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  1. Yesterday
  2. First actual modelling for months.

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    2. 06/24


      It doesn't have wings, sorry!

    3. Procopius


      I know, and I forgive you. 

    4. CedB


      Glad to see you back at the bench matey! :)

  3. Today in 1940, the Luftwaffe launched Adlertag, the beginning of Unternehmen ADLERANGRIFF.



    1. jean


      Thanks for that, Mr. P.

      Well worth watching!


    2. Cookenbacher
  4. Last week
  5. Good morning Welkin.

    I'm interested about the Magna Models' Firebrand TF.5 you've got for sale. Are you willing to send it to Tenerife? If so, please tell me the total amont including p&p to 38320.

    I can use paypal, bank transfer, trade it for another kit, whatever you'd prefer....

    Best regards from Tenerife.

  6. Hi Rich, do you have a website for your decals?

  7. Revell re popped the Hawker Hunter in 1/72!

    i got my mojo back by ordering 2!

  8. Hi, Jon.

    I've just seen your message with kits for sale, and I'm intereted about two of them:

    -Revell T6G Texan, 1/48 sale.

    -Monogram AV8B harrier, 1/48 scale.

    Please, note that I'm from Tenerife, so if you're willing to post them here, please tell me the total ampount for them plus shipping to 38320, La Laguna.


    Best regards


  9. Earlier
  10. Experimenting with Mr Surfacer, a syringe, and the Airfix 1/72 Spitfire I's panel lines.


    42992569985_8591dcd021_h.jpg2018-08-06_10-07-28 by Edward IX, on Flickr

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    2. jean


      Is the main goal to eradicate all panel lines?

      It seems to be working.


      Keep experimenting.


    3. Procopius


      Not to eradicated them entirely, but to make them far more shallow. 

    4. Stew Dapple

      Stew Dapple

      I think maintaining a consistent appearance will be the key factor here, best of luck mate :)

  11. congrats on reaching 2000 likes bandsaw!

    1. Bandsaw Steve

      Bandsaw Steve

      Thanks mate!

  12. I'm looking for NASA decals for the 1/32 AV8-C Harrier. Would you be so kind to gave me an address

    were to buy them.


    regards Bert (propfan)

    1. modelling minion

      modelling minion

      Sorry Bert, I have no idea where to get such decals from.

    2. propfan


      Oké thanks very much

  13. hi ca I grab all the set just start a jet frenzy

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    2. Sean_M


      I will sort out in the morning thanks

    3. Sean_M


      Tony, Apologies for a delay reply. A family emergency has come up and my wallet is £100 lighter so I will have to pass on the ordinance. I am sorry for any inconvenience





    4. tc2324


      NP, thanks for letting me know.





  14. Yes Cookie,


    These IS an "Itsy-Bitsy III" see my recent 1/72 F-84B conversion of the Heller kit in both WIP and RFI.  At the time, Laven had made it to Lt. Col.



  15. another Cheshire lad.  i was from crewe a few years back

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