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  1. That's looking splendid. It's come to life now with the paintjob and looks really vibrant and interesting. Sure it will look even better after weathering.
  2. Nice work. I really like the weathering and the turret weld seams look good to me! I have this vehicle in 1/48 in the stash and can't wait to build it now. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Really nice. I like the contrast in appearance between the 2 vehicles.
  4. Great airbrushing as usual and I like your zimmerit technique...looks very effective. Looking forward to see how this unfolds.
  5. Thank you John! That's so helpful. I've never heard of this company. I don't know who Rob Tearle is but he looks like he makes a good cupola! I would think the fit can't be too different so should be able to adapt. Photos suggest that the ARV Cupola on the Polish firefly was a Mk II where the hatches lay flat when open...will need to try and alter this on the resin piece. It's interesting how most of the British Firefly tanks had a standard Sherman hatch whereas a few Polish vehicles had the ARV? I wonder how that came about? ARV on a Sherman Another firefly from the Polish Skorpion regiment with ARV Tank Commander from Polish Skorpion regiment Thanks again Stuart
  6. Hi everyone, This is my next project. The Tamiya 1/48 Sherman IC Firefly. Whilst researching this vehicle I came across a few images of them being used by the Polish Armed Forces in Italy 1944-1945. The insignia and markings rather caught my eye and I decided it would make for a nice subject for a model. As I understand it many of the Firefly tanks used by the Polish were of the IC hybrid variety though there were a few based on the standard MK 1 hull. Hopefully the Tamiya kit I have should give an accurate representation for these IC vehicles....after all the British supplied the tanks to the Poles though minor modifications were obviously possible. The particular vehicle I am thinking of depicting is 'Trzyniec' (T-331605) of the 1st Squadron, 4th Armoured regiment, 2nd Armoured brigade, 2nd 'Warsaw' Armoured division. Google translate tells me that 'Trzyniec' means 'Trinium'....a name of some sorts?? Images suggest that the tank had x2 smoke dischargers on the right side turret, an extra stowage bin on the back of the radio on the turret and an ARV cupola. I don't know how I will make an ARV cupola?? May have to settle for the kit supplied standard split hatch....any suggestions welcome!! Cast metal turret and welded hull. Though an alternative vehicle could be Rycerz I (Knight I): I did read that many of the names applied to the vehicles were only carried out for the purposes of a parade in Loreto, Italy 1945. However, I will depict the vehicle as 'in-combat' with the name on. I have managed to source decals from Toro Models at very reasonable prices. (Looks like I'll be making a few more Polish 1/48 Shermans!) I have added PE sets from Part and Aber and a metal barrel: And last but not least: All feedback and suggestions are most welcome. I know nothing about Shermans! Thanks for looking Stuart
  7. Thanks guys for your comments. They are very much appreciated. Yes, I don't think I'll be buying the 1/72 version! (And John, annealing the tow cable is life-changing!)
  8. Great work. Takes real skill to do an 'as new' model and not rely on mud & pigments to cover up mistakes like I do!
  9. Thanks Apa. Yes, it is on the small side....Would love to see it alongside your Scammel transporter!! Thanks Ernst for the kind words. Much appreciated. The exhaust pipe padding was done with tissue paper + VMS paper shaper then a strand of copper wire wound around it. Thanks Lee....much appreciated. No magnifier....just enjoy straining my eyes!
  10. Hi everyone, This is my completed Mikromir 1/48 T-70M (one of the few AFV vehicles that this manufacturer produces). I also added the Hauler PE set. The kit went together well and although the instructions were frustrating at times it did make for an enjoyable and satisfying build. My first attempt at a winter wash...it was intended to be an early winter finish though the weathering process has shifted things to mid/late winter! The slogan on the turret refers to the 'Avtozavodsky Schoolchild' tank column. Further details on the build can be found in the WIP section. Thanks for looking Stuart
  11. Superb! Very well constructed and beautifully finished. The wading trunk is fantastic Are you planning some sort of invasion with all these tanks you're building?!
  12. Hi, I can't really comment on the specific issues you have raised but I would agree with Longbow that it is likely to be a compatibility issue with different manufacturers. For gloss coat I use what was formerly known as 'Klear' or the American version 'Future' by Sc Johnson. I think it has now changed its name to Pledge floor polish or something like that...just search for 'Future' floor polish / SC Johnson and you should be able to find it. It is acrylic based I think and works well for me. I guess you could use an artist's gloss varnish such as Winsor & Newton...I use their matt varnish and their products are very good and quite gentle on the underlying paint coatings. https://finescale.com/how-to/tips/2018/05/reader-tips-pledge-future-gloss-has-a-new-name
  13. Very impressive work all round. Looking really good
  14. Thanks Vytautas. If you enjoy weathering then a winter camouflage has lots of potential...going by your Sd.Kfz 234 then I'm sure you'll ace it!
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