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  1. Last week
  2. Hi, Just about to start my Sunderland Mk i after finishing a Stirling Mk IV. any cahnce you could update on your Sunderland build?


    1. Spookytooth


      At the moment she is the hangar awaiting a time when I can get my mojo back with her.

      It`s not a bad kit really, fit for a lot of detailing if you wish.


      Good luck sir.



    2. aerodes


      Hi Simon. Thanks for the reply. Hope it's soon out of the hangar.

      I'm trawling around for background info which really paid off with the Stirling.

      Just as a bit of background. I built the Horsa glider to go with the Stirling and was fed up on the Stirling with fuselage windows dropping out and having to mask them. So with the Horsa I used Kistal Klear after assembly of the fuse and wings but before painting. When painting and final matt clear top coat completed I cut out the windows and re-did them with the Klear - job done.


      Goos luck - JImB

    3. Spookytooth


      Right, after a quick think I will say that the ailerons have fine mounting points and the fit is not that great, also the port inner exhaust enters the wing! The kit part looks horrid, you will be better off making the semi-circle it fits into, into a circle and scratch the pipe in.

      Also I would recommend a masking sheet(s) for her, there`s a lot of transparencies to cover LOL.


      One thing I was told, that if they brought her ashore, the fuel tanks and mines were removed before beaching (to save weight (she is big)).



  3. A postal workers strike, most likely lasting at least two weeks, began today and truly messes things up for Finnish modellers. I have a lot of stuff on its way but don´t know when I´ll get in this case... 

    1. JOCKNEY


      Hi V-P

      Sorry to hear that, however it might be an opportunity to do some finishing in the KUTA GB.

      Cheers Pat

    2. vppelt68


      Haha, thanks Pat, there´s also a trio of Kittyhawks and a Camaro to be finished during the next two weeks, first, to prevent them becoming KUTA subjects :rofl: .

  4. Hi,


    I am literally getting in the car for Telford. I will take the Hurricane if available and if it the new boxing SD-X I think 


    Here is my mobile if you can text me 075 287 96566


    Kind Regards


  5. Having believed I was indestructible I've now accepted I'm not. My right arm has been coming and going due to an impacted nerve in my shoulder. At the last appointment it was decided that it was ready to be operated on. Going in Tuesday in and out the same day 😮 should have some function within a few days!


    Best (pre)Christmas present ever!  

    1. PlaStix


      Hope everything goes well!!

      Kind regards,


  6. Winnie,  I may have what you need.  What specifically are ou after.  Chris

    1. Winnie



      I can't remember what I asked for, unless you are talking Sea King, in that case I got parts from Andy F117.


      But cheers for thinking of me!


  7. Earlier
  8. Hello Beekeeper,


    I have the 1/96 scale drawing of the Victoria IV and V done by A. Grainger in Aircraft Illustrated in January 1970. His drawings are noted for their care and accuracy. It has fuselage plan, profile and two cross-sections, and plan of one wing half, as well as a few other details. The wings and tail unit are basically Virginia items and I also have his 1/96 scale drawings of the Virginia Mk. X.


    If these drawing are of interest to you, PM me with your email and I will scan them and send to you. I do not want to put the drawings on Britmodeller as I am not sure of the copyright of them.



    Peter Malone

    aka Magpie 22

    1. beekeeper


      Thanks Magpie ! 

      I am trying to guess where the pm are located !

  9. Good afternoon Enzo
    I have a question about the Gbs that have failed to get enough members to participate in the vote .

    Do I have to open a new thread and redo a list to vote next year? Or is it okay to keep the thread I had opened for this year's vote and only change the name and update the title with the year changed ?




    1. Stew Dapple

      Stew Dapple

      What... did I just see?

    2. Procopius


      It's a dialogue from the computer game The Outer Worlds, which was created by the people who did the classic Fallout game a long time ago. And what you saw is a dedicated employee of Spacer's Choice. 

    3. Stew Dapple

      Stew Dapple

      Ah, thanks mate - I actually recommended that game to my younger brother on the strength of the Grauniad's review of it... I am glad I did now :D 



  11. No modelling for a while as the basement is now flooded, sad times

    1. CedB


      What! Sorry to hear that Rob :( 

      Fingers crossed you can salvage stuff…

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