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  1. bar side

    Kirk Gresley Coaches

    Is the width issue down to the HO / OO challenge? The coaches will be 1/76 running on 1/87 wheelbase, so may have compromised the scale width to avoid overhang. Just a thought. It’s years since I built a Kirk Greeley coach. Was going to do a buffet car until Hornby produced their new (at the time!) carriages. Then I was going to use Kirk kits to make a Greeley GER rake as they were shorter than the standard 61 ft versions. Good luck with it
  2. Snap! Did the same scheme a while back. Yours is looking good there. This is mine
  3. It won’t give you the relief you need for 1/24 scale, but scalescenes card kits are downloadable & printable so you can print to any size. Might give you some shape, brick arrangement ideas etc https://scalescenes.com/product/r017-viaduct-arches/
  4. bar side

    Steam train restoration yard

    Looks like you have a Britannia there - tender is backwards it the mo though. Love the Metcalfe & Superquick card kits. The buss garage from Metcalf gives you loads of covered storage buildings. I built the three parts end to end to make a running shed. Looking forward to seeing to one build - I have a 1950s era layout that I built before going back to aircraft kits
  5. bar side

    1/72 RAF SAR Leconfield

    Good to see an airfield diorama. You could always sneak the hangar front & doors as part of a back scene, but from the look of your plan it would be off to the left. Looking forward to seeing this one develop.
  6. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Think the seat will hide the worst of it! Didn’t put the floor in as I didn’t know quite how tall the seat would be. The resin seat base may well become the new floor. quick update - test fit looks ok
  7. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Nice little Martin Baker seat arrived today kit tub with the back replaced on the left, nice new seat in the middle, kit cut out moulded in sat on the right. Let’s face it, the new seat is an imprvement
  8. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Harrier with moulded in US style seat And now without Pavla mk12 ordered & a bit of gap filling to do. Don’t want to do too much though until I test fit the new seat Interesting on the flares @Kirk - someone said on another thread that they did have the same fit as the GR7s but I haven’t seen any photo evidence. Any idea if the dorsal antenna are a la GR7/9?
  9. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Saw Vitaliy’s thread earlier. Lots of details & references on there. Had an idea of how to scratch the flare dispensers and the dorsal fin bits. A proper mk12 seat would look good....
  10. bar side

    Building a HAS

    So Martin Baker mk12 seats in 1/48 are not expensive. They almost cost more to post than to buy. They look something like this: Now it would take a lot of chopping about - worth it for something I will hardly see? Hmmm
  11. Watching with interest - been looking at A-26 kits lately. Quite fancied a late SEA camo one. So good to see your build progressing. The initial loss to the carpet monster - a good case for fitting wood / laminate floors! Although the bits bounce off & skid across the floor then
  12. My pic of the tower from last year. The glasshouses. On the top has a map of the field and they play a loop of engine drone that makes you keep looking up to see what is coming in! No runways left but you do get the feel of the place
  13. Hmm, not heard of that one Fozzy. I was wondering, in terms of museums, of the 100th bomb group museum at Thorpe Abbotts- lovely little museum with the control tower & a couple of buildings, but always nice to visit and beautifully maintained.
  14. bar side

    Building a HAS

    Yes the kit seat is wrong, but Monogram moulded the seat base & half the back in to the base of the cockpit. I have put the sides on to see what it looks like. It would take some serious surgery to cut it out & fit a nice Martin Baker resin seat in. So I will see what can be done to Anglisise it. As to 3 Sqn, that is what the decal set offers, along with 1 Sqn. No 41 Sqn in the pack I am afraid
  15. bar side

    Revell 1/48 Tornado F.3

    Looks good Michael