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  1. Two layers and sanded back. The card is now rock hard and has soaked in the P38. No where near shaped properly or smooth enough but it’s getting there. Need to start thinking about the cockpit internal layout and mocking up the top & glazing shape The nose is too steep at the moment. I remember the Dominie cockpit at this stage but it was tiny by comparison
  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of Humbrol 19. I do think most colour has as much to do with the priming and application as it does with the stated shade. Mine is in 19.
  3. That Me-262T-1 set of scheme looks interesting. Not a 262 variant I had come across before. It would look good on a P1099. Not sure if there is a 1/48 P1099 like the Revell 1/72 offering though. Nice work on your 262 so far. Not a great stretch to think of a South American version, but a Kurt Tank design like the Ta183 would surely have been considered, ev3n if it turned in to the IAe 33 in the end. And that to me always looked pretty good.
  4. Cheers Nige. In terms of the tubing I had it at about 78mm by 88mm which I can do with the extended Pringles tube. Might wrap it in a thin sheet or two of plasticard. I plan a card internal frame to force the shape. Got most stats from here https://www.vc10.net/Technical/technical_specifications.htm Until then I have superglued the card skin on the cockpit lower side and liberally covered it in P38. This won’t be the last layer of filler!
  5. No I will need the Type C hangar for that - but I doubt it will even fit in there. That T tail is HIGH! Not even sure the Blackbird will fit in the HAS. VC-10 cutaways and dimensions are not easy to track down on line, so quite a bit by eye I reckon. And I am just doing the nose for now. If it works that is…
  6. Yes, Wattisham I believe. I think it is: Two grey Hawks plus one in red & white Three Dutch / Belgian F-16s German F4F Tornado F3 56 Sqn FGR2 (470 with shark mouth rad done?) Lightning (bare metal and no over wing tanks) Soesterberg F-15A Jet Provost T5 loved those old Tiger-style meets
  7. Pringles are a bit cheaper than that here thankfully @adolfocaetanonetto! Talking of T5s this is still my go to shot. Credit to whoever took it - I would say if I knew who it was! Those T5s creep in everywhere. And @Lord Riot nice grey & black tail Hawk. Red & whiteone at the back too. One day I will have the full line up!
  8. Cheers @Okdoky you were lucky! I do these builds quite often to learn about the aircraft & I didn’t know the difference between a T4 and a T5 before I got this kit. I like the T4 a lot but I think I need to do a T5 at some point. But with the Chippie (I did think about putting a motor in that to get the prop turning), playing with a VC-10, finishing off the Blackbird, and a whole load in the stash - that Buccaneer just isn’t building itself - time is the old enemy
  9. I once heard a tail about a Hercules coming in to RAF Honnington, running down the main and dropping the ramp. Out came a vehicle which dropped off the ramp on to the runway, shot off round the airfield while the Herc went up and circled, before coming back through with rear wheels down on the runway, ramp down & the vehicle went back in before the Herc disappeared away. At no time did the Herc stop and guys on the ground had no idea this was planned. Good fun afternoon I guess!
  10. To paraphrase the late great Meatloaf 2 out of 4 ain’t bad. I do fancy a grey with black tail like @Filler’s though
  11. Also been working on another tanker. Not sure if the US ever used Mack truck articulated tankers but the Corgi Major tankers makes a good starting point
  12. I have been building up some bits to pose with my 1/48 Blackbird - new steps, a scratch built start cart and a frame to support a spare nose. Plus my existing chase pickup & step van Just need to decal the SR-71 & I can put the diorama together
  13. I did think a D21 drone from the engines, but I guess I will think of something!
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