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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hiya Andy,...... thanks for the kind words regarding the Dakota mate.


    What was your friends daughter called again,.... the one doing Chemistry at York?


    Also,...... I was given a set of Kiwi Vampire decals by Dee,...... she said that the instructions were in an edition of Kiwi Wings magazine,...... but I have not received a copy on line for ages,..... tbh I thought that you had stopped doing it.  Do you have a copy of the instructions please?


    All the best wishes mate,



    1. Silver Fox

      Silver Fox



       She is called Rachel brown and is in the 2nd Year doing Chemistry.


      The decals were done for me by Martin and Dee, and offered free with the last Kiwi Wings, I thought you had them all as your e-mail didn't bounce back. It is about 11 months since I sent the last one but send me you e-mail address and I'll send you the last two or three?  There is one in the pipeline but I'm waiting for some stuff from Francis.


      There aren't any instructions as such If you Google RNZAF Vampires you can find the illustrations from the old Aircam Vampire book and they are from that. There are enough serials to do any RNZAF Vampire and markings for the two operational Squadrons plus the special markings for the Yellow Hammers display team.


      Take care  and great to talk




    2. tonyot


      Cheers Andy,....... I thought she was called Rachel Brown but couldn`t remember for sure! My lad Rob knows her well, they are friends and he did a project with her last year,......small world eh!!


      My e mail address is;



      Cheers,..... I must have just fallen off the list,......maybe because I`m not in the IPMS anymore?


      I will google the Aircam book,...no worries,


      All the best mate,


  3. Only the result matters...

  4. Julien!


    I have lots of pictures of different aircrafts, mostly walk around type detail pics....

    I would like to ask you how I could add them or upload to the walkaround section??


    Best regards,



    1. Julien




      you need to send them in via email or if they are hosted on line then let me have the details. Contact by PM is the best way to communicate.





  5. Last week
  6. I feel the need to tell you all I actually built something today, in fact that’s not accurate! Somethings!


    they are nothing special but I got them buttoned up... not my finest work but fun!


    I’m back in the game!!

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    2. Cookenbacher
    3. Biggles87


      Well done you. Now if only I could get something finished......


    4. rob85


      @Biggles87 ha, yeah will that might still be my next problem.... or just trying to finish everything I started over a year ago e.g. the 9 spitfires!


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    2. whitestar12chris


      Cheers Tony, good to hear from you, keep getting better, missed you lots. 


      All the very best Chris

    3. corsaircorp


      Hello Tony !

      Start a day with the world famous MP !!

      Hope that you get well

      Another quote...

      A Newt ???

      Huh ! I grew better !!

      Best wishes my friend !!

      Sincerely !!


    4. amblypygid


      Bloody good thing too, Tony!

  8. Well there's something you don't see every day! heard a noise in the blocked off portion of

    of the loft,opened the door and had a starling wiz past my ear straight on  to one of the shelve's

    little sod took out a whole row of model's before I got it out the window,seem's the Wildcat was no

    match for the Starling.

    1. spaddad


      What an exciting life you lead.

    2. jean



      do not mess around with Starlings in the loft!!!

      Get an exorcist, and fast!!! It would help if he had a working knowledge of aircraft modelling, but all is not lost if he has not...

      Very important: did it fly from left to right, and where did it impact the Wildcat?

      Here we only have cobras in the bedroom. Nowhere near as serious as a starling in the loft.

      Indeed, what a life you lead!!!

      Keep having fun.



  9. Thanks again2mR57qP.jpg

    1. BritJet


      No problem, only took a few minutes to find the kit in the stash. Looks really good, you've done a great job on it.  I'll have to get round to building mine at some point!


      All the best



  10. Earlier
  11. Dear Gene. I want to write a tribute about ChriS Patterakis. Could you provide me some information about Vietnam ops with him as well as some photos of him and his plane if available?


    kind regards


  12. Hello Harvey,


    I am surprised, I still didn't get your package. I hope it will arrive by the end of the week.


    Cheers, O

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    2. Olivier de St Raph

      Olivier de St Raph

      Don’t be peeved, Harvey, I suppose the package will arrive very soon now. But I confess I have had the opportunity to go yesterday in a specialised tissue shop and I found a nice stretch dark grey blue suede tissue. I bought a big portion (1 m x 0,5) for a bit more than 5€. I will soon post an update in my thread with this new carpet, that should look much better than the thick felt.

      The most important is that you suggested the idea of such a tissue.

      But I am sorry for the trouble this caused to you.


      Cheers, O

    3. Olivier de St Raph

      Olivier de St Raph

      P.S: don’t you swim? :D

    4. harveyb258


      I haven't been swimming for years. I used to be a very good, strong swimmer in my youth, but sadly, my heart and lung disease prevents much in the way of physical exercise.


      I'm pleased that you managed to find something and look forward to your update, my friend. At least you've got a good stash of the stuff, now. I can't apologise enough for the delay, though.


      Cheers, H

  13. Take me back to beautiful England
    And the grey, damp filthiness of ages,
    And battered books and
    Fog rolling down behind the mountains,
    On the graveyards, and dead sea-captains.




    November can't come soon enough.

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