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  1. Welcome Dansk and I believe we'll be building squadron mates!? I have an Eduard mask set for my build, I wholeheartedly recommend Pat you get a mask set too. I do my own masks for simple ones like Messerschmitts and Spitfires but anything this big and with curvy canopies, go for a pre-cut one!
  2. The more (variants) the merrier, welcome! V-P
  3. Welcome Tim, I almost suggested Enzo that this should be re-categorized as Lancaster Family Type Group Build . It's good to learn about all these Lancastrians, Manchesters and Lincolns too, and to see them getting built alongside the more or less common four motor bombers. V-P
  4. Welcome Mark and looking forward to see you build another masterpiece! Have fun! V-P
  5. ...but a PO-S. Yes I know as a subject she's a cliché but in my case a cliché with a personal history dating back to my childhood. Some of you Brits may recall this book by Richard Humble: It dates back early to mid 1970's and was quickly translated to Finnish and published here in 1975. I can't recall the specific year I got that as a birthday present but it must have been close to that, I know that. Look familiar, eh? There she is in the middle of the cover, PO-S. How can I not build her, though in a bit earlier appearance? The good people at Airfix even supply the (all red) decal option in the recent edition of the Lancaster kit. Edit: I found out I already have an online pic of the kits I intend to build. Here: To be continued... V-P
  6. Welcome to The Britmodeller Forum Avro Lancaster Single Type Group Build #2! I started the chat in September 2018, less than a year and a half ago and now we´re here! When: 29th February to 31st May February 2020 Host(s?): vppelt68 Eligible subjects: Anything, but only, the numerous variants and conversions of the mighty Lancaster, including Lancastrians, Lincolns and Manchesters! Scale and material are of your own choice. Start with a new kit: Entries must be under 25% complete. If there's any doubt, post a question in the GB chat thread. WIP thread: All builds must have a work in progress- thread. In my opinion, builds based on recently online-reviewed kits need not document the kit more than in a general view of what you´ve got – unless You wish to do that, of course. Should you use aftermarket stuff like decals, etch, resin… please show us what you got! Multiple builds in one build thread are welcome. Gallery thread: Each post should contain just one build per entry and no more than five photos. All comments should go in the subject´s build thread only, let´s keep the gallery neat and tidy! Swapping: Any parts/decals/kits etc. that you want to buy or sell must be posted in the Buy/Sell area only. Poll: There will be one when the GB concludes, for all the completed models only. Please don't canvas for votes. Recommendations: Have fun! Regards, V-P
  7. Well, this morning I unpacked the sprues on my workbench. They got in contact with my paint tins and brushes. I watched in amazement as things evolved in front of my eyes. Soon things got really serious. "Some kits just build themselves". I agree! V-P
  8. when buying something from Denmark using google translator, better to unwrap the package without the one-with-danish-ancestry in the presence. "But darling I was just trying to get colour PE for the Coventry Climax I'm building..."
  9. Steve just say if and when you need the insignia in one piece versions and they'll begin their trip to NZ. I have "enough" of them to spare a few
  10. Thanks Steve, the plastic is identical with the Luftwaffe bomber versions of the kit, and I believe also with the Z-10 night fighter kits reboxed by Revell (my bomber kit has all the night fighter parts included). SBS models has a nice decal set for Finnish Dorniers. But Do 17 was a Battle of Britain classic too Thanks Rich and it does indeed mark the finish. Quote @Col. "call it weathering"
  11. Lift off! While watching an old episode of Heartbeat with the mrs, I applied all the clear part's masks. That's one of the few modelling tasks I can safely do without sitting by the workbench.
  12. Haha yes, I had actually forgotten a better way of painting the yellows. I once learned it by a mistake (forgot which tin I had used previously): one or two layers of more orangish Hu 154 Insignia Yellow for the base, finished with a layer of more lemonish Hu 24 Trainer yellow. I'll try that with the Dornier too. I gotta keep busy with this, as the Lanc STGB thread moves to current GB:s tomorrow and I have a Stuka to build before that...
  13. Thank you Jeroen, you're too kind and my pics are blurry . Don't scare me with the White, my next build will be a MTO Stuka - white fuselage band and wingtips . I will most likely begin it this weekend after the Dornier is wrapped up and forgotten. V-P
  14. Hi again. This is a wip pic from wednesday. I'm trying to show the benefits of toothbrush polishing a matte paintjob. The port wing is done and the contrast between two different paints has actually disappeared, compare it with the starboard wing for reference (ok, the lighting plays its tricks too, but:) Anyhoo now it's friday. The little DN still needs some detail painting and touchups. Not to mention the third layer of that yellow Gotta praise ICM for the CLEAR and I mean CLEAR parts, well done! So, when was this GB due to end? V-P
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