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  1. @nearsightedjohn in my opinion, with or without the air inlets this would be very welcome to the Group Build Gallery. Those huge Holleys deserve to be seen . V-P
  2. You could read through my stalled triple G-2 Mersu build here It has some general background for all Finnish G-2:s. V-P
  3. Way back nearly a hundred years ago, Mercedes cars got a short nick name "Mersu" better suited to us Finnish speakers, as our language is not rich with words containing letters C, D and Z (and F, Q, W and Z). When Messerschmitt airplanes became famous, the short name was already there to be deployed again. I found the idea of a relation to word "mercenary" quite fascinating . V-P
  4. Funny, but I have already done that at the WW2 aircraft discussion section . My bookshelf probably has the answers for Finnish Mersu questions, but not for correcting the unknown to me Hasegawa kit. V-P
  5. Got tired of trying to do miracles with the Cobra Jet, after all, my modelling skills and patience are notoriously short. So I didn't remove the paint, just added more layers I add two "build" pics if you promise you won't zoom and then laugh at them, at least in public . I may add some decals tonight or then not. Anyway, next pics in the Gallery, I hope. V-P ( COYI) Edit: Ok, just one more pic here!
  6. I confess I've grown to hate most of the so called Classic Kits. Not my cup of tea. Just opened the plastic bag of a kit originating in 1962, fondled the parts and took a good look at them, sighed and tucked the box furthest back in the stash... probably never daring to start building it . But it was not a Monogram kit, so I'm looking forward to this one
  7. Tony, I'm sure you know there'll be the Classic Monogram-Revell GB next year. Just a thought... your collection seems to miss the blue GT350R with white stripes
  8. As I'm a father too, I can understand that you were reluctant to do that . More seriously, the shelved builds can be brought back when the spirit returns. Let's wait and see that happens. V-P
  9. Let's put the brakes on this one now. We have 22 out of the required 25 members to go to the bunfight. With a Nordic GB going on for the rest of this year, those who wish to do so have an opportunity to build Drakens in it - and many do so too, there are six of them. Thus the next year might be too soon, and we should aim for the next year's bunfight and a 2023 STGB slot instead? V-P
  10. My PO°S Lancaster is lonely. I think she'd enjoy if a Dambuster would join her company, so please add me to the list. V-P
  11. Meow, says one of the cats How about 5 months back-to-back, with January and December "free"? V-P
  12. I wait for the day l see your BM username has been changed to PonyW Love your builds, buildthreads and all... in this GB and all the others. V-P
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