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  1. I like the faded invasion strips - I'm planning to do the same on an A26 I have in the stash.
  2. Lovely build. One of the first 3-4 kits I made after coming back to the hobby. Nice kit, that will give even a ten-thumbed duffer like me a decent result. Painting is nowhere near as hard as it looks, Provided you invest a couple of evenings' chin-stroking working out how to best mask & paint it. Revell give you quite a lot of internal detail, but TBH if I was to do this again I'd probably skip a lot of it as it's invisible once you close it up.
  3. Tentacles

    Decal disaster...

    @Pin thanks, this is exactly what I need to finish my old Novo Canberra B8. Just ordered some.
  4. Just bought the Airfix EIII on a whim. Will be happy if mine turns out half as nice as yours. How hard was the rigging? It looks pretty complex.
  5. Re the decision to go NMF - paint is not only for camouflage, but also to help protect against the elements. I read somewhere that the grim mathematics of war meant that most aircraft would be written off in combat or accidents long before they suffered from corrosion. So it was decided not to bother. Can't remember where I read it though, so I could be wrong. Probably it was s combination of factors. Let's also not forget that as well as saving time and weight, going NMF would also save money.
  6. I usualy paint any fiddly bits whilst they're still on the sprue. Mating surfaces get a scrape with an old blade or a file prior to glueing. Then a touch up after - if I remember!
  7. Thought this was interesting: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-41049104
  8. Very nice indeed. I like the finish. I have the Revell issue of this in the stash. Looks like you used the Foxbot stencil decals?
  9. Nice Whirlwind, I like the effect on the spinners. Recently built this myself. It's basic but a fun build.
  10. Nice Lynx. What are those boxes on the back of the engine? Noise suppressors?
  11. Impressive stuff. Got one of these in the stash, so will be following this!
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