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  1. Fortunately a rather minor error, and if I recall correctly it has something to do with cockpit heating?
  2. I have an Airacobra waiting for something like this so please count me in. V-P
  3. As I'm going to "update" my three A-1:s to later variants I do have three sets of Revell's short wing tips and ailerons, and probably at least one single mg position rear canopy that I don't need at all. PM me if you want them. V-P
  4. Ain´t she a beauty! I´m saving my three kits for the MTO GB. Having already built three of the A-4 variant of this kit, I can tell you you´ll have a very nice build ahead . V-P
  5. Wow. I remember sneaking that Panther kit with me to the barracks in winter-spring '89 and veeery cautiously gluing parts together during one night watch, being scared s***less that the duty officer would've caught me by surprise. It was a very old and crude kit even by then, but I'm sure you'll do wonders with it. In the end it is a Panther Ausf. A, the best looking Panther ever!
  6. I have a build plan: (((4*6)-2)*4)^4. Add two "A-":s, one "C-" and one "D-" if you think you've got it
  7. I second this suggestion. Rules are written by people, thus people can change the rules. V-P
  8. Leave... Where? A scary thought. Welcome to the gang and as it's said (sung), you can check out any time you like but you can never leave
  9. Another shining addition to your collection, Ray
  10. It's a mighty and a mighty big airplane, and you'll soon have a very nice looking model of one!
  11. Actually, my "search"- mode is already activated. I've allowed myself to buy another one if I find it in a hobby shop or other Revell retailer - but no on-line shopping allowed this time
  12. I have only one problem, Arnie! A Revegawa H-6 it will be and with torpedos, but from the I/KG 26 in the Arctic or the II/KG 26 in the Med - well, I can actually wait with the decision until I must start painting the theater markings!
  13. Surely we need this Douglas GB also in the November bunfight to go face to face with the Boeing GB, right? C'mon and enlist right away! V-P
  14. This is a fascinating idea and I'm sure I can find something to build in this, so count me in please! V-P
  15. @Marcin Kaminski I can't understand how I missed joining you on the list! I'm awfully sorry but also happy to correct my mistake and wish you welcome V-P
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