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  1. Nice. I built the ESCI kit as a D model. Did you find the cockpit a bit on the wide side? I thought the seat was a bit ridiculous and replaced it but the new one seemed to rattle about in there. Very nice paint job, look great. Always good to see an older kit finished well.
  2. Seats painted & instruments added, one main panel still to do otherwise the 4 cockpits are about there. The Monogram cockpit still has its kit seat, the others don’t The part built one has its first part tail feathers fitted. It’s had its wheels broken off and the front leg & wheel are missing. I think I can scratch a leg & try resin casting a wheel.
  3. I have a silver birch at the front of my house & it sheds these nice mini tree twigs valleys over the floor this time of year
  4. Either. It’s quite a good time of year to get twigs and dip the tips in pva then in a bag of flock. They are cheap if you want a lot of trees & no doubt you refine your choice of twigs & method as you go. Pre made trees are nice but I would tend to keep them for a feature rather than a background fill. Mean, do you really see three trees, or are there normally 20+? Just my opinion though - your model to do your way
  5. @tonyot my mum & dad have since the 1980s been going over from time to time but they are getting old now. Both quite active but in their 80s. When they first opened Oosterbeek local people took in the war widows when they came over and adopted the graves. This is where my gran and mum met up with the lady in Arnhem. Since then the local children have always placed flowers on the graves. My mum got chatting to some German veterans one year. All very pleasant but she always remembers one thing they said. They couldn’t understand why every year the British came back to Arnhem to rememb
  6. Love that second shot @Creepy Pete just what I was looking for. My plan is for a Spangdahlem Euro One F-4G and F-16, so good to see them together. Most shots have the F-4G in Hill scheme. I might still go Shrikes on the F-16 though
  7. Something nice about this Norwegian F-16 scheme. I don’t have a tail swoosh as the earlier ones don’t have it. And I am sure they carried Aim-9s back in the 80s/90s Cracking shot of a Spangdahlem Viper - decals have the shark teeth!
  8. Thanks @Blimpyboy I have trawled through some pictures. 227 seems pretty elusive at the time but I did find this shot of what looks like the boss bird
  9. Wow not sure if my parent were there that year @tonyot but they have been many times. My grandad is buried in Oosterbeek not airborne but infantry coming up the road. His grave was adopted by a marvellous lady who I had the privilege to meet when I was a kid. She was a nurse at the Arnhem hospital through Market Garden. She didn’t say a lot but said they kept on looking after the casualties regardless of who controlled the hospital. Lovely jolly lady though who made me & my family very welcome when visited.
  10. Quick rummage through the box of left over missiles produced this haul. There was more. Lots more. How many aim 9s of different versions do I have? I am guessing 15-20 turned up & there are still loads on old sprues hanging about. I am sure I have more Aim-7s about too, but I found a couple. Now the Agm-45 Shrike is derived from an Aim-7. In fact Wiki says that a Shrike is a seeker head on an Aim-7 body. Shorter rear fins but superficially not a lot different. Alternatively a couple of Mavericks, and a couple of Paveways. Could be I have what I need f
  11. I was going to start sort a second F-16 today and had decided to use the white Monogram kit. But when I started the cockpit area I thought I might as well get a production line going. I The move forward of the bulkhead looked good on the first one so now doing all of them. The Monogram kit had no back bulkhead at all so the first job was to build one. The other brown viper in the picture arrived part built but with a straight kit cockpit. This is the four cockpits together The Monogram seat and rails are not the worst, and the pa
  12. Thanks @Hook that is most useful. I hadn’t appreciated there was an interim phase of block 30s before the 50/52 Weasels. Got some reading to do.
  13. Thanks @mungo1974 that makes things easier - no HTS& I have spare Mavericks
  14. Quick check on scalemates & Monogram says 1976 and ESCI says 1977. Wonder if any staff worked across the two projects?
  15. Looking at the ESCI (brown) parts and the Monogram (white) it’s almost like one copied the other. The Monogram kit looks more crude so feels like the later of the two.
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