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  1. That’s looking very nice. Couple of strapping points so you can strap down the load on the back. Burgundy sounds a bit exotic! Maybe a factory blue or something. It’s got to blend in rather than stand out I guess, although it’s a very nice addition to the scene. Maybe even a pallet load on the back? Gearbox or similar?
  2. G-FIRE keeps looking at me from the unit - makes me smile! Not much progress on the F-104 but the cockpit has some base greys and I put in the instrument decals. Once they are dry I will paint some buts & give the scratch stuff a bit of a wash over Once the cockpit is sorted I can seal up the body. The tail is a separate unit but it’s tempting to join it to the fuselage halves & join the body as two halves. Not many more stages on the build instructions really! Got to love ESCI keeping it simple
  3. Gardening? It’s been Baltic here. Frozen over night so can’t get out to do anything in the garden. I tried to take a picture of my latest Spitfire in the garden and the wind nearly blew it away before it started tried to snow. Hardly UK April weather.
  4. Looking forward to seeing it. Got my 2 finished. Just need some nice weather to get stuff set up outside. It enough room indoors in 1/48
  5. This is the extra detail in the cockpit. I have given it a quick spray over & about ready to put on the instrument decals on, then wash over the rest of the pit These are the circles in the tail top. Can’t find any pictures showing even slight imprints although the instructions hint at them. Think they are getting filled in And taped together. Always looked like a dart!
  6. I will have to have a good for that. The F-104 displays were something to be seen & the noise too. Nice Dutch Starfighter footage on YouTube
  7. Took the dremel to the seat tonight. Took off the top of the resin seat & grafted on the it parachute container. Think it looks ok I have added the grab handles now too made from wire. The cockpit and front wheel well has been put in one side of the fuselage plus some scratch details added. I will see how it looks tomorrow & paint before adding the kit instrument decals It’s coming together but finding some odd things. There are 2 huge circular depressions on top of the tail. They look like they have been included on purpose, but
  8. Cheers Gerben, I was fascinated by these civil scheme airshow attendees. Red Sea Fury & Hunter, black T-33. What kid wouldn’t like it?
  9. Like the idea of a shop truck. We visited the Benetton F1 team factory once in about 88. They had a DFY V8 loaded in the back of a Ford estate car to drive it down to Imola (as far as I remember) where the team were testing. So there is always something less glamorous about
  10. I think the vice & grinder are fine. Most mechanics moan about where something is but don’t get around to doing anything about it. My mum, as a wife of a mechanic, always said that mechanics fix everyone else’s cars but don’t get round to doing their own! I was thinking that you could have a motorbike in the driveway as the personal transport of one of the mechanics. Then I realised that 1/20 kits & motorbikes are mutually exclusive. Just thought a nice Norton sitting there would look at home. Excellent work as ever
  11. Cheers @BerndM @CJP I was luck to be taken to shows as a kid & see G-FIRE, G-HUNT, G-BOOM, G-FURY, the Black Knight (T-33), the Vintage Pair, the BAe Mossie and many more. So reliving those days in 1/48 form @Trevor L I get the appeal of a clipped wing Spit - the first Spit I remember was AR501, a clipped wing Vc at Duxford. She left a lasting impression! Cheers @Gary Brantley that’s why I remember her so well from airshows as a kid
  12. Got the Spitfire done in between snow showers yesterday. Weird weather for this time of year
  13. Thanks guys, glad you like her. @Bell209 painting your spitfire red is something that surely appeals to every kid watching an airshow. Not sure I would be brave enough to do that but I don’t remember bubble top griffon being in great demand compared to high back merlin types. @kapam yes she will stand out. Well until I try to make G-HUNT I guess. I was hoping Airfix might go for the family. Who know, even G-FURY ( saw her too!)
  14. The clouds were looking particularly menacing yesterday And you can see the idea with a back scene when I don’t crop the picture
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