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  1. Tank on, sat on her wheels and the lights still work - bonus!
  2. Those gun doors are not a great fit. Must have seemed a good idea when the kit was first launched but haven’t stood the test of time. Seem to remember the undercarriage wasn’t up to much either. Keep up the good work!
  3. Seat handles have been finished off so both Phantoms have seats. The F model has had some more stencils added & I think I will call the, done. Weapons are coming together. The centre line tank is getting primer, mainly to cover up the mounting slot. The whole thing needs a flat coat and will be about done. I was going to use intake FOD covers and rbf tags, but they wouldn’t really be on if the lights are working, so I will see.
  4. Maybe two if this resin is right…
  5. Cheers @Lord Riot looking forward to seeing your Weasel & RF-4 together soon
  6. Got out some friends today to meet the new builds. My two German Phantoms - RF-4E and F-4F And the partner in crime to the Spang Weasel, the F-16C I had a look at an idea I had for lights in photos and tried this. Looks ok for a start The F model is still getting some stencils on, and the seats got their over head handles. Just need to paint them now
  7. Tonight’s bits - painting the second set of seats. They still need the top handles making, fitting & painting. Was going to make some in winter rather than try the resin bits again Managed to fix the watermarks left by the first matt coat. I kept the rattle cans in and warmed it up and sprayed indoors. It dried better and sorted out the problem. It’s getting too cold & damp to spray in the garage without a heater. So the AGM-88s are fitted. They may hang a little low but it could be ok So i think the Weasel is about done. More to do to finish the F model - more stencil decals to go, finish and fit the seats and finish and add the weapon load. But I think the end is in sight. Then I need to set up and do photos with the dioramas.
  8. Like the camera - that’s cool
  9. Flat coat sprayed and pylons etc attached. Bit of a problem with the flat coat though. I sprayed it with a rattle can in a cold garage and it has puddled and run a little. Watermarks on the wing root, outer wing & base of the tail. Tempted to get something on there to take those away and touch up the matt coat indoors in a day or so. Just the AGM-88s to go on the scratch outer pylons
  10. @Lord Riot I saw your picture & thought ‘I have a picture but like that somewhere!’
  11. Those colours look good. Was just looking at the ones I used for my wrap around I think you have a better bright green but it could just be lighting
  12. I fancied putting the HARM missiles out on the outer pylons. I assumed these pylons would be the shape of the Sargent Fletcher tanks So out with the plasticard and started making them up. The rails came with the kit Lots to hang on the underside. Better get a flat coat on and then they can all go on
  13. Yes should be good by now!
  14. Definitely looks the darker green on the SEA camo. Mind you the rudder on the middle one looks like it’s come from a different airframe
  15. No load out but I had a few minutes & the HAS is still in the garage so I quickly set it up. You can see the battery & wires behind, but I will hide that better in the future
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