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  1. Checked things out this morning and as I was tidying up the wing tip the led fell off the starboard side! So had to open up a channel through the wing from the tip & fit a new green one. Then solder in the wires & tidy up. I have now put a blob of superglue over both leds to hold them in place & protect them from being knocked. Moved on them to the wing actuators That looked ok so moved on to do both sides. So one done & one as it came out of the box It’s been fiddly so not looking forward to repeating the process for the brown one. The socket to connect power will find a new home eventually rather than poking out of the drop tank slot
  2. Thanks Woody Don't know about boldness with the Dominie, I guess no one said it couldn’t be done so I kept going. Just don’t seem to get the time for a scratch build now though. He says sitting here feeding leds in to the wing tip of a Phantom…
  3. Cheers. Hunters always just look right. I used to love watching G-HUNT back in the day. Hope to build a model of her to go with my Airfix G-FIRE. I messed up by painting the back of the canopy, but didn’t know any better when I built her
  4. Well if it’s attached to road & touching the ground you could run power in to it. Then you could have working lights & motors to turn the rotors! Nice so far & I have one in the stash too but with little experience of building or being around helicopters I will be watching with interest
  5. Put the wings together on the G model today. I made up the wing tip mods from spare sprue Cut the tips about and relocated the port & starboard lights on to the end with a repositioned fairing, Hinges for the outer slats are also in but need sanding back in place Wing fences also on, just need the underwing actuators for the inner wing
  6. The Phantom F-4F and G double build continues although I have been on hols for a couple of weeks. I did a big line up of my RAF grey/green collection a while back and have had my 2 Jags (insert your own Prescott joke here) for a bit of fixing of under wing stores as these had come loose This is the 80s RAF line up, all in 1/48 so generally keeping busy. Need to do my other Skunkmodels tug soon too
  7. I got her out & checked today. She is XG130 of 45 Sqn RAF Wittering. She shouldn’t really be in the line up as she crashed (pilot survived) in Jun 1974 so can’t make an 80s line up. Really need a 1/48 wrap around camo twin seat Hunter. They did look very cool
  8. Well that was a nice summer break. Hot weather & absolutely no modelling! Back to try and get going again now. I had been contemplating using the coloured leds that I got on very fine wire. So I dug out a red and green, soldiered on a wire to one side & a resistor on to the other. They will be placed on the tips as per this Now the E/G models had different wing tips with the larger lens in place of the top light location on the kit. So the light will come out of the end and have a fairing behind it in to the wing tip So the aim will be to finish off the lights for Phantom 2 as well, fit the lights & bring the wing halves together. The revamped outer slats can go on and the actuator casings for the inner slats can be made & fitted. And the wing fences. Once the wings are together I can finish off fitting the cockpit lights & think about closing the fuselage. All seems quite a way off, but one step at a time
  9. feeling too young for that!…. Hope they look right though for those that did work on them Thank you! Yes a good old mix. Wittering, Binbrook, Wattisham, Lossiemouth, Lyneham, and the rest. Names that go with the jets that were there yes always looked right to me! Well I was thinking of a Jetstream before a 146, but they look nice. I was looking at the Duxford one the other day. Would love a vacform 1/48 of either. 3D print is great but rather pricey I have a bunch of US & Euro 80s aircraft too - Soesterberg Eagle, Dutch Starfighter, German Gina and Recon Phantom, Bentwaters A-10, several Euro F-16s, Upper Heyford Spark Vark, TR-1, Blackbird, etc so could do a decent early 80s Mildenhall show line up!
  10. Thank you! Yes for me too at all those late 70s & early 80s airshows
  11. Very back burner plan at the moment. Really want to get on with the Sanger Shackelton this year. Two Phantoms (not UK ones) on the go at the moment
  12. Yes, I tried a mock-up for scale. I started trying to shape up a nose but the shape looked a bit wrong. Might get back to it one day
  13. That’s a good question! She has generally avoided the camera so will have to go in to the loft to see! She was an early build before I started posting on here.
  14. Cheers! Thank you! Well I did start a scratch idea for a VC-10. The fuselage is just a bit bigger than a Pringles tube as it turns out! Just don’t get the time. 80s is just the way I remember them so that’s the way I like to see them.
  15. Cheers - yes thought you must have most of these too! I tend to go to Lakenheath rather than Marham. Very tempted to do the F-15C retirement special. As to helicopters, I have a Lynx & do fancy a Wessex or Gazelle. A nice yellow Sea King would be good. Always hope that Revell will do what they did with the Phantom and put a release out of the Hasegawa kit. Shame Kitty Hawk has gone for a 2 seat Jag. And you can only get a 2 seat Hunter with a pricey conversion kit. 2 seat Harrier is a better option from Kinetic.
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