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  1. Last week
  2. Hello


    Can you help me obtaining TA-4S scale drawings? You said you had scans of them.


    Thank you so much


    Best Regards

    Ricardo Santos



  3. So I'm new here. As so many others I have returned to modelling after about 30 years. Right now I'm working with a 1:1 project of renovating a house. Hopefully in a not so distant future this will get me a real workplace and dedicated storage for my stash. Now it's all in about 12 large cardboard moving boxes.

  4. Hello mate,have you started your Trojan yet? If not be aware the side skirts are 3/4 mmm too deep they really shouldn’t be more than 10 mm! Bit late for my build and I’ve sent a msg to Newlands,hope this catches you in time👍



  5. Earlier
  6. Hi Troy

    Have you read Rifleman Dobbs by C S Forrester?

    Very good read.

    Set during the Peninsula war.



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