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  1. Depends on what other things you have going on at the moment... But we will never have too much P-51:s
  2. Gotta love those Costin and Duckworth (iirc) engines! In Finland we have mr. Matti Kyllönen. One of his greatest quotes dates back to time when Jyrki Järvilehto aka JJ Lehto was driving. Kyllönen had Keke Rosberg as an expert commentator with him. Kyllönen got suddenly very excited and (almost) screamed, look now, there's smoke coming out of an tube behind JJ's engine! Very, very, very coolly Rosberg Sr. replied that in common language that tube is called the exhaust...
  3. True, I got too excited. Let's see first how the correct vintage -1968- turns out. No ruling by Dave needed Somehow I dislike those cars with two headlights above each other. Otherwise the '66-'67 Pontiac bodies are glorious examples of the GM Coca Cola- bottle styling of the era. I still prefer the original muscle car that started the whole boom; 1964 GTO. V-P
  4. Dennis, I had to check this out at Camaro Research Group website. The 1969 models were built beginning in August 1968 and ending in November 1969. @Rabbit Leader now here's a tricky question for you: I was born the last, 31st day of August 1968. Since Camaro production was by that date completely converted to 1969 model, shouldn't it be eligible to build a next model year car because it was actually built the year, month and day I was born? You know, I visited my local hobby shop today and a Revell '69 Camaro kit was winking its eyes for me...
  5. Thanks, all, now car magazines and websites are soaked with Z/28:s, Super and/or Rally Sports and COPO:s... What's the most remarkable thing about these ponycars and their bigger but bruter muscle car kin, is the fact that even the smaller engine displacement and less glamorous models delivered a lot in performance but with a decent price tag, right off the dealers' lot. Like the basic Camaro Sport Coupe with regular production option (RPO) L30/M20 combination. Stay tuned!
  6. True, Dennis, but they didn't label those extended model year '69:s as '70:s, so it should be correct to call the first generation just 1967-1969.
  7. Right, this summer seems to run with a speed provided by a high-revving small block backed up with a Muncie four speed and a positraction 12-bolt. I haven't touched a model kit for a few weeks as, well you know, the summer in Finland is short... I was astonished to see we are actually so far that even this GB begins! Now do I have a backlog, I sure do... But here's the Round2 model kits revamped AMT Camaro from my birth year, 1968. The kit dates originally even further, as it's based on a 1967 model year version that was just tweaked slightly, as was the actual Camaro too, from its introduction year model. You can't help noticing it's a '68, can't you? You have the choice of building her "stock" or... ...with "street machine features". I will build neither, I believe, sort of... Here's a peek at the plastic. I fell in love with the first gen Camaros ('67-'69) when I first met one. I was 13, I was vulnerable... V-P
  8. Revell 1:72 kits have 20 bolts per wheel as a compromise for both D, A and G wheels, but who counts, eh
  9. Didn't the Ausf D have 16 bolt roadwheels vs. 24 in later A and G types? Thus Tamiya should rework those too, and as it is Tamiya... I expect that to happen too
  10. Pat this looks SO good! Revell #9... well, I have one tin and I used it once or twice to try some detail painting with it before I decided it's best to be never used again! Hu 33 on the other hand, I shall never let me run out of it! That's why I have bought this Big One
  11. I couldn't agree more with you, Dennis!
  12. At last, like they sing it! Here sh... Martin no, here he is: A front opening box? Nice instructions too! They also tell me how to build it! And how to paint it too - no reference to any paint names or numbers, though! Fortunately, if my kit misses a part, I can write and request for a replacement from Rovex Industries Ltd in Margate, Kent. They gave me a complete decal sheet and a display stand too! Mom, I'm almost done... ...though I may have to fill and sand some parts to fit properly... ...rest of the parts seem to be of the same quality Let the build begin! V-P
  13. Cockpit was RLM 02, wheel wells too, underside DN- colour which was RLM 65; tops... never those RLM 72 and 73, but olive green Hu 117 and black Hu 33, which could and should be a bit faded, but not a very dark grey but Black!
  14. Too many GB:s on the roll will eventually mix us all up, you too Alistair, as you're already on the list as #14 . Ein Fliegerabwehrkanone-kanone ist doch gut!
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