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  1. Please also consider doing a version with floats. Jacques Cousteau's yellow bird is a classic and plenty of US Police forces flew float-equiped H-300s in the 1970's. BM.
  2. What a brilliant little piece of modelling. Another Moa gem. BM.
  3. Nice build of a small helicopter in 1/72. BM.
  4. It really stands out in that paint scheme. Nice build of what is, no doubt, a challenging kit. BM.
  5. I'd imagine the forum below is the place to go if you want to find out any information on any version of the Gazelle. If any technical documents or drawings are available, these guys will probably have them and be more than happy to share. Hopefully the designer of this new kit will contact the people on Aviafora if they have any questions. http://www.aviafora.com/forums/forum/helicopter-fora/gazelles http://www.aviafora.com/forums/forum/helicopter-fora/gazelles/343-shrieking-gazelles BM.
  6. There is a "stretched" version of the Gazelle as well as a standard length version. The green Gazelle in the photo above might be the stretched version. BM.
  7. A brave endeavour, tackling that kit but well worth it, judging by the finished model. It's hard to beat a flying boat from the period between the 30's and 50's. Well done. BM.
  8. Another fine piece of modelling. Great to see you building these early rotorcraft too! BM.
  9. I hope your constant supply of posts in RFI never end. Brilliant modelling of a fascinating period in aviation. BM.
  10. That is a fine Mil you have there, especially considering those Amodel kits require certsin skills to get the best out of them. That B-2 is not too shaby either. BM.
  11. This particular version of the KA-25 has always been a favourite after Airfix released one in the 1980's. I think I'll add this one to the stash. I would love to get my hands on a decent book featuring the type but I don't think such a thing exists, sadly. BM.
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