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  1. Now that I have got carried away and painted the prop spinners yellow, what paint scheme should I do? I am not a big fan of over painted specials, and I do like the yellow on silver. But what about the kit decals? Yellow tail band? I would rather got for painted tail than decal. The other kit option is a painted ail but black I like the slightly diagonal black on the rudder. Now where have I see that before? That’s right, Kermit Weeks Indvader Yellow painted rudder, yellow wing tips. I could try to imitate the codes and keep the nose clear of names etc. Could work…
  2. Into get the first shot of primer. When it’s dry I will get a better look at the state of the joints & filling The yellow is where I was painting the prop tips and boss Got the black on but still need the aluminium hubs done. But getting there. Bomb bay doors are together & ready to fit over the battery packs So back to a daylight review of her & sand and fill again
  3. Have you thought about 3v lithium battery pack with a built in switch? Put it in the bomb bay and attach the doors with magnets. This is 1/48 but you get the idea
  4. Debach still has its brickwork on show
  5. Yes big wings. Hoping this paint sprays as well as it paints on a surface that size. Has been a nice kit though
  6. Before I can pain I needed to fit then under wing landing lights and build up CA glue to make a lense for the wing tip light. Allays a risk if the led get knocked or sanding the lense to shape hits the led. Anyway all working Should be able to mask up & prime soon
  7. Blimey Rich. You are going to build a scale Tonka Truck! You will need the loader to go with it…… Toys from my youth right there! Those wheels & cables look complex to say the least. Hope it goes well
  8. Got the Vallejo paints through primed and brushed some steel on to the undercarriage - goes on nicely
  9. Will be but the council decided years ago it would be housing & an industrial estate. Built a high school at the end of the runway then drove the access road through the middle. Nearly compulsory purchased the site for a new hospital, so writing was always on the wall
  10. I haven’t forgotten the Invader but time has been limited lately. Lots of filling to do but not far off primer. I would normally reach for the Humbrol 56 rattle can to get an aluminium overcoat. But after a good experience with Hataka Red Line paints through an airbrush in the Weasel build I have ordered some Vallejo aluminium and steel paints to mix up & spray. Probably going to be nearer Easter before things really move on
  11. I tend to do the concrete bases on thin mdf. Mix some white emulsion with some black poster paint but leave it streaky.. paint it on with plenty of variation. Then dust over with whatever rattle cans you have - black, white, grey. Then draw on scale concrete slab lines with pencil. This is 1/48 but you get the idea There are loads of model rail scatters grass products. The best cheap idea is to use a hanging basket liner for long green fibres for any longer grass around buildings etc. glue the fires down longer than you need and trim them shorter when dry. That’s what I used on my rail layout embankments
  12. I did start a QRA shed mock up once before but got hung up on making the doors work. Was going to simplify this with fixed open doors & led strips for lights The concessions are all yours David!
  13. Claims to be Leuchars. There is the Brunty one to work from too which is ex-Wattisham I think. Binbrook is still there too
  14. Interesting looking plan & lots of nice builds to display in your museum. Looks like you have the watch tower covered. Hangar wise, have you looked at the laser cut main hangar and blister hangar that you can get from these guys? https://sklep.gpm.pl/en/modelcard/aircraft/1/48/hangar1/48-cut-with-laser-model They sell through eBay & are not too pricey. And you could shorten them to just show the front (maybe get two fronts out of a kit?) Also for other brick buildings such as a fire tender garage or other building you could look at the model railway card kit suppliers like Metcalfe, or the print at home and customise Scalescenes? https://scalescenes.com/railscenes/ Also Hrnby do some nice resin corrugated iron huts in 1/76. Just reminds me of the airfield at Rougham with its tower & fencing Looking forward to seeing your project progress!
  15. Have been busy building plastic kits and not doing any diorama stuff. However as always happens when building kits I start thinking about building something in card. The HES is a serious contender but I was thinking about another building I could put an aircraft in. The engineering dio needs an overhaul. I used thinner cheap card and it has warped. Plus it never really developed past a basic set up. Another thought was to revisit the idea or a QRA shed. Quite compact, two aircraft shed. But only ever really used for Lightnings & Phantoms so not very versatile. But they look nice…
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