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  1. Actually that starboard fuselage half should show 1) overpainted standard German balkenkreutz 2) overpainted Finnish 72cm Hakaristi-roundel 3) overpainted 50cm yellow fuselage theater band and 4) overpainted German swastika on the fin - and most of them might even have become partly visible again! Check the pic of MT-487 in the late -40's, that should tell more than my words. https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109G/FAF/pages/Post-war-Messerschmitt-Bf-109G6Trop-Erla-FAF-MT487-unknown-unit-Stkz-KW+YG-WNr-166007-Finland-1953-01.html V-P
  2. we have you already in slot #20, you know, if you post a comment you're in
  3. It was an airbase Midsummer festival race scheme, where all the contestants flew in one direction around the airfield. Only the side facing the airfield was painted to help spectators differentiate them for the viewing distance. A very nice build, John! V-P
  4. Just replied to your Wanted-post, this build is magnificent, thank you! V-P
  5. Fortunately, constable Reinikainen (not related to @reini) was never seen driving a patrol car - at least not in Hämeenperä. Did he drive when he moved to Tampere, or was he always on the co-driver's seat of the Transit? Anyway, violating the personal first year speed limit could lead to temporary ban from driving, plus a fine of course. (In July-August -87) My friend clocked 112km/h in a 50km/h zone... Four months loss of license and a nice sum to pay. His parents forced him to sell his Saab 99 EMS too, which was very sad. "Niim maan perusteellisesti"
  6. Uniform I believe would be the regular m36 grey tunic, pants and leather boots. Flying gear, on the other hand... I'm sure my more civilized and educated "maanmiehet" @AaCee26@Antti_K @AnttiL @Kari Lumppio etc etc can answer you, as I can't! V-P
  7. On the more positive side, your kit has the body, interior tub and chassis plate included, mine didn't
  8. That new workbench looks almost as cool as a Shelby GT350H
  9. Thanks Mike, I remember now it was indeed Whoopie Kat I had seen myself, but I had lost that funky name... Unfortunately they indeed seem to be out of business nowadays.
  10. Wasn't there also a Hugger blue back then? Chevy had Hugger orange, anyway, great names for great colours. Oh, a lot of reserved for watching "that one" got built!
  11. I remember seeing decals for the Sandy Elliot's red+zebra striped 1968 Mustang Cobra Jet, but I can't remember who made them nor locate any for sale anywhere... at least without the decal printer's name I can't. Can anyone help me? V-P
  12. I built a JoHan Pro Stock Maverick in... 1982 or -83? I remember the kit had both 429 Boss and 427 SOHC head options. Anyhoo it didn't look at all like that - unfortunately! More off topic - but I'm the host here, so pardon me - a few weeks after I had just got my driver's licence, me and my buddy went to a notorious used car dealer, just to kick some tires. There stood a burgundy red, four door Maverick from the early seventies (that was in September 1986) with a V-8 and an automatic behind it (can't recall the details). On chrome wheels, of course. Come the salesman asking if boys want to take a ride? My buddy was a few weeks short of having his licence, so the driver would be me. Of course I wanted to take her out for a spin! Now I hadn't driven any automatics until then, nor a performance-ish car. My mom had a 1,3 litre Talbot Horizon I was driving... Ok so I take the Maverick out, and like in the Springsteen song, it really was highway nine we got to and as the road was clear then I nailed the right pedal, and the little red Ford leaped forward! The needle kept rising and as it got close to 100, me and my buddy looked at each other wondering how the **ll the speed feels something we're not used to, then screamed to each other, both realizing it the same time "it's in miles per hour!!!" and boy did I slam the brakes and took her then to some 60+ mph, a bit shaken but now with a memory of the burgundy Maverick that I'll probably never forget
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