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  1. Luckily, I spotted that turret mistake in time too! Glad to have a proper Greif build in the GB V-P Oh, and a small lecture here also: In writing the German aircraft names in the proper, RLM approved way: Capital letter + small letter space type number variant letter dash variant number slash possible modification set a.k.a He 177A-5 or Me 410A-1/U2 not ME410 A-1 U-2 or Do-215 etc. The jury is still out on the Focke-Wulfs, though, FW or Fw
  2. That's more Art than Modelling, John! V-P
  3. Paint pulling up is one of the joys of airbrushing acrylics I'm happy to know nothing about, while painting enamels with hairy sticks, but on the downside the finish is never as smooth as your OD on the B-25. Very nice work! V-P
  4. I'll be happy building something associated with proper Rolls Royce engines and Hispano-Suiza cannons. Both were quite exclusive brands back then
  5. Absolutely. The "modelling community" can act like a lynch mob - and it does!
  6. Yep, one of the fillet parts on the left is D4 and the other one D5. I checked from an Eduard kit with options for using both, that D5 is the one for the originally filletless, retrofitted Mustangs. Caution! All that without ever handling any of the kit parts, just by reading various Eduard instructions at Scalemates V-P
  7. Wouldn't this Aussie Spitfire from Labuan, Borneo be good too? The silvery one, not.
  8. I assume you'll only accept proper Rolls Royce Merlins, and not the license built Packards? That'll be fine, I'm just checking to be sure - Special Hobby just announced a new run of their Merlin Warhawks, but there'll be other GB:s for that one 😉. V-P
  9. Xtradecals for three and Revell/Cartograph for one of the B/C:s, so that's sorted! I have so far built one each of both Tamiya and Airfix D:s. I like them both, these three just popped into my shopping bag one at a time, where Tamiya-san was nowhere to be seen. ArmaHobby is too delicate for me and they ask silly money for 1:72 scale kits, so in my opinion they can keep them...
  10. The difference between a retrofitted and a factory applied fillet is quite thoroughly discussed here: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/73321-p-51d-5-early-tail-fillet-difference-need-help/
  11. Are we there yet? This should be a nice change after building five Luftwaffe Twins . Ok, some may be reassigned to the D-Day GB later this year, but by September I hope these should all be built.
  12. @Enzo the Magnificent 1:48 is not my subject scale, but Eduard P-51:s interest me! If I have understood correctly, they provide parts for: C sprue/"tree" with a filletless D-5 fuselage D sprue with part D5 for retrofitted fin fillet for D-5...15 models, and part D4 for D-20 and later models with factory applied fillet If I'm wrong, please correct me quickly! V-P
  13. James, if I had spent as much time being a good group build host as you have instead of just building my own, I believe even my first one wouldn't be finished yet. Thanks for that! V-P
  14. Did these have their leading edge de-icing boots removed? The B-17:s often had, and they didn't mind repainting the bare metal surface after that. Maybe the RAF did. V-P
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