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  1. The resin bits look like this so would be lots of plasticard triangles to fill in
  2. Just watched the really rather awful Wonder Woman movie and was wondering why there were HAS structures in 1918. Then found out they filmed WW1 scenes at Upper Heyford. Ok......
  3. Cheers @Biggu I have been digging further on c130.net and found even better stuff. Like this on XV200 http://www.c-130.net/aircraft-database/C-130/airframe-profile/7147/
  4. Cheers Jeff - just spotted a memorable date date on there of 19th December 1966 first C-130 delivered to RAF (XV177). Like the old brown & cream camo with white over the cockpit. But the British C-130 gallery is great - just found a shot of what must be the second RAF airframe (XV178) still in grey green in 91
  5. Yes they do, but I have seen it listed elsewhere as ‘rare’, and the weapons trolley has been out of stock for well over a year now. I am starting to assume they are basically short run models, get them while you can
  6. The mod discussed sees the Herc sponson with a new intake lik3 tjis and replacement parts like this but I am not convinced the RAF Hercs had these in C1 fit. Just the naca duct as seen in the pic above and as found on the kit. Nice shot though of the undercarriage taxi light. Plan to fit working lights there
  7. Quick comparison kit C-130 c1 Fairly sure three windows have gone though!
  8. Still can’t be sure the sponson mod was in place on the C-130k c1, especially the short versions Would be great to know which airframes were stretched & which weren’t. Also, if & when the were repainted in to wraparound. I do wonder if the Mods came in with the J upgrades. I was planning on a mid 80s non stretched airframe. The kit decals are probably shot but for XV200 with grey underside. Now I understand she was at Ascension Island for the Falklands and was probably tanker modified. From the walk around forum on here XV202
  9. Cheers Unc - the least I will be after from them is the refuelling probe. Was the J sponson just a section or a whole body side? I can live with moding and adapting the kit as long as I can get hold of good reference pics. Most refs including the ones ivan RAF Herc in this site are of a later J. There must be better 70s & 80s raf Herc pics out there. Been trying ABPics & others. Always surprised the RAF Herc doesn’t have a web page
  10. That’s an idea I could live with. I have found pics with the flaps open on the ground but they may well be just for display. Bit like when you see a Canberra with tilted stabilisers & rudder. Then you find out they were all self levelling & never sat like that.
  11. There is something about models that do things rather than just sit there. Maybe why I like trains too...
  12. A couple of years back there were quite a few 1/48 Skunkworks / Skunkmodels kits about including a nice tow tractor and a weapons trolley. Plus the NATO tanker truck. Now I think they are part of Kinetics? Any idea if they release batches or if those kits are done? I think they may have a navy tractor out at the moment, but not sure. I liked the look of those kits & was hoping they are not gone for good
  13. Was that Debs that posted all of those nice Dominie references?
  14. What’s it going to be? Full boat out of water or waterline model with one of your trademark waterscapes?
  15. The dark hides a multitude of sins. That Airfix kit isn't great so I thought it would make a good basis to play with the lights Mind you only 5 bulbs in that one
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