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  1. Bit of a delay waiting for some motors, but they have now arrived. Have a choice of two - the top one is cylindrical, the other is more cuboid. I think it’s going to be easier to fix the cuboid one & stop is slipping around. And the drive shaft is long enough to come through the front of the nacelle. So now need to cut the wing front to take the nacelle and run the light & motor wiring through it. Not going to rush it though. I also got delayed finishing off an old Luft 46 build that has been lurking half finished in the garage for about 5 years
  2. Very nice build Miguel. So many paper options. And nice to find various options in the box
  3. Thank @Mig88 just had a look at yours & that is very nice. I should really have left the lower forward guns in place but I built this one years ago.
  4. That could work @dogsbody - seems most likely to be a night fighter although the daytime USAF bomber streams would be a target too. I did fancy doing the P1101. That was the first one my dad used to tell me about. How the Germans had built a jet with changeable wing sweep before the end of the war. And how that became the Bell X5. Also wanted the Ar555.
  5. Yes you get the EMI pod in the kit. I slung one under my 92 Sqn Phantom. I think they did carry them but I am no expert. Nice looking Phantom you are producing there. Mine posing with the teeth on the pod
  6. ‘Fraid not on the P1099 - probably more than 10 years ago that one was built, before I thought about taking pictures & posting them on the web. Always had a soft spot for the designs coming from Oberammergau at the end of the war. It looked a brute but given the Ar 234 needed boosters I suspect the P1099 would have been badly under powered. But by comparison the Me262 twin seat night fighters looked very tame. I was very lucky to find all of the Horton bits TBH! Need to dig the rest out one day - a battered Me163, He162 mistel set and a Natter and Fi103. It all started with a Mat
  7. I started building 1/72 German WW2 jet & rocket models years ago and when I started building kits a few years back I got a Revell Messerschmitt P1099B kit. I saw some Luft 46 sketches of the P1099 built with just the upper rear facing guns and since the kit came with a rounded nose option I built it that way. I went on to start a Horton Go 229 kit as that aircraft always fascinated me. About half way through I started building 1/48 Cold War jets and the Go 229 got shifted to the shelf of doom. About 5 or more years ago I guess. Then recently @The Spadgent started his multi build proje
  8. She’s going to be a one eyed pirate!
  9. Nice little generator Fozzy. These mini builds within the main build are great
  10. Looking good. Finally got some paint for mine yesterday, so splashed it on today. I realised that the wing joints were not as well filled as I had hoped, having done them probably 3+ years ago. I am assuming though that German panel fit was probably not the greatest by the end of the war. Probably having components made in different factories & hurriedly bolted together in underground facilities in the Owl mountains. Anyway she is looking like this The trouble with rattle cans is they put a coat down that is a bit too thick so the preshade is barely
  11. Thanks for that @Boltcropper I had assumed the photos were dry fit but didn’t realise you temporarily glue with ova. I tend to just use blutac but that adds an extra thickness to the joins. I have seen some great results by assembly, glue & paint - the temptation to add a drop of cyanoacrylate after a successful dry fit is always there. But I still take them apart, paint separately (or sub assembly) and then reassemble. The detail on those legs looks great. And the removed Adour makes me wonder why no one does resin engines - Avon, Spey, with a stand. There would surely be a mark
  12. Look fantastic. Now question for you. Glue in place & then paint or paint and then assemble? I usually paint then assemble, followed by touch up of areas where the paint has come off, been touched by glue & smeared, etc. I always want to put things together and then paint but am always concerned I can’t get to the detail areas. Plus I am sure you would get a better adhesion without the paint on
  13. Nice work on the fire extinguisher. I never really understood the Hasegawa design. I took the tank off & made a new one from spare spruce & wire. looking forward to seeing the trailer & tanker. Still want to get that Skunkworks kit
  14. So this side is the right side - the left side! The gpu socket location is here I am still thinking of the back of the starboard engine as my outgoing wire location
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