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  1. I dislike the term "7,O L" engine - that sounds just like a small water bucket - so we'd better call it the legendary 427 (cubic inch) that it is. I saw the movie sitting in the back row of course, and by God it felt like that V-8 would've roared right behind my back! Wonderful!
  2. @Enzo Matrix please add this to the STGB bunfighter club . V-P
  3. This is probably off-topic and I haven't even read through all the previous posts, but: I've browsed through evilbay dot uk/de/it whatever there are, looking for more of the wonderful Revell 1:72 Ju 88 A-4 kits of the "recent" tooling and I get for all the idiots shooting our hobby in its own legs by trying to sell the half a century old Revell Ju 88 A-4/D-1 for all those who don't know their huge difference - for the same 20€+ price, fGs! Shame yourselves!
  4. Wouldn't the Howe family tradition require you to come up with two Zwillings
  5. Thanks, but Finnish Messerschmitt decal sets are something I already have more than enough of, ask my wife if you don't believe me
  6. The new (?) Hasegawas in my Combo-boxings come with panel lines under the breech bulges, and many of the Finnish G-2:s were rebuilt, damaged aircraft and had the tyre bulges because they had "new" wings but "old" wheels and tires. So I'm well off with them That Sharkmouth MT-422 has already been on my build list, but not even started. It looks nice!
  7. Great! I have also plans to convert a Hasegawa G-6 to a G-2... maybe we should crosscheck our plans . What does the Finnish decal scheme look like?
  8. These boxes contain five Hasegawa kits. Somewhat inaccurate shapewise, as the cowling (actually whole fuselage!) is quite undernourished. Still I recognize them as Bf 109:s... I've built two of them, and what they lack in finesse and accuracy compared to, say similarly or higher priced AZmodel Gustavs (that I have built 7) they make up in sturdiness versus flimsiness. Like I said earlier, no Hartmanns for me (I bought them for plastics only) but if I don't care to Finnish them all, I have some decals for Mediterranean Gustavs
  9. Post of the week, no month, no... the best of 2021 so far we all needed that! V-P
  10. I don't think the markings require special tackling but the paintwork indeed does!
  11. I agree with you Tony on the need for a more General Malta theme group build too, but this time let's stick to the 10th Anniversary of the first Malta 1940-42 GB
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