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  1. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Last bits inside the cockpit together. Looks good to me for detail. Starting on the canopy painting now. Not much more progress thanks to a trip on Fathers Day to see Ed Sheeran
  2. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Up on her own wheels today. Much like the F.2 Blue Circle radar, she needs some nose weight. Not long now until decals. Need some more work on the canopy and external antenna & probes. The preshading seems to have come out ok, could still do with a wash over to bring out the panel joints.
  3. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Some undercarriage progress
  4. Nice. I did 164 recently from the 1/48 Airfix kit, but went for the white numbers on the nose as I had a reference photo. I like the red, white & grey scheme
  5. bar side

    A-10 Thunderbolt II

    Love an A-10. Got up close with the Bentwaters preserved example a week or so back i built the Monogram A-10 (think it was) a while back. Be interesting to see how the Hobby Boss version compares
  6. bar side

    Building a HAS

    After getting the light grey on the underside of the body yesterday I had a go at the grey on the sides. Then got carried away, glued on the tail and sprayed the rest. The tail horizontals are just pushed on, and the nose is still loose. The cockpit needs more work now it is uncovered. The reverse thrust things are still not there & neither is the undercarriage and the canopy is not at all painted. but it’s progress I think
  7. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Deep in main body paint on the F3 now. Primer & preshading done,& some different primer colours used to get different panel shades. Tail will now be grey so is just about done and this is the top of the body before dusting over the top coat the wings have already been done like this & top coated. The bottom LAG top coat is on, next to do the sides, fix on the tail and paint the top
  8. bar side

    Building a HAS

    I was test fitting the fairings over the wing pivots & thought they sat a bit high & the joints stands slightly proud of the top of the body. While trying to figure out how to smooth it out I spotted a couple of in action shots Turns out the the real ones sit proud too, so no need to modify
  9. Nice Greek Phantom you have there. Have the Italeri kit ready to go but it’s the RF-4C and will be an Alconbury Phantom. Either SEA camo or Euro One
  10. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Getting towards sorting out the identity of this Tonka. The 111 special tail was tempting, but I wanted something earlier than 2002. The 23sqn option is also a special tail, ZE809 i rather fancied building ZE809 with her standard tail, but the kit decals only come with a white disk behind the squadron red eagle. Not right for her with a standard tail. So an appeal on the wanted section got a very helpful offer from @MADMUSKY I now have a pair of red eagles with no background so ZE809 she will be
  11. bar side

    Broplan Vickers Varsity T.1

    I’m sure it was a Varsity at Duxford that caught my attention ears ago. Always liked the look of them in RAF red & white. Now a 1/48 Varsity would be something
  12. I’ve tended to do the lights on one circuit and motors on another(possibly parallel) - that way a dead led or bulb blown won’t stop everything working. Are you building the batteries in or feeding the power externally?
  13. So 4 props turning & interior lights? Any external lights? Nice start with the interior detail
  14. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Realise late last night that I had the flaps fitted upside down. So some painting on them has got them about done now with the aim of getting a look like this so test fitting them the right way up looks something like this
  15. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Test fitting the slats & flaps on the wing today. They built up relatively easily, now need to finish off painting them. I don’t want to fit them until the decaling is done