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  1. Yes Pete, we count the props not the engines!
  2. Thanks Carts and Craig, things look quite different now - is this the green shift? It's still wet and drying, more tomorrow, maybe... V-P
  3. That's hilarious and shows both pretty good sense of humour and mastery of language! You see in "otan" means "I'm taking" or "I'm having" and "olutta" is a partitive of "olut" which means beer. So the name of that beer means "I'm having beer" - not just "a beer" but beer with undetermined quantity V-P
  4. More than half of the Dornier's belly has been painted twice with Revell #49. Due to handling reasons the nacelles and forward fuselage half wait for their turn. All the masking is done so when rest of the light blue is splashed on, I get to mask the demarcation for the upper greens. My usual m.o. is to cover all first with the lighter green, in this case Revell #39, as a primer and then do the darker green #40 splinter over it, and add second layer of the lighter green if necessary. I'm so far pleased with the Revell supermarket enamels. The Peewit masks are decent, but lack the finesse and sense of absolute quality common with the certain other manufacturer's products. V-P
  5. Just a reminder, the single type group builds (STGB:s) are often a great collection of knowledge on the subject. Like The B-17 too! V-P
  6. Maybe we'll have the Luftwaffe Twins GB in 2023
  7. Absolutely beautiful Mustang, and now seeing that final result must make all the effort feel it was worth it I'll be glad to follow the pair of Camaros too, keep us posted! V-P
  8. Sort of modelling I look with amazement and awe, but from a safe distance! V-P
  9. I know they weren't "winners"! While it can be said the Zitadelle ended tactically in a tie, strategically Germany lost big time. Their tank armies were exhausted and stretched to their limits.
  10. My vote for the cockpit area (minus lower side walls) goes for Hu 149. V-P
  11. If a non-Commonwealthian is allowed to pay his respect to Her Majesty, wouldn't it be just appropriate to do that with a Colonial wingy thingy? If that's ok, I'm in with this: https://www.americanairmuseum.com/aircraft/1598 V-P
  12. Honoured to have you here popping your cherry on the Do 17 . V-P
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