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  1. Outstanding work and looks very realistic indeed. Great job 👏
  2. Nice camo scheme. Looking forward to seeing it come together. I think there are bolts that go through the track links (the Hauler 1/48 photoetch set has them): (photo for discussion purposes only)
  3. I like using black cyano superglue. I believe it contains rubber particles thereby giving more flexibility to the set glue so less likely to 'break' as it were. It is also easy to see any excess. Can't say it sets superfast though. For painted parts I use PVA or canopy glue as it dries clear and the flexibility seems to reduce the chance of parts breaking off.
  4. Outstanding work and the stowage is superb 👍 Gotta love a Crusader
  5. Egg shell finish armoured eggs
  6. Outstanding work. Superbly finished model and the groundwork looks perfect. Great job 👏
  7. Excellent work all round 👍. Figures and the dust effects are very good indeed. I think the whole scene blends together very naturally 👏
  8. Yes, I also understand that is where the cable is meant to be stowed...down the right side behind the stowage bins. It's quite a tight fit when the turret traverses at least on my model 😂 This crew is having a rest but you can see the tow cable: This photo shows them down both sides I think:
  9. Good video of Nightshift building an M4A2 USMC Sherman: 3D printed headlight guards and Panzerwerk tracks.
  10. Outstanding attention to detail on those small parts 👏 Looking superb 👍
  11. Outstanding collection of models and great work throughout. Thanks for sharing 👍
  12. Very nice work. Is that not an M20 though as it is without the main gun/turret?
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