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As a result of the close-down of the UK by the British Government last night, we have made all the Buy/Sell areas read-only until we open back up again, so please have a look at the announcement linked here.

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  2. It’s your birdy! Happy birthday Ced! Plenty of cake. :cake:

    1. CedB


      Thanks Heather :D 

      Cake will be had (for once!)

  3. Earlier
  4. Jamie.


    Hi there. On your excellent HMS Exeter build, you have posted a comment on the Bridge having a linoleum covering based on zooming in from the overhead photograph. To my eye, if you look at the same image, the deck where the final lifeboat is situated, has a slightly darker colour than the remainder of the planking and is also marked by (on the photographs) by vertical lines with the same colour intensity as this on the bridge. To my inspection, it looks to me that the decking here also has a linoleum coverage, especially as the image is consistent on both sides go the ship. You can't tell from the image whether this was also true for the next boat forward though. In the area between the main AA battery and the forward boat, there also appears to be a light grey (white ?) line pained onto the deck.


    What do you think ? Whilst I'm not a super detailer like you, I quite like to get the basics as correct as I can.





  5. The longer that I stay away, the harder it is for me to come back. I blame that :rant:  Seafire kit. It put me off all modelling completely (again). Still, I was warned in advance by wiser heads, so I only have myself to blame.

    1. jean


      Just start something easy and quick, but start it NOW!

      Like when falling off a horse... one has to get back into the saddle straight away!

      Been there, done that. Could not afford a t-shirt though.


      So what are you starting Alex?


  6. I was admiring your Super Mystere from the Israeli air force and it is just wow! I have a question and my father served in the Honduran air force and he flew the Super Mystere for well over 17 years. Do you by any chance take requests and build models for sale? If so please let me know im highly interested.


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