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  1. A pity to see that smashing splinter scheme get hidden!
  2. I agree and second every word he just wrote! V-P
  3. Very nice progress! Regarding your questions, I'd refer to the picture in your opening post: Elevators slightly down, flaps up, looks good. V-P
  4. Just today got a notice that this book was published. I'm glad to tell you that one copy was within minutes paid for and is already on its way to me. This really hits the nailhead for me! I must go shopping for some A-4 kits next "The latest book from the Air Force Museum's publication series, Hannu Valtonen's "Junkersit Jäämerellä" (Junkerses in the Arctic Ocean) book, is now available in our online store! 1. Staffel (Fern) Aufklärungsgruppe 124, simply 1.(F)/124 for short, was a long-range reconnaissance squadron of the German Air Force. In the early stages of World War II, it first supported the German ground forces in the hostilities against Poland and France. England and especially its shipping was the next target, but now they encountered such strong resistance that the Wehrmacht could not cross the Channel. It brought maritime reconnaissance flights to the squadron. A short phase in British coastal waters, followed by a transfer to Ultima Thule. The word means extreme north, it took 1(F) 124 mainly to Kirkkoniemi, but also to Bardufoss and Kemi. Germany's attack on the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941 was a redealing of the cards. England and the Soviet Union moved to the same side of the fence and it didn't take long for the USA to follow. Lend and Lease agreements were born and the flow of materials from the west began, e.g. to Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. The main task of 1.(F)/124 was the reconnaissance of shipping convoys in the Arctic Ocean, especially the Barents Sea. They grew large and eventually also well defended, placing ever greater demands on the squadron. The area to be scouted was huge, the squadron's planes went as far as Jan Mayen in the west and Novaya Zemlya in the east. The longest flights were more than ten hours long. The armistice between Finland and the Soviet Union moved 1.(F)/124 into the enemy's camp from a Finnish point of view. A couple of bombs in Ranua, the burning of a cottage in Hyrynsalmi and scaring people by shooting along the streets of Oulu remained at the top of the few anti-Finnish actions. Hannu Valtonen (PhD, lieutenant colonel ret) has completed the chronicle compiled by those who served in the squadron ... not forgetting flight diary excerpts and photographs." Translated by Google V-P
  5. I'm not sure we've built the same kit . That looks just so good, Rodolfo
  6. While we're at this topic, I'm a quarter Swedish speaking from my maternal grandmother's side
  7. If only the late great John Belushi would've had any Czech instead of Albanian roots, I'm sure we'd already have a "Wild Bill Kelso" boxing of the P-40
  8. Thanks Jeff, we have indeed discussed this with James! We regard that as the last possible option, though, as both subjects deserve their own group builds. There are many Britmodellers that would like to participate in both, and four months may not be enough to build two Twins. Thus, it would be optimal to have both, separate group builds and schedule them in the calendar so that they wouldn't overlap at all. So, I hope many of us join the list and remember to VOTE if we make it to the Bunfight . V-P
  9. Achtung! I zink zee Allied Twins are trying to run away, we better shape up and catch them now . V-P
  10. What ICM thought about it, see here: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/8/1/5/1123815-97-instructions.pdf
  11. Well I'd say, while avoiding the use of words "always" or "never", you should be VERY safe in lettering her 3U+LV on both sides. I have only seen pics of Luftwaffe planes lettered alw... eh no-no, Geschwader code first, nev... eh again plane code and Staffel code usually to the right of the Balkenkreuz.
  12. I just couldn't allow myself to go on with my other current Group Builds before I get these two moving again. My shelf of shame is just too crowded. The first one, C-4, is saved! I managed to get all the cockpit parts crammed inside and then join the fuselage parts around it. Combat losses: two mg barrels cut and lost. I will probably nip the third one off too and replace them all with ICM Dornier nightfighter kit's spares. It'll be good enough for me to have some sort of a barrel stub in every opening. Next, I´ll tackle the D-2 nose. I'm only wondering, if the KUTA would actually be better home for this than the Ju 88 STGB. What do you think of that, Ensio a.k.a @Enzo the Magnificent ? V-P
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