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  3. Love riding my Harley !

  4. Thanks for the advice if you have any photo's or reference material to assist the diorama it would be appreciated we can exchange email addresses. I havent assigned a permanent position to the vehicles as the deciding wether the troops should be at an administration halt or in a FIBUA clearing state. I would like to get some good figures not mass produced by a generic company but Marines from that era in a set of 4-6 are hard to find. I would appreciate some insite into the Bradley crew dress in Fallujah. Hope we can coordinate as I move forward on this project it sounds like you served in Fallujah? I served with the Canadian infantry in Afghanistan and Bosnia so I can only speek to my experiences although my father is an American I almost joined the Marines and hold an active intrest in the corps and its battle history, I would appreciate hearing yours sometime.





  5. Hi Alan,


    What might the total be with shipping to Canada for the Foxhound package?


    Thanks, Harold

  6. Well the laptop passed away yesterday so lord knows when I.ll be able to get back on with photo,s no slacking from you lot though I.ll be checking in by phone!!!

    1. JOCKNEY


      Sorry to hear that mate. we have just discovered 2 desktop computers of ours with all the family photos on have gone US. We are trying to get all the kids pictures etc recovered  !

    2. stevej60


      That's a bummer Pat.I knew trouble was coming so saved everything to my external hard drive that's three laptops worth of photos and family history stuff on there now!

    3. JOCKNEY


      Good for you, pm me some details of external hard drives please in the event of a miracle and some recovery achieved 

  7. Only two days left to vote in the T-55 STGB poll!

  8. Well we have had 26 people vote so far in the T-55 STGB which isn't bad - it's over three times as many builds in the Gallery - which, compared to some GB polls I have seen is pretty good going!!

    Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to vote.

    It would be nice to have a few more so, if you haven't voted yet, please check out the Gallery and then vote for your favourite three.

    There are only three days to get your votes in.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Kind regards,


  9. 50% Off in our Revell plastic model kit sale at the moment. Half price on a huge range of kits while stocks last.



  10. Earlier
  11. Hi Ian


    Just a quickie as I came across your post in the wanted section for the spare walter rohrl Lancia 037 martini decal sheet. I wondered if you'd had any luck?

    If not, I may well have a spare sheet available. I'll check later and let you know.



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    2. pau10wen


      Thanks for letting me know Ian, that's ace!


      It's the first fiesta kit issued by belkits, not the new ones. It makes a 2011 season car. I'll post some progress soon too

    3. pau10wen


      Post received, thanks ian


      Thanks for the walnut veneers too, a nice surprise. I restore/renovate/refinish and generally tinker with guitars too, so that will come in handy 👍

    4. Redstaff


      Hi Paul

      Glad it got there ok

      I must admit that I was a bit lazy and the veneers and plastics you sent out as strengtheners got re-used rather than having to find more  :) 

  12. The poll for the T-55 STGB is now open. It was a fairly quiet GB due to a few odd circumstances but we have 8 spledid models in the Gallery. So please drop in, take a look and then vote for your three favourite builds.

    The poll will be open for a week until 6pm on Monday 20th January

    The poll can be found here

    Kind regards,


  13. Projects abandoned so far

    1/72 6 blade Merlin AEW

    1/72 9 blade nonsense Merlin

    1/72 MH-53E Marine One Sea Dragon

    1/72 NAWSARH Merlin (X2)

    1/144 747-8F cargo plane

    1/144 Lockheed L1011 TriStar

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