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  1. Cheers guys. As I said along the way I hVe enjoyed the more than many out of the box kits. I was a bit gutted when I missed out on another vacform on eBay this week, but I will keep looking.
  2. Got the bomb bay doors on this morning And then had a go at FOD covers & rbf tags. So she is about done. I will take some pics outside when it is slightly better weather & then do an RFI. Until then I thought some comparisons were needed. They call the Jaguar a mini TSR2. Or is that the TSR2 should be a Super Jag? And as the F-111 was due to replace the cancelled TSR2, this is an FB-111 in USAF SEA camo Should be an F-111F) Not a lot of size difference So that might be about it for the build. Thanks for following!
  3. Right decals on, serial number applied and wheel bay doors on. Probes & aerials added. Bomb bay doors still to be done, then some FOD covers & rbf tags?
  4. So back from hols & back to the TSR2. Suppose it never got a nick name as it never got in to service. Anyway the canopy outsides are painted And for some absurd reason I added handles to the canopy inside And then thought why not stick on the main decals. Had a problem here - the cover sheets had stuck to the main rounders. It wouldn’t soak off either, so I have done the best I can with them and hope they will clean up a bit when they dry. Only the number left in the kit decals to do, so will need to scare up some warning triangles etc from the spares box Still has wheel well and bomb bay doors to finish & attach
  5. looking good Loren. scary prospect facing something that big with a foil solution no doubt aimed at much smaller models
  6. Very nice work. Also reminds me of the ship in Flash Gordon!
  7. yes when we get back we are ripping out the kitchen & fitting a new one, so lots of toil & trial to come! I'll make the most of it while I am here.
  8. very nice work Loren. currently thinking about heading to the pool once my beer is done. enjoying the updates
  9. As a local government project manager we covered the basic concept - there are two types of project, those that might fail and those that will!
  10. yes Tom we want to see the shak back! have looked at 1/48 vacform as I do remember the sights & sounds of flying Shakektons & Gannets. got to love a contra rotating prop
  11. nice bit of vacforming. I have access to a reasonable one & must get better at making positives to use. nice work.
  12. cheers @tomprobert I think a lot of this could be your fault with your 1/32 Shakelton build. I enjoyed watching that & got the bug! There is something about starting with a picture and a sheet of plastic and that beats some kits
  13. Thanks @stever219 useful information. As I am going to give her serial XR222 she will be a non flyer, so only grot collected while sitting on the ground. Although there is some variation already as I haven’t included the bomb bay test equipment and 222 was never completed - she probably looks the most complete she ever has at Duxford today. Got to say the Contrail body has been more of a starting point, but that was my decision quite early on. Few bits still to finish her off though.
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