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  1. It's the iconic Revell 1:72 F-4B boxart scheme, tattooed to my heart too
  2. vppelt68

    1/72 B-17

    See, I only have 1:72 scale G kits, no F:s at all. The Lindberg G is 1:64, if I recall correctly. V-P
  3. If at least the port cheek panels with names and nose art of some of these would have been spared... but no
  4. Thanks! The Knock Out Dropper, though, was from the 303rd BG, thus not a Bassingbourn stablemate of the Belle https://b17flyingfortress.de/en/b17/41-24605-knock-out-dropper/ V-P
  5. This is based only on dry-fitting the parts, but it looks like a Revell or Airfix windscreen (you get one extra in each kit, pt.1) could be implanted in the Hasegawa fuselage in a rather simple operation to improve the maybe most obvious fault of that kit. Likewise in the tail, a spare Revell Cheyenne or Stinger tail (you get one extra in each kit, pt. 2) would fix the Hasegawa mistake there. Otherwise, the Hase kit still looks pretty good and can be bought with decent price. V-P
  6. The Airfix G isn't too difficult to backdate to a non-staggered waist either:
  7. vppelt68

    1/72 B-17

    Interesting subject... V-P
  8. With Italeri, decent fit and accuracy are seldom used when talking about their own kits
  9. Ok I have to check that detail - if I only find good enough pics! The Hase tanks, on the other hand, I´ve learned don´t match the Aca tanks in shape and size That is definitely an option to evaluate, thank you! V-P
  10. Hi, I´m building an Academy F-15C in 1:72 scale. The MSIP II kit #12506 came with two identical fuel tanks, great, but I´d maybe like to get a third one, like they were used in the Desert Storm. I've learned that Academy spare parts/service department is non-existent, so I might have to go for aftermarket if I really want the center line tank too. The kit supplied AIM-9X:s have already been replaced with Revell -9M:s and radar seeking missiles (AMRAAM:s) just dropped, though I know there are aftermarket Sparrows a plenty. So does anyone know if there´s an aftermarket - just one - F
  11. Thanks chaps, the ghost greys scheme is the way to go. I have even painted blotches of the lighter grey here and there, silly me. that pit looks awful when magnified, and not much better in 1:1 either. Fortunately, there´ll be very little to be seen through the small opening under the big bulged canopy, really! The Academy ACES II bang seat does look quite good, though not in this picture. The seams need to be cleaned but the big parts are now assembled (except the wing lower panels, that I try to leave to a later stage). I want to display this as wheels down and buttoned u
  12. If I understand correctly, military airfield fuel tankers are eligible, and thus you may count me in please! I have both the Airfix RAF and USAAF bomber re-supply sets that contain a lot of unarmed stuff V-P
  13. Thanks for the war stories, Enzo The proper scale Desert Storm Eagle decals appear to have vanished from the earth . See, now at least my smilies are in balance . V-P
  14. Woah, what a learning experience this day alone has been, as I know I've only scratched the surface on the massive amount of information there is about the modern/-ish (look, it's already 30 years ago) era of military aircraft modelling. And I've only searched for information about how the F-15C paint scheme differed in -91 from the Mod Eagle scheme my kit instructions depict...
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