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  1. I started getting some decals on today. Starts to bring it to life
  2. Canopy frames painted & front and back sections fitted. Some touch up needed and the interior frame for the centre section needs scratch building. Pitot tube painted & fitted too Once those bits are tidied up I can start decals
  3. Started putting on the PE. It’s so fiddly. But we all know that. Painted the black striped on the ejection handles And the seat together. Does look good but I think I prefer resin seats with the belts moulded on The cockpit has the stick installed and instruments panel glued in place and sitting the seat in there with the front and rear glazing loose in place with just the inside frames painted Outside frames next I guess then glue them in place. I don’t want to be touching in paint around them with decals already there. Undercarriage bay doors have been going on too
  4. Seat paint is coming along as are the undercarriage doors. The PE for the seat is mainly yellow or fawn so I gave the etch sheet a quick spray of yellow as a base. Also painted the column and bits to finish off the cockpit
  5. I did a little bit of panel line enhancement on the top & glued the undercarriage in place below. Started getting some paint on the ejection seat and primed the wheel bay doors tempted to get some decals on tomorrow if I get time
  6. Main paint job is done. The airbrush played about a bit but it’s good to get the masking off and then get the extra bits done. The white on the rudder top and the red body band have come out well. The anti reflective black on the nose top is on as is the black on the intake ramp & edges and the fawnish panel box on the spine. Put the exhaust in too. I dropped in the unpainted seat (no top firing handles yet either) and slid in the instrument panel in. The undercarriage is painted & can go on but is just sitting under loose at the moment. Rough picture of the panel So need to decide if I give it a panel wash before decals. Need to put in a frame inside the main canopy and paint all parts too. Paint & add the undercarriage doors. Then think about drop tanks and weaponry. Was thinking about tip tanks and a pair of AIM 7s, although I do have a resin second set of tanks to go under the wings.
  7. Vacform mixed with 3D printing, maybe throw in some resin casting - what’s not to like? Looking forward to seeing how you get on
  8. Got some green on today It’s definitely going to look different to the Dutch one Given the different lighting (one is in sunlight and it’s not the model!) I think that should work
  9. Cheers - you haven’t seen it up close! Did it just to see if I could & learned a lot along the way
  10. Got the two new Houchins out today with my Starfighter & it’s boarding ladder plus the Lightning and it’s ladder. Must get on with getting some green on the next Starfighter
  11. Interesting to see these two together. Two aircraft massively under represented in peoples builds as these Airfix offerings have been pretty much the only show in town. That’s not a criticism of them, by the way. As a 1/48 builder that leaves them totally missing. I built my own humble attempt at a scratch 1/48 Dominie and I still fancy building a Jetstream one day. Will be Looking back at your posts to get ideas!
  12. Not just the AIM F59 kit but one from Videoaviation too https://www.videoaviation.com/product/1-48-modern-raf-r-navy-tractor/ But the Super Taskmaster seems to have disappeared from the Hannants website & that is the only selling link from the AIM website
  13. @Kev Gregory has an AIM Super Taskmaster on his Jag diorama build. Gives a good idea of the kit
  14. There is also an F59 and MD300 tug kit available in 1/48 too - again trying to get an idea of dates & use. Thanks
  15. Questions for those who know or those who were there. What are the approximate dates for the Douglas Taskmaster & Super Taskmaster in RAF service? AIM do a Hallam HE50 that looks pretty similar to the Super Tasmaster, so any info / dates would be handy. Looking really for an early / mid 80s tug to pose with Phantom / Tornado / Bucc / Jag etc
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