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  1. Now I need a ladder up the back. I don’t enjoy making ladders. So good job there were some on the original diecast frame So out with the dremel & I have this That should work. Cut it down & add some curved rails to the top.
  2. Got some new liquid green stuff today that you can actually brush on & not scrape out & apply with a trowel. Couple of bits added. I put the original tanker back bumper & lights on, and beefed up the first two ribs under the tank. The underneath has two plates to fit the filling pipes on to. I said before I was going to prime it but I will soon. Deciding if it needs the rear ladder before paint but I think it can go on later. When I have made it!
  3. I have been cheap & am building a nitrogen trolley from scratch so may use yours as a reference. No disrespect to Flightpath but I tend to make a mess of brass
  4. Like it a lot. I did wonder how you were going to display that beautiful Adour. Nice looking nitrogen trolley too.
  5. All looking good. There are a number of very good priced flood lights about for ho or oo gauge railways with working lights. A few for less than a tenner on eBay. I am always of the opinion that you can get increased realism for a diorama to have working lights were the real lights are rather than trying to use external lights. I even saw a mobile generator driven one
  6. Thanks @Maverick231 I started on to 1/48 after building my OO gauge railway layout. But my layout is 1950s and my models are Cold War so not really compatible. But I like the idea of a railway model as part of a scene. And a beautifully made model of a jet is nice, but a jet in a scene that looks a bit more real to me is better. Speaking of which, I never put the finished Spangdahlem F-16C in the HAS on this thread. Here she is And with my Soesterberg Eagle Always liked the F-15 Got another one to build - Bitburg this time though. May get up to date & do a Lakenheath Eagle one day
  7. Got some more P38 now so back on to shaping up the back end of the tanker - blending in the hose & pump housing, building up the raised section on the roof. It’s coming along. I need to add some more detail under the tank then get a coat of primer on & see how it looks Have been looking at the frame for the nitrogen cart too. No new pic there yet though
  8. Had a go at the tanks for the nitrogen cart today. Found some tube of a good diameter so it would look something like this No top or bottoms on the tubes so I found some dowel of a slightly smaller diameter that fitted in to the ends quite tightly. Spot of superglue to fix them in and the put them in to the cordless drill and sand the ends down. Drill a hole in to top and put in a valve I had a goat making up a frame to hold them. Once it all goes together with the evergreen strip frame angle iron there will be some small strips on the ends of the frame to hold the tanks in place. Most bits there I guess
  9. Started some bits for the nitrogen trolley today. The plan is to use the ESCI flat trolley wheels and leaf springs and scratch build a control box and frame. Box has come along nicely Next bit is to build the frames to hold the tanks and then the trolley frame and draw bar to link them all together i put the pump & hose box on to the tanker today as well & went to add some P38 filler to blend it in. Opened the tin & it was just about dried out so ordered some more. This bit may or may not set!
  10. Well that was a nice couple of weeks away. No foreign trips this year but nice time away. Saw a BBMF spitfire fly over Rougham airfield while at the Sunflowers And had a trip to the seaside But not got any modelling done. Hopefully everyone has had a good summer and back to the modelling soon. Thinking about a Phantom double build - Spangdahlem F-4G and a Luftwaffe F-4E. Or maybe the Blackbird…
  11. I have another one if that saved - wasn’t you who posted them then? Know what you mean. I am planning to make a RAF nitrogen trolley and the main reference is the Flightpath sketches. Good reference photos are nearly as rare as kits
  12. Thanks for the info @Selwyn I hadn’t seen any details on the RAF trolleys before. Looks like your link is for a pricey 1/32 kit & not 1/48. Mind you the Skunkmodels trolleys are like hens teeth to find now. Yes should have them without fins on & things can go wrong when they are lit! (Not my pic - credit to the photographer / owner)
  13. Try this. Don’t like doing that as it’s not my picture & someone deserves credit but if it won’t link…
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