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  1. vppelt68

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Stash status update: As the Revell B-17G is finished (I liked the kit very much) and the Airfix B-17G kit is nearing completion, it was time to get another B-17G kit ready for the future projects. Which one of them? Neither - an Academy kit! Though she is a 15th AF Special Edition, curiously the fifth decal option is for a 535th BS 381st BG B-17G-45-BO 42-97265 MS-P "Hell´s Angel" from Ridgewell, England - nothing to do with the 15th AF, but The Reason I wanted Just This Kit! Then there´s the Hasegawa 00068 381st BG Nose Art- edition on my Wishlist, next... V-P
  2. vppelt68

    B-17G-70-BO 43-37791 VP*V "no name"

    Now you (still) see me, now you don´t (but since it´s pointless to take and show pics of cementing two inch strips of fuselage seam little by little together let me just tell you it´s began). V-P ... instead of a new post I´ll just EDIT this one with a new pic: ...NOW YOU DON`T! To the sharpeyed out there, yes it has also the tail gun position end piece, radio dept roof window, cockpit glazing (primed with dull dark green so it should look green, not aluminium, looked from inside) and nose cone added. I have a few short stretches of the seam to either just sand clean or first fill a little and then sand clean, after which she´ll receive a second layer of paint all over. Except the fin center panel of course! Oh and some photos of the original below! V-P
  3. vppelt68

    B-17E 'Suzie Q', 19th Bombardment Group, PTO

    It looks like you´ll be having a when you remove the masking and uncover the masterpiece! V-P
  4. vppelt68

    Airfix for 2019

    I agree with you Giorgio. I got back to building plastic models in 2011 by buying a new-tool Airfix Hurricane IIc, maybe not the most accurate etc kit, but it was a joy to build and got me hooked (again). That lead me to start collecting "those kits that got away when I was a kid" (by age, not character). I did finish a few of those old Airfix, Heller and Frog kits, but the deeper I got into this hobby and the more I learned of the new kits and also built them, the more convinced I became that giving a beginner one of those "classic" kits we could be certain he/she`ll never look back when he/she dumps the whole modelling hobby, being frustrated with lousy fit and oversize/lacking details. I on the other hand dumped those old kits and kept on modelling the new ones . In my opinion, and that´s just my opinion but I´ll say it out loud anyway; manufacturing, distributing and marketing of those crappy old kits does not benefit anyone in the hobby of plastic modelling, in the long run. Give me those new tool kits, please, and dump the oldies forever. There´s enough of them hiding unbuilt in various stashes around the world, and there are good reasons why they are so. Ugh! V-P
  5. vppelt68

    B-17G-70-BO 43-37791 VP*V "no name"

    I'm second layer of paint EDIT: at the ball turret, I mean, short of joining the fuselage halves. A few pics to prove the interior was quickly bashed together too. A quick build and not that well done, but I'll live with this one (too). V-P
  6. vppelt68

    T-55 STGB 13 Jun to 13 Sep 2020

    Exactly my thoughts. @Plasto we'll take together take care of this GB if Shermaniac and smuts don't reappear by then. V-P
  7. vppelt68

    T-55 STGB 13 Jun to 13 Sep 2020

    I don't know . Smuts either hasn't visited BM at all since autumn 2017
  8. vppelt68

    T-55 STGB 13 Jun to 13 Sep 2020

    I'm reporting on co-host duty . Plasto will you be the actual host, please? Glad to see this one going through too. V-P
  9. vppelt68

    The Boeing B-17 STGB Chat

    Pat, I envy your variety of emoticons . Let's not tell Enzo his "real me" has been uncovered, as he still has the weapons of retaliation in his hands! V-P
  10. vppelt68

    Airfix for 2019

    I'm happy with Airfix! All I want from them is not even a complete kit, but one large(ish) part that can be sold as an accessory/extra to their existing range: a starboard fuselage half with a non-staggered waist gun position for their B-17G. Add half a dozen pieces for an early tail position and I'm even happier! Aftermarket is good for the decals so no worries on that front . V-P
  11. vppelt68

    T-55 STGB 13 Jun to 13 Sep 2020

    Great, now we are at 25! V-P
  12. Maybe they are honing their skills to do a proper Lightning to go with all that flash
  13. Mark, that looks just brilliant! Your finish is more art than modelling. V-P
  14. vppelt68

    B-17G 42-31582 Ol Scrapiron

    I have used Tamiya extra thin cement for the last one year. No problems so far. V-P https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87038/index.htm
  15. vppelt68

    B-17G 42-31582 Ol Scrapiron

    I'm very very happy the interior of Ol' Scrapiron has been properly documented . We often say "can't wait to see it finished", but then there are build threads like this we wish would go on and last forever! V-P