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  1. Pre shade went on this afternoon, ready for the top coat Started off with the underside & then moving on to the top And the bits together. Canopy hasn’t seen any paint yet, and the tail horizontals, exhaust and wing tip rails are just blutaced in place Quite happy with the progress, touch ups needed and a wash over later will bring up the panel lines a bit
  2. Seems to have sorted the join ok, so I have patched up the primer. About ready to pre shade and then get the top coat on. Still got to sort out the seat. It’s a tight fit in the cockpit & to me sits a bit high. The canopy won’t close as it is & while I will pose it with the canopy open, I suspect I will have to cut some of the seat base away
  3. There was a clear step between the body and wing surfaces that shouldn’t be there. I honestly hadn’t realised until I checked the reference pics. So out with the sandpaper & filler to smooth out that junction
  4. Quick primer coat on tonight. Looks ok so far. Need to have a proper look in the daylight but this might be ok
  5. Cheers @speedy I was mainly going to use the Bentwaters museum pages as they have a gallery of photos on there https://www.bcwm.org.uk/museum-background/bentwaters-aircraft-images/f16-gallery/
  6. That’s really very good. Lights take it from a model trying to look real to shots that look real before you consider they may be a model. Excellent
  7. Most external bits are together now so I blutaced the wheel well doors on, taped over the cockpit &sealed up the intake ready for a primer coat Not sure quite what colour the underside should be. Was going to go Humbrol 64 underneath, 165 around the nose & tail & 27 on the body & wings. However I could go Tamiya LAG underneath & 64 around the nose. Decssions, decissions
  8. The green stuff is Games Workshop Liquid Green Stuff. I like it - almost a set clay that you brush on with a paint brush. It’s water soluable so you can wipe excess off or let it dry and sand it. I haven’t tried the Revell putty to compare it. I had a moment of slight panic when I realised that the front end is sealed & I haven’t put in any nose weight. Now she shouldn’t be a tail sitter, but only one way to check - test fit the undercarriage. So this is her on her own wheels and with the tail pipe on and tail horizontals, plus canopy to check weight. Thankfully seems all is ok
  9. Had to give the exhaust section a little filler to hid the poor fit And after some sanding I glued on the intake & tail vertical. Here with blutaced on tail horizontals and with my old ESCI Dutch A version
  10. Would look good @Uncle Uncool but I would then have to build a hangar to display it in, rather like another modeller did on ARC forums. Philippe has built a 1/48 scale version of Spangdahlem, complete with engineering facilities. This his F-16 Mine is just going to sit around a HAS with panels closed up & FOD covers on
  11. Used the liquid green in the end & it looks ok The intake is progressing with more filler The engine / exhaust fit is going to be a challenge too. Not quite sure what you call this shape - circular? No symmetrical? No. Fits on to the body? No So fitted it anyway with the expectation of a lot of sanding. Fitted the nose too So let everything settle for 24 hrs or so & get in to the sanding & fitting the intake
  12. I don’t know @Lord Riot you don’t know what you can do until you try. I only did this to see if I could & learned a load along the way. Lots more I would like to scratch build. I have started an F-27 which is sitting looking at me from the garage. And I have a really daft idea to try a 1/48 VC-10. But only so much time for these things
  13. Must try sprue & glue approach. I always tend to go for a tub of car body filler for bigger jobs. The liquid green is more of a set clay kind of filler so nice & easy to use & wipes down with water. Plus I have to use the P38 in the garage due to the smell!
  14. Put the fuselage together today and the wings on. Poor fit all around & generally disappointing. But it does look like an F-16 Tail, intake and nose are on with blutac to test fit them. Have a look at these wing gaps Not sure whether I should use liquid green or some p38 filler to give it some strength
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