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  1. I built the HAS to use as a diorama to show builds. It’s got the Hasegawa and ESCI ground crews plus some scratch or repurposed bits. It was built to show the Wattsham Phantoms, but doubles for Lakenheath, Bentwaters, Alconbury and will no doubt try to look like Upper Heyford. Here it is with a Revell A-10 and most of the ESCI kit trying to look like Bentwaters.
  2. Nice @f111guru slats & flaps would be good. Think I have the pics sorted now. This is my open canopy from a crash mould as I messed up & cracked the kit canopy
  3. Cheers @f111guru forgot to set the album to share. The images should start to come in. Yes should go ok, it’s my second Zhengdefu 111 and the last one went together ok. Shame the cockpit can’t be opened, but I may try cutting up the canopy or crash form one to cut up
  4. £9! Would cost more to get some Lakenheath Panther decals. Nice build. Missed the Es but caught a Reaper at the Heath a while back
  5. So on a Facebook group there is a group build for intel/Elint/ecm etc aircraft. Now I have already built a TR-1 but being a sucker for starting another build I dug out an EF-111A kit I got a while back. It’s a cheap Zhengdefu kit - a repop of someone else’s mould I presume? Anyway it looks like an EF-111 morning, or a Raven, or a Spark Vark, or whatever you prefer. The deadline for the group build is 1st December, so short turn around! The kit Had some Upper Heyford decals left from an Extradecal set I got to do my A-10 ages ago. They are for this one The kit panel has s pretty generic F-111 so a few screen mods & a consul in front of the right hand seat And painted & car tyre weight found Nose glued up & attached to the bottom of the back fuselage. Used a bit of balsa to iron out a slight inward warp on the back part Now judging by the comments on my post requesting info on under wing pylons there will be no tanks & I think I will only fit the inboard pylons. Might pose it with a sidewinder on the outside of the pylon even though they never flew with them. They did show them on the ground like that sometimes.
  6. See what you mean about the winders This is 66-0042 - confusingly actually 67-0034 but the one I have decals for
  7. Those ads pre dated health & safety Mind you for real you-couldn’t-do-that-now just try Blue Peter cleaning Nelsons Column. Still makes me feel queezy
  8. The only picture I have seen with external tanks was a model, so I think I will go with no tanks. I will fit the inner pylons though. Cheers for the advice
  9. Cheers @Creepy Pete makes sense with the pods. I wonder if they carried external tanks for the raid on Libya? I guess the bomb bay probably had extra internal fuel, or if they carried internal ordinance
  10. Hi just opening an EF-111 kits (zhengdefu 1/48) and wondering about the use of wing pylons. From photos it looks like either one or two pylons nearest the body were used, but I haven’t seen many with tanks on these pylons. Some are carrying a pod, so any help as to what that is would be useful too. Also, the pylons with the kit look all wrong, but may be able to modify the shape or use ones from another kit left overs
  11. All this planning & getting to ordering gear, planning the engineering etc is slowing down building the actual kit of the Herc to a crawl. Tempted to get another kit going while the planning & testing gets done. So choices include: Spangdahlem F-4G in Euro One camo Alphajet that needs sanding down & rescribing EF-111 with UH decals. Need to cut up the canopy to pose it open Not sure the motivation is there for Phantom no.6 at the moment & don’t fancy the canopy cut or rescribe! Choices choices....
  12. Nice. Looks like those workshop dioramas they used to put in the old Tamiya catalogues I would spend hours looking at as a kid
  13. Can’t really help I am afraid. I do still have a bottle of old formula Klear that still gets a seed from time t time & seems to not react with anything. I seem to have got away with using extra decal adhesive solution & then softener followed by Humbrol matt spray or games workshop purity seal and skip the gloss coat stage
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