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  1. Like it. How wide is that - is it 1/72?
  2. So the aim is something like this The earlier jets didn’t have the antenna under the cockpit & nose or the tail bullet, so they need to be added. As I am doing 40 + 10 I guess 40 + 06 is pretty near. I don’t have a tail shield Cant tell from the above shot if she has the black intake edges and leading edge back plate as per this And I assume the white vertical lines on the side of the intake are for the rear cockpit steps Think black intake edges might need doing But those white stripes With or without the black leading edges
  3. Sometime better to do the mods yourself than rely on a kit getting it right. The ends of those sponsons clearly look modified on the real thing anyway. Nice work
  4. Throwing paint at it today. Underside first The top is not finished yet & the wings are still only pushed on. Was going to finish the top painting once I have glued them in as I suspect they will need a touch of filler Plus the nose anti glare black strip needs doing and the canopy frame needs more work
  5. Cheers - never fun cutting clear parts!
  6. Decided to preshaded the Alpha Jet today ready for some paint I was debating finishing the cockpit & attaching the canopy ready for paint when I had a bit of a do-it-now moment with the canopy. I haven’t built a 1/48 jet with the canopy closed, and I didn’t really want to start now. So I fired up the dremel and now I have three parts instead of one! given the dodgy canopy edge on the back I thought I won’t draw attention to it & leave that closed, posing it with the front only open. A compromise but I feel happier with that than a closed cockpit. it was this picture that set me thinking
  7. This might help with the sponsons on the WAH-64. It’s from 2016 when one visited out local fete. One of the local dads is a pilot so flew it in. Tried to get a load of detail pics in case I built one
  8. Something like this? testing her on her wheels
  9. I remembered those when the kit arrived. I had one as a kid & searched through the old boxes but I think it’s gone. They are surprisingly good value for an old toy. Rather like my old one - well played with & ready for a repaint. I was going to use some corgi / dinky tyres anyway
  10. At the moment they are not attached - just pushed in and will come out before painting. A thin strip might be good though - hadn’t considered that. Thanks
  11. Quick rub down and touch up. Think she is about ready for preshading & then paint I am planning to paint the body with the wings off to get the camo right under the wings. Also painting the wing undersides before they go on will be a lot easier. And I was going to paint & fit the pylons once the wings are fitted
  12. The Unimog kit is a snap together so tried it out. It’s a bit chunky - especially the tyres. Trying to figure out if it’s too big So towing a Harrier of course. And with a Landrover for size comparison. Quite a bit higher than the Landy I wonder if it would look a bit better on slightly smaller tyres. The kit ones are very high, shiney & toy like. The tyres measure at about 23mm across, while stretching some chunky Dinkey replacement tyres on brings it down to about 19mm.
  13. Both sets of flaps done & lots of green filler to dry over night
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