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  1. bar side

    Hey y’all

    Nice. Will have to see some pics of your E. I only have a monogram Soesterberg A model at the moment
  2. bar side

    Hey y’all

    Was watching a couple of Reapers return on Wednesday after watching the Tornado farewell flypast. Got to love them. Welcome to the forum. Revell do a nice F-15E in 1/48, just saying..... Having said that, the Reaper is an F-15C I think
  3. bar side

    Building a HAS

    The Viggen build is just about done. Top coat paint went on yesterday And decals on & bits tidied up today. Don’t have a suitable 52 decal for the tail (have both too big and too small!) so that will wait she is a formidable sized jet. Here with the Jag for comparison
  4. bar side

    Building a HAS

    And some HAS shots in the sunshine today. I know the Jags didn’t often visit a HAS, especially a Coltishall Jag like this one
  5. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Preshading the viggen
  6. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Busy day today - went to see the Tornado farewell flypast at Honington first Sad to see them go. Then a stop at the Heath & got lucky with a couple of returning Reapers Then to the Hall with Ospreys on the circuit and a Rvet Joint And back home in t8me for tea! New arrival by post too - a SLUF Fancied doing this in camo as seen at the Hall airfete years ago
  7. bar side

    Building a HAS

    She is a bit of a filler queen
  8. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Test fitting the body - bit of tidying up of the cockpit area. Fun putting the body together as there are no locating pins. This kit is weird. The body is brittle (bit missing where the orange part is - starting to fix that). The wings & other parts are fairly normal plastic. Even the main wheels have no locating socket. It feels like a short run kit. Anyway, main wings are on. Lots of filler next to start to get this thing straight. Canards and tail fin are just balanced on.
  9. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Trying some load out on the Jags. The grey / green Jag I believe lasted until 92 so a load of iron bombs and centre line tank may not be quite right, but that was the load out on the 1/72 kit I built years ago Started on the Viggen kit today. The seat is all wrong, so deciding between the kit one and the unused Jag one to see which is better to cut about. Drilled out the backs of the intakes and started extending the tail which is a bit short. Flaps are being posed down on the main and canards, and the rudder is being angled to one side Sunday night beer while some film I am avoiding is on the living room
  10. bar side

    Italeri 1/48 A10c

    Very nice A-10. Excellent finish and those rbf tags really bring it alive
  11. bar side

    Building a HAS

    The FGR2 call is strong, but I put off the Viggen to do the Jag, so time to go back & have ago at it. So what do I know about Viggens? Nothing! It seems that Viggens started out as ground attack aircraft (AJ-37) variant and later came the fighter / interceptor JA-37. The ESCI/Revell kit I have is based on the shorter AJ I think. Not even considering the splinter camo. So looking for a grey AJ & found the Sweedish airforce historic flight 52. Not sure if this is how she looked operationally, or if I can find some suitable 52 decals.
  12. bar side

    Steam train restoration yard

    That is 249 Squadron and she survived, although these days she seems to look more like her already stripped sister on the left. That one is a Bullied Pacific too.
  13. bar side

    Steam train restoration yard

    Nice pic of a Bullied Pacific at Barry, but still relatively complete. One thing is for sure - the name plates would have gone
  14. bar side

    RAF Airfield Control Tower

    They all look much the same. This is RAF Bury St Edmunds, an 8th airforce field but built to the same designs as RAF fields i built a 1/48 version but changed the greenhouse on the roof to a post war type. I built it with card and the paint is household emulsion mixed with black poster paint. Gives a good textured finish got to get around to doing the walkway hand rails soon