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  1. Back to the roots, eh? I joined the Britmodeller community the very day I posted this question: I´m still interested in Dornier Do 17:s but still built only one of them in these past eight years, and that was in 2020! V-P
  2. I think one of our fellow group builders inserts a plastic dinosaur or whatever it is to "watermark" the pictures.
  3. Absolutely, I´ll add you to the list too . V-P
  4. Please check the three "tags" of this GB proposal and see that the 217 family was already included . Oh, and welcome too ! V-P
  5. You noticed my subtle hint...? Glad to have you also on board . V-P
  6. Well of course it is! Zerstörergeschwader 26, more precisely the 10. Staffel, http://www.ww2.dk/air/zerstorer/zg26.htm had several on its strength in Libya 1941-42. http://www.ww2.dk/oob/bestand/zerst/b10zg26.html For a set of proper decals, Xtradecal serves game, set and match https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72206
  7. Excellent! When are you going to build the model of a Ju 88 that pounded your Maltese grandparents? Just asking as I don´t see your name on the Ju 88 list - yet V-P
  8. To quote Jerzy-Wojtek @JWM from the He 111 STGB Chat (why should I try to rewrite something already so well written if I can quote it?!): "...if you consider all variants of Do 17 - starting from E & F (Spain, early Blitzkrieg), P &M (Blitzkrieg, Balkans, Eastern Front), K (Yugoslavia 1941, Croatia, Yu Partisan, Bulgaria, Italian ex-Yu and even ex Yu as RAF on exile in Egipt) then Z (Blitzkrieg incl BOB, Balkans, Africa, eastern Front, Finland), 215 (German fighter and bomber as well as Hungary recce) - there is perhaps enough types and schemes for a STGB." So,
  9. Thanks Jerzy-Wojtek for an eye-opener! Are you number two on the Do 17 STGB list, if I start one? V-P EDIT: Here we go again...
  10. I´ll have a shot! Academy B-17D pieces left over from the Coastal Command Fortress I build?
  11. Yes indeed, thanks Arnold for hosting and fellow members for participating. These Luftwaffe medium bombers are interesting and colourful subjects, I have finished a Do 17, Ju 88 and now a He 111 this year. I believe Do 17 wasn´t varied enough in colour and theaters of operation to support a dedicated STGB, but the Ju 88 on the other hand, well you´ve all seen my signature . V-P
  12. I usually manage to keep the details attached clean plastic to plastic, thus before they are painted, quite well intact. On the other hand, I`m not too good at fixing a solid join when there is already paint on the surfaces. I need to develop that basic skill somehow! V-P
  13. It´s a little masterpiece and you really deserve to be . V-P
  14. There´s a saying up here in the north: "don´t eat yellow snow"
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