3x a day for a month. Weigh yourself again at the end of the month, and you will see how the calories - energy - have converted into mass. Notice also how fat from the sausages & bacon dropped into your frying pan will spit. This is a meataphor for the big bang. Compare the pattern of grease spots thus produced on your cooker to a random selection of stars in the night sky, and you will see that the distribution is similar. All of this is conclusive proof of something that escapes me just now. However, the real question (which has divided scientists and philosophers for years) is: ketchup or brown sauce?
  11. I hate building undercarriages. And I'm not very good at it. Some of my models look like they're on the way home from a heavy night out. But I hate painting figures even more, And an in-flight aircraft with an empty cockpit seems strange - to me, anyway.
  12. Yes - I plan to look for a new job next year, and was hoping to use this site as a reference!
  13. Brilliant idea, thanks. Would nachos work also? Or are there compatbility issues we should be aware of?
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