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  1. I have a Tamiya 1:72 D that I´ll do with one of the kit supplied decal schemes. I also have a pair of Academy B:s/C:s and will do the "Leakin' Lizz" and "Atlanta Peach" from the Xtradecal D-Day 70th Anniversary sheet if I find sufficient time for all of them (see link below for the schemes). It would be nice to try do the "Bonnie" too, but I don´t have the kit with a fin fillet... yet. Hohum, I know what this will now lead me into . Well, it´s only (another) 10€... https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72196
  2. Sorry to answer your question this late, maybe you know this already! I assume that when the invasion stripes were field applied to aircraft, they left a thin margin between the insignia and the stripes. It's the base natural metal finish that was unpainted and thus lines the stars and bars. Only one month to go before the Mustang STGB begins . Can't wait!
  3. Their Phabulous 1:72 Phantoms (C/D and J) were released in 1985. Oops I might have leaked something of my plan...
  4. Emil, Friedrich or Gustav; great choices!
  5. Fortunately, in Finland we have had our own solution for more than 76 years . We just call them Mersu:s or MT:s for short .
  6. Bayerische Flugzeugwerke, where herr Willy Messerschmitt worked as their designer before buying the company and renaming it.
  7. Who, me? I was just converted
  8. Wow; just as I was about to keep another lecture about "them one-o-nines were never m-e:s but always b-f:s"... Then just today on a Finnish fb site they posted a pic of an original sales/delivery document of the first B... no, Me 109 G-2:s the Messerschmitt A. G. sold to Finnish Air Force. So let's call them Bf:s or Me:s, I don't care. Anymore, that is... V-P
  9. Maybe one of the greatest and cheapest paint mule solutions ever, thanks for sharing it! That plum metallic colour really deserves a kool kustom Merc to be sprayed on. V-P
  10. I´m terribly sorry, @Col. but I just couldn´t look at that dash in the topic title anymore and I had to remove it. Now we have a proper and correct "Bf 109 STGB" on its way . That was the way the Germans named their aircraft back then; for example Ar 196, Bf 110, Do 17, Fi 156, Fw 200, He 111, Ju 88, Me 410 and as a quite logic exception to the rule BV 222 for Blohm&Voss. Curiously, Focke-Wulf didn´t became FW but Fw; if I had been Georg Wulf that might have p****d me off a bit . V-P
  11. I've been lost for words ever since I first read through your Tiger hull painting guide. This is yet another piece of work by mr. magicbrush.
  12. Nope! 1:72 of course, but... No buts, actually, I must take a very early train and yet earlier bus tomorrow morning, so I'm off to bed now (it's half past ten PM in this longitude already). V-P
  13. I know what I'll build in this one. One of the greatest Monogram-heritage kits from 30+ years and still produced by Revell, with an iconic (but aftermarket) decal scheme straight from an originally Revell boxart, one that hooked little- V-P right on that number 3 arresting wire, more than 40 years ago. . Take a guess?
  14. Hemnes combined display and storage cupboard: SWMBO was looking at this to add beside it: https://www.ikea.com/fi/fi/p/hemnes-vitriinikaappi-valkoiseksi-petsattu-90371770/ Oh, all display shelves, but also a perfect solution to rationalize all my hobby books near my workbench
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