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  1. I agree. I love the atmospheric style of the images and the tracks in the soft snow look great.
  2. What a cracker! I love the paint and soft weathering effects you've achieved. Looks very, very good. Nice one
  3. What a great job you've done with the turret...very smart indeed and those machine guns look superb Looking forward to seeing some paint on this.
  4. What an excellent model and beautifully finished. I love the 4 detail photos...perfectly depicted colours and finishes. The comparison shot at the end is almost scary! Well done
  5. Super model and brilliant weathering again
  6. Excellent model and very well weathered
  7. Wonderfully creative model and those rust effects are stunning. Very good
  8. Many thanks Carius for your kind comments...much appreciated. Cheers and thank you for the constructive feedback....always good to get things to improve on for the future and have a fresh pair of eyes looking at a model. Good call about the sandbags and stowage
  9. Many thanks Stix for your kind comments and glad you like it. It's a great kit which I can thoroughly recommend so I look forward to seeing your version!
  10. What a brilliant model full of detail and storytelling. So much to look at though I love what you've done with the headlights and the waders look incredibly realistic. Well worth all the effort! Certainly deserves a diorama base with a stream if you're tempted
  11. This is such an interesting build to follow. Using the fuse wire so it can be flattened into shape is brilliant work and looks great I think you need to release your own range of kits!
  12. Looking really good so far. Did the mat come with the kit?
  13. That is some brilliant detail you've added there John. I don't envy you making that curved shield...sometimes the most apparently simple looking shapes can be the most difficult to make look right...it looks spot on! And those brackets are just perfect
  14. I really like the camo pattern and the partially submerged tyre is a very nice touch
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