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  1. That´s exactly my thoughts about it too . V-P
  2. Thanks for the review, Mike! I believe the Peadot -44 was very, very seldom used by the Heer, which these lovely figures are sculpted to represent. The tunic looks to be an SS-one but the officer wearing it clearly has Wehrmacht cap. Anyway, it was difficult to believe my eyes regarding the sharpness of details - just look at those button holes on the tunic breasts! V-P
  3. vppelt68

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    Ah Malta Spitfires... As long as it's equally difficult to prove your paint scheme is incorrect than it is to prove it's correct, I as a modeller am happy to build them like kit and decal manufacturers instruct me. V-P
  4. vppelt68

    Framing Completed builds

    Lovely! I do like those painted sprue- builds we see from time to time, but not too often . V-P
  5. vppelt68

    Framing Completed builds

    I've been thinking about building a B-17 that way, one half showing the interior and the other one the exterior. Wings could be displayed off the fuselage halves, showing their upper and lower surfaces. V-P
  6. vppelt68

    Hawker (Siddeley) GB Chat

    Thanks Col.!
  7. vppelt68

    KP/AZ central discussion, questions & answers

    I just noticed your new "Alfred On-board" boxing of the Bf 109 Gustav. I find it interesting, that you are reverting back to Humbrol #32 and #27 with #247 in the painting instructions for a RLM 74/75/76 scheme. That instead of going for the "straight" Hu 245/246/247- combination of the newish RLM-paints. I like your suggestion, whatever the Experten say about it . V-P
  8. vppelt68

    Seafire Ib from the Med

    A goody day for the Seafires today . Look what the mailperson brought today! Blackbird models Op. Torch set #3 has nice stars for the Ib. Set #1 has stars for the IIc but that's another story. Here's something unique to Sword; the canopy "rear window" opening is 2-3mm lower than in other S'fire I-IX kits I have. You see the gap below the Revell Vb piece, back there? I don't think they got that right. Anyway it is I must block that gap. V-P
  9. One "like" just isn't enough for this...I love it, Steve! V-P
  10. There has been more than one GB deadline that I´ve met thanks to living in GMT +2 zone... Post-midnight decals, varnish and pics etc! V-P
  11. vppelt68

    Seafire Ib from the Med

    Thanks, Cliff! She´s got those seams now fixed, tailplanes and carb intake added. I bought this book last summer and now finally got to reading it... I´m really enjoying it, that´s what´s inspiring . V-P
  12. vppelt68

    Now look what you´ve done...

    Did some shopping yesterday for supplies I´ll definitely need with the Ju 88. I bought a hardware store- amount of wet sanding papers (#400, #800 and #1200)... For those of you fortunate enough not to cross your paths with this kit before, here´s some eye candy for you! The parts are not all here, but you get the picture... Landing gear bay door hinges! Trailing edge! Rivets, rivets, rivets! Wheel hubs! These make me want to depict the plane legs up, but I´m so scared of the thought of the unprobable fit of those gear bay doors, that I just don´t know yet . Despite all this, I just can´t wait to get started! Woohoo, all I can do is to succeed if this gets finished at all, where as with a (say, Eduard Bf 110) I can just screw up a fabulous kit with my "skills"! V-P
  13. How about a four-year cycle, the fourth being for non-branded generic obsolete kit GB to get those Hellers, Revells and whatever there were, to be built too? V-P
  14. vppelt68

    Now look what you´ve done...

    You know Dave, first looking at that "kit" and then trying for many years to forget what I had seen, might had lead me to choosing that paint scheme, the little Ju 88... all on its own up there against all that BLACK! I´ll get me . V-P
  15. After I got back to building kits, I got lured by this striking boxart and bought the most horrible plastic kit I have seen in the last... er, actually ever. This. The kit is a definite dawg. Horrible. I´m not one of those guys who can fix things like this and make the more recent Ju 88 kits pale when compared to it, when it´s done. To be honest I don´t even have the kit anymore in my stash as a "kit"; I do have all the parts left but they are thrown in my spares box, and I thought they were there for good... before they´d be thrown in the bin! So, all you Airfix Golden Years People, look what you´ve done. It´s alive and kicking again! Fortunately I do have some spares from more modern Ju 88 kits to either replace the worst parts of this kit (all the "clear" parts that is) or avoid using them at all (dive brakes and racks) by converting it to a MTO C-4 night fighter from Sicily. For that purpose I have this decal scheme from AIMS decal sheet Ju 88 Experten: Well the rules say the fuselage and wings should be original, and in my plan they mostly would do that. But I won´t even try to make the famous silk purse out of this; if I finish this at all, I´ll be happy. We´ll see... V-P