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  1. MeneMene

    Avenger bomb bay, loadout positions

    US Navy carrier, Pacific
  2. MeneMene

    Avenger bomb bay, loadout positions

    I'm working on the 1/48 Hobby Boss Avenger, and am figuring out what to put in the bomb bay. Does anyone have any images of the bay loaded with ordinance? The kit comes with 2 x 500 lb bombs, or 4 x 250 lb bombs. The 500 lb bombs sit in the back and leave the forward bay rather empty, so I was thinking of putting some of the 250 lb weapons in the front, but I haven't been able to see if mixed loadouts were ever carried.
  3. I'm trying to sort out paint options for my Italeri Mc200, and I need to find matches for Marrone Mimetico 2, Giallo Mimetico 3, Verde Mimetico 2 for the top-side camouflage. Lifecolor has these, but with the complex Italian paint schemes I would like to use the quality MRP paints instead. MRP has some italian colors, but they seem to use different naming conventions and I'm having trouble sorting them out. Here are all the Italian MRP paints For the marrone mimetico 2, I can find MRP 313 Bruno Rossiccio, MRP 314 Bruno Chiaro, MRP 322 Bruno Mimetico 1936, MRP 321 Rosso Mimetico. From what I can find of the original color, it should be a maroon/brown color, and the MRP 313 seems closest. For the Verde Mimetico 2, I can find MRP 326 Verde Mimetico 1916, 1936, Fiat 1940, MRP 327 Verde Mimetico 1916, Fiat 1940, MRP 328 Verde Mimetico Scuro 1940, and MRP 329 Verde Mimetico Chiaro 1940, and MRP 312 Verde Mimetico 1936. IPMS stockholm says this color should be FS34092, which corresponds to MRP 235 Gunship green, although I have no idea if that's accurate or not. For the Giallo Mimetico 3, I can find MRP 323 Giallo Mimetico 1936, MRP 324 Giallo Mimetico 1936, and MRP 325 Giallo Mimetico 1938. IPMS stockholm recommends FS33434, but again I don't know if that's accurate or not. So in conclusion, this is all very confusing and frustrating, with no common designation system. Could anyone with more experience/expertise than myself help out in deciding which combination of the above would be correct for a Mc 200 from 1940-1941? Thanks
  4. MeneMene

    Pe-2 Zvezda Eduard Limited Edition

    Thanks- I saw that AKAN made an acrylic set for them, but not in their very good lacquer range, unfortunately.
  5. MeneMene

    Pe-2 Zvezda Eduard Limited Edition

    What did you use for paint? I'm having trouble finding good lacquer matches for the Soviet bomber colors.
  6. MeneMene

    A6M2 fabric control surfaces

    Thanks all. The tail markings are stencils that I can easily make another copy of, so repainting shouldn't be too difficult. I was mainly concerned with the accuracy, but if the consensus is that it's enough contrast then I will leave it.
  7. MeneMene

    A6M2 fabric control surfaces

    I'm working on the 1/48 Hasegawa A6M2, doing a Battle of Midway aircraft from the Soryu. Going into it, I knew the fabric controls were a different color than the rest of the aircraft, and used Tamiya's IJA grey for a canvas-look. However, now near the end, I think the color I chose is too similar to the rest of the aircraft. Furthermore, I've seen several references that they should even be more of a barley grey as opposed to grey-green, and should stand out even more. Any suggestions? Is it worth it to go back with some masking and repaint them to be more grey? If so, does that include the rudder? Thanks
  8. MeneMene

    [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    What material are you using to make the stencils? I have a stencil cutter as well, but haven't found a stencil material that I'm 100% happy with. Either they're too sticky, or too thick/stiff.
  9. MeneMene

    Fairey Swordfish underwing racks

    Hello- I'm doing the Tamiya Swordfish I as one of the Bismarck attack aircraft with a torpedo loadout, and I'm trying to figure out what to do about the underwing hardpoints. I've found the one picture from the deck of the Victorious before the first attack, but not in high enough resolution to see what's actually under the wings of the aircraft. 1) There are three bomb racks under each wing. I know the bombs were not carried during the attack, but should the empty racks still be present? I've seen photos both with and without 2) Same questions about the smaller racks for the smoke/flares. I would imagine a torpedo + flare loadout would be very believable, but I'm not finding any reference to flares used in the Bismarck operation. Thanks
  10. MeneMene

    [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    Wonderful work. Could you review again your method for working the hairspray chipping with MRP? The exact steps and materials? I've been trying it and can never get it to work, it dries too hard/impermeable and I can't get the water to activate it. Another thing; I can see how you did the paintwork on the wings, but what about the fading on the forward/upper fuselage? Is that chipping with two different shades of blue?
  11. I agree. It just seemed like such an unlikely coincidence that it would be more likely for a replacement aircraft to be given the old tail code, hence why I'm checking if it's the same aircraft. So if the pictures have been touched up, which one should I emulate? I'm aiming for a late summer 1942 Rabaul aircraft, over Guadalcanal, and the Osprey "Betty Units of WW2" book captions the first, black and white photograph as in that time frame. The second image has been colorized- you think whoever did that also added the paint chipping and yellow wing ID stripes?
  12. Strange, they were showing up fine for me. I edited the links, hopefully they work now.
  13. I'm looking into recreating G4M1 "F-319" of the 4th Kokutai. I have found two pictures: First image. Some chipping has started to develop around the tail, maybe some around the engine nacelles, otherwise not much weathering going on. I've seen captions in a few places saying that this aircraft was one of the ones involved in the disastrous Feb 20, 1942 attack on the Lexington, ending with 15 out of 16 aircraft shot down, which based on the subsequent second picture and information, suggests that it was the only one from the unit that survived. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mitsubishi_G4M#/media/File:Mitsubishi_G4M_Betty.jpg Second image. Much lower resolution, but you can clearly see the aircraft is much more beat up. The chipping now involves the full height of the stabilizer, with a lot more on the fuselage, engines, etc. The only caption I've been able to find for this aircraft is that it's from the 801 Air Group, which doesn't make much sense as that was a seaplane squadron and its wiki page doesn't mention any G4M usage. If the tail-codes match, should I just assume that this in fact the same aircraft with a very charmed life at different stages of wear and tear? The second image has yellow wing recognition stripes, can't tell on the first. If it is the same aircraft, I guess I need to choose if I want to recreate the earlier example with less weathering and a torpedo for the Feb 1942 operations, or the more weathered and beat-up later incarnation with bombs for operations around Guadalcanal. Any more information would be appreciated.
  14. I have the Tamiya Meteor F1 up next, and the cockpit is very crude and simple. Eduard doesn't have much PE for it, and I can't find any resin detail sets. Any suggestions? Is the old Eduard PE set (48211) really my best option? Thanks
  15. MeneMene

    [yet another] 1:48 Tamiya F4U-1a

    What sort of wire did you use in the landing gear?